Reports of the Sleeping Sickness Commission, Issues 1-4

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Royal Society, 1903 - African trypanosomiasis

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Page 1 - ... never buy such slaves, or get quit of them as soon as they observe any such appearances. The disposition to sleep is so strong, as scarcely to leave a sufficient respite for the taking of food ; even the repeated application of a whip, a remedy which has been frequently used, is hardly sufficient to keep the poor wretch awake.
Page 12 - March 16, and were met by Dr. Castellani, a member of the Sleeping Sickness Commission sent out by the Royal Society in May, 1902. " Dr. Castellani informed us of the work he had done, one especially interesting observation being that he had discovered trypanosomes in the cerebrospinal fluid in five out of fifteen cases of sleeping sickness. Dr. Castellani remained in Entebbe for three weeks after the arrival of the new commission, and during this time he examined twenty-nine further cases for trypanosomes,...
Page 1 - ... what cause this complaint ought to be attributed: sweating is the only means they make use of, or from which they hope for any success : this is never tried but in incipient cases, for when the disease has been of any continuance they think it in vain to make the attempt. The root of a grass, called by the Soosoos kallee, and the dried leaves of a plant, called in Soosoo fingka, are boiled for some time in water, in an iron pot; when this is removed from the fire, the patient is seated over it,...
Page 36 - It makes a sharp, short, peevish buzz when settling, fully as loud as a mosquito. It attacks the wrists chiefly, but is able to pass beneath a sheet, and bite the ankles and feet. Many were frequently found full of blood on turning down the bed-clothes. I have met with a similar fly, with the same habits, at Ahmednuggar (Bombay Presidency), India.
Page 1 - This most interesting discovery of Dr. Castellani's, which was due to his introduction of the method of centrifuging the cerebro-spinal fluid in his search for his streptococcus, has been of the utmost possible value to the present Commission. It put them at once on the right track and led to the rapid and easy elucidation of the etiology of this hitherto mysterious disease. Without a knowledge of his observation they might have worked for months in the dark, and, in truth, they might even have returned...
Page 36 - In this area the flies swarm at certain seasons in millions," and become such a pest that the natives are forced to leave their plantations. " The bite of this small fly," adds Dr. Christy, " is a very severe one, and causes a wheal which itches intolerably, and is marked by a large drop of blood.
Page 1 - ... in health, and becoming very fat. When the disease has continued some time, the appetite declines, and the patient gradually wastes away. Squinting occurs sometimes, though very seldom, in this disease, and in some rare instances the patient is carried off in convulsions. Small glandular tumors are sometimes observed in the neck a little before the commencement of this complaint, though probably depending rather upon accidental circumstances than upon the disease itself. Slave traders, however,...
Page 3 - I have made as many observations in this direction as possible, and the results are to my mind sufficiently surprising to excuse me for presenting this preliminary note. These trypanosomes are not in large numbers, so that to find them it is necessary to draw off at least 15 c.cs. of the cerebro-spinal fluid. It is better to reject the first few c.cs. as they are apt to contain blood. When the fluid comes away clear, 10 c.cs. are collected and centrifuged for 15 minutes. At the end of this time there...

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