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determine, in spite of prevailing Fashionto the contrary, thar Good and Evil are really distinct Considerations,and that to dißinguish Virtuous Men is the best Knowledge of the World.

I could give a thousand Instances of your Lordship’s great Humanity this way,and of your having attained in your first Years to be the Terror of Ill, and the Refuge of Good Men. What can Fond

ness ness it self wish more for a Man, than to have Wealth, and the best Sense in the use of it; than to be elegantly Delightful, artlessly Eloquent, discreetly Sincere, and judiciously Bountiful? Your Lordship will be transmitted to Futurity by the Profeffors of those Liberal Arts you Protect and Encourage. The Prefent I now make you can give me no Opportunity


to endeavour that way. But, as these Occasional Writings are Arguments against the Incursions made upon our Liberty, and written even when those Innovations were first attempted; I humbly desire your Lordship's Protection tothem, and their Author, who is with the utmost Integrity, My LORD, Tour Lordships moft Obliged, most Obedient, and most

Humble Servant, Richard Steele.





HE Englishman's Thanks to the Duke of Marlborough.

Page 1 A Letter to Sir Miles Warton, cone

cerning Occasional Peers. p. 7 The Guardian of August the 7th, 1713. P. 15 The Importance of Dunkirk conhder'd: In Deo

fence of the Guardian of August the 7tb, 1713.

In a Letter to the Bailiff of Stockbridge. p. 21 The French Faith represented in the present

State of Dunkirk. A Letter to the Exami

ner, in Defence of Mr. S- le. . p. 79 The Crisis: Or a Discourse representing, from the

moft Authentick Records, the juft Causes of

the late bappy Revolution, &C. p. 1or A Letter to a Member of Parliament concerning the Bill for preventing the Growtb of Scbifm.

p. 181 Mr. Steele's Apology for himself and bis Wri.

tings; occasioned by his Expulsion from the House of Commons.

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