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to our present grievances, we should and abetting the destroyers of his inhave the mortification of seeing the heritance, that they may participate father of the faithful publishing to in the honours of this world.

the universe his sense of gratitude - towards the clemency and generosity

- MEANS PROPOSED TO AVERT THE of the most powerful British govern

EviLS DREADED. ment, in ameliorating our situation, The picture which I have drawn at the very time when we were smart- is such as cannot be contemplated ing under persecution, and expe- without dread; for, although it is riencing the daily insults of our bigot- now but in part imaginary, yet it is ted and calumniating enemies. And not improbable that it may sooner who shall we have to thank for all or later become reality, unless some this, should it unfortunately be course be adopted to check the inrealized, but the servile lay men and trigues now practising to deceive our temporizing ecclesiastics -who have spiritual head, and expose the delu, so audaciously, and against every sions heretofore successfully employ, right of justice and religion, usurp- ed for this purpose. In Ireland, the ed to themselves the management of clergy of the second order have alour spiritual and political concerns, ready begun to express their sentiand have offered to barter the inde- ments in conferences, with the dependence of the former to promote sign of having them laid at the feet the interests of the latter? But, do of the pontiff; and there is every they seriously expect to gain the reason to suppose the sentiments of summit of their wishes, even by the the prelates will be transmitted at sacrifice of their eternal welfare, the same time, in conjunction with which they seem disposed to make those of their clergy. The laity of If they do, their presumption and Ireland have already sent a remontreachery can only be exceeded by strance to Rome on the present their infatuation and cupidity. No, alarming state of their spiritual no; let them not Hatter themselves affairs; and surely it is a duty imwith such illusory hopes. The reign posed on the catholics, who reside in of intolerance is not yet at an end. this part of the kingdom, to unite If they imagine their emancipation with those of the sister island, both is near its completion, they are only heart and hand, in expressing their the dupes of intriguing statesmen, detestation of the plans in agitation, who take advantage of their insatia- to corrupt the purity and integrity ble thirst after temporal advance of the discipline of our church.-ment, to feed their eagerness, and But, as our situation is too stragat the same time plan the destruc- gling to enable us to meet in aggretion of that portion of God's church gate bodies, and as there is a law by corruption and bribery, which against holding assemblies of more three centuries of blood and pro- than fifty individuals, I would rescription have been unable to effect. commend that every congregation Let'me implore them, then, to reflect forth with draw up and sigo a decla, on the awful moment when they will ration, expressive of their utter averbe placed at the bar of the Great sion to any interference on the part Judge, where they must answer for of the crown in the appointment of their public as well as their private prelates to the vacant catholic dioactions, and consider the denuncia- ceses of Ireland, or the apostolic tions which will inevitably fall upon vicarships of Great Britain, because those who are found neglecting to such interference will inevitably tend cultivate the vineyard of the Lord, I to weaken that attachment which

now so happily subsists between the to a christian to expose himself, pastor and his flock, and create a merely for a momentary gratificadisregard for the divine influence of tion, to the danger of losing the religion, and thus sap the morals of grace of God, and to authorize, by this and future generations. When his presence, those profane exhibisigned, let the instrument itself be tions at wbich the whole morality of deposited with the records of the the gospel is overturned and set at district, and an authenticated copy, nought, to the great scandal of reliwith the number of signatures pro- gion, and corruption of morals? Can perly attested by the pastor, be for- the school of the world ever form an warded to Rome, to be submitted alliance with the school of Jesus to the holy father, who will thus Christ, or the maxims of the theabecome well informed of the feelings tre, assimilate with those of the of the catholics of England and gospel? There is not a greater disScotland, and of their complete tauce between light and darkness, coincidence with those of their Irish than there is between the spirit of brethren. Thus acquainted with christianity and the spirit of the playthe wishes of the catholics of Great house. All the lessons of the fore is Britain, which the venerable pontiff mer are directed to teach us to die has no doubt been told were unani- to the world and its criminal passions, mous in favour of vetoistical ar- or as the beloved disciple terms rangements, and thus put in posses-them, the concupiscence of the sion of the unhallowed plans laid to flesh, the concupiscence of the eyes, deceive him, no apprehension can be and the pride of life. On the other entertained for the final decision of hand, the sole tendency of the exour spiritual chief on the ecclesiasti-hibitions of the theatre is to nourish cal matter of this most important of in the soul an attachment to this all questions; for it can never be triple concupiscence and the indulimagined, that he who so courage- gence of corrupt inclination. In the ously braved the dungeons of Na- gospel Jesus Christ every where propoleon, in resisting that tyrant's am-nounces anathema, or condemnation, bitious views on the independence of to the world. In the theatre the the French clergy, will ever consent, world sits supreme; nothing is to be under more easy circumstances, to heard, nothing is to be seen, or even surrender up to the will of our bit- felt in the soul, but the world, which terest enemies, the pastors of our from the play-house, as from its church, when truly informed of the throne, establishes its maxims and dangers which would ultimately customs as the rule of conduct, paints await so fatal a determination, virtue and vice in such colours as it

WM. EUSEBIUS ANDREWS. pleases, and sets itself up as sovereign Somers-town, August 25, 1817. monarch and judge, from whose sen

tence there is no appeal. Is it, then, For the Orthodox Journal. from this school of the world, or at

the foot of the cross, and in the gosMR. EDITOR, The interesting pel of Christ, that a christian is to account, contained in your number learn the rules that are to regulate his for June, of the conversion of a conduct. young lady, is a striking proof that Perhaps it will be said that there ope of the most dangerous rocks to can be no harni in assisting at such christian piety is a fondness for the plays as have nothing in them directamusemeuts of the theatre. In fact, ly opposite to christian morality. how can it be otherwise than fatal | Alas! even in these, if three such

can be found, in which the morality confusion, and to aid you in discoand language are unexceptionable, vering the shares thus laid for your how

many circumstances are there virtue, I will set befure you, not in the manner of bringing them for- what the saints of former days bave ward upon the stage, and the repre. delivered against the representations sentation of the actors, as well as the of the theatre in their ages, but what surrounding company, wbich must thirty-six prelates, among whom renler them objects of dread to the were cardinals and archbishops, have, christian, who seeks to work out his about two months since, delivered, salvation with fear and trembling? written and taught as their septiUpon this point we cannot take a ments, and those of the church, at surer guide for our sentiments than all times, now as well as formerly. the language of our boly mother the To their sentiments, continues the church, in whose bosom we bave cardinal, I have myself sutscribed been nursed and educated, and of my name, and he then quotes their whose blessings we have tasted from decree. “We, the undersigned, our infancy. In what terms, then, are unanimously of opinion, that the does the church speak of the thea- represensations of the theatre, even tre? In the same terms in which as they are exhibited at present, are Jesus Christ has pronounced the very prejudicial to public morals; condemnation of the world. Her that the faithful cannot be permitlanguage, as to the stage, has never ted to frequent them, and that such varied through the long course of diversions are, above all, dangerous centuries; -in her councils, by the to youth. For this reason, notwithvoice of her chief prelates, by the standing the boasted purity of the mouth of her holy doctors, by the modern stage, the church varies not eloquence of her preachers, by ber her sentiments, but persists in resentence of excommunication against garding theatrical amusements as such as follow the profession of crimival.” It is not necessary, in actors, in short, by the whole of her order to merit this condemnation, doctrine and practice, she loudly, that they should present to us scenes condemns the amusements of the favourable to idolatry, or paint in theatre, as being in direct opposition full colours open violations of modesto her spirit, her institutes, and her ty and decency; it is sufficient that laws.

they are in direct opposition to the The venerable cardinal Delci, in morality of the gospel. Though a pastoral instruction to bis Hock, purged from the impure rites of paholds the following language respect. ganism, as well as from the filthy ing the stage.

* My dear brethren, obscenities that stained its performsuffer not yourselves to be seduced ances down to the 17th century, the by ignorant or ill-instructed guides, theatre of every nation still consea who dare to tell you that you have crates itself to the passion of love, their permission to frequent ihe thea- and tends to strengthen those dotre, and that all which we can say to mestic enemies which the christian is withdraw you from it, is merely a taught to consider as most dangerous repetition of the declamations of the to the soul. In this respect the holy fathers against the heathen heathen staye bad prodigiously the spectacles of their days; but by no advantage over the modern theatre, means applicable to modern theatri- being far more chaste and reserved. cal amusements, which these men St. Augustin, with humble confu. prvnounce to be harmless and lawful.sion tells us, the impression which To cover such ignorant guides with the soft representation of the teuder

I am,

passions upon the stage, unfortu- epistle from one personally unknown nately made upon his soul. “I did to him; but that this surprize would not yet feel ihe passion of love," be entirely done away, when he insays lie, “but I wished to feel it."'--formed him of the union that had The amusements of the stage con- taken place between him and his sistinued to add fresh fuel to the Aameter.


C.S. P. that had began to rage within him, and he, at length, plunged into the DEAR BROTHER, - Your unex. depth of misery. His example ought pected letter, I must admit, did very to convince us how much the theatre much surprise me ; and, I must conconcuis to strengthen the most dan- less at the same time, that. I am a gerous dispositions of the heart, and good deal puzzled and perplexed to io render difficult and nearly impos- know how to draw up a proper ansible the subduing of those domestic swer to it. Not that any thing you enemies, with whom it is the busi- have advanced or can advance, will ness of our lives to fight, and whom ever make me doubt a single point we must conquer, in order to secure of the catholic faith. No, it is too our salvation.

well established for you, or any man

else,' or all men put together, that To the Editor of the Orthodox dissent from it, ever to shake, much Journal.

less to overthrow it ; but because

your letter contains no one solid Mr. Editor, -The following principle in it: this it is that creates letter was sent by a young man in my difficulty. Give me leave to tell Lisbon (who some years before had you, that a man who professes (as embraced the catholic faith) to a you do) a total indifference to the young hot-headed bigot, who had, being a member of this or that sect without the knowledge of the former of christians, or no sect at all, but married his sister; hy which, amongst stands upon his own bottom; or, in other information acquired from her, fine, that chooses to be any thing but be learnt, that her brother had re- a catholic, bas neither principle, renounced protestantism. Upon this, ligion, nor faith at all; without fired with methodistical zeal, and which “it is impossible to please bloated with all the lying prejudices God." You talk much about beand misconceptions so common lieving: do you seriously think, that amongst his contemporaries, in this any mode of believing will conduct a unhappy land of bibles, he wrote a man to heaven? The scribes and flaming letter, pretty well larded with pharisees, as you see in the gospel, scriptural texts, but without order, believed in the written law of Moses, without method, (though a metho- &c. and were, above nieasure,

zealous dist) without connexion or argument; to naintain it in their way, and did iu fine, replete with every thing but all that lay in their power to discommon sense, to his brother in Lis. credit our Lord's doctrine and mirabon, which produced the answer Icles, as calculated to overthrow the herewith send you a copy. This hetero- Mosaic dispensation; but do you geneous tiaming epistle was accon- think thai mode of believing lias darpanied by ole of king James's bi- ried them to heaven? If you have bles, lest (as he informed lrim) he the hardihood to affirm it, then boldshould be destitute of that comfort; ly burn the gospels, nay, the whole telling bim in the beginning of bis new testament at ouce, and turn famous coniposition, that he would jew, turk, 'or gentile, or, at least, be amazed on the receipt of such an let those alone that are; for they all


have their system of believing as I have no faith in him.. Alas! unwell as you, and think it the best. happy man! No one is so well

You recommend me, with bluster- taught to put his whole trust and ing zeal, to search the scripture, confidence in Jesus Christ, as a good and, fearing I was not furnished catholic. He believes him alone to with a bible you sent me ope; but, be the Great Mediator of God and long before your's came to hand Iman ; through whom we have access had learnt from the testa- to the Father: that it is through his ment that Jesus Christ himself had infioite merits alone, we are to obo established and built his church, with tain all good things, both in this life his own sacred hauds, upon Peter, a and tbe next. Yes, we firmly besacred immovable rock, that should lieve in his own sacred words, stand its ground firm till the world's “Without me you can do nothing." end. I there also find living guides, And again,-. As the branch cannot chosen by him, viz. bis twelve apos- bring forth fruit unless it abide in tles, to whom he makes this solemn the vine, so neither can you, unless promise. And lo, I am with you you abide in me.” But at the same all days, even to the consummation time, in opposition to your impious of the world." And again, -" He doctrine, that the best of a good that heareth you heareth me, and christian's actions are sins, and only he that despiseth you despiseth me, deserve God's wrath and punish&c.” And, If he will not hear ment, and that he must force his the church, lét him be to thee as a way into heaven by an obstinate heathen and a publican.

beadstrong believing his own way, These are the credentials of the I answer, in the words of Jesus holy catholic church, this her patent Christ, —-6 That a bad tree cannot royal, given her by the King of bring forth good fruit ; neither can Kings, by whom she is entitled to sit a good tree bring forth bad fruit : in judgment, from whose tribunal and every tree that bringeth not there is no appeal! l labour in this forth good fruit shall be cut down, saving faith to remain ingrafted in and cast into the fire.St. . Paul the true vine, from which, whoever cries out,~6. I can do all tbings in is lopped off shall perish in the him that strengthen me.”. Jesus tiames. Look back through past Christ also assures us,

He that generations to the beginning; con- giveth a cup of cold water to a distemplate the rebellious suns of men, ciple in the name of a disciple, who have presumed to set at defiance Amen, I say to you, he shall not lose the authority of this spouse of Christ, his reward.What! Does Jesus terrible as an army in battle array; Christ, then, reward sins? Proh! see them cut off from the vine by the pudor! two-edged sword coming out of the You see, in short, into what a mouth of the Son of God, who goes maze of error you are driven, by beforth conquering and to conquer. ing out of the one fold, under the Slie alone is the pillar and ground- one shepherd. Look at the immense work of truth, that shall stand firm difference between any of

your confor ever: that we be not like child-temptible sects, and the illustrious ren, tossed to and fro with every wind catholic church, of which I have the of doctrine, like the swarmiug sects honour to be a member. The oldest in England, erring and driving into cannot yet claim three hundred years error, as the apostles foretold.

duration; nor

has the most ou. You direct me to the Great Me- merous sect, as yet, ever filled any diator, as judging the catholic to one nation. But let us look at home:

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