Asiatic Journal

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Parbury, Allen, and Company, 1842 - Asia

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Page 160 - Death, to whom monarchs must bow ? Ah, no ! for his empire is known, And here there are trophies enow : Beneath, the cold dead, and around, the dark stone, Are the signs of a sceptre that none may disown.
Page 224 - We are content with discord, we are content with alarms, we are content with blood, but we will never be content with a master.
Page 229 - You have already been informed of my arrival on the borders of the Red Sea, with an innumerable and invincible army, full of the desire of relieving you from the iron yoke of England.
Page 69 - That an humble address be presented to her Majesty, praying that she will be graciously pleased to...
Page 259 - Company, is the very thing which at once gives a title and imposes a duty on us to interfere with effect, wherever power and authority originating from ourselves are perverted from their purposes, and become instruments of wrong and violence. If Parliament, Sir, had nothing to do with this charter, we might have some sort of Epicurean excuse to stand aloof, indifferent spectators of what passes in the Company's name in India and in London. But if we are the very cause of the evil, we are in a special...
Page 219 - I feel quite assured that the British government cannot permit the extension of the Persian monarchy in the direction of Affghanistan, with a due regard to the internal tranquillity of India ; that extension will, at once, bring Russian influence to the very threshold of our empire...
Page 14 - General commanding feels assured that officers and men will cheerfully make any sacrifices to attain so noble an object. He therefore now calls upon the Brigadiers to assemble the commanding officers under their orders, and determine on the least quantity of baggage and the smallest number of camp-followers, with which their regiments can advance.
Page 103 - Be for ever blest ! Faith and doubt leave far behind thee ; Cease to love or hate ; Let not Time's illusions blind thee ; Thou shalt Time outdate. Merge thine individual being In the Eternal's love ; All this sensuous nature fleeing For pure bliss above.
Page 275 - That illustrious garrison, which, by its constancy in enduring privation, and by its valour in action, has already obtained for itself the sympathy and respect of every true soldier, has now, sallying forth from its walls, under the command of its gallant leader, Major-General...
Page 88 - My fears for the camp and followers are great; but alas, I know not myself. My back is bent with weakness and my feet have lost the powers of motion. The breath which rose is gone, and left not even hope behind it. I have committed numerous crimes and know not with what punishments I may be seized.

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