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London, May 28. 1714.

Vom my seat and am Worth

THOUGH I have had the Misfortune 1 to appear an unworthy Member of your

Houfe, and am expelled, accordingly, from my Seat in Parliament, I am not by that Vote (which was more important to the Peo. . ple of England than I shall at this Time explain) deprived of the common Benefits of Life, Liz berty, or any other Enjoyment of a rational Being. And I do not think I can better bestow my Time, or employ these Advantages, than in doing all in my Power to preserve them to others as well as my self, and in asserting the Right of my Fellow-Subje&s against any thing which I apprehend to be an Encroachment up


on what they ought to enjoy as Men, and what they are legally possessed of as Englishmen, or, if you will, as Britons. : This, Sir, is all the Apology I shall make to you for addressing to you in this publick Manner my Thoughts concerning the Bill, now making its Way with all convenient Expedition through your House and the whole Legislature. I shall examine this Matter as well as Hatte will allow me, and therefore mult recite as diftin&t. Ty as I can what you gave me in Discourse as the Substance of this intended Law, to wit,

THAT whereas by an A & of Parliament,

1 'in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Years 6 of his late Majesty King Charles the Second, 6 intituled, in A&t for the Uniformity of

Publick Prayers, and the Administration of the Sacrament, and other Rites and Ceremonies ; 6 and for Establishing the form of Making, Oro

daining, and Confecrating Bijbops, Priefs and Deacons in the Church of England ; it is a(mong other Things enacted, that every Schools • Master keeping any Publick or Private School, + and every person Inftruding and Teaching any • Youth or Private Family, as a Tutor or School. i Matter, fhould subscribe before his or their • Respe&ive Bishop, or Archbishop, or Ordinarry of the Diocess, a Declaration or Acknow. ! ledgment, in which among other Things is

contained as follows, viz. 1 A. B. do declare, that I will conform to the Liturgy of the Church.

of England, as it is now by Law Establisbd.... . And if any School- Mafter or other person in

Arueting or teaching Youtb in any Private School or Family, as a Tutor or School Mafter, before,


! Lisense obtained from the Respective Archbishop

or Ordinary of the Diocefs, according to the · Laws and Statutes of this Realm, for which

he should pay 12 d. only, and before Subscrips \tion and Acknowledgment made as aforesaid ; I then every such School-Master or other instructcing or teaching as aforesaid, jould for the first

Offence suffer Three Months Imprisonment ! without Bail, and for every second, and other

fuch Offence, pould suffer Three Months Ima prisonment without Bail or Mainprize, and also forfeit to his Majesty the Sum of sl. ! And whereas notwithstanding the said A&t, Sundry Papists and other. Persons diffenting

from the Church of England, have taken up..on them to Instruct and Teach Youth as Tu (tors and School-Masters, and have set up

Schools and Seminaries for the Education of several Persons, in Reading, Scholastick, Aca

demical or other Literature. ... Whereby, if • due and speedy Remedy be not had, great ! Danger night ensue to this Church and State.

For the making the said recited A& more effectual, and for preventing the Danger afore faid, ...,

Be it enacted by the Queen's moft Excellent, "&. That every perfon or Persons who shall • from and after the Day of

next ensuing, keep any Publick, or Private

School or Seminary, or Teach or Instru&t any 6. Youth as Tutor or School. Mafter, or-SchoolMistress, in Reading, Scholastick; Academical, or other Literature, within that part of Great

Britain called England, the Dominion of $ Wales, or Town of Berwick upon Tweed, before such Person or Persons fall have Sub

• fcribed • scribed the Declaration or Acknowledgment • before recited, and Mall have had and obtain'd Ia License from the Respedive Archbishop or ! Bishop, or Ordinary of the Place, under his • Seal of Office, for which the Party Thall Pay

and no more; and in Cafe fuch Per?' • sou or Persons shall be thereof convided by • the Oath of

or more credible WitIness or Witnesses, before any or more " Justice or Justices of the Peace within any • County, Riding, Cicy, or Town Corporate,

where such Offence fhall be committed in that Part of Great Britain called England; which Oath such Justice or Justices are here: by impowered and required to Administer, and shall, and may. Provided always, and be it hereby enacted, That no License hall be gcanted by any Archbishop, Bishop, or Ordinary, unless the Person or persons who sue for the same, shall produce a Certi. . ficate of his, her, or their having received

the Sacrament according to the Usage of the • Church of England, in some Parish Church 'within the Space of

next before Grant of such License under the Hand of ons nor until such

Person or Persons shall have taken and füb. • scribed the Oaths of Allegiance and Supre- macy, and Abjuration, as appointed by Law, before the faid Archbishop, Bishop, or Ordi.

nary; which said Oaths the said Archbishop, . Bishop, or Ordinary, are hereby impowered and required to Adminifter. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That any person who Thall have obtain'd a License and fubforibed the Declaration, and taken and

• sub

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