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• Chancellor, or Keeper. If the next Succeffor • shall think fit to revoke, or alter such Ap• pointment, and mall by three Writings of the • same tenor, under Her or His Hand and Seal, • require the said Inftruinenis so deposited to be • delivered up; then the Persons with whom - deposited, their Executors, Administrators, • and every other person, in whose Custody • the said inftruments shall happen to be, shall • deliver up the same accordingly. And if any " of the said Persons with whom the said In* ftruments shall be so deposited, hall die or

be removed from their respective Offices or • Employments during Her Majesty's Life, such

Person, or Persons, and in Case of any of • their Deaths their Executors and Administra

tors respectively, and every other person, in whose Cuftody the same shall happen to be, Thall with all convenient speed, deliver such of them as Mall be in his, or their Custody

to the Successor, or Successors of the Person 'or Persons, so dying or removed. Which • faid several Instruments ro Sealed up, and • deposited, shall immediately after the Demise • of Her Majesty without Ifue, be brought be• fore the Privy Council, where the same mall 6 be forth with open'd and read, and afterwards « Inroll'd in the High Court of Chancery.

.If the Persons wiih whom the said Inftru«ments shall be deposited, or others in whose

Custody the same shall be, after the Deceases • of any of the said Persons, shall open the same, ( or wilfully Negle&t or Retuse to produce " them as aforesaid, ruch Persons shall incor o the Penalties of Præmunire.

• And

• And if all the said Instruments Mall not be produced, before the said Privy. Council, • then any one of the said loftruments, fo pro• duced, shall be as effe&ual to give luch Au.

thority as aforesaid, to the Persons therein "named, as if all of them had been produced.

And if there be not any Nomination by such Instruments, then the said Seven Officers above named, or any Five of them, are appointed to be Lords Justices of England. And that the Lords Justices of England shall not diffolve the Parliament continued and ordered to assemble and fit as aforesaid, without express Direction from such succeeding Queen or King, and are restrained and dir abled from giving the Royal Aflent to any Bill for the repealing or altering the A&t for the Uniformity of Publick Prayers and Ad.

ministration of Sacraments, inade 13 & 14. • C. II. under the.Penalty of High Treason:

And that the said Lords Justices, before they

ad in their faid Offices, Thall take the Oaths * mentioned in an Ad made i W. & M. entitled, An Aet for abrogating the Oaths of

Allegiance and Supemacy, and appointing other "Oaths, and also the Abjuration Vath, before • the Privy Council; and all Members of both ' Houses of Parliament, and every Member of

the Privy Council, and all Oficers and Pere ' sons in any Offices, Places, or Employments • Civil or Military, who Mall be by this A&

concioued as aforesaid, shall take the said Oaths, and do all other Ads required by the • Laws of this Realın, to qualify themselves ! to continue in such their respetive Places, Offices and Employments, within such Time Hs

" and


and in such Manner, and under such Penalties and Disabilities as they should or ought

to do, had they been then newly elected, ap4 pointed, constituted, or put into such Offices, · Places or Employments in the usual and ordi

nary way. And that the Lords Justices shall < be deemed as Persons executing Offices of * Trust within this Kingdom, and shall do all

A&ts requisite by the Laws to qualifie themfelves to be and continue in their faid Offices, within such times, and in such manner, and

under such Penalties and Disabilities, as in ! and by the said Acts are required.

And it is in the faid A& provided, amongit . other things, That if any of the aforesaid seSven Offices, other than the Office of Lord ' High Treasurer of England, shall be ip Com! mission at the time of such Demise of her Ma' jelly, that then the first Commissioner of such respective Commiffion shall be one of the Lords Justices of England. And if there be no Lord High Trealurer of England, and ! the Office of Treasurer of the Exchequer shall

be in Commission, then the first in that Com

million shall be one of the Lords Justices of England.

I have here sewn what wonderful Con. cern and Care appeared, as well in her Majelty and her Parliament, as in the late King William and his, for fettling the Succeffion to the Crown of England in the Protestant Line, I come now to the Act of Parliament for uniting the Kingdoms of England and Scotland in one Kingdom, by the Name of Great Bri. tain.

This had been unsuccessfully attempted by several of her Majesty's Predeceffors, but the Glory of it was reserv'd for her Majesty, that she might appear as great in her Councils as her Arms.

This Aa is Entitled, An A&t for an Union of the two Kingdoms of England and Scotland; and received the Royal Aflent in the Fifth Year of the Reign of her Majesty. It recites, that Articles (if Union were agreed on, the 22d Day of July, in the Fifth Year of her Majely's Reign, by the Commissioners nominated on behalf of the Kingdom of England, under the great Seal of England, dated the roth Day of April then last past, in pursuance of an AE of Parliament made in England in the Third Year of her Majesty's Reign, and the Commiss foners nominated on the behalf of the Kingdom of Scotland, under the Great Seal of Scota land, dated the 27th Day of February, in the 4th Year of Her Majesty's Reigni, in pursuance of the 4th A&t of the 3d Session of the then present Parliament of Scotland, to treat ofand concerning an Union of the said Kingdoms; and reciting that an AA had passed in the Parliament of Scotland, the 16th Day of January, in the gth Year of her Majesty's Reign, wherein it is mentioned, that the Eltates of Parliament, conlidering the said Articles of Union of the wo Kindoms, had agreed to and approved thereof with some Addicions and Explanations, and that Her Majesty nad palled in the same Session of Par. liament, an A&, Entitled Act for securing of the Protestant Religion, and Presbyterian Church Government, which was appointed to be inserted in any A& ratifying the Treaty, and exprelly declared to be a Fundamental and Elencial Condition of the said Treaty or Uniou in all times coming;

The Tenor of which Articles, as ratify'd and approved of, is at large recited in the said Ad of Union. li concerns our present Purpose to mention only the first and second.


"THAT the two Kingdoms of England and Scotland, Mall, upon the first Day of May, I which wall be in the Year One thousand le(ven hundred and seven, and for ever after,

be United into one Kingdom, by the Name • of Great Britain, and that the Enligns Armo. ' rial of the said United Kingdom be such as . Her Majesty Mall appoint, and the Crosses

of St. George and St. Andrew be conjoyned in • such manner as Her Majesty mali think fit,

and used in all Flags, Banners, Standards and Enligas both at Sea and Land.


"THAT the Succession to the Monarchy • of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and • of the Dominions thereto belonging, after • Her most sacred Majesty, and in default of ' Issue of Her Majesty, be, remain, and conti'pue to the most Excellent Princess Sophia,

Electress and Dutchess Dowager of Hanover, ' and the Heirs of Her Body being Protestants, • upon whom the Crown of Englandis settled by an Aą of Parliament made in England in the • Twelfth Year of the Reign of his late Ma' jelly King William the Third, Entitled, An Ad for ibe further Limitation of the Crown,

6 and

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