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The FOURTH TABLE; being a Cata

logue of the Epiftles, Letters and Papers of G. F's, and Others, contained in this Journal. THE Appearance of the Lord's, To T. Crafton and C. Studbolm, 203 Everlafting Truth; c.

toc G.B, to the Magift. at Carlisle, 207 Teftim. Pt. I. p. 25

1054 1650

To Friends in the Ministry, 220 G. F. his Mittimus by Bennet and Toall Profeffors of Chriftianity,247 Barton, Justices,

76 To such as follow the World's FaTo the Priests of Darby,


252 To the Magiftrates of Darby, ibid. To the Juftices trying Ministers, 757 To Barion and Benner, Justices, 78,79

1655. To Justice Bennet,

ibid. To those that Scorn at Trembling To Juftice Barton, ** 8011 and Quaking

272 To the Mayor of Darby, 281 To Churches in outward Forms,279 To the Court of Darby,. 82. To Friends to offer themielves for To the Ringers,

.(, their Brother, som

286 To Friends and others, 85, 86, c. An Encouragement to Friends, 287 To the Convinced People, 88,89 To Friends in the N. of Ireland, 294 To the Faithful' an Encouragem, 89 To the 7 Parisbes at Landfend, 302 * To the Juftices of Darby, 90

1656. To the same,

ibid. Concerning Swearing, To the Priests of Darby, 90,91 Peter Ceeb's Mittimus, 314 To the Justices of Darby, 92,93 E. Pyat to F. Glin, Chief Juft, 325 To Col, Barton, Justice, 93,94 To Magiftrates of Watches, 1651. Answer to Exon-Warranty

347 To the Judges, 98,99 To Priefts and Professors,

353 To the same, ibid. To Friends in the Miniftry,

361 To Juftice Barton and Bennet, 49 E. P. to Major Gen. Desborot, 366 To the convinced and tender Deo-G. F. to the fame, plé, 102 Concerning Pleasures,

370 To the Magistrates of Darby, 103,8c. To the Bowlers, Lamentation over Daroy, 105,100 To all the Eleá,

393 1652.

To Friends to keep up Meetings, 393 # Naylor's Account of Lancalter Judging any in Meetings Seffions, i

167 to +70 An Antwer to a Profeffor, 40 Juftice Samrcy, 173, 174,179 Profeffors, Priests, &c. Darkness, 402 To Wiliam Lampit, 176, 177

1657. To the Priest of Vloerston, ibid. The truft Faft, and false, 418 To tie Followers of Priest Lampit, Of Lufts, Affe&tions, Desires, 440 179, 180, 181 To try all things, i.

443 To Aden Sands,

181, 182 Be valiant for the Truth, 446 1653.

Order of Council in Scotland, 459 A.P. to the Judges of Assize, 199,200 To the Council of Edenborougb, 461 GE's Challenge to Profeff. 202,203

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394 398


Bedfordshire Yearly-Meeting, 480 Againft the Dark Spirits,

To the Lady Claypool,


Concerning Fafting,

496 Ifaac Lindley's Letter to G. F. 122
To the Parliament, of Professors,502 Sound, found abroad, you faithful Ser
To Friends to go on faithfully, 507 vants of the Lord,

About the Image of 0.C. 10 of putting Children to Trades, 136

To keep from Plots, c. 511 To Margaret Fox,

To keep out of Powers, Bio $17 Conc. the A&t against Meetings, 149
Of the Day of Recompence,

ibid. Friends to ftand to their Teft, 141
Concerning Shipwracks, 522 Encouragem. under Sufferings, 151
Visitations abused, &c.

G. Monk's Order,

530 All Friends that do marry, 155
G. F's Answer to his Mittimus, 540

M. Fell to all Magiftrates, 544 G. F's Prayer to the Lord,

Concerning true Religion, 547 From Barbados to Fr. in England, 164
Againft Persecution.

548 Another Epiftle to Fr. in Engl. 167
Concerning Change of Governm.549 For the Governor of Barbados, 172
To King Charles the Second, 550

To Margaret Fox,

The Sheriff of Lancast. Return, 555

The K's Order for G.F's Releas.ibid. To the same,

Judge Mallet's Warrant, 556 G. F's Mittimus to Worcest. Pris. 221
To Friends to send up Sufferings, 561 To Margaret Fox,

A Declaration against Plotters, 562 To the LdWindfore, GF's Cafe, 224
The King's Mandamus to N. E. 377 G. F's Habeas Corpus,


G.F's Allegiance and Suprem. 239
Of the true Worship,


Keeping on the Hat in Prayer, 586 To the King, the Quak. Princip. 244
The World faith, Kiss the Book, 588 H. Parker to the Gaoler, 248

To the King, Friends Sufferings, 589 To Friends in Westmorlund, 254
1. Sbarman's Letter to G. F.

The grounds of Persecution, 592 To Friends at the Yearly-Meet. 255
The End of the Epistles in Pt. 1. Spirit of Opposers, and Work, 272

Concer. E. B's Decease, Pt.Il. p.13 To Margaret Fox,


A Teftimony againft Tithes, 283
Of Oliver Atherton's Death, p.38 | The Spirit of Separation, 289
Lancast.Prisoners to Juft.Flemming,43 To Princess Eliz. Herwerden, 290

The Princess her Answer to G.F. 294
G. F. to Diniel Flemming, 47 Fafting, Prayer, &c

To Judges giving Nick-names, 49 Getting the Affections of People,306
A Testimony againft Plotting. 54

54 To Friends at Dantpick, 307
A Day of Tryal and Exercise, 57 To Magift. & Peop. of Oldenburg, 557
To keep out of F. P's Spirit, 58 To Magift. & Pr. of Hamborough, 573

To the Embassadors at Nimeguen, 577
Concerning Tithes,

71 The Spirit of Separation, 310
To Margaret Fox,

G. F's Discharge and Pasport, 87


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486 488


The King opening Prisons, 459 To Margaret Fox,

324 In Chrift is no Separation, 46 To Fobi III. King of Poland, . 325 Men and Womens Quart. Meet. 4oz To Friends in Amsterdam, 332 Church cloathed with the Sun, 464 Concerning Prescriptions 333 The Falling away, c. 468 Let Life reign over Death, 338 Noah and bir family were called, 472 The hurt of Disorderly Spirits, 339 The Firft and Second Adam,

475 To Quart.and Monthly Meetings, 341

1687. To the Churches of Chrift, 343 Concerning the two Seeds, 476 To Friends in Prison, 345 Concerning Prayer,

479 1679

True and Falle Offering, 481 To Friends of the Yearly Meet. 346 Caution in time of Liberty, 484 Be valiant for the Truth, 352 God's Goodness to Mankind, To dwell in Humility, 353 Repentance before Baptifin, 1680.

God's People to be like him, 490 To the Parliament against Plots, 358 | The Right Way to Chrift, 490 To Magiftrates to be moderate, 359 Except a Man be born again, 492 1681.

The Femos Rebellion, their Loss, 498 To the Quarterly Meetings, 365 God so loved the World, that be 500

| Spirit of Strife and Divition, 370 The Scone became a Mountain, 502 1682.

Regeneration and San&tification,504 Informers convicting Friends, 373

1688. To the Sheriffs to be Chosen, 375 All you Believers in the Light, 510 To the People that Choose them, 376 An approaching Storm, $13 To diftinguish Truth and Error, 379 Moses and Cbrift's House, SIS Exercises from Magift.and Apoft.381 Thrones on Earth contended for,518 Feel the Power of God in you all,386 The World's empty Teachers, ibid. Be valiant for Truth, 387 Not to remove the Land-mark, 519 1683

Apoftles Husbandmen, &c. 520 To the Yearly-Meeting in Lond. 393

1689. TO Friends, a Salutation, 395 Hearing and telling News,

522 My Love is to you all, 400 To P.H. and Friends at Dantzick, 524 Fruits of Peace and Quietness, 403 To the Magistrates of Dantpick, 525 To all the Eleat, &c. 409 Great Shakings in the World, 528 1684.

To keep in Love and Unity, 530 To the Duke of Holstein, 421 To Friends in Barbados,

530 To Friends, an Epiftle, 426 To Quarterly and Yearly Meetings 1685. in Americi,

534 Keep out of the World's Spirit, 428

1690. Excels in Apparel,

431 Against Fashions, cc. To Friends wbo are Called, 434 Christ the Ensign, c. Among all Societies, &c. 436 Stand still, and see Salvation, Here you may see woben- 439 To Friends in the Ministry, 545 To Fobn III. King of Poland, 443 To Fr. in the Minift. in America, 547 Concerning Judging, 447 To Suffering Friends in Ireland, 549 1686.

G. F's Death and Burial, 591. Anc. Prisoners at the Yearly-M.456 His piftle left Sealed up,


537 542

F 1 N I S.

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BOOKS Printed and sold!ky J. Sowle, in Wisite-Hirto

Court in Gracious.street, 1710.

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Acred History; or the Historical Part of the Holy Scriptures of the der of Time and Place with some Observations, tending to Illustrate the lame; with a Table to the whole, by Thomas Elwood. Price 10 Song

Sacred History, or, the Historical Part of the Holy Scriptures of the W NEW Testament, digefted into due Method, with respect to Order of

Time and Place; with some Observacions, tending to Illuftrate the 2 fame; with a Table to the whole, by Thomas Ellwood, Price si

A Journal, or Historical Account of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, Chriltian Experiences, and Labour of Love in the work of the Ministry :? of that Ancient, Eminent and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox, the second Edition in two Volumes Price 10 s.

A Collection of many Select and Christian Epiftles, Letters and Testi. monies, written on sundry Occasions, by that Ancient, Eminent, Faith- 9 ful Friend and Minister of Jesus Christ, George Fox. Price 115.

Gospel Truth Demonstrated, in a Collection of Doctrinal Books, Containing Principles, Esential to Christianity and Salvation, held amongit the People called Quakers, given forch by that Faithful Minister of Jelus Christ, George Fox, Price 18 s.

The Enormous Sia of Covetousness dete&ted; with its Branches: Fraud Oppreßion, Lying, Ingratitude, &c. And fome Proposals how to escape these Dangerous and Destructive Evils. by William Crouch Price 25.

Scripture Truth demonstrated, in 32 Sermons, or Declarations of Stem. pben Crisp, late of Colchester in Bffex, two of them not before Printed in his other three Vol. nowall dune in one Vol. on a larger Caracter P. 35

The Work of Wiliam Dell, Minister of the Gospel, and Master of Gonvil and Caius Colledge in Cambridge; All Reprinted in 1 Vol. pr. 5. s.

A Differtation concerning the Lords Supper. The second part, by the Autbor of the First part. Price 3 d.

An Encouragement early to Seek the Lord: And be Faithful to him ; In an Account of the LIFE and Services of that Ancient Servant of God, I bomas 7 hompson. Price 6 d.

A Brief account of the Rise and Progress of the People called Quakers, in which their Fundamental Principle, Doctrines, Worship, Minitry and Discipline, are plainly declared, to prevent the mistakes and Perver. fions that Ignorance and Prejudice may make to abuse the Credulous. With a Summary Relation of the former Dispensation of God in the World, by way of Introdu&tion. Bs W. Penn. Price bound 1s.

The Christian-Quaker, and his divine Testimony, ftated and india cated, from Scripture, Reason and Authority. : by W. Penn. Price 2 s.

A Treatise concerning Baptism, and the Supper. - Shewing, that the One Baptism of the Spirit, and Spiritual Supper of the Lord, are only and alone, Ellential, and Neceflary to Salvation. Wherein, the strongest Arguments for the use of the Outward Baptism and Supper are Consider.ed, the People called Quakers Vindicated; and the greateft Objections againt them, for their disuse of these Outward Signs are Anlwered, by Foseph Pike. price bound 15.6 d. The Works of Samuel Fisher, in Folio.


Primitive Christianity Revived, in the Faith and Pra&tice of the People called Quakers. Written in Testimony to t.e present. Dispensation of God, through them to the World; that Prejudices may be removed, the simple informed, the Well-inclined encouraged, and the Truth and its Innocent Friends rightly represented. by vv. Penn. Price i so

A Defence of a Paper entituled, Goppel-Trutbs, against the Exceptions of the Bishop of Cork's Testimony against the Quekers. by VY. P. pr. 1$.

An account of VV. Perus Travels in Holland and Germany, for the Service of the Gospel of Christ; by way of Journal. Containing also divers Letters and Epistles, writ to several great and Eminent persons whild there; the second Impreffion. Correated by the Author's own Copy; with Answers to some of the Letters not before Printed. price 2 s.

V. Peans Key in English price 3 d. French 4 d. England's presint Intereft confidered, with Honour to the Prince, and fafery to the People, In Answer to this one Queftion, Vrbat is moji Fit, Eafie, and Safe to be done, fir allaying the Heat of contrary Interests, and making them confiftent with the Prosperity of the Kingdom Submitted to the Confideration of our Superiours. by W. Penn. price i s.

More Fruits of S-litude; being the second part of Refle&ions and Mexims relating to the Conduit of Humane Life. ' by the Author of the former. price 9 d.

Tbe Harmony of Divine and Heavenly Doitrines, demonftrated in frondry Declarations, or Variety of subje&s. Preached at tbe Quakers Meetings in London, by Mr. VV. Penn. Mr. G. VF hitebeat. Mr. S. Walderfield. Mr. B. Cole. taken in Sborr-ba d, as it was delivered by them, and more Faithfully transcribed and published for the information of tbose, who be te ison of Ignorence, mry have received a prejudice again them. by a lá ver of that people. price 'I s. 6 d.

No Cross, No Crown. A Discourse phewing the Nature and Discipline of the Holy Cross of Cbrift ; and ib.irbe Denyal of Self, and daily tearing of Christ's Cross, is the alone way to the Ref and Kingdom of God. 10 which is added, the living and dying Testimonies of Persons of Pt** and Learning, in Favour of the Vertue and temperance recomended in this Irealise. by W. Penn. the Sixth Eddi ion. price 3 s.

The Harmony of the Old and New Testament, and the fulfilling of ik Prophets, concerning our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and bis Kingdom and Glory in tbe latter Days with & Brief Concordance of the Names and Attributes, dr. given unto Cirift: and fome Texts of Scripture colbeated, co-i cerning Christ's Humiliation and sufferings, also bis Excellent Dignity and G lor ification. Published for the benefit of Chriftizas and jews by john Tomkins. with an Appendix to the Jews, by W. Penn. the 3 Edit, mith Additions price i s.

The works of tbe Long Mournful and sorely Difreffed Isaac Pennisg. ton, whom the Lord in his tender Merer at lengeb visited and relieved, by the Ministry of that Despised People, called Quakers; and in the springings of that light, Life and Holy power in bim, wbieb they had tray and faith fully teltified uf, and directed bis Mind to, were these things writtez, azt now published as a thankful teftimony of Ibe goodness of the Lord to him, asd for the benefit of oth rs. In inoo Partsi price 12 s. The VVork of that memorable and neist Servant of, Chrif, Stephen

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