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Arcient Faith,"--and “ An Expo- I shall always venerate him as his chief sition of Liturgy,having been cor- and spiritual guide in all his missionrected, and otficially approved at the ary labours -and that to merit his holy see --and the said approba- approbation shall always be his eartions moreover having been there nest endeavour and ambition. subsequently confirmed by authority The Rev. Peter Gandulphy more and official' answers to all the ob- over seizes this opportunity of dejections which had been offered, claring, that he wishes nothing more having been since transmitted to the sincerely than a perfect reconciliation Right Rev. Dr. Poynter, V. A.-the with every person who may have been sacred congregation of Propaganda, led to oppose him in this unfortunate wishing to put this affair completely dispute, so trying to hiin under every to rest, (ut molestæ huic contro- consideration—that he is ready to verse finis aliquando ponatur,”) allow every tniny passed to sink into and that every cause of misunder- oblivion for ever to forgive as he standing might be entirely removed, hopes to be forgiven--and here rehas, (by letters both to Dr. Poyn- tracts, before the public, every ter and the Rev. Peter Gandolphy, charge, impatient complaint, or ununder date of the first of March.*) charitable assertion, which he may on one part, required, that the Rev. have offensively made on my oceaPeter Gandolphy be immediately sion. Peter GANDOLPHY. ("sine mora,") restored to the pos- Spanish-place, April 15, 1817. session of his former missionary faculties—and, on the other hand, that

PASTORAL LETTER. the said Peter Gandolphy do apologize to Dr. Poynter for whatever To THE ROMAN CATHOLIC may have been disrespectfully stated CLERGY AND LAITY OF THE by him in an address to the public, LONDON DISTRICT. hastily printed some months back, and of which Dr. Poynter had com

Keep that which is committed to thy trust, plained to the holy see. The Rev. avoiding the profane novelties of words, and

oppositions of knowledge falsely so called; Peter Gandolphy therefore, in com

which some promising, hate erred concernpliance with the order of the holy ing the faith, 1 Tim. yi. 20, 21. see, most willingly offers his humble apologies to Dr. Poynter, for what- DEARLY BELOVED BRETHREN ever may bave been disrespectful to AND CHILDREN

JESUS his rdship in the said address, and, CHRIST,-It is one of the princiin consequence, confidently hopes, pal duties of bishops, who are the that mus Tordship will now, without official guardians of the sacred depefurther delay, restore to him those sit of divine faith, to preserve, faculties, for the restitution of which within the limits of their respective the holy see has so earnestly inter- spiritual jurisdictions, the doctrine of ested itself.

the catholic church in its original The Rev. Peter Gandolphy takes purity and integrity; and to transthis opportunity also of declaring, mit the same without change to their that at all times he shall be ready to successors. Hence it is their right, retract any errors notified to him by as well as their duty, to exercise Dr. Poynier-that lie bears, and their authority in forbidding and in wishes to show, every respect to him preventing, by every means in their as bis legitimale superior~ that he power, the propagation of doctrines

which they judge to be errors con* Received the 24th of March, trary to the faith of the catholic



church, amongst the people commit


other errors of a simi. ted to their charge. To a prohibi- lar nature would be discovered in tion of this nature issued by a bishop, them, we forbad him to circulate obedience is due in conscience from these works, or to permit them to be every person subject to his ecclesi- circulated in our vicariate, until the astical jurisdiction, until the doc- errors should be corrected, or the trines which the bish p judges to be judgment of the apostolical see should erroneous are corrected to his satis- be passed on them ,- that the anthur faction, or until the judgment of the declared to us his intention of immebishop concerning them is corrected diately presenting these his works by the judgment of an ecetesiastical to his holiness, in order to their extribunal, to which he himself is sub-amination, and of submittiog them jeet. By this regular dependance to the judgment of the apostolic see and gradual subordination in the -hat in the mean time, in obedience hierarchy of the catholic church, to our command, he gave orders that according to which priests are sub- the circulation of these his works in ject to their bishops, and all the bi- the London district should be withshops of the church are subject to held ;-bat when he presented them the sovereign pontiff, the unity and to the pope, his holiness sent them integrity of faith have been pre- to the sacred congregation of the served in all ages from the begin- Propaganda to be examined ;-that ning.

the cardinal prefect of the PropaganIn the discharge of our pastoral da otiicially communicated to us a duties, we have been compelled to strict order, that the prohibitios on exercise our authority in Jabouring to

these works in our vicariate should preserve the purity of faith, and to remain in its full force, until the prevent the propagation of error in judgment of the apostolic see should ihis district. That you

be passed on them;---that to this guarded against the danger of de moment we have no knowledge that eeption, to which you are exposed the judgment of the apostolic see has from various erroneous statements been passed on them; - that the and unauthorized documents that author, in violation of this our been lately circulated relative bibition, ordered or permitted the to the subject on which we now ad- sale of these works in the London dress you, we feel it to be our duty district about the beginning of Septo communicate to you the following tember last, afier he had stopped joformation and admonitions.

the sale of them here for about nine We therefore make known to you, months ;-that for having obstinate dearly belured brethren and children ty persisted in ordering or permitting in Jesus Chri:t, that certain works, the sale of his works in this district entitled “Liturgy” or “ Exposition beyond a certain day, after he had of Liturgy," and Defence of the been repeatedly reminded of our Ancient Faith,'' having been“ pub- prohibition, and had been duly adlislied in our vicariate by a clergy- mouished of the consequences


perman subject to our spiritual jurisdic- sisting in the violation of it, he did tion, which works we judged to con- by luis own act incur the canonical tain docirines contrary to the ancient censure of suspension, which we had faith of the catholic church;-ihat denounced to him ;--that even after having pointed out some of these his suspension he gave further proof errors to the author, and having de- of lais contumacy, by pointing out in clared our just apprehensions ihat, his address to the public, dated when the whole work should be exa- | Oci. Ś, 1816, the places in Londou

may be


where his hooks might be hall, which posed as an apology, began with mishe was forbidden to permit to be stating the ground of his suspension : sold in the London district.

consequently it could not be admitHence, dearly beloved brethren ted. and children in Jesus Christ, you may On the evening of the 18tlı instant, observe that the real cause of the few copies of a printed paper is the suspension incurred by the author forın of an apoleg', dated April 15, was his obstinately persisting in or- 1817, were forwarded to us by didering or permitting the sale or cir- rection of the autkor. But we have culation of these his works in our been compelled to inform him, that vicariate, before the errors

this paper, which, we must remark, corrected, or the judgment of the was published by bim before it was apostolical see concerning their was communicated to us, cannot be adcommunicated to us. In the cor- milted as a sufficient apology, berection of these errors we have now cause it contains assertions which are no concern; since the works have not true, and because it is in no rebeen referred by the author himself gard a competent satisfaction, or any to a higher tribunal, the apostolic satisfaction at all. We wish it must see, for iheir examination and cor- particularly to be observed, that inrection.

asnych as this paper see is evidentWe should have been happy long ly intended to convey an idea that ago to have restored the author to these his works have received the the exercise of his sacerdotal func- approbation of the holy see; the tions, if he had been willing to conn- character and dignity of that holy termand and stop, to ihe best of his and apostolical see, have, we apprepower, the circulation of his works hend, been deeply wounded by it. (uatil the judgment of the apostolic We have therefore required that he see should be passed ou them,) to re- publicly retract that paper:

Not tract his advertisement of the sale of having lost sight of the subject, which them, dated Oct. 5, 1816, to make in our ans:1er of the 26th of March, due satisfaction for his disobedience we had required time duly to consito episcopal authority, and to repair der, and being anxious to restore the the evil which his disedifying cou au hor to the exercise of his sacred duct had occasioned.

functions, on such terms as duty and The sacred congregation of the charity should dictate to us, we had Propaganda (by a letier to the au- prepared a form of declaration for thor, under date of the first of March, the author to sigu, grounded on a received on the 24th of the same letter of the cardinal prefect of the month) having commanded him to Propaganda to him, dated the 1st of nuake a public acknowledgement of Marchi, 1817. Before the receipt of bis past offensive conduct to his bi- his priuted paper, we had, for the shop, and to ask pardon for the same, purpose of proposing this declaration the author did, on the 25th of March, to him, requested his attendance on submit to us, in writing, a form of Saturday, the 19th instant; baviny an advertisemen, which he had previously determined, that before drawn up for that purpose. To his he should sign it, we woulil, at bis letter contaiving this forn, we re request, deliver a copy of it to him, turned an answer iu writing the fol- that he might have an opportunity lowing day, March 26th, requiring to consider it at his leisure: but he time to consider the subject, and absolutely refused to hear a word of observing, in the mean while, that this deciaration read to him. Such the advertisement which he had pro- disregard as he manifested for epis

[ocr errors]

copal authority is most distressing contrary to the faith of the catho. and afflicting to us.

lic church, we caution you not to reAs in the printed paper above al-ceive them as orthodox works. luded to, dated April 15, the author In our solicitude to preserve the asserts that his works have been cor- purity of the catholic faith in our vi. rected and officially approved at the cariate, and to remove fron, you the boly see, and refers to certain ap- danger of error concealed under the probations which he brought with specious title of orthodox doctrine, him from Rome, we feel it our duty we have judged it necessary to 'adto inform you, dearly beloved bre- dress to you these instructions and thren and children in Jesus Christ, admonitions in the present circuinthat these works have not been cor- stances. rected and officially approved by the The Lord direct your hearts in holy see, and that ihe approbations, the charity of God, and the patience which he has presumed irregularly of Christ ...... The grace of our to publish in our vicariate, are not the Lord Jesus Christ be with


all. approbations of the apostolic see.The Amen. 2 Thess. iii. 5, 18. cardinal prefect of the Propaganda WILLIAM, Bishop of Halia, has informeri us, that these appro

Vic. Ap. Lon. bations were obtained in a clandes- London, April 24, 1917, tine manner; that the sacred congregation (to which our missions are NOTE ON THE PASTORAL, subject) had no part in them, and that one of the two persons,


A FRIEND of the Rev. P. G.' gave these approbations, was com- observing a strong feeling to have manded to write to the authors, and been excited against him, by the soto charge him not to dare to publish lemn denunciation, read in all the his works till the whole should be ex- chapels of London on Sunday week, plained. These approbations there- thinks it essential to the cause of fore not being given by any authority justice to put the public in possesto which we are subject, have no

sion of two letters which have come force in our vicariate. Hence our to his knowledge, and which, by judgment concerning his works, and throwing a considerable light upon our prohibition relative to the circu- the subject, are eminently calculated Jation of them, remain in their full to lead the public to form their judgforce, and bind the author in con- ment of it on the true principles of science to respectful obedience. British justice, which in no case is

In these circumstances we deem it disposed to condemn an individual indispensably necessary to caution unheard. you, dearly beloved brethren and It is not meant to be inferred, that children in Jesus Christ, against re- these letters are calculated totally to' ceiving any documents, purporting exculpate this clergyman, but the to contain the approbation of these writer thinks it will be admitted by works by the apostolic see, not offi- every candid person, who will care. cially notified to you by us, we being fully consider their purport and date, the only legitimate authority for that they materially alleviate the officially communicating to you such weight of the charge against him, and, approbation. But as no approban at any rate, lay a strong claim to tion of the apostolic see has yet been have been considered so far at least communicated to us, and as the as to have procured some little delay works alluded to still contain various in the publication of the denunciadoctrines which we judge to be errors tion in question,

per which

Copy of a Letter from the Rev. P. G. to | Copy of a Letter from the Rev. P. G. to the the Right Rev. Dr. P.

Right Rev. Dr. P. "My LORD,-Feeling myself yester- * MY LORD,-I feel deeply concerned day taken by surprise, when your lord- at the unintentional offence, which it ship unexpectedly proposed to me, in appears I have given you, by hastily rethe formal presence of your three grand tiring from your lordship on Saturday vicars, to accept and subscribe to a pa. last, without waiting to hear the decla.

you had drawn,-(this paper ration read, which your lordship inwas to have been substituted for the printed tended me to sigo. I acknowledge, my apology, dated April 15,) as I then sig-lord, I was inuch to blame by acting 80 nified my objection to put my hand to precipitately, but my apology, which I avy matter which I am not allowed hope will be accepted, is, that I felt previously to examine and coolly to con- myself so ill by the anxiety of mind and sider with my friends, if your lordship agitation which this protracted affair yet requires my signature, I take the has occasioned in me, as well as by my liberty of requesting your lordship, to surprise at unexpectedly meeting is transmit to me a copy of what you wish formal assembly your three grand vi. me to subscribe. To a full apology as cars, as to be absolutely incapable of required by the Propaganda*, I shall discussing or deciding any thing in that never object. I have the honour to circumstance, and more especially as I be, your lordship's obedient humble conceived by your lordship saying, servaat; P. G..

that you would not be dictated to, "Spanish Place, April 20th 1817.", that you declined to allow me the famo

vour of considering your wishes in Right Rev Dr. P.

writing. I can assure your lordship, * The passage of the letter from the car.

that I did not retire through any disdinal prefect of propaganda to the Rev. P. respect or contempt of your authority. G. so much canvassed, is as follows: “ 'The “The apology or declaration to which holy congregation therefore, desirous that your lordship excepts, was published a termination may be pat to this unpleasant only in the conviction that you did not dispute, and that the source of disagree-choose to take further notice of the subments may be entirely done away, requires and orders, that on your part, you pub- ject

, or were waiting for some such licly declare that you humbly ask pardon shown himself most ready to produce his of your bishop for all those things by which you may have offended him, and especially letters and papers, and he would do the for your printed address to the public;

same for any person desirous of seeing

them. moreover that you are willing and ready to

It appears that every difficulty correct any errors, which may have

might be easily decided, by a reference to

crept into your printed works, and shall be noti

an official letter from the congregation of fied to you by the vicar apostolic, and that

the propaganda received by the Right Rev.

Dr. P. and dated March 1st, into which you promise him all obedience and sub

Mr. G's letter of the same date is transcribed mission. If you do this, we readily signify to the bishop himself, that he restore to you letter been produced, or spoken of in the

as a copy. Why has not this unnoticed your former faculties without delay. This just act of yours will satisfy the bishop, will printed pastoral? It is reported to termido bonour to yourself, and will remove all

nate with the following sentence.

66 This Cause of disagreements.

Wherefore no

holy congregation again formally comways doubting but your reverence will per his faculties, and accept of the submission

mands your lordship to restore to Mr. G. form this act of duty, I heseech the Al. mighty that he grant you whatever may be

be has by our directions proffered, and to your happiness and peace.”-By a pre

which he will again proffer; and we insist vious letter, dated Nov. 23, 1816, from the

that you never more tire. (fatiges") the sane authority as the last, the Rev. P. G. holy congregation upon this shameful and

odious affair.” was officially ioformed, “ that the holy con. gregation'bad directed the Right Rev. Dr.P. N. B.-By a recent letter from Rome, to call Mr. G. and to notify to him the errors it also appears, that the approbations of the which his lordship still discovers in the Rev. P. G.'s works, by the Master of the works, as well as any offence he might Sacred Palace, were AGAIN officially comhave given him -and on bis showing himself municated to the Right Rev. Ďr. P. by the willing to correct the errors, and to pay cardinal prefect of the Propaganda, in the him due submission, that his lordship was

very letter of the 1st of March, as the apto restore to Mr. G. his faculties" _The probations of agd By the HOLY APOSTO. writer can say, that his rev. friend has


2 A

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