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Rev. Mr. Gandolphy's Letler on the Bull against Bible Societies. 163 of an unhappy victim seated on a l affairs, to an instrument lately printed block, to which he is held down by be a bull, addressed by pope Pius XII.

your respectable paper, purporting 10 a man, while his feet are placed on a

to the archbishop of Gnesn, primate of heap of burning fagots. On one Poland. side stands a bishop habited in his “History, Mr. Editor, furnishes us pontificals, with the mitre on his with many examples of forged docuhead, and a crosier in his hand; onments, which, for a time, have producthe other is a monk, with a firebrand ed an impression, but in the end they in one hand, and a book (Query, Is have never failed to disgrace the party

that could veature to support a cause by it meant for the bible?) in the other; such desperate and forbidden expedi, and, to complete the whole, at the ents. To bring forward a forged and feet of this religious is placed one of invalid voucher, which every one is at his brethren, who, in his zeal for re- liberty to question and expose, and to ligion, has laid down his beads to rest a defence upon the same, is to premake use of A PAIR OF BEL- pare a certain verdict against oneself. LOWS!!! Whether bellows were

“ The multitude may not be always as much in use by papists in those attempted; it is indifferent, however,

equal to detect the deception which is days as false representations and lies with the learned; for there is a peculiar are by bible-mongers in our own, I style and form in alloriginal documents, am not able to determine; but such and particularly in papal, bulls, that is the pretty gay which adorns this render iipitation easy in one sense, but danger-proclaiming document to

difficult in another, and the learned gefrighten the stout hearts of the en nerally carry about them the key of de

tection. There is no better mode of lightened people of England; nor proving the authenticity of papers, in are its contents of a less shocking the first instance, than that of compas nature, as the editor gravely assures rison. his readers, that "CATHOLIC PRIESTS “ I will not enter upon a minute inare the agents in this horrible, this vestigation of the style and contents of diabolical cruelty;” and that “De- this bull before us, addressed to the Vils and ROMAN CATHOLICS stand primate of Poland, as it is said to be;

but merely observe that it carries in the by and enjoy the scene.” Enough very face of it all the evidence of forgery has been said to prove the liberality and of English manufacture; 'whilst, on of the supporters of such base tricks; the other hand, I think I can show let us now examine the integrity of satisfactorily that it is not of Roman these genuine popery-haters.

origin. I before alluded to the publication

I happened to be in Rome, Mr. of the bull against the bible-socie. Editor, on the very day this bull to the

archbishop of Gnesn is reported have ties, a copy of which I inserted in been signed, and can undertake to my last number, and gave my de- affirn, that on that very day the pope cided opinion of its being a spurious was never once in the church or palace instrument. On the 9th instant, the of St. Mary Major, or St. Mary the Rer. Mr. Gandolphy published a let. Greater. Every one who has any know. ter in The Day and New Times pa- ledge of the Roman court is aware, that

the 29th of June, the festival of the per of that date, respecting the ge- martyrdom of St. Peter and St. Paul, nuineness of this bull, in which this is more distinguished than any other - respectable writer says,

day of the year, by the splendour of the Having a decided aversion to what church service and exhibitions; which, ever is surreptitiously or clandestinely in fact, continue nearly the whole of the obtained or falsely advanced, for the day, or from nine o'clock in the mornpurpose of practising deceit towards the ing until ten at night. To be prepared, public, on any point of religion, I beg therefore, for the fatiguing ceremonies of leave to recall the attention of your sea.

St. Peter's day at Rome, the pope's prac. ders, at this critical inoment of catholic | tice is to move on the preceding even

ing, together with the secretary of state, circumstanee for our bull-manufac. from the palace of Monte Cavallo to the turer, and ought to deter him from Vatican, adjoining to St. Peter's church, putting any more of his vile and

Hay. city which is the most distant from the dirty tricks into execution. church of St. Mary Major, or ihe ing thus established the spuriousness Greater. Now, I can declare, on my of the second bull, by the most incertain knowledge, that during the controvertible evidence, I will now whole of June 29, 1816, the pope never prove the first to have no better quitted the Vatican palace and St. Pe grounds for its authenticity, by the ter's church, and that he only returned testimony of Mr. Scrutator, alias following day. There are actually the author of a book purporting to

Luther, alias Ralib, alias Laicus, many other travellers in London, who the author of a book purporting to can support me in the same declara. be a History of the Jesuits, who has tion. I have, moreover, reason for be- lately been proved by Mr Dallas to lieving, that the pope did not transact be therein a disingenuous perverter any business at St. Mary Major’s during of quotations, and a frontless falsifier the whole of last year.

of recorded facts. Is it to be won“Having, as I conceive, therefore,

dered then that he should coin established an alibi for the pope against the date of this bull, and not wanting papal bulls for the promoting of his other motives for believing this docu- base and bigotted intentions? In the ment to be a forged instrument foisted first number of “ Anti-biblion, into the public journals, I cannot hesi- The Papal Toscin,"contaiving news tate, Mr. Editor, to condemn and ex. from Rome and Poland, with a copy pose in the most undisguised manner,

of the pope's bull and notes thereihis new attempt at deception; and, I trust, your readers will perceive that on, by SCRUTATOR, is inserted, page the fictitious bull has been merely 8, the following notice :manufactured to, prejudice the protest- As a postscript to my FIRST EDIant mind at this moment against the Tion, these words were subjoined :claims of their catholic fellow-sub- If any private individual possesses a jects."

copy of the pope's bull or brief, and This letter, from the pen of Mr. withholds it froin the British public

without substantial reasous, he is earGandolphy, it appears by a subsequent publication of the forger of the script of it to SCRUTATOR, at Mr.

nestly requested to convey a fair tranbull, is considered insufficient to

HATCHARD's, 190, Piccadilly.' Five invalidate the authenticity of his days after the publication of that re

cutting instrument,” as he terms guest, I received a packet from Mr. it; and he has had the audacity to Hatchard, which came to him by the send forth another bull, said to post, containing THE PAPAL BÚLL, have been sent to the archbishop of long afterwards, four more copies were

and directed to SCRUTATOR. Not Mechlin on the 3d of Sept. last, on

consulted, which agreed substantially the same subject. But, unfortu- together and it cannot be dishelieved nately for the inventor, a reference that all of them came from the same to the Almanach Royal de la Cour, original at Rome, differing only so des Provinces Méridionales et de la much as the several transcribers might Villa de Bruxelles, pour l'An. 1817," be supposed to vary.

" Doubtless, the Romish prelates in will shew that the see of Mechlin or Malines has been for some time VA-ed with this new brief or rescripi ; and

the British empire arealready acquaintCANT, and is now governed by a it is fit that every protestant should now vicar-general. Consequently, his read its appalling contents, that a clear holiness is made to address an offi- proof may not be wanting of the real cial instrument to a character not in sense of the church of Rome itself on existence! This is rather an ugly | so weighty and interesting, a subject !



Ilere, then, we have its plain meaning ing a certain papal brief, or redeliberately, officially, and publicly descript, which is known to have been clared, upon the most indubitable au

issued from Rome last June, against thority=- LET HIM

bible societies ; for these allusions UNDERSTAND."

“ After my corrected, copy of this (he says) are propounded in such bull (obtained by carefully collating loose and general terms, as to give several MSS.) had been printed in Latin no precise idea of the contents of and English, I saw LUTHER's transla. that document. Some light, howtion of it in the Times of April the 10th. ever, (continues the writer) seems If I had fully approved of his version, to be thrown on the subject by one of and been willing to adopt it, I could not then have done so; but, I thought that the highly interesting letters of the performance was not sufficiently close Rev. Robert Pinkerton, from Rusand literal to be placed by the side of sia, &c. which are just published by the Latin, although it conveyed the ge: the British and Foreign bible socieneral sense and spirit of the original: ty. The editor then quotes a long I therefore sent my own printed copy, detail from one of the letters, dated in both languages, for insertion in several of the newspapers

and journals.

October 22, 1816, which gives an Still, however, incorrect copies continue account of the pious labours of this to be widely circulated and quoted.

Bible missionary in Poland, and the April 18, 1817,"

obstacles he encountered from the This number, as I stated in my archbishop of Gnezn, but contains last, I have every reason to conjec- not a distant hint of the existence ture was left for me at my Reper- or production of a bull against his tory, in Drake. street, by the editor exertions. Nay, Mr. Scrutator personally, the day after the date of himself acknowledges, that he is the above article, namely the 19th. unable to fill up the chasm in Mr. Whether an edition of the Antibi- Pinkerton's letter, which leaves him blion was ever published in any other very much in the dark, and cannot shape than the copy" I hold, which he says be supplied without consultpurports to be the second edition, ing the original letter.- Nevertheenlarged, I have my doubts ; par- less he thinks it cannot be doubted ticularly as Mr. Scrutator did not whose powerful authority was innotice such a work when he in- terposed at the request of the archformed the editor of the Morning bishop, to prevent Mr. Pinkerton's Chronicle, that he intended immedi- benevolent object being accomplishately to publish, the Latin and Eng. ed in Poland, and the inventive gelish version of the bull at Mr. nius of Mr. Scrutator soon contrives Hatchard's, with notes and illustra- a niethod to get over this difficulty ; tions.-But admitting a first edition not reader by referring to the origito have been disposed of, let us com- nal letter of Mr. Pinkerton, był to pare the dates and see how rapidly an article written by himself, under the sapient writer has been enabled the signature of “ LUTHEĶ," and to bring forth this “ cutting instru. inserted in The Times, eleven days ment,” which is truly of a keen interior to the date of this first edi, nature, as it possesses the facul- tion of the Antibiblion.--This mysty of cutting its inventor for the terious business is partly unravelled, simples. The date of this Antibi- he says, by a correspondent who blion is March 31, 1817, and com- calls himself “ LUTHER,” in the mences by expressing the surprize of “ Timesnewspaper of March 20th, the editor of seeing of late “obscure He then gives large quotations from allusions, in several journals, ma- this writer, from which the subjoined gazines, and newspapers, respect- ) extract is taken :- What has been anciently avowed by the church of pretended bull, since he is very li. Rome, respecting the danger of cir- beral in citing its contents, but the culating the scriptures of truth, and time was not yet arrived for its apthe impropriety of their being read pearing in print; a little more chi. by any nation in its own tongue, canery must first be played off, and has been recently promulgated with the public curiosity be further all the influence of pontifical autho- whetted, before the charm was disrity, and with all the force which closed. Accordingly the editor, language can convey. It was only concludes his article, with the fol. in the CLOSE of the last year that, lowing words:-" The forging of on occasion of a bible society being a pope's brief is not to be imagined. about to be established in Poland, I am therefore constrained to believe the present pope, with the full con- that the official document itself, currence of all the cardinals of the which is thus quoted in the Times," Romish see, whom he expressly has a real existence. If so, where states that he had first convened in is it? and why has not this anony: council, issued a bull against bible mous writer given more of its precisocieties in general, and against cious contents? I beg to inquire, that intended to be formed in parti- whether a copy of it does not pow cular.Let me here observe, that lie in the archives of that noble sothe letter of Mr. Pinkerton, in- ciety (in Earl Street) which elecserted in the same number of the trifies the world? The attempt to Antibiblion,” from whence the conceal it long must be useless ; for above extract is quoted, expressly it has been repeatedly cited in our states, that on the 9th of May last, journals, &c. and different people the Polish bible society was finally make the pope's bull a topic of cona and unanimously established;" that / versation in public assemblies. Then, “the catholic bishops of Kuavia, I ask, why should its entire and un. Cracow, and Culm, with one of the disguised meaning be thus painfully uniat bishops, were chosen vice. withheld ? That which was deemed presidents; and that twelve direc. by his holiness proper to be issued tors, (of whom three were protest- officially in Poland, is necessary to ents) two secretaries, and a treasurer, be published for the information of were likewise appointed. Now, if all the world, and especially for Mr. Pinkerton speaks truth, Mr. PROTESTANTS OF THE British Em. Luther must be a fabricator of lies; Erre.”-Ah! reader, here we have for the latter says, it was at the the clue for the promulgation of this close of the last year the bull was

fabricated instrument. - It was not issued, in consequence of a bible so- for the information but the illusion ciety being about to be established; of the Protestants of the British whereas the date of the bull is the empire," at the critical juucture of middle of the year, and the founda- the discussion of the catholic claims tion of the society was accomplished in the imperial senate, which promptshortly after its commencement.- ed the authors of this nefarious But these are trifting mistakes in a scheme to commence their opera. writer who assumes the name of an tions. If the sentiments contained arch-bibliac, openly acknowledging in this instrument, sentiments opento have received advice from the father ly avowed by several of the preof lies.-From the rest of Mr. Scru-lates and other divines of the esta. tator's quotation of the modern Lu- blished church, had been issued in ther, it is evident the latter writer the plain form of a pamphlet, they wa: in possession of a copy of this would not have had the desired el.


fect; it was therefore pecessary to | of treachery, and expose the foul vend them under some imposing as- manæuvres resorted to by protestpect, and what so terrifying to the ant bigots to support their system vision of a bigotted protestant as a of intolerance. - In the middle of PAPAL BULL! - Although the poor of February the papers stated, that ignorant and priest-ridden catholic, Mr. Brougham announced to the who, as Jobn Locke says, is oblig- house of commoas the intention of ed to believe whatever the pope sir Henry Parnell to bring forward pleases to teach him, under pain of a motion early in March on the subhell fire, has the temerity to defie the ject of the catholic claims, which thunders of the Vatican, as the recent motion was intended as a prelude proceedings in Ireland indisputably to a general discussion of the ques. testify, yet the horns of this beast tion. -Soon after this, notice was

so formidably terrific to the given by Mr. Grattan of his intenenlightened” protestant, that no tion to move the house on the casooner does he begin to beļlow, than tholic petitions about the middle of the yell of " No-popery,” is spread April, but which was subsequently through the ranks, and penal and put off till the 9th of May..-In proscriptive statutes are immediate consequence of this intelligence, the ly called for, to prevent the favoured biblical conspirators commenced creatures of the creation from being operations. Accordingly, Mr. Lugorded into a friendly civil union ther made his appearance in the with the adherents of the supposed 66 Times" in March, who was shortly monster.-Of all classes of christians succeeded by the Antibiblion; and in the world, none are so stupidly it will be seen by a comparison of credulous as the generality of pro- dates, that the plotters had so matestants in England but particu- naged their plan, that had the queslarly those who dissent from the es- tion come on according to the first tablished church ; nor are some of notice given by Mr. Grattan, no the most enlightened among them time would have been allowed to free from this calamity, as the man- detect the imposition.— The precise ner in which this bull was brought day of the first appearance of forth exemplifies.- If this document Mr. Scrutator's Antibiblion, I am had a real existence; if it was offi- unable to ascertain ; it is dated the cially promulgated at the end of 31st of March, and therefore allowlast year in Poland, why, let me ask, ing the author and printer to have did it pot first appear in some of the used the utmost celerity, it could foreign protestant gazettes? Why not have been ready for publication was it kept in reserve, till the eve before the first of April, (All Fools' of the expected debate on the claims day). How it was put into circuof the catholics? Why were the lation I am also incompetent to say ; contents of this appalling" in- I do not recollect its being adverstrument first disclosed to the “Pro- tised, but surely the whole impresTESTANTS OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE?" sion was not sold in a day. The Why, in short, did not some of the editor in his third number says, be « Saints' request a learned ba- is indebted to private hands for a ronet to tack this " execrable and very extensive circulation; well, be odious" mandate, to the volumi- it so; still there must be sufficient nous collection of official and non- space allowed for their travelling, official

papers he had already scraped which we will suppose to be two together for the information of the days more.-Now, reader, observe; senators of the nation ?- But it is this writer pretends to be ignorant time to unravel this invidious piece of the existence of the bull, and

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