A picture of Valencia: taken on the spot

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Millares 600 habitantes inglés, esparteñas 1811

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Page 228 - The plants are taken when they are beginning to run to seed, and dried in the shade till all their humidity is evaporated. On this each is separately pounded; the powder is passed through a hair-sieve, mixed in equal parts, and put away in well-corked bottles. It is to be observed, that none of the roots must be eraployed, except those of the sea-holly, which possess very great strength.
Page 308 - ... jalousie se mêle au pourpre des amans ; le blanc, symbole d.innocence, se distingue à chaque ruban ; le violet de la constance brille sur le riche turban.
Page 310 - ... with remarks on the nature of its soil, climate, productions, and foreign and internal commerce; to which will be subjoined, observations on the most prevalent diseases incident to the climate, with hints to new settlers on the most efficacious modes of prevention. It will form one volume...
Page 229 - Sales, was not sent for till three days after the accident : he nevertheless resolved to try the powder, which produced effects that surpassed his expectation. " In fact, the two patients perfectly recovered of the bites, without manifesting the slightest symptoms of hydrophobia, till the present time 1802, and during an interval of six years not the least alteration has been observed in their health. The actual madness of the dog seems to have been fully proved ; for several goats and sheep which...
Page 126 - ... during the fummer, but in winter it may go three weeks or a month unwatered. Betide the refrefhing ftream derived from the pantano, they have fome norias : the moft remarkable of which, belonging to Mr. Arabet, is worked by wind, and raifes the water forty feet. The land never refts ; for no fooner has it rewarded the farmer with one crop, than he begins to prepare it for another. In September he...
Page 229 - Joaquin Fauro, were bitten, the two former on the hand, and the latter on the middle finger. Baset and his daughter immediately applied to Don Thomas Sabater, the surgeon of their village, who furnished them with powder sufficient for nine days. On the contrary, Fauro, who lived at another village, looked upon his wound as a mere trifle, and took no farther notice of it.
Page 228 - ... or water. No particular diet need be observed; only the powder must be taken morning and evening for nine days successively. From time immemorial the inhabitants of the above-mentioned district have made use of this powder as a specific for the bite of vipers with universal success ; till at length the celebrated Cavanilles resolved to try its effects against the bites of mad dogs.
Page 230 - Garceran, had bitten several other dngs, pigs, &C. The powder was administered to some of them for eleven successive days; and, till the present moment, during the space of nearly two years, no ill consequences whatever have been observed. All the animals to whom the powder was not given, died raving mad in twenty-five days. " One dog, to whom it was found impossible to administer more than four doses, did not go mad, but fell into a kind of lethargy, and refused to eat; till at length he died on...
Page 310 - Counsellor of State to His Britannic Majesty, and Professor of Philosophy at the University of Gottingen, in 4 Vols.
Page 6 - Happy the invalid whom fate permits to seek a refuge in this asylum ! When the last moments of his life arrive, his end will here be more easy and less painful. Weaned from all the vain desires and passions of this tumultuous scene, he will await the most faithful friend of man with tranquil resignation, and fall asleep amid flowers and fragrant blossoms, full of the hope of awaking in the celestial region of perpetual spring.

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