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him and his associates, whether present “as Anti-christ, and as the adopted by the tory party of this Scarlet Whore of Babylon, covered country, or the catholic govern- with abominations ;"- and the supments on the continent, notwith- pression of that terrible tribunal tó standing Mr. Cobbett has asserted, a protestant, the inquisition. The in 'his letter to the reformers in ge- illustrious order of the jesuits being neral, published in October, last, soon after established, and proving that on the blood of innocent men, themselves well - disciplined and (hugonot rebels I presume) shed by matchless soldiers in defence of the that family, (the Bourbon) would, privileges of the Beast of the Re. if collected in a' mass, fill an ordi- velations, the members of this sonary river for a week.”' Let the re- ciety were honoured with the speformers turn to the scenes of oppres- cial' hatred of the primitive reformsion committed in Ireland by their ers; and while some of these disin. fanatic ancestors, and they will find terested men were employed in trathat more innocent blood has been versing the woody and mountainous shed in that unhappy country alone, wilds of Paraguay, and instructing since the period when men began to men, who before were little better reform the divine laws of their than barbarians, lo cultivate religion Maker, than in all the catholic and society, and adopt a form of gocountries in the universe united to- vernment strictly republican, others gether. In this same letter, Mr were consigned to the halter, as Cobbett informs his readers, that had traitors to a civilized state, for the the petitions for reform presented in sole crime of beliering and teaching the year 1793 been attended to ; 66 if the same faith that Christ command. reform (he says) hari then taken ed should be preached to all nations. place, the family of Bourbon, the Well, the reformers of every age pope, the inquisition, the jesuits, all and of every country have exerted the murderous system of despotism their powers to subdue these for would not have been restored upon midable enemies to their visionary the continent; we should have lived schemes of reformation, yet, still at peace for the last twenty-five they are as far from accomplishing years;

and we should not now have the summit of their wishes as when eleven hundred millions of debt, and they first began the crusade ; bat, to a standing army of a hundred and their inexpressible grief, they find fifty thousand men."

the pope and the inquisition, and the easy for this great politician to make jesuits, in a state of renewed vigour; the assertion here quoted; but in so and themselves, alas! in a wretched doing he only exposes his own weak-pickle.- A huge debt pressing them ness and ignorance on the most im- to the ground, a discontented peo. portant of all subjects to mankind in ple, ruined and impoverished, and a general, namely, that of RELIGION, standing army in the room of the and betrays a similar degree of pas- posse comitatus, the constitutional sion and prejudice, which he blames conservators of the peace in the time in the sons and daughters of corrup- of our catholic sovereigns and partion. If Mr. Cobbett, or his disci- liaments. But what grounds have Aples and admirers, will consult the the reformers for saying, that had history of this couotry, he will find their measures been adopted, the that the principal object of the first pope, and the jesuits, and the inquireformers was the overthrow of the şition, would not have been restored pope, whom, according to his own on the continent; and that we should words they made no scruple to re- have been at peace for the last

It is very

twenty-five years? In what period reformers been attended to.-No of our history, since the reformation doubt the long-wished for event began, have the parties existing would have been highly gra.ifying to in this distracted and blindly in- all parties, who equally hate the fatuated country, evinced a disposi- spiritual father of christendom and tion for peace with their foreigo his superstitious adherents; but the neighbours, and equity with their folly of our reforming gentlemen, fellow-citizens at home? The reigns in supposing that their political of Henry and his son Edward, ex- schemes for renovating the British hibit a continued scene of rapine constitution would have worked the and sacrilege on the part of the so- subversion of an establishment which vereigns and their courtiers. Mary, has the promise of its Founder, that in attempting to restore the ancient it should last till the end of time, and state of things to a desolate land, has already braved the vicissitudes found her life in danger from the re- of eighteen ages, reminds me of the bellious disposition of the people, following anecdote related of the unwhose minds had been poisoned by fortunate Earl of Strafford, who once the basest arts of the arch-reformers. imbibed reforming principles, and She was succeeded by her sister lost his life through the malignity of Bess, who assumed a supremacy be his former friends, for his desertion fore unheard of and unknown to the of their cause, and an unshaken atconstitution, governed her people tachment to his ill-fated sovereign. by the most despotic means, robbing .66 When Lord trafford (says the one part to enrich the other, and author of Ireland's case briefly statencouraged rebellion in the neigh ed) came down into Yorkshire, digbouring states, whilst she impaled nified with the title and office of her catholic subjects for supposed Lord President of the North, he crimes invented for the purpose of desired his kinsman and friend, sir convicting them, and confiscating Walter Vavasor, to leave his cathor their property, for the benefit of her lic religion and become a protestant; parasitical favourites. To her suc- for I (says he) am resolved utterly ceeded a monarch, whose mother to extirpate the catholic religion out had been barbarously sacrificed for of all my government in the north; her religious integrity by his prede- to which sir Walter replied thus:cessor. James possessed high notions My lord, there has been a more of the divine right of kings, .but experienced politician than you can wished to govern with lenity his own pretend to be, about bringing the exsubjects, and maintain peace and tirpation of catholics to pass, for friendship with the neighbouring now above these hundred years, but powers. During this king's reign, he never yet could do it, so I bethe longest interval of peace occurred lieve your lordship will fall short in since the conjunction of the tempo- your designs. At this the earl ral and spiritual powers in one head, seemed struck, and asked him who and it is not a little remarkable, that this politician was? To which sir the people grew discontented at that Walter answered, It is the devil.period, and clamoured for reform, The impotent efforts of this antibecause the sovereign did not go to papal gentleman have been still war to overthrow the pope; where- continued with equal success, but his as it is now affirmed the holy father misguided followers expected the would have been completely van- completion of their desires when Naquished, and the nation blessed with poleon dethroned and persecuted peace, had the wishes of our modern the present incorruptible and illustrious pontiff, Foiled, however, in such consequence, that all other buhis plans, he is now deluding a set siuess was laid aside for a time by of fanatics, by cherishing the vain the Commons.--The account given hope that they shall be enabled to of this affair by Rapin, is as follows: accomplish it by means of an indis- “Since the end of queen Elizacriminate distribution of the scrip- beth's reign, (says this hugonot writures among the different nations of ter) when Tir Oen's rebellion was the earth; but more of this hereafter. happily quelled, the Irish had lived

As the oppressive administration peaceably under the dominion of of this bigotted nobleman was one of James I. and Charles I. Not but the leading causes of the rising of that the Lords Depties had always the Irish people, which has been an eye over them, considering them stigmatized by the puritan faction as as men,whose fidelity was very suspia bloody rebellion and cruel massa- cious : however, they had at least cre of protestants, I shall here fulfil | NO OCCASION TO COMthe promise given my readers in the PLAIN, that they were WORSE last month's journal, and prove to USED than in the former reigns. demonstration, that the conduct of | As to their religion, it is easy to these men, who have been denomi- imagine, that they had suffered no nated the noble strugglers for liberty new troubles under these two princes, of conscience, by the clamourers who thought of nothing less than of against the tyranny of the pope, the persecuting the catholics. Neverintrigues of the jesuits, and the theless, in March or April this year, cruelty of the Bourbons, was mark- 1641, the Irish formed the project ed by the most infamous acts of out of casting off the English yoke, of rage, villany, and extortion, and seizing upon all the fortified places, deserving more the execration of an and of cutting the throats of all the honest mind, than the unqualified English throughout the whole kingpraise of pseudo-patriots.

dom. The day appointed for exe.

cuting this bloody design was the Irish CONFEDERACY.-FALSEHOOD 23rd of October, on which day they

were to rise all over the island. Before I proceed to exculpate the This design was really executed, as catholics of Ireland from the charges projected, and, it is said, on that and brought against them at this period the following days, aboye FORTY by their base enemies, it will be ne- THOUSAND ENGLISH PROcessary for me to notice the manner / TESTANTS WERE MASSA. in which the public in general have CRED BY THE IRISH.” Mț. been deceived by the false represen- Echard, in his history says, “ It was tations of our historians as to the a rebellion surprising and prodicauses and extent of this eventful gious, as had been scarce known in movement of the Irish people. The any age, such as can hardly be pa. intelligence of the insurrection was ralleled for the numberless acts of received in England on the 1st of perfidiousness and barbarity..a geNovember, 1641, just as the parlia- veral insurrection of the Irish spread ment were preparing a remonstrance itself like a deluge over the whole to the king, evidently for the pur-country, in such an inhuman and pose of keeping open the breach merciless manner, that FORTY or which Charles was desirous of seeing FIFTY THOUSAND of the Engclosed, and had for that purpose sur- lish protestants were massacred, rendered up some of his regal pre- ' without distinction of age, sex, or rogatives, and it was considered of quality, before they suspected any



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danger, or could provide for their arrived in Dublin every day, robbed defence in towus or elsewhere. In and spoiled of all they had, relating some, the cruelties and barbarities how their houses were seized, how were innumerable and incredible, towns and villages in all parts were such as might melt down the most fired, and cruel outrages commitobdurale hearts in the world, as ted." Hume, in his history, fearful knd in sir John Temple and other probably of being outdone in detailwriters." - Mr. Echard further re- ing this affair, ranks COWS amongst marks, that, at the time of its break the protestant sufferers on this occaing out, there was such outward sion!!! Such are the statements of appearances of a settled tranquillity, the most popular and credited Engthat scarce any suspicion remained : lish historians of the effects producfor the ancient prejudices and ani. ed by the rising of the catholics of mosities, which had frequently been Ireland in the year 1641, and, were shewn between the Irish and Eng. these statements founded in fact, inlish, seemed now to have been buri- stead of being exaggerated falseed in a conjunction of their affec- hoods, I should be as ready as the tions and natural obligations. The most bigotted biblical enthusiast or two nations had now lived together clamourous reformer, to execrate forty years in peace with great secu- the Irish name, and consign the na. rity and satisfaction, which had, in tives of that abused country to the a manner, consolidated them into curses of insulted humanity. But one body, fastened with all those the fact is, as I have undertaken to bonds of friendship, alliance, and prove, the entire of the above acconsanguinity, as might have formed counts is a tissue of malignant slan& perpetual union between them.- der, criminal misrepresentation, and The continuator of Baker's Chroni- hyperbolical falsehood, formed for cle, in recording this event asserts, the purpose of covering the unjust “ The innocent protestants exactions and cruel deeds of pro. upon a sudden disseized of their testant political reformers and scripestutes, and the persons of above tural visionaries, by imposing on the TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND credulous and prejudiced reader the men, women, and children, murder- enormities and outrages committed ed, within the space of one month, on the Irish catholics by protestant and

many of them with exquisite and oppressors as the acts of the perseunheard of tortures.-- That which cuted instead of the persecutors; increased the wonder of most men following the example of the tyrant (continues the historian) was, the Nero, who set Rome on fire, and consideration that the ancient hatred then laid it to the charge of the which the Irish (a thing incident to christians.-- As no period of our hisconquered nations) had borne to the tory, with the exception of the preEnglish, did now seem to be forgot- sent day, abounds with so much ten: forty years of peace had com- falsity and calumny as that on which pacted these two nations into one I am now treating, and as the cause body, and cemented them together of catholic Ireland will soon after by all conjunctures of alliance, by the publication of this number uninter marriages and consanguinity, dergo frequent discussion in the imwhich was in outward appearances perial senate, I shall devote a constrengthened by frequent entertain- siderable space to this all-important ments, and all kinds of friendly subject, and trust it will not be neighbourhood. ... The poor Enge found uninteresting or displeasing to lish protestants (he further adds) the reader. -- Lest the expressions,


The Irish goaded by the Cruelties of Protestants to Confederate. 127 however, used by me may be consi- protestants obtained neither civil dered as too strong and illiberal, I nor religious lib: rty by the refore beg to be understood as alluding, mation, than unravelling the almost not to the upright and truly-consist hidden deeds of the princ pal actors ent protestant, who, asserting the in the struggles occasioned by that right of freedom of conscience in drama, and removing the false veil himself is willing to grant it to his drawn over them by the gross miscatholic neighbour, without depriv- representations of prejudiced and ing him of his civil immunities, but unprincipled writers. Thus the histo the biblical and selfish bigot, torians, which I have quoted above whose present aim is, through the have not only exaggerated the nummedium of a corrupt press, to foster ber of the slain, but have endeavourthe dying embers of religious preju.ed to mislead their readers, as to the dice, and under the guise of a sham causes which were the occasion of that liberality, disseminate the most atro- lamentable circumstance.--In order cious lies against the principles of to blacken the character of the Irish catholicity, for the purpose of sup. catholics, and enhance that of the porting a system of intolerance and English puritans, they have asserted proscription. For such a character that the former enjoyed a state of the flowers of rhetoric need not be peace for a number of years, and that culled. To the liberal protestant I the latter were innocent and ignofeel a sincere devotion; to many of rant of the couspiracy in agitation that profession I am connected by against their lives.-In a word, that ties of consanguinity, friendship, the former delighted in blood and and business ; deither to the bigot religious rancour, while the latter, do I entertain any personal ill-will, on the other hand, cultivated social but to his measures, which are con- order and freedom of mind.. Let us trary to true charity and the happi- now see the falsity of these assertions ness of my country, I shall ever be a from the testimony of unquestionadetermined enemy. That bigotry ble witnessess. and intolerance have found a greater share of supporters on the part of pro- The IRISH GOADED AND PROVOKED testantism than on that of catholici. BY UNPARALLELED OUTRAGES. ty is clearly deducible from the an- That neither James nor Charles nals of the three kingdoms, and as thought of persecuting their catholong as the restless and relentless ad- lic subjects, as Rapin insinuates, has vocates of so abominable a system been clearly proved by me, in vincontinue to exercise their envenom- dicating the aspersions thrown on the od quills, to send forth slanderous character of these two monarchs, by insinuations and groundless accusa- ancient and modern reformers; but tions against the intentions and prin- that the Irish suffered no ciples of my catholic countrymen, in troubles during the reign of these their endeavours to relieve them- sovereigns is an atrocious falsehood: selves from their present unmerited because, under the rule of Charles and degraded state of political sla- in particular, not by order of that very, I shall exert ny pen, while I prince, but from the wickedness and have the power of the press in my avarice of his ministers, the cathotics, hands, to combat their invidious de- of Ireland were subjected to the most sigos, and advocate the cause of galling restrictions and oppressive justice and of truth. In pursuit of imposts. - At the beginning of this duty, nothing can contribute Charles's reign, it is true, the Irish more to convince the reader, that experienced a degree of lenity and

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