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of elementary treatises on all the principal subjects of the law. Tho

special features of these books are as follows: 1. succinct statement of leading principles in black:

Petter tepe. 2. a more ertended commentare, elucidating the principleb. 3. Aotes and authorities. Published in regular octavo form, and sold at the uniform price of

$3.75 per volume, including delivere.

Bound in American Law Buckram.

1. Norton on Bills ana Notes. (3d Edition.) 2. Clark's Criminal Law. (2d Edition. ) 3. Shipman's Common-Law Pleading (2d Edition. ) 4. Clark on Contracts. (21 Edition ) 5. Black's Constitutional Law. (2d Edition.) 6. Fetter on Equity. 7. Clark on Criminal Procedure. 8. Tiffany on Sales. 9. Glenn's International Law. 10. Jaggard on Torts. (2 vols.) 11. Black on Interpretation of Laws. 12. Haie on Baiments and Carriers. 13. Smith's Elementary Law. 14. Haie on Damages. 15. Hopkins on Real Property. 16. Hale on Torts. 17. Tiffany on Persons and Domestic Relations. 18. Croswell on Executors and Administrators. 19. Clark on Corporations. (2d Edition.) 20 George on Partnership 21. Shipman on Equity Pleading. 22. Mckervey on Evidence. (2d Edition.) 23. Burrows on Negligence. 24. Hughes on Admiralty. 25. Eaton on Equity. 26. Tiffany on Principal and Agent. 27. Gardner on Wulis. 28. Vance on Insurance. 29. Ingersoll on Public Corporations. 30 Hughes on Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure. 31. Child's on Suretyship and Guaranty.

In preparation: Handbooks of the law on other subjects to be announced vater.

Published and for sale by

West (Publishing Co., St. Paul, Minn.


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