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Crisp; containing alfo a lournel of bis Life, giving an Account of his con. vincement, Travels, Labours and Sufferings in and for the irutb. price 5.5.

Truth's Innocency and simplicity thining, through the Conversion, Gospel-Ministry, Labours, Epiftles of Love, Testimonies and Ware nings, to Professors and Profane ( with the Long and Patient Sufferings) of that Ancient and faithful minister and Servant of Jesus Chrift, Toomas Taylor. price bound 5 s.

The Memory of the Righteous revived, being a Collection of the Books and written Epistles of Fobn Camm and Fobn Audland; together with several Testimonies relating to those two faithful Labourers. p, 25.

The defiga of Christianity teftified, in the Books, Epiftles, aud Manufcripts, of that Ancient and faithful Servant of Christ Jesus, Foho Crook, who departed this Life the 26 th Day of the 2d Month, 1699. in the Eighty-second Year of his age. price 3 s. 6 d.

A Collection of the writings and Epistles of our ancient deceased Friend Job Yvbitebead, price 3s.

Sion's Travellers comforted, and the Disobedient Warned. In a Col. le&tion of Books and Epistles of that Faithful Minister of Jesus Christ Charles Marshal, price 3 S.

A Colletion of the Christian writings Labours, Travels and Sufferings, of that faithful and approved Minister of Jesus Christ, Koger Hadock. with an account of his Death and Burial. price bound is 9d.

An Apology for the true Chriftian Divinity, as the same is held Forth and Preached by the People, called in Scora Quakers; Being a Full Examination and Vindication of their Principle and Doctrines, by many arguments, deduced from Scripture and right Reason, and the Toftimonies of Famous Authors, both ancient and Modern, with a full Answer to the ftrongest Obje&tions usually made against them. By Robert Barclay. the Fifth Edition in English. price bound 4 s.

Robert Barclay's Apology Translated into Frencb, for the information of Strangers. price 5 s.

New England Judged, !o two parts. First, Containing a Brief Relation of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers in New England, from the Time of their first Arrival there, in the Year 1656, to the Year 1660. Wherein their Merciless Whippings, Chainings, Finings, Imprisonings, Starvings, Durning in the Hand, Cutting off Ears, and putting to Death, with divers other Cruelties, inflicted upon the Bodies of Innocent Men and Women, only for Conscience-fake, are briefly defcribed. Second Part, being a farther Relation of the cruel Suffer. ings of the People called Quakers in New England; continued from Anno 1663, to Anno 1665. Leginning with the Sufferings of William Leddra, whom they put to Death: Published by George Bifhop, in Anno 1661 and 1667. and now some-what abreviated. with an Appendix, containing the Writing of several of the Sufferers; with fome Notes, shewing the Accomplishment of their Prophecies, and a Postscript of tiie Judgments of God, that have befallen divers of their Persecutors. Alfo, en Ansmer to Cotton Mather's abuses of the said people, is his late Hiš ry of New England, printed anno 1702. price 5 s. Vindiciæ Veritatis : Or an Occasional Defence of the Priociples and * 2



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Pratices of the People called Quakers : In Answer 10 & Treatise of John Stillingfleet's, miscalled, Seasonable Advice concerning Quakerism, Oc. By Dasiel Phillips, M. D. price is. 6 d.

Ttvo Treatises of Thomas Lawson's Deceased. The Firf A Mite ints ibe Treasury, being a word to Artists, especially Heptatechnifts, ibe Profefors of the Seven Liberal Arts: Sbewing what is therein owned by the people called Quakers, and what is denied by them : with several other things touebe' ing the Divinity of the Heathen, and School-titles, Habits, Degrees, &c. The second, a Treatise relating to the call; Work and Wages of the Mixi. Aters of Christ and Antichrift. price 1 s. 6 d.

Piety Promoted, in a Cóveition of ite Dying Sayings of many of the People calct Cuikers. with a brief account of some of their Labours in the Gospel, and sufferings for the same. In three Paris by John Tomkins. price bound í s. each Part.

A Catechism and Confeffion of Faith. by Robert Barclay. price 9d.

Fruits of Retirement; or Miscellaneous Poems, Moral and Divine: Being some Letters, Contemplations, &c. written on Variety of Subje&s; By M. Mollineux, late of Leverpool, deceased. price i s. 6 d.

Truth Prevalent; and the Quakers discharged from the Norfolk Recur's Furious Charge. [n a Sober Answer totheir Book, falsiy ftil. edi, The Principles of the Quakers further fewn 10 be Blasphemous and Seditious: By these thus remarked Auchors, viz. Edward Beckam, D.D. Recorof Graton-Thorp; Henry Meriton, M. A. Rector of Oxborcugl, Lancaster I pcliff Li L. B... Rector of Huckwalt; Nürf k. Upon due Examination Answered, hy G. Whitehead. price 2 s.

A Light shining out of Darkness : Or, Ocasional Queries, 'ubmitted 10 the Fuigment of such as would enquire into the true siate of things in our Times. the whole work revised by the Author, the Proof's Englished and Augmented, with fundry Material Discourses concirning the Ministry, SeparJhewing Titbes are no Gospel-Ministers Maintenance : In a bri f and Plaix Method, bow that Titbes, (as now paid) are both Inconfiftent with the Despene fation of the Lord, and Dispensation of the Gospel. also how they were brougbe into the Church many Hundred Tears after Christ, and testified a gainst by several ancient Christians and Martyrs. with several sober Reasons against the payment of them, By J: Bockett. price 3 d

Inspiration, Scriptures, Humane Learning, 0.11bs, Tilbos, &c. With a biief Apology for the Quakers, that they are not inconfident with Magiffracy. by an indifferent buc Learned Hand. the 34. Edit. pr. 15. 61.

God's Proteiting Providence,'s fureit Help and Defence, in Times of the greatest Difficulty, and most eminent Danger. Evidenced in the po markeble Deliverance of Robert Barrow, with divers other Persons, from the devouring Waves of the Sea, among which they suffered Shipwrack: and also, from the cruel Devouring Favos of the Inbumane Canibals of Florida. Faithfully related by one of the Persons concerned therein, J. Dickenfon. 84.

A Scripture Catchism for Children, by Ambrose Rigge. price B. 6 d.

Truth's Vindication, or, a gentle Stroke to wipe off the foul Afperhons, falle Accusations and Misrepresentations, cast upon the People of God, called Quakers, both with respect to their Principle, and their way of profelyting people over to them. price bouod is.

A brief Testimony to the great Duty of Prayer; fhewing the Nature and Benefit thereof; to which is added, many Eminent and Select Instances of God's Answer to Prayer: Collected out of the Record of Holy Scriptures, by F. T. one of the People called Quakers, With a Postscript by F. F. The Second Edition, with additions. P. & d. The Peor Miechanick's Plea, against the Rich Clergy's Opprettion:


Academia Cæleftis: The Heavenly University; or, the Highest School, where alone is that Highest teaching, the teacbiug of the Heart. By Francis Roule, some time Provoft of Eaton Colledge. A Treatise written above threescore Tears fonce. the tbird Edition, Revised and compared with the Latin, price is.

A Disertation of the Small Pox, by Daniel Phillips, at his commencing Doctor of Physock in the University of Leyden in Holland, in the rear 1696. translated by T. E. price 9 d

Mercy covering the Judgment Seat; and Life and Light Triumphing over Death and Darkness : In the Lord's Tender Vifitation, and Wonderful Deliverance, of One that Sat in Darkness, and in the Region and Shadow of Death. Witnessed unco in certain Epiftics and Papers of living Experience, by Richard Claridge. price 6 d.

Lux Evangelica Atteftata. Or a furiber Testimony to the sufficiency of the Light within. Being Reply to George Keith's Censure, in bis Book, intituled, An account of the Quakers Politicks, upon certain paffages in my Book, intituled, Mercy covering the Judgment-leat, Co. For the clearing of Truth from G. K's Misrepresentations, and satisfying of fober Enquirers into the true ftate of the Controversie between us. by R. Claridge. Js.

Anguis Flagellatus; or á Switch for the Snake. Be ng an answer to the tbird and lif! Edition of sbe Snake in the Grass, wherein the Author's Injuftice and Falsbood, both in Quotation and Story, are discovered and obviated; and the Truth Doctrinally delivered by us, Aated and maintained, in opposition to his Misrepresentation and Perversion. By Joseph Wyeth, 10 which is ad ded, A Supplement, by G.W. price 4 s.

The Clergy-Man's Pretence of Divine Right to. Tithes, Examined and Refut d. Being a ful answer to W. W's Fourth Letter, in his Book, Intituled, The Clergy s Legal Right to Tithes allerted. By 1. Gratton. 64.

A Treatise concerning Baptism and the Lord's Supper. Shewing that the true Discipl's of Christ are sent to Baptise Men into the Name of the Farber, Son, and Holy Ghoft; for the carrying on of which, Cbrift is with them, and will be, to the End of the World. also a few words concerning the Lord's Supper; shewing, that ihose that Sup with him, are in bis Kirgdom. By John Gratton price 9. t.

9 A Brief Cincordance of tbe Names and attributes with fundry Texis, Re. lating unto our Blefed Lord and. Saviour Fesus Christ. Colle&ted out of the Scriptures. by lohu Tomkins. price 4d.

A brief Apology in behalf of the People called Quakersi mitten for ibe In. formation of our sober and well

. inclined Neighbours in and about ihe town of Warminiter in the co:int y of Wilts. By W. Chandler. A. P yot. J. Hodges. and some others. price 6 d.

The Saints Travel to Spiritual Canaan; wherein are discovered several false Refts, short of the true Spiritual coming of Christ in bis People, with

* 3

a brief a brief Discovery of wobat the coming of Christ in Spirit is, who is the close True Rejt and center of Spirits. By R. Wilkenson, the second Edit. pr. is,

1 be p fobility and Neceffary of the Immediate Revelationof the Spirit of God, towards the Foundation and Ground of true Faith proved, In a Letter writ in Latin to tbe Heer Paecs; and now put into Englifbo By R. Barclay. price 3d

A Plain account of certain Cbriftian Experiences, Labours, Services, and Sufferings, of that Ancient Servant, and Minister of Cbrif, Roger Hebden. containing botb Warning: Confolation, and Inftrudion in Rigetesufrefs. price 6 d.

Judas and the chief Priets conspiring to betray Cbrift und bis Follow ets: Or, an Apostate convicted, and rutb Defended. In answer to George Keith's Fourth ( Valle, Partial ) Narrative of bis Proceedings at Tarners Hall. against the Quakers ) &c. By ). whiteing. Price 2 s. 6 d.

The Arraignment of Popety. Being a Collection taken out of the Chronicles, and other Books of the state of the Church in the primitive Times. I. The state of the Papift, how long it was before the Universal Pope and Mass was set up; and the bringing in of Rudiments, Traditions, Beads, Images, Purgatory, Tythes and Inquifitions. IJ. A Relation of the Cruelties they acted atter the Pope got up, being worse than Turk and Heatben; New Rome proving like old. III. What the People of England worshipped before they were Christians. iv. To which is added, the Blood of the Martyrs is the Seed of the Church. With several other things, very profitable for all that Fear God to read, try, and give judgment by the Spirit oí Trutb againft the Worship of the Beast and Whore. price bound 1 s, 6 d.

The peoples Antient and Just Liberties Aflerted, in the Tryal of William Penn, and william Mead, at the Seffions held at the Old Baily, in London, the Firft, Third, Fourth and Fifth of Sept. MDCLXX. 2. gainst the most arbitrary Procedure of that Court. price 4 do

The Spirit of the Martyrs Revived, in a brief compendious Collekin of the most Remarkabe l'affages and Living Testimonies of the true. Cbarcb, Seed of God, and Faithful Martyrs in all Ages. contained in several Ecçlefiaftical Histories and Cbronological Accounts of the Succeffion of the True Cburch from the Creation, the Times of the Farbers Patriarcbs, Progbets, Cbriß ind bis Apostles.' price 3 s.

The Trial of Spirits born in Teachers and Hearers, wberein is beld forth, be clear Discovery and certain Doronfal of the Carnal and Anticbrifian Ciergy of these Nations. Teftified from the word of God, to the Univerfit Congregations in Cambridge. wereunto is added, a Plain and Necefon Confutation of divers gross Errors delivered by Mr. Sydrach Sympson, is

Sermon Preached to be fame Congregation at the Commencement, Ams MDCLIU. by W. Dell, Minifter of the Gospel, and Mafter of Gonvil and Caius Colledge in Cambridge. price bound 1 s. 6 d.

A few Queries relating to the Practice of Physick,with Remarks upon some of H.Chamberlen, Physician ic Ordinary to King Cbarles. 1s.

A Diurnal Speculum; containing, I. A plain and easie Membod to find out those things that are most useful to be known rearly; and may serve 15 an Almanack of Tbiray Years; and many otber Ebings suitable to tbe Males,



&c. - II. An Explanatin of weights, Morey and Measures, basb Scriptural and usual, with sundry Tables dep nding thereon, &c. lll. Some Remarks on England; or a brief Account of every County, with the Names and Days of the Markets, and the chief Commodities therein, &c. The whole consisting of great Variety. explained by divers Examples the like in all particulars not extant; as by the Cooteņts does more at large appear. Collected by F. Bockett. price bound 1 s. 6 d.

Dagon's fall before the Ark, written Primarily, as a Teftimony for the Lord, his Wisdom, Creation, Products of his Power, useful and Necellary Knowledge, Capacitating people for the concerns of this Life. Secondarily, As a Testimony againft the Old Serpent, his foolishness with God, his Arts, Inventions, Comedies, or Interludes, Tragedies; Lascivious Poems, Frivolous Fables, Spoiling Philosophy, caught in Christians Schools, wherein, as in a glass, Teachers in Schools and Colledges may see their concern, neither Chriftian nor Warrant able. Battisucroria Or, a Treatise concerning Baptisms. where unto is added," a discourse concerning the Supper, Bread and Wine, called allo Communion, by lbumas Lamson. price bound 1 s. 6.d.

Instructions for right Spelling, and plain directions for Reading and Writing true English. with several delightful things, very useful and Necellary, both for Young and Old to read and learn. price bound 6d.

A New Book for Children to learn in, with many wholesome Men ditations for them to consider. with Directions for true Spelling, and the Ground of true Reading and Writing of true English. price 3 d.

Instructions for Children and others : by way of Queftion and Answer Demonstrating to them, how they may come to know God and Jesus Chrikt, whom to know is Life Eternal. by S. Hunt. price 3 d.

A short Work but of greatest Concern. by William Tomlinson. p. 3d.

The Friendly Enquirer's Doubts and Obje&tions answered: concerning the Light within, the word of God, the Church of Christ, Gospel Ministers, Ordinances in General and in Particular, Water Baptism, and the Lord's Sapper: Together with a brief Testimony againft Oaths and Tithes, first intended and written for the Satisfa&tion of some Particular Acquaintance; and now published for more General Service, by fames Fackson, price bound 6 d.

The Spiritual Guide, which dis-intangles the Soul, and brings it by the inward way, to the getting of perfect Contemplation, and the Rich Treasure of Internal Peace. written by Dr Michael de Molinos, Translated from the Italian Copy. price bound 9 d.

A Call to Christendom. In an Earnest Expoftulation with her, to prepare for the great and Notable day of the Lord that is at the Door. By W. Pink.. the Third Edition. price 3 d.

3 Tender Councel and Advice, by way of Spistle to all those who are Sensible of their day of Vification, and who have received the call of the Lord, by the Light and Spirit of his SON in their Hearts, to par. cake of the great Salvation. By W. Penn. the Third Edition. price 3 d.

A Testimony to the Truth of God, as held by the People called Quakers: being a fhort Vindication of them, from Abuses and Misrepres


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