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life. I hope you will do me the honor to receive India. But, after all, cutting the leaves of a it back again.”

magazine, though a very pretty accomplishment, In Calcutta, where this story is told, admiration is no more extraordinary than walking a tightis always expressed at the princely generosity of rope or riding a velocipede, and both of those


the rajah. In England and America, it is much feats have been performed by young elephants in more likely that the elephant's sagacity will be this country. admired. I cannot vouch for the truth of the nar- It is somewhat difficult to know where to place rative, though a similar incident has lately been told the limit of the elephant's ability to learn, for the in the newspapers, in which it was stated that an most expert trainer of the great creatures in this elephant with a paper-cutter tusk had been pre- country has said that he will some day teach an sented to Lord Dufferin, the present viceroy of elephant to write his name.

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That we should have our winter party had been “Why not have all the Holidays come tofully decided, but what kind of a party it should be gether? Christmas and New Year's are already was a question that still agitated us.

here, why not invite St. Valentine's Day, Easter, But first let me tell you who “ were, and Fourth of July, and the rest of the gala days, to then I will tell you what we did. "We" were a

meet them?" number of boys and girls who for several summers We were delighted with the idea, and so after had camped out together on the shore of one of spoiling a great deal of paper the invitations were the great Lakes, and every winter we had held a arranged on the following plan : reunion, between Christmas and New Year's.

You are invited to participate in a Camp Reunion, at the Mel. Dora wished to have us decide upon a german, worth Homestead, on Tuesday evening, Dec. 30th. You will meet but to that the objection was quickly raised that the principal Holidays of the year, and they will be pleased to see several of us did not dance. We thought we were

your interpretation of - (St. Valentine's Day)." too grown-up for a bubble party, and an ordinary With one or two exceptions a boy and a girl fancy party seemed ath tame. Despair was were asked to represent each day, and there were settling down upon us, when Harry said:

two prizes offered for the best costumes.



And now, such a plotting and planning and gen- And here he comes, with toys enough in his eral getting ready as ensued! Every one of us was pack to fill forty stockings. He, too, is in white, reading cyclopædias and studying dictionaries to all trimmed with rabbit fur, and but for his find out what Twelfth Night really meant, and merry voice and hearty greetings, we should never who St. Valentine actually was, and how Jack dream that it was Harry Melworth, so disguised should represent May Day. It was easy enough is he by his costume and long white beard. Here for a girl, but what could a boy do?

are the Thanksgiving Days – Rob, as a stately Harry, as the host, was to be Christmas Day Puritan, and Lena, as a Thanksgiving dinner. and preside over a Christmas-tree.

The dress she has on is over a hundred years old. Carl was to be St. Valentine's Day, and his time She has put a high ruff of turkey feathers in the was taken up in writing Valentines for all of us; square neck, and more feathers in the short, puffed but he finished them all -- twenty-five of them, each sleeves. She has a necklace of cranberries, and sealed with red wax, with a heart stamped on it. cranberries and celery-tops in her powdered hair.

The party was to be on Tuesday, and at last And what has she in her hands ? Surely not a everything was ready.

pumpkin pie! No, only a palm-leaf fan painted

to look like one; a roll of painted cotton-batting What a lovely sight! Is it fairy-land, or is it the around the edge of the fan for crust, and a knife very home of the Holidays themselves? The “big smeared with yellow ochre, laid on the handle of parlor" scarcely recognizes itself. Yards of ever- the fan, and carefully fastened there, complete the green rope, festooned from the ceiling in every make-believe pie. direction, make it a real bower. Over one fire- Standing near the fire-place, and talking toplace we read “Merry Christmas !” and over the gether, Easter and Ash Wednesday form a charmother, “ Happy New Year!” The floor is waxed ing tableau. and shining, and in the corners are inviting seats Ash Wednesday is dressed as a black friar; covered with rugs and bear-skins.

while Easter wears a Confirmation dress, with And then this fantastic company in bewitch- lilies, a white prayer-book, and a pearl rosary,– ing and bewildering array ! Can these really and perched on her shoulder is a snow-white dove. be the boys and girls we have seen at camp in She has a basket of eggs, each one bearing an apt flannel suits and Tam o' Shanters ? How can I quotation, one for every holiday. hope to tell you all about it?

Here are the St. Patrick's Days, and they look There goes the Fourth of July. Miss Fourth is as though they were fresh from the Emerald Isle. draped in flags and trimmed with pin-wheels; she Mrs. St. Patrick's Day is dressed in green, with has a gilt helmet on her head, and she is carrying black-flannel serpents writhing on her skirt. She a gorgeous transparency of red, white, and blue is reading her valentine, and again we shall use silk, with “ 1884 on one side, “ '76"on the next, our privilege, and peep over her shoulder: and a “ Liberty Bell” on the third. St. Valentine

“Come list to me, darlint, a tale I would tell hands her a letter; as it is only a valentine, let us

Of how precious ye are to me, how I love ye so well ; look over her shoulder and read it with her:

By all saints above us, by St. Patrick, too,

I love ye, me swateheart, and love only you. “ To be bound to kings and princes doth often curse a nation. I know your name, colleen, and would ye know moine, Hurrah for this, our country! — for it chose a better part.

Then list while I tell ye it's, jist VALENTOINE." Of its independent character, you 're a perfect presentation ; As such you have my fealty, my homage, and my heart." There is Twelfth Night walking with Election

Day. The latter is a typical Uncle Sam, and What a jingling of bells the next two make !

he is constantly electioneering for his friends or There is no mistaking them. Dick as a Jester, himself, as he walks about the room. Alec and and Effie as Folly, are evidently April Fool's Day. Alice come next, as Hallowe'en – Alec, with a More bells -- and here comes Mistress Christmas variety of vegetables that have a suggestively misDay, white and sparkling from the crown of her chievous look, and Alice, as a Scotch lassie. We powdered head to the sole of her silver boot; all borrow her valentine and read : diamond dust, swan’s-down, and tiny silver sleighbells, she looks the very essence of Christmas. And

“With trick and trap of various kind, beside her is Carl's little sister, the baby of the camp,

On Hallowe'en we seek to find,

With aid from mirrors and from books, dressed to represent the ". Night before Christmas,”

Each how his own true lover looks. with a holly wreath on her head, another around

I need no trick nor trap to see her skirt, and on her back are two stockings

That my fair sweetheart looks like thee."

Mardi Gras, with a tambourine full of flowers,
Hung with care
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there."

passes by and pelts us with them as she goes.

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George Washington, with his hatchet, walks be- Election Day, who took one prize himself, and side her, a model of dignity and truth.

the other was voted to “ Virginia" and the infant In the corner, seated in a rocking-chair, is the George. other Washington's Birthday, Lillie, who belies After supper the mysterious curtains in front of her name this time, for she has blackened her face the bay-window were drawn, and disclosed the and is dressed as an old nurse, with bright turban, Christmas-tree, from which, Santa Claus took folded kerchief, and voluminous apron, in the appropriate gifts for every day. A jointed snake corner of which is embroidered, in big red let- for St. Patrick's Day,- a silver egg for Easter; a ters,“VIRGINIA.” She holds something that a match-safe in the shape of a tiny pumpkin for placard announces as the “Grandfather of his Thanksgiving Day,- something for every one. Country":

"— because, as everybody knew, she said, Then, led by May Day, we danced around the “the child is father to the man."

May-pole, winding it with its bright ribbons. But

all good times must have an end, and some one I have not space to describe all the costumes, had whispered the hour — and a very late hour it nor give all the valentines, but must hasten to So we hurried on our wraps, and as we said tell of the Christmas-tree, and the voting for the good-night, we decided that of all our camp parprize costumes. The ballot was presided over by ties, the Holiday Party had been the very best.


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(Recollections of a Page in the United States Senate.)


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welfare, and they promptly responded to my de

sire. It was the last year of President Grant's PAGE VERSUS PRESIDENT.

administration, and there was a great pressure upon

him for all sorts of offices. But the senators told SPEAKING about receptions to distinguished peo- me to go myself, nevertheless. So one balmy day I ple, I should not omit one that took place some presented myself at the White House, and, under the years ago. It was during the days of the war. escort of a senator, I was shown into the audienceGeneral Grant was in command of the Army of the room. Although the President had been warned Potomac, and one day, having occasion to come of my coming by some of the senators, he went to Washington on important business, he appeared through the formality of asking me what I wanted. at the Capitol. He had come up on a tug-boat I told him that I was hoping to be appointed as a it was said, and had evidently traveled in great haste. cadet-midshipman-at-large to the Naval Academy.

He was very plainly dressed. He had on a slouch Well," he quietly remarked, “make out hat, spurs jingled upon his heels, and his boots and your application in black and white for just what clothes were bespattered with mud. With his you want, so that I can have it before me, and characteristic modesty, he took a seat in one of the bring it here to-morrow morning at eleven o'clock." cloak-rooms of the House, but some of the members I returned to the Senate, reported the result of caught sight of him, and despite his remonstrance, the interview, and drew up my application. Then he was brought out upon the floor; the Speaker a senator suggested that a recommendation should left his place, and the representatives almost carried accompany it; and, drafting a testimonial, he sent him to the desk and deposited him in the chair, it to one of the clerks to be enrolled on parchment. while the air rang with a whirlwind of huzzas ! Then the senators began to sign it — Democrats

Nor was that the only reception accorded him. At and Republicans alike, all seemed to be eager to the first session of the last Congress he made a trip record their names. As I would go to one desk to to Washington as a private citizen; and, when it ask a senator to sign, his neighbor would call out, was known that he was in the hall, the House, “ Pass it along! And so it passed. I allowed a upon the motion of Mr. Randall, took a recess for few members of the House and other distinguished fifteen minutes in order to give the representatives visitors to sign it just to let them see their names an opportunity to shake the hand of the old hero. in good company. When finished, it was a formiAnd almost the last act done by the senators and dable document. representatives of that Congress, on the 4th of The next day, I entered the Cabinet-room in March, 1885, was to pass a bill placing him, with obedience to orders. To my astonishment, it was the rank and pay of a general, upon the retired list crowded with senators and other high officials. of the army.

As I entered, the senators smiled, and said : In this connection, I may describe one other “Here he is at last ! ” which sadly unnerved me reception memorable to me, occasion in and made me feel faint. which the President and I were the central figures. The President was sitting at the farther end of

It was during the year 1876. I had almost com- his Cabinet-table with his face toward the door, pleted my “boyhood days," and had decided to the chair on his right was occupied by a senator, resign my place.

and the one next to that by a Cabinet officer. When my senatorial friends heard of this, they At the request of the President, I took a vacant began to give me advice. Among other things it chair close by and produced my papers. When was suggested that I should study law and fit my- I unfurled my recommendation, the President self to succeed one of the senators from New York. laughed. “What's that,” he inquired, “anBut I was then of a roving disposition, and I pre- other enrolled bill to be approved ?” I told him ferred to be “ a sailor bold, and sail the deep blue what it was. “ I did n't ask you to get that,” he sea.” So I decided to go to the Naval Academy. said ; “let me see your application.I gave it Having so determined, the next step was to carry to him and he scanned it closely. Then looking out my resolve.

at me intently, he began some mild quizzing and I accordingly consulted several of the influential bantering. The others, taking the cue from him, senators who had manifested an interest in my did likewise, some asking me why I did n't choose

* Copyright, 1884, by Edmund Alton. All rights reserved.


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