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the settled bent and refolution of my heart, shall not make void this covenant; for fo thou haft faid.

Now, Almighty God, Searcher of hearts, thou knoweft that I make this covenant with thee this day without any known guile or refervation; befeeching thee, that if thou fpieft any flaw or falfehood therein, thou wouldst discover it to me, and help me to do it aright.

And now, glory be to thee, O God the Father, whom I fhall be bold from this day forward, to look upon as my God and Father, that ever thou fhouldt find out fuch a way for the recovery of undone finners. Glory be to thee, O God the Son, who haft loved me, and washed me from my fins in thine own blood, and art now become my Saviour and Redeemer. Glory be to thee, O God the Holy Ghoft, who, by the finger of thine Almighty power, haft turned about my heart from fin to God.

O dreadful Jehovah! the Lord God omnipotent, Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft! thou art now be come my covenant friend, and I, through thy infinite grace, am become thy covenant-fervant. Amen. So be it: and the covenant which I have made on earth, let it be ratified in heaven.

This Covenant I advife you to make, not only in heart, but in word; not only in word, but in writing! and that you would with all poffible reverence fpread the writing before the Lord, as if you would prefent it to him as your act and deed; and when you have done this, fet your hand to it, keep it as a memorial of the folemn tranfactions that have paffed between God and you, that you may have recourfe to it in doubts and temptations.

Direct. XI. Take heed of delaying thy converfion, and fet upon a fpeedy and prefent turning. Remem

ber and tremble, at the fad inftance of the foolish virgins, that came not till the door of mercy was shut, Matt. xxv, and of Felix, who put off Paul


to another feafon; and we never find that he had fuch another feafon. O come in while it is called to-day, left thou shouldst be hardened through the deceitfulness of fin; left thy day of grace should be over, and the things that belong to thy peace fhould be hid from thine eyes. Now mercy is wooing of thee; now Chrift is waiting to be gracious, and the Spirit of God is striving with thee! now Confcience is ftirring; now Chrift is to be had for the taking. O ftrike in with the offers of grace: O now or never! if thou make light of this offer, God may fwear in his wrath thou shalt not talte of his Supper.

Direct. XII. Attend confcientiously upon the word, as the means appointed for thy converfion, 1 Cor. iv. 15. Attend not cuftomarily, but confcientiously; with this defire, defign,, hope, and expectation, that thou mayeft be converted by it. To every fermon thou hearest, come with this thought: 0! I hope God will now come in: I hope this day may be the time, this may be the man by whom God may bring me home. When thou art coming to the ordinances, lift up thy heart thus to God: Lord, let this be the fabbath, let this be the feafon wherein I may receive renewing grace; O let it be faid, that today fuch a one was born unto thee.

Direc. XIII. Strike in with the Spirit when he begins to work upon thy heart. When he works convictions, O do not ftifle them, but join in with him, and beg the Lord to carry on conviction to converfion. Quench not the Spirit! Do not out-ftrive him, do not relift him. Beware of putting out convictions with evil company or worldly bufinefs. When thou findeft any trouble for fin, and fear about thy eternal ftate, beg of God that they may never leave thee till they have wrought off thy heart thoroughly from fin, and wrought it over to Jefus Chrift. Say to him, Strike home, Lord, leave not the work in the midft. If thou seest that I am not wounded enough, that I am not troubled enough, wound me yet deeper,

deeper, Lord; O go to the bottom of my corruption, and let out the life blood of my fins. Thus yield up thyfelf to the workings of the Spirit, and hoilt thy fails to his gales.

Direct. XIV. Set upon the conftant and diligent ufe of ferious and fervent prayer. This is one of the firit things Converfion appears in; it fets men on praying. Therefore fet to this duty; let never a day pafs over thee, wherein thou haft not, morning and evening, fet apart fome time for fet and folemn prayer in fecret. Call thy family alfo together daily to worship God with thee. Woe be unto thee, if thine be found among the families that call not on God's name, Jer. x. 25. But cold and lifeless devotions will not reach half way to heaven. Be fervent and importunate; importunity will carry it, but without violence the kingdom of heaven will not be taken. Thou must ftrive to enter, and wrestle with tears and fupplications, as Jacob, if thou meaneft to carry the bleffing. Thou art undone for ever without grace, and therefore thou must fet to it, and refolve to take no denial.

Direct. XV. Forfake evil company, and forbear the occafion of fin. Thou wilt never be turned from fin, till thou avoideft the temptation to fin.

I never expect thy converfion from sin, unless thou flee the occafions. If thou wilt be playing on the brink, and tampering with the fnare, thy foul will furely be taken. Where God doth expose men in his providence to temptation, and the occafions are fuch as we cannot remove, we may expect efpecial affiftance; but when we tempt God by running into danger, he will not engage to fupport us. And of all temptations, one of the moft fatal and pernicious is evil company: O what hopeful beginnings have these often ftifled! O the fouls, the estates, the families, the towns that these have ruined! how many poor finners have been enlightened and convinced, and been just ready to give the devil the flip, and have even


efcaped the fnare, and yet wicked company have pulled them back at last, and made them sevenfold more the children of hell? I have no hopes of thee, except thou wilt shake off thy evil company. Chrift fpeaketh to thee as to them in another cafe; if thou feek me, then let these go their way. Thy life lies upon it: forfake thefe, or else thou canst not live. Wilt thou be worse than the beaft, to run on when thou feeft the Lord with a drawn fword in the way? Numb. xxii. 53. Let this fentence be written upon thy Confcience, A COMPANION OF FOOLS SHALL BE DESTROYED. The Lord hath spoken it, and who shall reverse it! and wilt thou run upon deftruction, when God himself hath forewarned thee! If God doth ever change thy heart, 'twill appear in the change of thy company. O fear and flee the gulph, by which fo many thousand fouls have been fwallowed up in perdition. 'Twill be hard indeed to make thy efcape; thy companions will be mocking thee, and will study to fill thee with prejudices against ftri&tness, as ridiculous and comfortless. They will be flattering thee, and alluring thee, but remember the warnings of the Holy Ghoft: My son, if finners entice thee, confent thou not: if they fay, come with us, caft in thy lot among us; walk not thou in the way with. them, refrain thy foot from their path, avoid it, pafs by it, turn from it, and pafs away; for the way of the wicked is as darknefs, they know not at what they ftumble: they lay wait for their own blood; they lurk privily for their own lives.

Direct. XVI. Lastly, Set apart a day to humble thy foul in fecret by fafting and prayer, to work a sense of thy fins and miferies upon thy heart. Make a catalogue of thy fins, and with shame and forrow spread them before the Lord; and if thy heart be truly willing to the terms, join thyself folemnly to the Lord in the covenant before-mentioned, and the Lord grant thee mercy in his fight!


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