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** hereafter in Example; but that all Forfeitures, • Fines, Lofs of Offices, Imprisonments, Ba? o nishments, Profecutions, and rigorous Exe. cutions be considered, and the Parties redref,' sed.

" To which Demand of their Rights, and • Redress of their Grievances, they took them. • felves to be encouraged by the King of Eng. land's Declaration for the Kingdom of Scotland, in 0 Etober 1247, as being the only Means • for obtaining a full Redress and Remedy *' therein.

• Therefore for as much as they had an en.. tire Confidence, that his Majesty of England I would perfea the Deliverance, so far advan• ced by him, and would still preserve them • from the Violation of the Rights which they • had asserted, and from all other Attempts up! on their Religion, Laws, and Liberties;

• The Eltates of the Kingdom of Scotland o had resolved,

" That William and Mary, King and Queen of England, be declared King and Queen of

Scotland, to hold the Crown and Royal Dignity of the said Kingdom, to them the said • King and Queen during their Lives, and the longer Liver of them; and that the sole and · full Exercise of the Power he only in, and

exercised by him the said King, in the Names • of the said King and Queen, during their joint • Lives; and after their Deceases, that the said • Crown and Royal Dignity, be to the Heirs

of the Body of the said Queen ; which failing, ( to the Princess Anne of Denmark, and the Heirs of her Body; which also failing, to the Heirs of the Body of the said William, King


of England. And then prayed the said King • and Queen to accept the same accordingly. Which being accepted by their Majelties, they were proclaimed King and Queen of Scotland, the same Day that they were Crowned King and Queen of England.

The above-mentioned Acts of Settlement of the respective Crowns of England and Scotland ought to be written in the Hearts of every true Briton, and engraven on Columns of Brass, to be erected in all the Cities and Boroughs of this Island, thać Posterity may know how much their Ancestors suffered, and how much more they were in Danger of suffering, from a Popish Prince; and that they may with Gratitude reverence the Memory of their glorious Deliverer the inmortal King William, to whom, under God, are owing whatever Rights, whether Religious or Civil, they or their latest po' Iterity shall enjoy.

Thus appear the Causes each Nation had for the late Revolution, and the just Reasons for limiting the Entail of their respe&ive Crowns in the Manner abovementioned ;

They at that Time doubtless hoped they should for ever be made happy in a Descent of Protestant Princes, either from the late Queen Mary, the Princess Anne of Denmark, or the late King William, and therefore saw no Neceflity for extending the Limitation further ; but the Death of that incomparable Princess, the late Queen Mary, on the 28th of December 1694, followed by the Death of that hopeful Royal Infant the Duke of Gloucester, the only surviving Iflue of the Princess, of Denmark, on

. rio .. in the

the 29th of July 1700, gave fresh Alarms to the English Nation.

They saw the Entail of the Crown reduced to the Lives of the late King William and Her present Majesty, then Princess of Denmark.,

They saw the Hopes of a Popith Jacobite Party taking new Spirit, and beginning to re. vive.

They saw a long. Train of Popish Princes of the Blood next in Descent after the Demises of the late King Willium and the Princess of Denmark without iffue; they remembred the Danger they had ro lately been in from one Popish Prince, and therefore thought it high time to take all necessary Cautions to prevent the same for the future from a numerous Train of Roman Catholick Princes, all, or most of whom, were very near in Blood to a neighbouring Monarch, the most powerful Prince in Europe, whose Interest, as well as Inclination, might engage him to support their Pretenfions with his whole Force.

This prudent Foresight gave Birth to another AA of Parliament in England in the 12th and 13th Years of the Reign of the late King William,entitled, An A&t for the furtber Limitation of the Crown,and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject. By this A & the most Illustrious

Princess Sophia, Electress and Dutchess Dow. ager of Hanover, is declared the next in Succefsion in the Protestant Line to the Crown of England, after the late King William and the Princess Anne of Denmark, and their refpe&ive Issue; and that from and after the Deceases of his said Majesty and the Princess Anne of Denmark, and the Heirs of their refpe&ive Bodies, the Crown should be, remain, and continue to the said Princess so. . pbia, and the Heirs of her Body, being Pro• testants.


. And thereunto the Lords Spiritual and • Temporal, and Commons, in the Name of

all the People of this Realm, did most hum• bly and faithfully submit themselves, their • Heirs, and Posterities; and did faithfully • promise, that after the Deceases of his Ma. • jesty and Her Royal Highness, and the Fail. ure of the Heirs of their respective Bodies, " to stand by, maintain and defend the said

Princess Sophia, and the Heirs of Her Body, • being Proteftants, according to the Limitati: • on and Succession of the Crown in this A& • fpecified and contained, to the utmost of their ' Powers, with their Lives and Estates, against

all Persons whatsoever that Mall attempt any ' thing to the contrary.

In the 13th and 14th Years of the said King, two other AEs of Parliament were made; the one entitled, An Act of Attainder of the Pretended Prince of Wales of High Treason; whereby it was enacted, That he be attainted of • High Treason, and suffer Pains of Death, as

a Traytor; and that if any Subject of England. • fhall, within this Realm, or without, after the • First of March, 1701, hold, entertain, or • keep any Intelligence or Correspondence, in • Person, or by Letters, Messages, or other' wise, with the faid Pretended Prince of Wales, ' or with any person, or Persons, employed by

Him, knowing such person to be so employed by him, or shall by Bill of Exchange, or otherwise, remit, or pay any Sum or Sums of


« Mony, for the Use or Service of the said Pre• tended Prince of Wales, knowing such Mony

to be for such Use or Service, such Person, • To offending, being lawfully convi&ed, ibali ! be taken, deemed, and adjudged Guilty of • High Treason, and shall suffer and forfeit as • in Cases of High Treason. And where any • Offence against this A& shall be committed • out of this Realm, the same may be alledged, “laid, enquired of, and Tryed in any County

of this Kingdom of Englund. . And the other, Entitled, An Act for the fur. ther Security of His Majesty's Perfor, and the Succellion of the Crown in the Protestant Line, and for extinguishing the Hopes of the Pretended Prince of Wales, and all other Pretenders, and their open and secret Abettors. "Wherein re. s citing the said former A&s of Settlement of • the Crown, and that the French King, in (hopes of disturbing the Peace and Repose of « his Majesty, and his Kingdoms, and creating • Divisions therein, had caused the Pretended • Prince of Wales to be Proclaimed King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, by the Name 6 of Fames the Third; and that the said Pre(tended Prince had assumed the said Title, in (open Defiance of the Provisions made for the · Enablishment of the Title, and Succeffion of

the Crown, by the said several A&s of Par6 liament: To the Intent therefore that the said • A&s might be for ever inviolably preserved, ( and that all future Questions, and Divisions,

by reason of any pretended Titles to the • Crown, might be prevented, it was enacted, • That all and every person and Persons, as "well Peers as · Commoners, that mall bear

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