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and religious advantages within their statement is represented to have been reach, merely because our nobility given by you, as on authority. It and leading gentry cannot attain to would, I doubt not, be mortifying to their peculiar object. They begin you to find, too late, that you had openly 10 threaten, that if the exist- been made the instrument (though ing board does not attend to their unconsciously,)of producing a gross grievances, they will form another error: therefore, sir, in justice to board for the purposes in question. you, and to the public, a more full With respect to the peculiar com- and correct statement shall speedily plaints of ihe catholic clergy, respect- appear in the public papers, from ing soldiers, marriages, &c. they are which you will find, and the public convinced, that they need but ask for will find, that you were very ipadeacts of parliament to redress them, quately acquainted with the trans(which acts indeed are so obviously action you referred to, and that, in wanted for the welfare of the state) effect, you were quite misinformed in order to obtain them.

upon it. The true and authenticat. I aui far from wishing to divide ed statement shall be sent for inserour body in any way or degree what- tion in the principal papers of Monever; and therefore I hope that the day next: it shall be brief, but una present board will act in such a man- questionable, and fully sufficient to ner as to satisfy the complainants, shew you how very erroneous an and to render a second board totally impression the statement which you unnecessary.

MENTOR are represented as having given, was London, May 17, 1817.

calculated to produce.

Saturday, May 10, 1817. Letter addressed to the Right Hon.

William Elliott, inserted in the THE REV. MR. GANDOLPHY. Courier of May 10th.

(From the Courier of May 12.) SIR, -Some of the public prints reporting last night's debate, have The nature and authority of the attributed to you the following Rev. Dr. Gandolphy's Work, restatement, as made in reply to cita- ported to have been described by the tions read by John Leslie Foster, right honourable Wm. Elliott, in the esq. from a late work of high Roman house of commons, last Friday night, catholic authority:

as “ Dr. Gandolphy's pamphlet “ Doctor Gandolphy, some quo- which was taken by him to Rome, tations from whose pamphlet appear. and there approved of by an officer, ed to make a considerable impres- who did not understand the Eng. sion on the house it is true), took lish language, and whose approbahis work to Rome, and his work tion was clandestinely obtained, -a was there approved; but, it was ap- pamphlet, on account of the publiproved of by an officer who did not cation of which, Dr. Gandolphy is understand the English language; now under the censures of THE and cardinal Litta has written to inform doctor Poynter, that the ap- The work above alluded to, is probation was clandestinely obtain- not a pamphlet, but a series of sered. The author has been suspend-, mons in four volumes, London, ed on account of his publication, and 1815, by Dr. Gandolphy, a learned, is now under the censure of the able, and eloquent English Roman church.”

oatholic priest of great eminence.The above partial and fallacious The first part of these sermons was


printed during the life of the late , work, contrary to right faith and vicar apostolic of the London dis- the principles of sound morality, that trict (Dr. Douglas,) and with a work I am, on the contrary, disposed to on the Liturgy, was presented to admire the talents, the erudition, the him a few years since. He wrote, piety, and not less the elegant and in return, a most flattering* letter pure style of this most distinguished to the author, expressing his hope and well-deserving defender of relithat these works were only the pre- gion; and, therefore, I declare, that lude to greater exertions; and bis multiplied editions of this work, so joy at having one of his clergy qua- worthy to be cased in cedar and lified by his talents so ably to assert gold, will be profitable and highly the cause of religion. In conse- advantageous to the catholic church.” quence, however, of a difference The selected divines who prowith Dr. Poynter, (the present vicar nounced the approbations, were the apostolic) Dr. Gandolphy took his most rev. father Damiani, conventilworks to be examined at Rome; and al of the order of St. Francis, mashe has solemnly declared in his ter of sacred theology, and English published defence of himself,) that, penitentiary in the Vatican church at Rome, the agent of the small party of St. Peter, and the most rev. fain London, who were anxious to ther O'Finan, of the order of St. suppress his works, opposed all ex- Dominick, professor of sacred scripamination; that even bis detention ture, and prior of the convent of St. within the precincts of the inquisi- Sixtus and Clement, in the city of tion was earnestly sought; but, Rome. The former dated his judgthat “his character carried him ment, June 18, 1816, the latter, through every difficulty at Rome, June 24, 1816. . and he returned with the approba- Having received these approbations of his works byTHE PROPER AU- tions from the two selected judges, THORITY. That authority, without the master of the apostolical palace whose approbation the pope himself added his official sanction to the cannot publish."

publication of the work. This authority is the most reve- But, adds the report of the right rendMaster of the Sacred Apostolical honourable Wm. Elliott's statenient, palace. He selected two most emi- “Dr. Gandolphy is now under the pent Roman divines who did under- censure of THE CHURCH.' stand the English language; and He is under the censure of Dr. referred Dr. Gandolphy's work to Poynter, and perhaps this may be their examination and judgment. called the censure of the church. After nearly a month's close exami. But this is not a proof against the nation of the work, they pronounced authority of Dr. Gandolphy's work; their entire and unqualified appro- and, it is evident from Dr. Gandolbation of it, not only as truly or phy's published defence, together thodox, but as rendering the arti- with Dr. Poynter's pastoral letter, cles of the catholic faith,clear as published about a fortnight sioce, the light, and establishing her vic that though the former so readily tory over her discomfitted and con- succeeded in obtaining such decisive futed opponents. And one of these approbation of his work by the prodivines concluded his approbation per authority at Rome, yet, that the with these words.--"* So far am I efforts of the latter, continued for from discovering any thing in this many months, did not obtain a con.

demnation of the work by any au. * The words used by Mr. Ganda?pby in thority at Rome; and farther, Dr. his publishod defence.

Poynter, has not declared, in his cheered by the opposition, calculatpastoral letter, or in any public ed to mislead? At the same time, so document, which of Mr. Gandol highly and justly respected an indiphy's principles he condemos as vidual could not have entertained contrary to the Roman catholic the least intention of misleading the faith. It should also be observed, judgment of any one. that Mr. Gandolphy's authority has Monday, May 16. been much looked up to by the great body of his communion; but that Letter from the Rev. Mr. GandolDr. Poynter has been charged even phy to the Editor of the Morning by his brother vicar apostolic, Dr. Post, inserted May 16th. Milner, with being a supporter of schismatics. Severe censure of parts SIR, -In consequence of what has of his conduct has been passed by been reported by your respectable Dr. Troy, (Roman catholic arch paper, to have been stated in a late bishop of Dublin), in his authenti- debate on the catholic question, recated letter published by Dr. Mil. specting myself, I feel called upon ner; and the official paper of the most positively to disavow the lanIrish Roman catholics, described guage and expressions which a memDr. Poyoter as joined with a small ber of parliament has thought proper party who were for 20 years endra- to ascribe to me, in quality of author vouring to undermine the catholic of some controversial works, which church.

-having been examined at the holy Lastly, the statement attributed to see as to their orthodoxy on that Mr.Webber is certainly true,viz, that point, have been there officially apall the dangerous principles asserted proved. Any member may, unin Dr. Gandolphy's highly import doubtedly, offer his own inferences ant work, may be found maintained ; and comments to parliament as part in the class-book, now used for the of his speech, but I conceive every divinity students at Maynoth col- one would refuse him the right and lege, near Dublin. The chief dif- liberty of reading and representing ference is, that the latter is a latin them as the language and published book, written in a very dry, forbid - sentiments of another man. Yet, ding, scholastic style. The former Mr. Editor, I am forced to complain is, perhaps, one of the best written of having been lately treated in this works in the English language, and manner, and I absolutely deny that frequently distinguished by a glow- I have ever printed what the member ing eloquence. The passages re- in question has imputed to me. ported to have been cited by Mr. The controversial writings referLeslie Foster, are by no means the red to, undoubtedly contain, like most objectionable. It abounds with every catholic catechism, some paspassages, which, 'under the present sages against which it may be expectcircumstances, (it were much to be ed that protestants would protest ; wished) the advocates of the Ro. nevertheless, in the same works man catholic claims, and generally, other passages may be discovered,on the protestants of the united king- loyalty-on submission to a protestdom, were de acquainted with. ant government and on social and But; will not a candid person, after practical charity, which even a proa view of the circumstances which testant parliament might possibly have been stated, consider the reply sanction with its imprimatur. referred to, and represented as given I must moreover declare, that the on authority by Mr. Elliott, and honourable member has, in fact, to. tally reversed the ground on which who coveted a different decision, but I stood at the holy see; where I that there has been any thing unfair never acted but in the character of or surreptitious in the proceeding, DEFENDANT against imputations the at least on my part, I most positivevery opposite to those which he has i ly deny; and to explain why I have so publicly, but unfoundedly, charg. been since suspended (and only ed against me; whilst the formal de since) puzzles the adepts in canon cisions given by the authorized Ro- law, both at Rome and in England. man divines, who examined the The insertion of this letter in your works, and who did understand paper, Mr. Editor, will oblige your English, merely amount to a verdict much calumniated, and obedient in my favour, of not guilty. These humble servant, decisions have been subsequently

PETER GANDOLPHY. confirmed and ratified.

Spanish-place, May 15,1817. The verdict may not please those



on the question of our emanci- activity shewn by the dissenters to pation, we are happy to perceive, is oppose lord Sidmouth's projected likely to be attended with the most amendment of the Toleration act, and beneficial effects, by the subsidency the result which followed those exof all party distinctions in the catho-ertions. And why should we pot lic body..--The accounts from Ire- display the same zeal, the same en. land are extremely congratulatory en ergy in support of true religion, and this head, and we feel peculiar satis. our own just rights ?

Our case is faction in observing, that those who now placed in its proper pasis. The formerly advocated vetoistical mea- veto has been rejected by the opposures are now the foremost to admit nents of our claims as unsatisfactory the necessity of UNANIMITY. In and nugatury; and the resistance is this laudable motive we hope they more of a religious nature, than a will be followed by the individuals civil one.Our most inveterate adon this side the water, who have versaries are to be found among the bitherto supported the same danger members of the Bible societies, who ous system, and that our adversaries care as little for the concessions of will find us linked in one indissoluble fered by the liberal catholics, as they chain to seek redress in a constitu- do for the resistance of those who are tional

way from the senate of the not so willing to concede the rights country. Let all party dissentions of the clergy to release the laity. In sink into oblivion, and that unhallow- these circumstances it is useless to ed division unfortunately contrived hope for emancipation without unity, and coutinued to protract the cause conjoined with an active operation of of christianity and civil freedom be the press to counteract the calumLet each party see

nies circulated against our principles, their past errors, and try to amend and expose the peraicious designs of our enemies to circumvent the public If you are to make concessions, mind. Already bave the speeches and not embarrass them with painof Peel, Foster, Webber, and the ful conditions, the more simple the bishop of Ossory been announced for measure is made the better. publication in the shape of pamphlets; 6. The report on foreign regulait is therefore incumbent on us to tions (Hippisley's) is not applicable endeavour to soften dowu and era- to this country, because the right of dieate, if possible, the evil effects interference with the appointment which the circulation of these speci- of the catholic bishops, is solely mens of intolerance and bigotry are founded in their possessing tempolikely to produce on a people crèdu- ralities

seen no more.

, establishments and income." lous and ignorant in the extreme of On Sunday the 18th inst. a sermon catholic doctrines and principles.- was preached by the Right Rev. Dr. We therefore hope the literati of Poynter, at the chapel of St. Aloyour body will devote their abilities to sius, Somer's Town, in behalf of the expose the falsehoods of the day, and charity schools attached to that chathat our wealthy members will be pel, from the 7th verse of the 4th ready to support them with pecuni- chapter of the 1st Epistle of St. Joha, ary assistance, to enable then to For Charity is of God.In a continue their useful employments, very eloquent and impressive diswhich we are convinced will operate course, the venerable prelale took inore effectually to proinote the con- occasion to instil into the minds of summation of our wishes, thau the his auditory, that great principle of offer of any measures of a supposed charity, to be in love with all mancouciliatory nature, which can tend kind of every religious persuasion, to no substantial good, but will de- and dwelt with peculiar emphasis grade the character of those who and energy on the great attention offer them.

evinced by our divine Saviour to “We give (says the Dublin Chro- relieve the distresses of the poor, in nicle) the following literal extract giving bread to the hungry, health from lord Liverpool's speech, taken to the sick, sight to the blind, hearing on the spot by an intelligent mem- to the deaf, and strength to the ber of the lower house, a gentleman lame; noticed the fervour of the first of high honour and strict accuracy, christians, who, on embracing the viz.

law of Christ, sold their goods, the “ Lord LIVERPOOL-"I will not produce of which they laid at the refuse any thing that can be asked feet of the apostles, to be divided to afford partial relief, provided the among the poor; and traced this begovernment remains essentially pro- nign attention to the wants of the testant.

helpless through the first ages of the “ If concession is to be made, it church, which he illustrated with the ought to be made without legisla- particular examples of St. Lawrence tive interference with the catholic and Saint Vincent of Paul. The church.

learned prelate also alluded to the I will give nothing for a veto or numerous catholic charitable institufor domestic nomination ;:- I re- tions now existing in the metropolis nounce and disclaim all imputation as a proof that the same divine atagainst their clergy and the manner tribute of the Deity which animated of appointing them.

the primitive christians, still dwells “The bishops are as respectable in the members of the catholic church, a body of individuals as are likely and passed an eulogy on the munifito be chosen in any other way, cence of the nobility, gentry and

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