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PH E F A C E to Vol. XVII.

SU C H is the Plan of our Magazine, that it must neceflhrily bear the stamp of the times, and the political, historical and miscellaneous parts, dilate or contract in proportion to the diversity and zeal of parties, the number and importance of events, and the reigning taste for literary entertainment,,

While a determin'd spirit of opposition in the national assemblies communicated itself to almost every individual, multiplied and invigorated periodical papers, and render'd politics the chief, if not the only object of curiosity, we acted a secure and easy part, having an ample field for our collections, which, as they were faithfully and impartially made, had a ready and extensive reception. Hence some imagined, and not without reason, that when this resource fhculJ sail us, our work would meet with less regard, at the fame time that it would be attended with greater difficulty. But as a fondness for politicks, tho* general, was never universal, we happily substituted other subjects, not indeed equally adapted to excite the passions, but more useful and permanent; so that instead of a diminished, we have experienced an increasing sale.

What researches we have made into the sciences, foreign as well as domestic literature, what contributions received, what improvements added, • it will be unnecessary to enumerate in an address to our readers. Nor need we observe to them, how easy it is to form an unconnected miscellany, from the gleanings of systems and dictionaries, from Rider' s Almanack, the Art of Cookery, and compieat Hsafewife. They justly expect that the articles in our Magazine should not be such as may be gather'd from every stall, but new, or curious; relative to the design, and tending to general information. And such has been our conduct, or the conduct of others, that, tho' the candidates for public favour have multiply'd, we daily receive indubitable marks of preference.

Gratefully sensible of this favour, and confident of its continuance while we continue our assiduity, we shall only add, that we have still further resources sufficient to maintain our superiority, and sh all diligently perform our part to prevent the public being deprived of all such monthly entertainments (vain scheme!) impotently, tho' insolently threatened to be effected, by a combination and sulserrptiop, to publish and support a super excellent Magazine, which was entirely to extirpate all others, and then, for the good of trade, it seems, be generoujy discontinued. Whoever were to be the principal instruments or conductors of that work, mighty in imagination, every one must see, that the publick owes them no thanks.

However, as the Museum, a work of genius and learning, obstructed not our rising sale, no alarm need be taken from the productions of the present ostentatious compilers, of whom all ranks pronounce that, tho1 they blot paper, they cannot write.

P. S. We contrived'the copper plates as much as might be to avoid folding, which destroys them.

* Thejj^-will sufficiently appear in thelndex, where, at the word Platss,

write on them the numbers, previous.

, ,_ ="M to their insertion, as we could not know

thc_ bookbinders will find the pages, which would be next in order, by rcaagainst which it will beproper to place son of the uncertainty of getting them the maps and cuts. They may also engraved and worked off.


The VISION. A P O E M. \dUrtfti- to S. U R B A N, m completing his Seventeenth Volume.

Tbro* the dark fabric silent Lttbt steals,
Which yet the front, of wide extent, conceals 5
Thro* the thick wall one aperture is found.
In this a wheel, by Dilnesi turn'd, goes round;
Dulniss! whose head surrounding clouds conccal'd'
"In broad effulgence all below reveal'd;"
Th' attendant priest, of his high office proud,
Receives the various offerings of the croud,
The dull memoir, trite puff, and tedious chime
Ot tagg'd conundrum, and of prose in rhime j
These the wheel takes, as from his hand they fail
And whirls to Letbe's flood behind the wall.

As near the sacred spot our hero drew,
A mobflock'd round him, fond of something newt

* To thee, they cry'd, these treasures we consign,
'Which in this temple to preserve be thine;

* Thy hand alone these offerings wall convey'--
His hand receives them, zealous to obey.
Around his head, exulting, now he wav'd
Distorted towns, from new surveys engrav'd
Receipts for drejjmg meat, and making hay,
To-morrow useful as they are to-day j
And now,the wheel approach'd, with jealous pride
The priest, ascance, his potent rival ey'd,
Then thus addrest: 'Presumptuous as thou art,
< Why hast thou here afium'd another's part?
'Know, from my hand alone, this wheel receives
'Whate'cr each vot'ry to leaves j
'From public suff 'ranee this employ I claim;
'And yon proifd city, London, gives me name.
'Thro' sixteen years victorious I prevail,
'In sixteen years an hundred rivals fail:

* With these o'ertnrn'd, proud upstart! shalt
thou lie*

The Hero's steed loud bray'd i stern reply;
And hostile deeds, perhaps, a dreadful scene!
Had soon ensu'd, but Dulnest step'd between,
A peaceful darkness round her sense (he threw,
Hid each from each, both heroes from my view.

Fa a to the right, the chearful beams of day
To glitt'ring spires iilum'd the rising way;
Thither I haste; two lofty doors unfold
To marble pavements, and to roofs of gold;
High on a throne, the Muses plac'd around,
Fame, with the records of her reign, I found;
On these endures, while ages roll aiuay,
Whate'er she writes, too sacred to decay;
To her, whate'er all-studious Learning taught,
What Wit imagin'd, and what Wisdom thought,
From circling crowds her minister convey'd,
Receiv'd with pleasure, and with pride display'd j
With joy I gaz'd, and bldVd the pow'r sublime.
That rescu'd Cenius from the rage of Time:
When the fair Vision, fading from my sight,
I wak'd to silence, and the shades of night.

Urban! to thee, this Fable let me fend,
Of Fame, the minister, of Wit the friend:
Whoe'er collections for O sr Ivion make,
And hand dull pieces into Lethe's lake,
Vie not with thee, whate'er their boasts pretend.
Since all their labours seek a different end.
But dunce with dunce competitor may be,
While wits with laughter the vain contest see.—
Thy work, like some tall pillar tow'ring high,


THE glowing stove, thetaper's chearful light,
The circling glass, and Friendship's chaste

Had roll'd, unmeafur'd and unmark'd, away
The cold, dark ev'ning of the winter's day.
Of authors, books, the living, and the dead,
The much that's written, and the little read;
Or Magazines fbrdulnest, and for wit,
We talk'd; and prais'd and censur'd as was fit.
We par;—awhile I mus'd in elbow chair,
Then funk in down, forgetting all things there:
Yet sleep ar. once dilates and fills the mind;
Kakci no more the bonds of sense can bind,
Rapt with exlatic ficedom, up the springs,
Seeks her own world, and spurns material things.

A lofty pillar now before me 'rose,
Adorn'd with all laborious Art bestows,
Form'd of that order, elegantly tall,
Which blending grace with grace improves'em all.
This, io overturn, a grinning crowd engage
With stedfastjiaste, and persevering rage;
Yet undefae'd the tow'ring pile appears, [years.
Fiim, as the date proclaim'd, through changing
A spot lay near, long doom'd to stink and shine,
To Dulnefs sacred, and to Cloacjne j
Here copious offerings, vow'd to either pow'r,
Share, in one heap, the sunshine and the (how'r:
Whate'er by Dunce was scribbled, new or old,
Gorg'ous aud gay, was gilt—but not with gold.
This, as I view'd, involv'd in curling smoke,
Heav'd the crude mass, and as it heav'd it broke j
Forth from the chasm proceeds an hollow found,
And a wide tremor takes the conscious ground;
When now, first ilTuing to the realms of light,
Striding an ass, up sprung a wond'rous wight;
Earth-born, by warring qualities begot,
The child of moist and dry, of cold and hot;
What Jetm'd his head was void of brains and

A featur'd bubble! empty, round, and bare;
But Nature, lest in this esteem'd severe,
Plac'd on each fide a bounteous length of ear;
Fall'n was the wrinkled visage, which, to hide,
A youthful malic his better hand apply'd j
His coat, with tinsel lace embroider'd o'er,
111 mitrh'd the rags which less in sight he wore.
One instinct raov'd the Hero and the steed,
Fierce they sprung forward with an aukward speed,
Both to the pillar one short moment brought,
And the sage beast thus spoke his rider's thoughts
'Detested pile.lhak thou,high-rais'd from earth,
'Shade the dear spot from which I claim my

bh th? [know,

'Shall these, my friends, by instinct whom I
'Assault thee still with unprevailing blow?
'And shaltthou not—thy base at least shall feel
'Th' auxiliar force of this elastic heel.'
He said, and bray'd—the stone with lifted feet
Then spurn'd; the rider totter'd on his feat.

Hence with less haste, exulting in the deed,
They pass—their steps my curious steps succeed;
Tho" barren, level was the way they went j
A bro. j, an easy, and a long descent.
Oblivion's temple now untir'd we gain j
No mortal footsteps mark the hallow'd fane,
The priest, without, performs the sacred rite,
No door unfolding e'er admits the light;

Shall Envy, Ottlncfs, Freud, and Rage defy;
Each foe to Sense that, glean'd from FoBy, brings
A mushroom medley of disjointed things,
Shall die forgotten, as he fives unknown,
And all the rvTsai shall be thine alone.

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For J A N U A R Y 1747.


("JiBore in Ouantfrri anb urcatrr B.^rictp

I. Remarks on Abbe Ro'ijscm's Cim-
peigw of the French king; shewing
the subterfuges to which the French
advocates are reduced.

II. List of regiments, with the num-
ber of colonels in succession, to 174.6,
their agents, dsY.

III. Austrian Memorial to the de-
puties of Gence.

IV. Curious observations cm the ge-
neration, t3c. of a noted little animal.

V. Experiments, with curious que-
ries and problems on electricity.

VI. Methods of treating sick cows.

VII. Loyal address from Edinburgh.

VIII. Review of last ycat's events.

IX. Scheme to tax tickets, coshes, &c.

X. Accompts of the chamber of Lor, L

XI. Ducription of UndhAmf.

XII. Milton imitating the modern-.

XIII. made.

XIV. WiNEof pears equal to Fr. wine.

XV. The cow distemper infectious.
XVT. Receipt lor lea-sickness

I N I N G,

than Rirp »ooh of tftf ft'nb anb Price.]

XVII. Li?t= of ship? taken.

XVIII. Tmitu order of council con-
cerning cattle.

XIX. Review of the Journals: On
malqucradcs; the Dutch; modern e-
ducation; advice to stud >• gunnery ,£sV.'

XX. Isle of St Bjribcloruvi taken.

XXI. POETRY. The ant's philoso-
phy.—To Ccclic.—Honour, an ode to

Jumci hfrycW, Elq;—On Luirc!jb.;d,
Latin and English—-The maid 's soli-
loquy.—A hunting song, with the
notes.—Directions to ihcFrcucb king's
painter, French and Esglift/.—Efi-
grams, Isfc. CSV.

XXII. Historical Chronicle. List
of sheriff,, and officers lor i'lanuers.

XXIII. Uirths, deaths, Preferments.

XXIV. Foreign History. Number
of people and houses in Provence;
number of the Austrian army there;
Ft neb strength, how dimmiihed.

XXV. Stocks, monthly bill.

XXVI. Register, ol books.

With zM. A? of FR. J NCE, and its acquired Territories.

By STLl'ANUS U R B A N, Gent.

LONDON. Primed by E. Cave, jun at St John's Gate.

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'12 Emarks on Abbe Rousseaiis cam-

11\ paigns of the French king 3

'H. of Austria unjustly charged with u-

lurpation ib

Its power and possessions deriv'd from

marriages 4

Q^of Hungnry justify'd from the charge
of cruelty;

■ from that of breach of treaties 6

M. Ru/JJttiUi description of the battle

of Vonienoy 7

Remarkable passage in Bp Lntiincr's
sermon on the arrears of the civil
lilt 8

Lilt of forces, the regiments, with the
col. licut-col. and majors 9, 10, 11

List of agents to the several regiments,
with their address \z

\ Pay and half pay on the Irijb establish-
ment ib

Memorial of the Austrian commissary-

general to the deputies of the repub-

lic of Genoa 13

Farther discoveries and remarks on the
small animal 13, 14

M. Lewcnbocck proves its valt increase ib

Experiments and curious queries on elec-
tricity 15, 16

Tracts concerning sick cattle 17

Methods ot treating them 18, 22, 31

Remarks on Dr Brier's position, that
the distemper is not infectious ; with
new initnicl ions i°>il

Variations in the first and second order
of council 34

Edinburgh, loyal address 18

Review of the principal events of the

last year 19

Scheme to tax tickets for plays, &c. 21

Address to the citizens ot London, with

a ltatc of the city accounts 23

Description of Lindbolme, an hermit s
cell in Torklbire ib

Eliay on MUieist imitation of the mo-
derns 24

His exordium, and some latin ve/scs of
a German Jesuit, from which it was
imitated 24-e

A famous moral aphorism and notes 20

Directions to make cyder exceeding

French wine 26-7-8

Extract from Old England.Scots not

chargeable with the rebellion as a na-

tion 29

Recipe to prevent sea sickness 31

Lilt of ships taken on both fides 32-3

Ancient inlcription on Aikatn church-
wall near l) 33

On the DidJF, from the Craftsman 3;

On n ilqncradcs 10

AniinaJvcriiuir- jn modern education w

Advice to study gunnery 35-6

MrSmitb's reply to?". B. concerning the

monks ib


The'Ants philosophy, a fable.—The

last riddle explained 37

Ode to Ce/ia.—Honour, an ode to
'James Heywood, Elij; who fined

lor alderman 38

Hunting song, set to music by a gen-

tleman of if'fgan 39

Oratio Petro Kunzii ad Tbermas Ca-
rwiVaw.—Thesiune translated.—To
the dowager of a late lord.—Tran-
slation olVotum Senile, by Abigal^o

An hymn sung after a thanksgiving

iermon.—Epitaph on a V—A .

—To miss A F . Last rid-
dle answer'd.—To the Rev. Mr

Lewis of Margate, on his life of
Bp Pecock 41

The maid's soliloquy, imitated from

Caters.—Stanzas in answer to To-

gatus.Script, a Mich. Bold, faulo
ante olitum.—Tvve latin epigrams

."' 42

Directions to the French king's painter,
French and Englifi ' 8

On a Hermit 24

Scoto-Britannus to Aretine 29

Historical Chronicle.

St Bartholomew island taken by two pri-
vateers 4»

French Indians destroy a sliip's crew &

List of slieriffs 44

A description of Louist/ourg 47

Remarkable well in EJsex 46

Officers appointed for slanders 45

New tax on windows, coaches, &c. 16.

Yearly mortality bill at Vienna 50
Number of the Austrian army there 51
Foreign history ib.
—The Vrencb strength decreased ib.
—Their fleets happily escape et
—Houses and people in Provence ib.
Lilt of births, marriages, deaths and

promotions 47-8

Price ot daily stocks in January 49

Burials at London; wind at Deal si

Remitter of books 52

Note, Whoever has Ma/enius's Palteflra

UgntitFMqucMitt,Colon. 1654, or 1061,
and will lend, or dispose of it, let
them lend a line to E. Caot, at St
'Jobii'b Gate. p. 24, Col. 2.1. 26. read
tt qutejerafremant

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