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Gcmahgies. CHAP. V. Gaica.^cs.

hat dwelt among plants and hedges Rations that were found there, and de I here they dwelt with the king for his


24 TT The sons of Simeon were, Neuiuel, and Jamin, Jarib, Zerah, and Shaul:

25 Shallum his son, Mibsam his eon, Mishma his son.

26 And the sons of Mishma; Hamuel his son, Zaccliur his son, Sliiraei his


27 And Shimei had sixteen sons and six daughters; but his brethren had not many children, neither did all their family multiply like to the children of Judali.

2S And they dwelt at Eeer-slieba, and Moladidi, and Hazar-shual,

29 And at Billiah, and at£zem, and at Tolad,

30 And at Bethue!, and at Hormah, and at Ziklag,

31 And at Beth-marcabotb, and Ha zar-suaim, and at Beth-birei, ami at Sliaaraim. These were their cities unto Hie reign of David.

32 And their villages were, Etam,; Ain, Rinimon,and Tochen.and Ash five a

33 And all their villages that! round about the same cities, uiUoIi These were their habitations, and their genealogy'.

34 And Mesbobab.and Jamlecb,and Joshah the sou of Amaziah,

35 And Joel, and Jehu the son of Josibiah, the son of Seraiah. the soi;

36 And Elioenai, and Jaakobah,and Jeshohaiah, and Asaiah, and Adiel, and Jesuniel, and Benaiah,

37 And Ziza the son of Suiphi, the son of Allon, the son of Jedaiah, tiie son of Shimri, the son of Sheii

38 These mentioned by their names were princes in their families; and the house of tlieir fathers increased greatly.

39 Tf And they went to the entrance of Gedor, even unto the east side of the valley, to seek pasture for their Hocks.

10 And they found fat pasture and good, and the land was wide, and >iuiet, and peaceable; for t/tei/ofHam had d welt there of old.

41 And these written by name came in the days of Hezekiah king of Judali, and smote their tents, and the habit

itroyed them utterly unto this day, and dwelt in their rooms: because \ikere was pasture t here for tlieir flocks.

42 And some of them, even of th*> sons of Simeon, five hundred men,

ent to mount Seir, having for their captains Pelatiah, and Neariah, and Rephaiah, and Uzziel, the sons of Ishi.

43 And they smote the rest of the Amalekites that were escaped, and

eJt there unto this day.

NOW die sons of Reuben the first
born of Israel, (for he was the
first-born; but, forasmuch as he defiJ
ed his father's bed, his birthright was
ito the sons of Joseph the son
I: and the genealogy is not to
be reckoned after tlie birthright

2 For Judali prevailed above n,s brethren, and of him came the chief

uler; but the birthright was Joseph's:)

3 The sons,/*.?.(/, or Reuben the firstborn of Israel, were Hauoch, and Pallu,Hezron, and Carmi.

4 The sons of Joel; Shemaiah hid son, Gog his son, Shemei his son,

5 Mieah his son, Reaia his sou, Baal

'e Be" rah his son, whom Tilgath-pillezer king of Assyria carried away captive: he was prince of the Reubeniles.

. And his brethren by their families, when the genealogy of their generaions was reckoned, were the chief, Teiel, and Zechariah,

8 And Bela the son of Azaz, the son of Shema, the son of Jod, who dwelt

r, even unto Nebo and BaaJ


9 And eastward he inhabited unto he entering in of the wilderness from lie river Euphrates: because tJieir ;attle were multiplied in the land of Gilead.

10 And in the daysofSaul they made k-ar wah the Hagarites, who fell by their hand: and they dwelt in tlieir tents throughout all the cast land of Gdead.

11 1T And the children of Gad dwelt over against them in the land of Easban unto Salcah:

12 Joel the chief, and Shaphan tha next, and Jaanai, and Shaphat in lia ,shan.

Gmmfogics. I. CHRONICLES.

13 Ami iheir brethren of the house of their fathers icere, Michael, and Meshullam, arid Sheba, and Jorai, and Jachan, aud Zia, and 1-Ieber, seven.

14 These are the children of Abihail .■lie son of Huri, the sou of Jaroah, thej son of Gilead, the son of Michael, the son of J esliishai, the son of Jahdo.the son of Buz;

15 Ahi the son of Abdiel, (lie son of Guni, chief of the house of their fa-, there.

16 And they dwelt in Giload sbnn, and in her towns, and in all the suburbs of Sharon, upon their border

17 All these were reckoned by genealogies in the days of Jolham kingc' Judah, and in the days of Jeroboa king of Israel.

IS 1T The sons of Reuben, and the Gadites, and half the tribe of Manasseh, of valiant men, men able to bear buckler and sword, and to shoot with bow, and skilful in war, lucre four and forty thousand seven hundred and threescore, that went out to the wa

ly And they made war with the Ha;, nrlles, with Jetur, and Nephish, and Nodab.

20 And they were helped against them, and the Hagaritcs were delivered into their hand", and all that were with them: for they cried to God in the battle, and he was entreated of them; because they put their trust in

21 And they took away their cattle; of their camels fifty thousand, and of sheep two hundred and fifty thousand, and of asses two thousand, and of men a hundred thousand.

-22 For there fell down many slain, hecausc the war was of God. And they dwelt in their steads until the captivity.

23 11 And the children of the half tribe of Manacseh dwelt in the land:| (hey increased fromBashan unto Baal•ermon and Senir, aud unto mount ffermon.

24 And these xoere the heads of the) eouse of their fathers, even Epher, <nd lshi, and Eliel, and Azriel, and Jeremiah, and Hodaviah, and Jahdiel, mighty men of valour, famousI men, and heads of the house of their| fathers.

25 IT And they transgressed againstI the God of their fathers, aud went a I

Genealogies whoring after the gods of the pt unle of the laud, whom God destroyed before them.

26 And the God of Israel stirred u;i the spirit of Pul king of Assyria, and the spirit of Tilgath-pilnezer king of Assyria, and he carried them away, (even theReubeniiea, and the Gadites, and the half-tribe of IWanasseb,) ami brought them unto Halah, and liabor, and Hara, and to the river Gozau, unto Lliis day.


THE sons of Levi; Gcrshon, Kuhalh, and Merari.

2 And the sons of JKohalh; Amrain, lzhar, and Hebron, and Uzziel.

3 And tin- children of Amram; Anon, and Moses, aud iUiriam. Tln^ jons also of Aaron ; Nadab, and Abihu, Eleazar, and llhamar.

4 IT Eleazar begat Phinehas, Pliine

Arid Abishua begat Eukki, and Bukki begat Uzzi,

6 And Uzzi begat Zerahiah, and Zerahiah begat Meraioth,

7 Meraioth begat Amariali, aud Amariah bpgat AliUub,

8 And Ahiiub begat Zadok, and Za dok begat Ahimaaz,

9 And Ahimaaz begat Azariah, aud. Azaiiah begat Johanan,

10 And Johanan begat Azariah, (he it is that e.xec.-ntc-d the priest's office in the temple that Solomon built in Jell And Azai iah begat Ainariah, and

Amariah begat Ahitub,
1-2 And Ahitub begat Zadok, aud Za-
dok begat Shallum,

13 And Shallum begat Hilkiah, and Hilkiah begat Azariah,

14 And Azariah begat Seraiah, and Seraiah begat Jehozadak,

16 And Jehozadak went into captii:'j/, when the Lord carried away Judah and Jerusalem by the hand of iVebuchadnezzer.

1G 17 The 6oiis of Levi; Gershom, Kohatb, and Merari.

17 And these be the names of the sons of Gershom; Libni, and Shimei.

13 And the sons of Kohath were Amram, and lzhar, and Hebron, and Uzziel.

19 The sons of Merari; Mahli, and Mushi. And there are the families of Genealogies. CHAP. VI

tlie Levites, accotdinglo their fathers.

CO If Of Gershom; Libni his son, Jabash his eon, Ziimnah his son,

21 Joahhis eon, lddo his son, Zerab his son, Jealerai his son.

22 1T The sons of Kohath; Amminadab his 6on, Korah his son, Assir his

23'Elkanah bis son, and Ebiasaph bis sou, and Assir his son,

24 Tahalh bis son, Ur.elhis Eod.uzinh bis son, and Sliaul bis son.

25 And the sous ofElkanah; Ama6ai, and Ahimoth.

26 As for Elkanab: the sons of Elkanab Zophai bis son, and KabalJ:

27 Eliab bis son, Jerobam his son, Elkanab Jiis son.

28 And the eons of Samuel; the firstborn YTasbni, and Abiah.

29 TT The sons of Mere


40 The eon of Michael, the son of |Bnaseiab, ibe son of Malchiab,

41 The son of Elhni, ibe 6on of Zerah, the son of Adaiah,

42 The Soji of Elbai), the son o.'Ziuimahjthe son ofSbimei,

43 The eon of Jahath, thesonof Ger-, shorn, the son of Levi.

44 And their brethren, the sons of |Merari, stood on the left band : Elbau

.he son of Kislii, the sou of Abd/, the son of Mallucb,

, 45 Tlie son of Hasbabiab, the son of [Amaziah, tlie son of 1-iiikiab,

46 The son 0/ Amzi, the sou ofBuni, the eon of Shamer,

47 The sen of Mahl), the son of Itf udii, the son of Merari,tbe son of Levi.

48 Their brethren also the Levites xcre appointed unto aJl manner of service of the tabernacle of the house

I of God.

^O'siiimca his son, Haggiab bis son, and on the altar of incense, and wer*

Asaiali bis son.

31 TT And these are they whom David set over the service of song in the bouse of the Loku, after that the ark bad rest.

32 And they ministered before the dwelling-place of tlie tabernacle of the congregation with singing, until Solomon had built the house of the Lord in Jerusalem; and then they waited on their office,according to their order.

33 And these are they that waited with their children : of tlie sons of the Kohatbites; Heman a singer, the son of Joel, the son ol'Sbeniuel,

34 The son of Elkanri, the son of Jerobam, tlie son of Eliel, tlie son of Toah,

35 The son of Zuph, the son of Elkanali, the son of MahacJi, the son of Amasai,

36 The son of Elknnah, the son of Joel, the son of Azariah, the son of Zephaniah,

37 The son of Tahath, the son or Assir, the son of Ebiasaph, the son of Korab,

38 The 60n of Izhar, the son of Kobatb, the eon of Levi, the son of Israel.

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,ajpointtdTor all the work of\hcplace most holy, and to make an atonement [for Israel, according to all that Moses the servant of God had commanded

50 And these are the sons of Aaron; (Eleazer bis son, Phinehas bis son, Abi

»bua his son,

51 Bukki bis son, Uzzi his son, Zeraliah his son,

52 Meiaiotb his eon, Amariah his son, Ahitub his son,

53 Zadok his son, Abimaaz his son. 5-1 TT Now these are their dwelling

j places throughout their castles, in then coasts, of the sons of Aaron, of the families of the Kohalhiles; for theirs was the lot.

55 And they gave them Hebron in tlie .land of Judah,and the suburbs thereof I round about it,

56 But the fields of the city, and the .'illages thereof, they gave to Caleb the son of Jephunneh.

57 And to the sons of Aaron they gave the cities of Judah, namely, Hebron, tlie city of refuge, and Libnah with her suburbs, and Jatir and Eshtenioa

vith her suburbs,

5S And Hilen with her suburba, De
)ir with her suburbs,
59 And Asban with hersubuv'js, and

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Genealogies. with her aulnirbs, anu Analhoth with lier suburbs. All their cities, throughout their families, itwe thirteen cities.

61 And unto the sens of Kohalh, which were left of the family of that tribe, were dues given out of the hairtribe, namely, out of the hi'Klribe of Manasseh, by lot, ten cities.

62 And to the sons of Gershom, throughout their families, out of the tribe of lssacbar.aud out of the tribe of Aslier, ami out of the tribe of Napbtali and out of the tribe of Manasseh ii Bashan, thirteen cities.

03 Unto the sons of Merari were giv en by lot, throughout their families out of the tribe of Reuben, and out ol the tribe of Gad. and out of the tribe of Zcbulun, twelve cities.

64 And the children of Israel gave to the Levites these cities with their urbs.

Ii5 And they gave by lot, out of the tribe of the children of Judah, and out of the tribe of the children of Simeon, and out of the tribe of the ehildre Benjamin, these cities which are led 'by their name?.

fiG And the residue of the famili< the sons of lvohalh had cities of their co;tsis out of the tribe of Eph

67 And they gave unto them, of the cities of refuge, Shechem in mount Ephraim with her suburbs; they gave also Gezer with her suburbs,

OS And Jokneam with her suburbs, aud Beth-horon with her suburbs,

69 And Aijalon with her suburbs.arul Gatli-riininon with-her suburbs:

70 And out of the half-tribe of Manasseh; Aner with her suburbs, and Bileam with her suburbs, for the family of the remnant of the eons of Ko hath.

71 Unto the sons of Gershom, were given, out of the family o( the halltribe of Manasseh, Golan in Bashan with her suburbs, and Ashtaroth her suburbs:

72 And out of the tribe of Issachar; Kedesh with her suburbs, Daberath with her suburbs,

73 And Rarnotb with her suburbs, and Anem with her suburbs

74 And out of the tribe of Asher; Mashal with her suburbs, and Abdon with her suburbs,

75 And Hukuk with her suburbs, nnd»| Kcliob with her suburbs;

CHRONICLE. Guual.gics.

76 And out of the tribe of Naphtali; Kedesh in Galilee with her suburbs, and Hammou with her suburbs, and Kirjal.haim with her suburbs.

77 Unto the rest of the children of Merari were given, out of the tribe of Zebulun, Rimmon with her suburbs, Tabor with her suburbs:

78 And on the other side Jordan by Jericho, on the east side of Jordan, were given them out of the tribe of Reuben, Bezer in the wilderness with her suburbs, and Jahzab. with her suburbs.

79 Kedemolh also with her suburbs, and Mephaath with her suburbs:

80 And out of the tribe of Gad; Ramotli in Gilead with her suburbs, and Mahauaiin witli her suburbs,

81 And Heshbon will) her suburbs, .ud Jazer with her suburbs.

CHAP. VII. e sons of lssa , and Puah, Jashub, and

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of Tola; Uzzi, and riel, and Jahmai, and uiel, heads of their of Tola: then •e valiant men of might in their erations; whose number icas, in the days of David, two and twenty thousand and six hundred.

3 And the sons of Uzzi; Izrahiab: and the sons of lzrahiah; Michael, and Obadiah, and Joel, Ishiah, five: ill of them chief men.

4 And with them, by their generations, after the house of their lather*, were bands of soldiers for war, six and thirty thousand men: for they Imi many wives and sons.

"And their brethren, among all the families of Issachar, tocre valiant men might, reckoned in all, by their icalogies, fourscore and seven thousand.

6 TT The sons of Benjamin; BeJa, and Becher, and Jediael, three.

A.nd the sons of Bela; Ezbon, and Uzzi, and Uzziel, and Jerimotb> and Iri, live; heads of the house of their fathers, mighty men of valour; and were reckoned by their genealogies, twenty aud two thousand and thirty und four.

8 And the sons of Becher; Zemira, md Joash, and Eliezer, and Elioenai, and Omri, and Jerimoth, and Abiah,

GencaCogics. CHAP, and Auathotl), and Alamelh. All these are the eons of Becher.

9 Arid the number of them after their genealogy by tlieir generations, heads of the house of their father's, mighty nieirof valour, was twenty thousand and two hundred.

10 The sons also of Jediael; Bilhan: and the sons of Bilhan,; Jeush, and Benjamin, and Ehud.and Chenaanah, and Zethan, and Tharshish, and Abiehahar.

11 All these the sons of Jediael, by the heads of their fathers.migbty men of valour, were seventeen thousand and two hundred soldiers, fit to go out for war and battle.

12 Shuppim also, and Huppim, the children of lr, and Hushhn, the sous of A her.

13 TT The sons of Naplitnli; Jahziel, and Guni.and Jezer,&nd Shallum.the sons of Bilhali.

14 IT The sous ofManasseh ; Ashriel, whom she bare; (hut his concubine the Aramitess bare Machir the father o." Gilead:

15 And Machir look to wile the ter of Huppim and Shuppim, whose sister's name was Maachah;) and the name of the second was Zelophehad; and Zelophehad had daughters.

16 And Maachah the wife of Machir bare a son, and she called his name Peresh; and the name of bis brother Ivcls Sheresh; and his sons wercUhxm and Rakem.

17 And the sous of Ulam; Bedan. These were the sonsof Gilead,the son of Machir, the son of Manasseh.

18 And his sister Hainmoleketh bare Ishod, and Abiezer, and Mahalah.

19 And the sous of Shcrnida \i Ahian, and Shecheni, ami LLkhi, and Aniam.

20 TT And the sons of Ephraim; Shuthelah, and Be red his son, and Tali nth his son, and Eladah his son, and T hath his son,

21 And Zabad his Son,and Sbulheh his son, and Ezer, and Elead, who the men of Galh that were born in that land slew, because they came down to take away their cattle*.

22 And Ephraim their fatne-r mow; ed many days, and his brethren came to comfort him.

23 IT And when he went m to his| wife, she conceived and bare a son

VIII. Gctiadugics. and he called his m»ine Bormli.because it went evil with his house.

24 (And his daughter Idas Sherah, who built Beth-horon the net her, aim the upper, and Uzzen-sherah.)

25 And Rephah roashis son,alsolie heph, and Telah his son, and Tahasi

his son,

26 Laadan his son, Ammihud his son, Elishama his !?on,

27 Non his son, Jehoshua his son. 2S IT And their possessions and habitations were Beth-el and the towns thereof, and eastward Naaran, and westward Gezer with the towns there)f; Shecheni also and the towns thereif, unto Gaza and the towns thereof.

29 And by the bordersof the children of Manasseh, Beth-slivan and her towns.Taanach and her townsjMegidi.loand her towns, Dor and her towns. In these dwelt the children of Joseph, he sou of Israel.

30 TT The sons of Asher; Imiiah.aml Isuah, and Ishuai.andBeriah, and Se

ah their sister.

31 And the sonsofBeriah;Heber,?UHl Malchiel, who is the father of Birza

32Aild Heber begat Japhlet,an'd Sho ner, and Motham, & Shua their sister 33 And the sons of Japhlet; Pasach, md Bimhal, and Ashvath: these arc the children of Japhlet. 3-1 An J the sons of Shamer; Alii, ind Rnhgah, Jehubbah, and Aram.

35 Ai^f the sons of his brother Helem ; Zophab, and Imna, and Shelesh, and Amal.

36 The sons of Zophah; Suah, and Harnepher, and Shual, and Ben, and lmrah,

37 Bezer, and Hod, and Shanima, and Shilshah, and ltliran, aaid Beera.

38 And the sons of Jether; Jephunneh, and Pispaii, and Am.

39 And the sons of Ulla; Arab, and Haniel, and Rezia.

40 All these were the children of Asher, heads of their lather's house,

and mighty men of valour, chief of the princes. And the number, throughout the genealogy of them that were apt to the war and to battle, was twenty and six thousand men. CHAP. VHI.

NOW Benjamin begat Bela hi* first-born, Ashbfiltlie second and AJiarah the third.

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