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the English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and occasionally Dutch, Polish, Russian, and other languages. And the better to enable the Tyro in Bibliography to form some idea of the market value of different Editions, the prices they have obtained at the Sales of celebrated Collectors have been carefully noticed, and in many instances the present prices. From the alteration of the plan intended to have been pursued at the commencement of the Work, which alteration has been influenced solely by the wish to increase its utility, the account of the first five Authors will be found to be less complete than it would otherwise have been ; while from the length of time* during which the book

* This Work was put to press early in 1823, within which year the first volume was printed and the whole of my MS. completed, which has since that period, with the exception of a few alterations and additions, remained untouched :-had the Work been published in 1824, as I desired, I might as a MINOR have had some claim on the indulgence of the Public.-I take this opportunity of returning my thanks to my (London) Printer for his anxious solicitude in expediting the completion of this Work.

has been creeping through the press, it is feared that a few of the more recent Editions printed abroad may have been omitted. Among the works which are considered by some as forming a part of a Classical Library the Writers on the Sciences and Authors of Works of Romance are generally found ; but of these no notice has been taken, as they scarcely seem to belong to that Class of elegant Literature to which these Volumes are especially devoted.

Adspiret primo Fortuna labori.”


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* The Prices of the Editions printed in Germany are calculated at the rate of Five

Shillings to the Rir.Dollar.-It has not, in general, been deemed necessary to cite the varieties of fine und vellum paper copies, because it muy be taken as a rule, that all the principal German editions are printed on three kinds of paper, of which the second in quality, called charta scriptoria, is usually published at a third or fourth more than the common, and the best or charta velina (i. e. membranacea,) at about double.

Achilles Tatius. De Clitophontis et Leucippes Amoribus, Gr. et Lat. re

censuit, notis selectis Salmasii aliorum et suis illustravit F. Jacobs, 2 vols. 8vo. Editio optima critica, 1l. 78 6d

Lips. 1821 Ælianus. Varia Historia, Gr. notas indicesque Græco-German. instruxit G. H. Lünemann, 8vo. 48

Gott. 1811 Varia Historia, Gr. et. Gall. a Dacierio, 8vo. 158

Paris. 1827 de Natura Animalium, Gr. ad opt. MSS. constituit, curas Schneideri, Gronovii, suasque annot. adjecit F. Jacobs, 2 vols. 8vo. Editio opt. crit. c. comm. egreg. 21. 2s

Jenæ, 1832
Æschines (Rhetor.) Gr. ad fidem Cod. MSS. recognovit, animadv. illustravit

J. H. Bremius, 2 vols. 8vo. Editio opt. crit. 12s 6d Turici, 1823-4
et Lysias, Bremii, see Bibliotheca Græca
Oratio in Ctesiphontem, Gr. rec. Wunderlich, 8vo. 3s 6d Gott. 1810

see Demosthenes and Oratores Græci.
Æschines Socraticus. Dialogi tres, Gr. et Lat. cura J. F. Fischer, 8vo. Editio
class. 6s 6d

Lips. 1786 Æschylus. Gr. et Lat. recens. Var. Lect. adj. c. G. Schütz, 2 vols. 8vo. Editio utiliss. et Vers. Lat. opt. 178

Hal. 1800-1 Idem, editio repetita, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 12s

Lond. 1823 Gr. (cum Fragmentis deperd. Trag.) Comm. et Scholiis illustravit C. G. Schütz, editio tertia, 5 vols. Svo. Comment. egreg., Index non prod. 21. 12s 6d

Hal. 1809-12 Idem, editio repetita, 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 2s. et cum Vers. Lat. 4 vols. 8vo. 21 9s

Lond. 1823
Gr. et Lat. ex edit. Stanleii, Var. Lect. Comment. et Notis variorum et
suis illustravit S. Butler, 4 vols. 4to. Editio critica et repet. aucta edit.
Stanleianae, cum Indice amplis. 81. 88

Cantab. 1809
Idem, 8 vols. 8vo. 61 6s
Gr. recensuit, integram Lect. Var. Notasque adjecit A. Wellauer, 3 vols.
8vo. Editio utiliss. 11 14s 6d

Lips. 1824-31
Or the volumes separately :-
I. II. Textus Gr. et Notæ, 17s 6d—III. Lexicon Æschyleum, 17s
Gr. Wellaueri, editio repetita, sed sine Lex. 2 vols. 8vo. Il. 1s Cantab. 1827
Gr. et Lat. recens. et brev. annot, instruxit F. H. Bothe, 8vo. 13s 6d

Lips. 1805
Idem, editio nova, 2 vols. 8vo. 13s 6d

ib. 1830-31


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Tragediæ, Gr. recens. et notas adj. J. Scholefield, 8vo. 12s Cantab. 1828 Tragoediæ, ex recens. Dindorfii, edit. repetita, 8vo. 58 6d Ox. Clar. P. 1832 Tragoediæ, Gr. et Germ. cum Notis Germ. C. W. Schneider, 7 vols. 12mo.

Weimar. 1833, &c. Vol. I. Prometheus, 4s 6d. II. Septem c. Thebas, 5s Latine, Versio Schütziana denuo recensita et distinctis versibus passim reficta, 8vo. 7s 6d

Lugd. Bat. 1825 Agamemnon, Gr. ad fid. MSS. emend. Not. et Glossar. adj. C. J. Blomfield, 8vo. edit. quarta, 128

Lond. 1832 Idem. edit. rep. (c. Dindorfii) 8vo. 78

Lips. 1824 Agamemnon, Gr. edidit Wellauer, 8vo. 2s

ib. 1824 Agamemnon, Gr. ed. F. H. Bothe, 8vo. 2s

ib. 1830 Agamemnon, Gr. ed. Klausen, see Bibliotheca Græca. Agamemnon, (triglottus.) Textum Gr. ad fidem Edit. Blomfield. recog. Notasque Anglice conscript. et Indices adj. J. Kennedy. Germ. Uebers. v. H. Voss. English, translated by J. Kennedy. 12mo. 12s Lond. 1829 Choephoræ, Gr. ad fid. MSS. emend. Not. et Glossar. adj. C. J. Blomfield, 8vo. edit. tertia, 8s

ib. 1834 Idem. edit. rep. (c. Dindorfii) 8vo. 58

Lips. 1824 Choephoræ, Gr.cum Schol. et Not. ed. Schwenck, 8vo. 108 Traj. 1819 Choephoræ, Gr. var. lect. et not. instr. Wellauer, 8vo. 2s 6d Lips. 1824 Choephoræ, Gr. ed. Klausen, see Bibliotheca Græca Eumenides, Gr. cum Schol. et Notis, ed. Schwenk, 8vo. 6s Bonna, 1821 Eumenides, Gr. recens. et illustr. G. Burges, 8vo. 88

Lond. 1822 Eumenides, Gr. var. lect. notisque illustr. Wellauer, 8vo. 2s Lips. 1824 Eumenides, Gr. ed. F. H. Bothe, 8vo. Is 6d

ib. 1831 Eumenides, Gr. et Germ. mit erläut. Abhandlungen von C. O. Müller, 4to. 8s 6d

Gott. 1833-4 Eumenides, Gr. with Dissertations and critical Remarks by C. O. Müller, 8vo. Os 6d

Lond. 1836 Persæ, Gr. ad fid. MSS. emend. Not. et Glossar. adj. C. J. Blomfield, edit. quarta, 8vo. 8s

Lond. 1830 Persæ, Gr. recensuit, integram lect. variet. notasque adjecit A. Wellauer, 8vo, 2s 6d

Lips. 1824 Persæ, Gr. var. lect. et comm. crit. instruxerunt E. R. Langeus et G. Pinzgerus, 8vo. 78

Berol. 1825 Persæ, Gr. ed. C. G. Haupt, see Quæstiones Æschyleæ Persæ, Gr. denuo coll. Cod. Paris. recens. et annot. siglisque metricis instruxit F. H Bothe, 8vo. Is 6d

Lips. 1831 Persæ, Gr. et Angl. with copious English critical and explanatory Notes, and a Plan of the Battle of Salamis. By W. Palin, 8vo. 78 Lond. 1829 Prometheus Vinctus, Gr. ad fid. MSS. emend. Not. et Glossar. adj. C. J. Blomfield, edit. sexta, 8vo. 58

Lond. 1833 Prometheus Vinctus. Gr. editio emend. P. Elmsleii annot. aucta et indice instructa, 8vo. 58

Lips. 1822 Prometheus Vinctus, Gr. ed. C. G. Haupt, see Quæstiones Æschyleæ. - Prometheus Vinctus, Gr. recensuit, integram lect. variet. notasque adjecit A. Wellauer, 2s

Lips. 1823 Prometheus Vinctus, Gr. denuo coll. Cod. Paris. ' recens. et annot. siglisque metricis, instruxit F. H. Bothe, 8vo. 2s

ib. 1831 Prometheus Vinctus, Gr. with Notes by Griffiths, 8vo. 58 Lond. 1834 Prometheus Vinctus, Gr. with a literal translation, 8vo. 6s 6d ib. 1822 Prometheus Vinctus, Gr. recens. et illustr. G. Burges, 8vo. 58

ib. 1833 Septem contra Thebas, Gr. ad fidem MSS. emend. Not. et Glossar. adj.C. J. Blomfield, cum Indice in Glossariuin, 8vo. edit. quarta, 8s Lond. 1829 Septem contra Thebas, Gr. recensuit, integram lect. variet. notasque adjecit A. Wellauer, 8vo. 2s

Lips. 1823

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