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BOSTON: ABEL TOMPKINS, NO. 88 CORNHILL; Also for sale, wholesale and retail, by B. B. Mussey & Co., J. M. Usher and G. W. Briggs, Bog. ton; Rer. B. H. Davis, Fall River, Mass.; S. H. Colesworthy, Portland, Me.; J. B. Tompkins, Bangor, Me.; Rev. J. Palmer, Waitsfield, Vt.; Ballou & Burnham, Montpelier, Vt.; Rev. & Wakefield, Cambridge, Vt.; H. G. Spaulding, Brattleboro', Ýt; W. C. Holbrook, Burlington, Vt.; Rev. s. laws, Temple, N. H.; D. Gaines, Hartford, Ct.; H. Lyon, New York City ; Rev. G. W. Montgomery, Rochester, N. Y.; Rev. J. H. Harter, Rockton, N. Y.; E. S. Barnum & Son, Utica, N. Y.; Rev. A. G. Laurie, Buffalo, N. Y.; Rev. A. B. Grosh, Fort Plain, N. Y.; Rev. W. M. Delong, Binghamton, N.Y.; Rev. F. M. Alvorl, Carroll, N.Y.; Rev. J. S. Brown, Per. N. Y.; A. Vedder, Columbus, Pa.; 0. D. Spafforil, Erie, Pa.; Rev. H. E. Whitney, Sylvania, Pa.; 11. A. Lantz, Reading, Pa.; J. A. :rley, Cincinnati, O.; Rev. D. Bacon, Iainilton, 0.; Rev. I Eaton, M'Connellsville, 0.; M. C. Libby & Co., St. Lou Mo.;

E. B. Arms, Notasulge, Ala.; Rev. J. Stebbins,
'Utica, Mich. Rev. W. J. Chaplin, Summit,
Ind.; Cad Chapin, Louisville, Ky.;

Skinner & Day, Chicago, Ill.
(UNIVERSALIST Books can be haul, Wholesale and Retail, of either of the above.)

The LARGEST and BEST assortments of UNIVERSALIST BOOKS in the country can be had of the suliscriber. No pains will be spare / to make this a DEPOT for the sale of every thing pertaining to Cniversalism. His assurtment compriser

Universalist Doctrinal, Practical, and Sabbath School BOOKS, with a choice assortment of Standard, Classical, and Theological Books, suitable for Students' Libraries. Also, Book: suitable for Family, School, or Social Libraries, at the lowest prices.

The Universalist Works published by the subscriber (including Sabbath School Books,) numbers over seventy kinds—a greater number and variety than is issued from any other establishment

Orders from all parts of the country, Wholesale or Retail, will meet with prompt attention,
the subscriber pledging himself to sell every thing at the very lowest rates.
NEW WORKS received as soon as published.

EDITED BY REV. H. BALLOU, 2d, D.D. The QUARTERLY is a publication devoted to elaborate articles on tbeological and other subjects of the highest importance. The bound volume forms a book of permanent value is issued in Numbers, on ihe 1st of January, April, July, and October, one hundred and eight pages in each. The postage is but six and a halt cents. It is printed in superior style, and will form a valuable addition to any one's library. Articles from the Editor enrich each No., and also from the best writers in the denomination, to which the work is an honor. Price $2,00 per annum, payable on the delivery of the first number. Seven copies for $12,00, paid in advance.


EDITED BY REV. II, BACON. The twenty-first volume commenced in July, 1852. It is printed on elegant paper, and with new type. The volume will contain twelve splendid engravings. The best talent in the denomination is engaged, male and female, and no expense will be spared to make it one of the best magazines in the country. Forty large octavo, double-column pages in each number, at $2,00 per year, in advance ; 6 copies, to one address, for $10,00; 12 copies, to one address, for $18,00

NEW HYMN BOOK. Hymns for Christian Devotion. Especially adapted to the Universalist Denomina

tion. By J. G. Adams and E. H. Chapin. The book is one of the largest now in use in any Christian denomination, containing more than One Thousand Hymns on all subjects necessarily and properly introduced into the service of the Christian Sanctuary. Quite a number of the hymns are original, and many of the old favorites are retained. The literary character of the hymns will commend them to every lover of sacred poetry, while their devotional tendency will assuredly find favor in the heart of the Christian worshipper.

Price to societies, $60 per hundred; retail, 75 cents. More than one hundred societies have adopted the work, and 18,000 copies have been sold. Wherever it has been introduced it has received the most unqualified approbation.


These Sketches are evidently written with care. They are not the mere tinsel of rhetoric with an apology of substance, but they aim to give, and they succeed in giving, a fair outline of what is observable in the line of travel pursued by the writer.- Ladies' Repository.

This is a very sprightly, sensible, well-written book. Mr. Gevrge is a good traveller; he bas an eye that sees well, he knows what places to visit, and what objects to select for examination, and reports facts, and his impressions of facts, in a concise and interesting manner. Wo never tire of reading good accounts of travel in Europe, any more than we tire of the sunshine, or natural scenery; and Mr. George's book has fanned anew the periodic fever we have to see Westminster Abbey, the Alps, and the Rbine.-[Cniversalist Quarterly. Price, 75 cents per copy.

ROSE OF SHARON FOR 1853, 14th VOLUME. Just published the Rose of Sharon for 1853. It contains thirty articles by the following writers :- Mrs. L. J. B. Case, M. A. Livermore, H. J. Lewis, N T. Munroe, C. F. Orne, C. M. Sawyer.- Misses E. A. Remington, Agnes Leslie, A. A. Morton, S. Latham.-Revs. E. H. Chapin, T. B. Thayer, T. S. King, W. S. Balch, A. D. Mayo, D. K. Lee, J. G. Adams, N. Brown.Messrs. Horace Greeley, J. K. Fisher, James Lumbard. Embellished with Seven Ilustrations, Edited by Mrs. C. M. Sawyer. This is one of the most splended volumes of the Rose ever issucd. Single copies $2; 6 copies for $10; 12 copies for $18.

LESSONS FOR THE INFANT MIND. A Sabbath School Class Book. By the Author of the Infant's Pastime. Price per dozen, 50 cents,

This little work, like the Infant's Pastime, is designed for very small children ; and therefore the Questions and Answers are made short and simple, but are intended to be so formed as to suggest thought and remark both to the teacher and pupil, and thereby create a taste for Biblical reading.

A. TOMPKINS, 38 Cornhill, Boston, Boston, August, 1852,

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