The Scottish Chiefs, a Romance: In Three Volumes. ...

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J. & B. Williams., 1827 - Scotland

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Page 55 - must not again rise upon Heselrigge. Together they struck into the most inaccessible defiles of the mountains, and proceeded, till, by the smoke, whitening with its ascending curls the black sides of the impending rocks, Wallace saw he was near the objects of his search. He sprung on a high cliff which projected over this mountain
Page 55 - to look on that, and in my wrongs read the future miseries of Scotland, and remember that God armeth the patriot's hand. Let him act on that conviction, and Scotland may yet be free. . Halbert placed the lock in his bosom, and repeated his entreaties that his master would accompany him to
Page 53 - her bleeding wounds." The cry that burst from the heart of Wallace as he started on his feet at this horrible disclosure, seemed to pierce through all the recesses of the glen, and with an instantaneous and dismal return, was re-echoed from rock to rock. Halbert threw his arms round hia master's
Page 60 - !—With Wallace forever !" The new clamor which their present resolution excited, intimidated a fresh band of soldiers who were marching across the court-yard to intercept their passage from the governour's apartments ; they hastily retreated ; and no exertions of their officers could prevail on them to advance again, or even to appear in
Page 46 - said the soldier ; and detestation of so unmanly an outrage, provoked me to desert his standard. But we must not lose time in unavailing lamentation ; for Heselrigge will certainly return ; and if we also would not be sacrificed to his rage, we must hence immediately. Halbert went as he commanded, and returned with two horses
Page 51 - With these words he raised the pipe that hung at his breast, and blew three strains of the sweet air which in former days he used to play on his harp, to call forth from her bower that fair star of evening, the beauteous Marion, who was now forever departed
Page 185 - on the sea-beat shore, than the foam of the rolling ocean. Her eyes were two stars of light. Her face was heaven's bow in showers. Her dark hair flowed round it, like the
Page 132 - I am but a poor auxiliary, returned Murray ; my troop is a scanty one, for it is of my own gathering. It is not my father's nor my uncle's strength that I bring along with me. But there is one here, continued he, who has preserved a party of men sent by my
Page 217 - Of both. There has been a horrid massacre, in which the heads of many noble families have fallen." As he spoke, the paleness of his countenance revealed to his friend that part of the information, which he had found himself unable to communicate. I comprehend my loss, cried Wallace; Sir Ronald
Page 109 - Murray approved this plan ; and after obtaining his hard-wrung leave, to take thirty men from his vassals, to follow him to the mountains; he returned to the hall to make the selection, and to inform Ker of the success of his mission. It was not necessary, neither would it have been agreeable to

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