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Bibliotheca Heberiana - Park decored 1.6375.


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The first of these Essays was originally published under the title of “ The Church of England identified,” and contains a sketch of the history of that church, from its origin to the time of the Restoration. The second, entitled “ The Seven Vials," is a continuation of the outline of that history from the Restoration down to the present period; and the third, under the name of “

Babylon,” comprises à more extended view of the question of Church and State generally, and of the Conservative system as connected therewith.

Such are the subjects of the following Essays. It may be expected, further, that we should give some intimation, at least, wherein this edition of them differs from the preceding one. That difference will chiefly be found in the Illustrations, which are entirely new; have been selected with great care from a great variety of sources; and form altogether such a body of Historical evidence, as, it is apprehended, the most determined


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