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our Selves at his Altar, so frequently and so lemnly Sworn to defend. This plain, unperplexed, unalterable Rule for our Condud, is visibly the Work of his Hand to a favoured People. Her Majesty's Parliamentary Titlo, and the Succeffion in the Illustrious House of Hanover, is the Ark of God to Great Britain, and, like that of Old, carries Death to the profanc Hand that thall dare to touch it,

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Concerning the

For Preventing the Growth of SCHISM.

Printed in the YEAR MDCCXV.

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London, May 28. 1714.

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HOUGH I have had the Misfortune to appear an unworthy Member of your

Houfe, and am expelled, accordingly, from my Seat in Parliament, I am not by that Vote (which was more important to the People of England than I fhall

at this Time explain) deprived of the common Benefits of Life, Liberty, or any other Enjoyment of a rational Being. And I do not think I can better beftow my Time, or employ these Advantages, than in doing all in my power to preserve them to others as well as my self, and in afferting the Right of my Fellow-Subje&s against any thing which I apprehend to be an Encroachment up


on what they ought to enjoy as Men, and what they are legally possessed of as Englishmen, or, if you will, as Britons.

This, Sir, is all the Apology I fall make to you for addressing to you in this publick Manner my Thoughts concerning the Bill, now making its Way with all convenient Expedition through your House and the whole Legislature. I shall examine this Matter as well as Halte will allow me, and therefore must recite as diftin&. Ty as I can what you gave me in Discourse as the Substance of this intended Law, to wit,


"HAT whereas by an A&t of Parliament,

' in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Years of his late Majesty King Charles the Second, "intituled, An A&t for the Uniformity of · Publick Prayers, and the Administration of the Sacrament, and other. Rites and Ceremonies ; • and for Establishing the form of Making, Or

dpining, and Confecrating Bijbops, Priefs and · Deacons in the Church of England; it is a(mong other Things enacted, that every School.

Master keeping any Publick or Private School, " and every person Inftruding and Teaching any • Youth or Private Family, as a Tutor or Schooli Malter, should subscribe before his or their • Refpe&ive Bishop, or Archbishop, or Ordina

ry of the Diocess, a Declaration or Acknow. ledgment, in which among other Things is contained as follows, viz. 1 A. B. do declare, that I will conform to the Liturgy of the Churcb.

of England, as it is now by Law Establib'd.... And if any School- Master or other person in

structing or teaching Youtb in any Private School or Family, as a Tutor or School Master, before


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