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were no God, no Christ, no heaven, no hell, no judgment, no, nor death to be expected ; as if a man were but a master-beast to rule the rest, and fèed upon and perish with them. And if it were your own case, to see what souls do in heaven and hell, and at once to see how unbelievingly, carelessly, and senselessly moft men live on earth, as if there were no fuch difference in another world, would it not seem a pityful light to you? If you had once seen the five brethren of Dives on earth, eating, drinking, laughing and merry, clothed and faring daily with the best, and at the same time seen their brother's soul in hell, begging in vain for a little ease, and wishing that one from the dead might so warn them, that they came not to that place of torment, would it not seem to you a pity ful fight? Would not pity have made you think, Is there no way to open these gentlemen's eyes? No way to acquaint then what is become of their brotler, and where Lazarus is, and whither they themselves are going? No one driveth or forceth their to hell, and will they go thither of themselves? And is there no way to flop them, or keep them back ? Did you but see yourselves what we see by faith (be. lieving God) and at once behold the saints in heaven, the loft despairing souls in hell, and the senseless sensual finners on earth, that ye will lay none of this to heart, surely it would make wonder at the stupidity of mankind. not fay, O what a deceiver is the devil, that can thus lead on souls to their own damnation; O what a cheat is this tranfitory world, that can make men go forget the world where they must live for ever! ( what an enemy is this flesh, that thus drawethi down men's souls from God! what a befotting thing is fin, that turneth a reasonable soul into worse than a beast! What a bedlam is this wicked world, when thousands are fo busy labouring to undo themselves and others, and gratifying the devil against their God and Saviour, who would give them everlasting blefled life!



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And as we have fuch a sight as this by faith to make us pity you, so we have so much taste of the goodness of God, the sweetness of his ways and the happiness of believers, as must needs make us wish that you had but once tried the same delights. They would turn the pleasures of lin into detesta.

God knows we defire nothing more for ourfelves than the perfection and eternity of this holiness and happiness which we believe and taste; and thould we not desire the same for you?

And being thus moved with necessary pity, we ask of God what he would have us do for your Saluation. And he hath told us in scripture, That the preaching of his gospel, to acquaint you plainly with the truth, and earnestly and frequently entreat you to turn from the flesh and world to God by Jefus Christ, is the means with which his grace is ready to concur for your salvation; when obstie nate resistance causeth the holy Spirit to forsake the finner, and leave him to himielf to pursue his own counsels, lufts, and will.

In this hope we undertook the sacred ministry, and gave up ourselves to this great and most ime portant work. In the great sense of our unwor. thiness, but yet in a sense of our souls neceffity, we were not ľuch fools at our first setting out, as not to know, it must be a life of labour, self-denial, and patience; and the devil will do his worst to hinder

and have all his instruments ready to serve him againit our labours, and against your souls. Christ our Captain was saved by patient conquest, and to must we fave ourselves and you , and so must you fave yourselves under Christ, if ever you be saved. 'Twas no strange thing to Paul, that bonds and afflictions did every where attend him ? nor did he account his life dear, that he might finish his course with joy, and the ininistry committed to him by the Lord, Acts xx. 23, 24. It was no strange thing to him to be forbidden preaching to the Gentiles, that they might be Javed; by such as weré filling up the ineafure of their fins, and were under God's



ation; O what can make men ve for ever! 0 thus draweth hat a befotting able soul into is this wicked - labouring to gratifying the , who would

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utřoft wrath on earth, 1 Theff. ii. 16. Devils and Pharisees, and most where they came, both high and low were against the Apostles preaching of the Gospel, and yet they would not facrilegiously and cruelly break their covenant with Chrift, and perfidiously desert the sculs of men : even as their Lord, for the love of fouls, did call Peter Satan, who would hare tempted him to save his life and flesh, instead of making it a sacrifice for our sins, Matt. xvi. 23.

What think you should make us undertake a calling so contrary to our fleshly ease and intereft?

we not know the way of ease and honour, wealth and pleasure, as well as others? And have we not flesh as well as others ? Could we not be content that the cup of reproach, scorn, flander, poverty, and labours might pass from us, if it were not for the will of God and your falvation ? Why should we love to be the lowest, and trodden down by malignant pride, and counted as the filth of the world, and the offscouring of all things, and represented to Rulers, whom we honour, as fchifmatics, dis. obedient, turbulent, unruly, by every churchufurper whom we refuse to make a god of? Why give we not over this preaching of the gospel at the will of Satan, who is for the everlasting sufferoing of your souls, under pretence of its making us fuffer is not all this, that you may be converted ; and faved? If we be herein beside ourselves, it is for you : could the words of the ignorant or proud have perfuaded us, that either your wants or dangers are so inconfiderable (or your other fupplies and helps sufficient) that our labours had been unneceffary to you. God knoweth we should have readily obeyed the filencing forts of Paftors, and have betaken us to some other land, where our fervice had been more necessary. Let fhame be the hypocrite's reward, who takes not the faving of souls and pleasing of God for a fufficient reward, without ecclefiaftical dignities, preferment, or worldly wealth,

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I have told you our motives, I have told you our bufness, and the terms of our undertaking. It is God and you finners that must next tell us what our entertainment and fuccefs shall be : shall it still be neglect and unthankful contempt, and turning away your ears and hearts, and saying, We have fomething mind A Will you still be cheated by this deceitful world, and spend all your days in pampering your guts, and providing for the flesh, that muft be rotting shortly in a grave? Was you made for no better use than this? May not we bring you to lome sober thoughts of your condition? Not one hour serioufly to think whither you are going ?

What! not one awakened look into the world where you must be for ever? Not one keart-piercing thought of everlasting glory! Not one heart-piercing thought of your Saviour's love! Not one tear for all your finful lives! O! God forbid: let not our labours be fo despised : let not your God; your Saviour, and your fouls be so light set by: Olet there be no more prophane perfons among you like Esau, who for one morfel fold his birth-right.

-Poor finners ! we talk not to you as on a stage, in customary words, and as if talking was our trade: we are in as good earnest with you as if we faw you murdering yourselves, and were persuading you to save yourselves. Can any man be in jest with you, who believeth God, who by faith foreseeth whither you are going, and what you lose, and where the game of sin will end ? "Tis little better to jest with you now in a pulpit, or in private, than to stand jefting over your departing fouls when at death you are breathing out your laft.

Alas! with shame and grief we confess, we : never speak to you of these things, as their truth and weight deserve, nor with the fkill and wisdom, the affection and fervency that beseemeth men engaging in the faving of souls ; but yet you may perceive that we are in earnest with you for God


isso.) What else do we fludy for, labour for, suffer for, live for? Why else do we so much trouble ourselves, and trouble you, with this ado, and anger them that would have made us silent? For my own part, I will make my free confession to you to my shame, That I never grew cold, and dull, and pityless to the souls of others, till I first grew too cold and careless of my own, (unless when weakness or speculative studies cool me, which I mult confess they often do.) We never cease pitying you, till we are growing too like you, and oft have need of pity ourselves.

When, through the mercy of my Lord, the prospect of the world of fouls, which I am going to, hath any powerful operation on myself, o! then I could spend and be spent for others. No words are too earnest, no labour too great, no cost 100 dear; the frowns and wrath of malignant opposers of the preaching of Christ's gospel are noihing to me: but when the world of spirits disappears, or my soul is clouded, and receiveth not ihe vital illuminating influences of heaven, I grow cold, frf to myfelf, and then to others.

Come ihen, poor finners, and help us, who are willing at any time to help you. As we first crave God's help, fo we next crave yours : help us, for we cannot serve you against your wills, nor save you without

your consent and help. God himself will not save you without you, and how shall we? We know that the devil is against us, and will do his utmost to hinder us and so will all his ministers, by what names or titles soever dignified or distinguished? But all this is nothing, if you will but take our parts: I mean, if you will take Christ's part, and your own, and will not be against your. lelves. Men or devils cannot either help or hinder us in saving you, as you may do yourselves: if God and you be for us who shall be against us?

And will you help us? Give over striving against God and Conscience : give over fighting against Christ and his Spirit; take no more part with the


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