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sentations often put upon them by Exvious Apoft ales, and Metronary Aduerfaries. price 3d.

The Glorious Brightness of the Gospel-Day, Dispelling the Shadows of the Legal Dispenlation: and whatsoever else of Human Invention hath beżn super-added thereunto. Set furth, in some Observations made on a lace Pamphlet called a Divine Treatise, ( written by way of Ejay, and pretending to Demonstrate, according to the Mosaical Pbilofopby, that Water-Baptism, Impofition of Hands, and the Commemoration of the Death and Passion of our ever Blefled Lord and Saviour, under the Species of Bread and Wine, were all of them füitably and Homogeneally adapted to the present imperfect State of Nature, as Man consists of Body, Soul and Spirit.) By Tbimas Elwood. price is.

Cerinibus and Ebion : Or the Herelie of Tithing under the Gospel Detected : in some Observations upon a Book entituled, An Ejay concerning the Divine Right of Tithes: By the Author of the Snake in the Grass. Together with an Essay concerning the First Rise of Tithes: And an Ellay against their Divine Right. price 8 d.

An Abridgment of Eufebius Pamphilius's Ecclefiaftical History, in two Parts. Part 1. A Compendious Commemoration of the Remarkableft Cbronoligies which are contained in that Famous Hiftory. Part II. A Summary or brief hint of the Twelve Persecutions sustained by the Ancient Christians : with a Compendious Paraphrase upon the same. whereunto is added a Catalogue of the Synods and Counsels, which were after the days of the Apostles; together with a hiot of what was decreed in the fame. by William Caton. price I s.

A Brief History of Trade in England, containing, the manner of its Birth, Growth, and declension ; and the several Occasions thereof: With fome proper Remedies to recover it from its present Languishing condition, to its former Flourishing Eftate. by Thomas Tryon: price is 6d.

A New Discourse of Trade, wherein is Recommended, several weigh. ty Points relating to the Companies of Merchants. The AX of Navigation, Naturalization of Strangers, And our Woolen Manufa&tures, The ballance of Trade, Oc. by Sr. 7oiab Child. price bound 2 s.

The way to Health, long Life and Happiness : Or, a Discourse of Temperance, and the particular Nature of all things' requisite for the Life of Man, &c. by Thomas Iryon, Student in Phylick. Price bound 45. 6 d.

The good House wife made a Doctor, Or Healths choice and sure Friend. Being a Plain way of Natures own Prescribing, to Prevent and Cure most diseases incident to Men, Women and Children, by Diet and Kitchin-physick only, with some Remarks on the Practice of Phyfick and Chimistry, by Thomas Trycn. Student in Phyfick. The Second Edition. To which is added some Observations on the Tedious Methods of unskilful Surgeons; with cheap and Eafie Remedies, by the same Author, price bound 1s. 6 d.

Where also may be had Bibles, Testaments, Concordances, Spelling Books, Primers, Horn-Books; with Writing. Paper, and Paper-Books, c. Marriage Certificates on Parchment, Stamp'd.

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