The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London

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The Society, 1863 - Geology
Vols. 1-108 include Proceedings of the society (separately paged, beginning with v. 30)

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Page 389 - Gift of the State of New York. 13034, 0. 5. Sixth annual report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York on the condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, &o.
Page 174 - Mon. du Genre Productus,' pi. 4, fig. 1, 1817. " P. pileiformis, M'Chesney, ' Descr. of New Species of Fossils from the Palaeozoic Rocks of the Western States of America,
Page xliv - For anything that geology or palaeontology are able to show to the contrary, a Devonian fauna and flora in the British Islands may have been contemporaneous with Silurian life in North America, and with a Carboniferous fauna and flora in Africa.
Page xx - To promote researches concerning the mineral structure of the earth, and to enable the Council of the Geological Society to reward those individuals of any country by whom such researches may hereafter be made,' — ( such individual not being a Member of the Council.
Page 160 - That geologists should at first arrive at this result (of considering the rocks in question as the equivalents in age of the Permian of Russia) will surprise no one who is aware how many of the fossils of our Magnesian limestone and Coal resemble each other, or who studies the lists given at p. 218, in which several species both of shells and corals from Nova Scotia, identical or closely allied to wellknown Permian or Magnesian limestone forms, are enumerated.
Page 386 - Emmons, Ebenezer. Agriculture of New York; comprising an account of the classification, composition and distribution of the soils and rocks and the natural waters of the different geological formations, together with a condensed view of the meteorology and agricultural productions of the State.
Page 223 - HULL— COAL FIELDS of GREAT BRITAIN ; their History, Structure, and Resources ; with Notices of the Coal Fields of other parts of the World.
Page 385 - Storia naturale dei terreni ardenti, dei vulcani fangosi, delle sorgenti infiammabili, dei pozzi idropirici e di altri fenomeni geologici operati dal gas idrogeno, e dell'origine di esso gas.
Page 256 - VOL. II. — NO. V. 13 the ocean, owing to the great heat drying up the water. Now this heat and dryness being much lessened during the Glacial period, there must have resulted a much smaller evaporation, which would no longer balance the inflow. These lakes, therefore, would swell and rise in level, and thus the Caspian, the Aral, and the Balkash might have spread until they became more or less connected into a wide inland sea, discharging its surplus into the Euxine or along that depression skirting...
Page 109 - Classified and Descriptive Catalogue of the Contributions from India to the London Exhibition of 1862.

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