An Analytical compendium of the various branches of medical science v. 1-7, Volumes 1-7

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Blanchard and Lea, 1852

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Page 157 - THE MEDICAL FORMULARY: being a Collection of Prescriptions, derived from the writings and practice of many of the most eminent physicians of America and Europe. Together with the usual Dietetic Preparations and Antidotes for Poisons. To which is added an Appendix, on the Endermic u-se of Medicines, and on the use of Ether and Chloroform.
Page 164 - HEALTHY SKIN : A Treatise on the Management of the Skin and Hair in relation to Health. Seventh Edition. Foolscap 8vo. 2s. 6d. PORTRAITS OF DISEASES OF THE SKIN.
Page 153 - MR. LIONEL J. BEALE, MRCS THE LAWS OF HEALTH IN THEIR RELATIONS TO MIND AND BODY. A Series of Letters from an Old Practitioner to a Patient.
Page 21 - I find further indications of the same inverse ratio between the fibrinousness and the perfection of the blood, in the facts — that there is little or no fibrin in the blood of the foetus, none in the egg, none in the chyme, and less in the blood of the carnivora (who feed on it) than in that of the herbivora.
Page 161 - Students. A new edition, revised and improved. In one very large and handsomely printed royal 12mo. volume, of about one thousand pages, with 374 wood-cuts.
Page 79 - In every case, whether the nates have at first a completely transverse or oblique direction, they will be always found, on pressing lower into the superior aperture of the pelvis, to have taken an oblique position ; and that ischium, which is directed anteriorly, to stand lowest. They pass through the entrance cavity and outlet of the pelvis in .this position, which is oblique, both as to its transverse diameter as well as to its axis.
Page 92 - ... and colourless fluid ; this, on the approach of the second stage, gradually changes into an opaque, greenish, thicker fluid, intermixed with small lines or fine streaks of a yellow colour. At this period also the sputa are intermixed with small specks of a dead white or slightly yellow colour, varying from the size of a pin's head to that of a grain of rice, and which have been compared by Bayle to this grain when boiled. These have been noticed by many writers from Hippocrates downwards. After...
Page 93 - It is meant, when the forceps are used, to supply with them the insufficiency or want of labour pains ; but so long as the pains continue, we have reason to hope they will produce their effect, and shall be justified in waiting."* When the pains cause the head to advance, although very slowly, they are producing their effect ; and the case therefore comes within the limits of the aphorism.
Page 50 - ... materials similar to those of which it already consists. In growth, properly so called, no change of form or composition occurs : parts only increase in weight, and, usually, in size ; and if they acquire more power, it is only more power of the same kind as that which they before enjoyed.
Page 89 - I can neither approve of that practice nor those delays ; because my father, brothers, and myself [though none else in Europe as I know] have, by God's blessing, and our industry, attained to, and long practised a way to deliver women in this case, without any prejudice to them or their infants ; though all others (being obliged, for want of such an expedient, to use the common way) do, and must endanger, if not destroy one or both with hooks.

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