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common sense.

see the nation rent into an hundred | less that scripture alone should be a different sects; prolific as a dung- rule of faith and all those who cry hill with maggots, she sends forth out the loudest, the bible, the bible new swarms almost vearly; all disas alone is the rule of faith of protestgreeing and anathematizing one ants! 'insult mankind, in the next another. If this is not being toss-breath, by audaciously preaching, ed to and fro with every wind of teaching, explaining, persuadingdoctrine, if this is not erring and aye, to what to believe them to driving into error, then I confess I understand it as they do! This has have to learu the first rudiments of been the method pui sued by every

Not so the venera. arch-beretic, from Arius down to ble, one holy. catholic, apostolic Joanna Southcot. church!!! SHE ALONE bids de- But again I call your attention to fiance to the ravages of time; the rise the catholic church; view her with and fall of empires; the combined steady eye, during twelve ages before powers of earth and hell can never Luther, the apostate friar, which bend her in her steady course, by her enemies are called the dark through the flux of ages, till time ages; during this awful period she shall be no more!. No; the gates of never contained less than a hundred hell shall never prevail against her. million catholics in ber bosom, and She, illustrinis bride of the Lamb, had, by her own sons converted every always uniform in her faith and mo- nation and island under heaven to rals, always protected and guided by the christian faith, that ever had Hiin, who has solemnly pledged his been or were converted. She never sacred word, • Gu: teach all na- has been confined in any age, since tions, baptizing them in the name of the apostles, to ten kingdoms, much the Father, and of the Son, and of less to a petty province, or one kingthe Holy Ghost. And lo, I am with dom. Her boundary is the whole you all days, even to the consumma- universe!!! You yourselves, untion of the world, &c.” Aud again, happy mortals, enjoy whatever you He that heareth you heareth me.” have of christianity, even your bible . Take notice, this is all addressed to (except the corruptions you have inthe sacred twelve apostles, not to troduced into it) from the Roman the multitude : and in them to all catholic church. All the holy scrip. their lawful successors, to the end of lures were delivered to her by the time.-" Lo, I am with you, &c. apostles, and were always kept by and he that despiseth you despiseth her alone free from corruptions, down me.Here we behold an unqualifito the present day; and all must ed command to all, to hearken to the rely on HER ALONE, and on ker pastors, and obey them in all things, venerable authority, both for the as Jesus Christ himself, As the text itself and also for its true meanliving father hath sent me, se I send ing and interpretation, or never enyou; he that heareth you heareth joy christian faith, which essen

tially excludes all doubt. No No part of the new testament power on earth cau ever change was written till about ten years after our faith; they can neither add nor the ascension of our Lord. Conse- diminish. Jesus Christ, the ruler of quently, tradition first spread and all, into whose bands all power in propagated the faith over all the then heaven and earth is given by his Faknown world. 'We no where fiod a ther, has declared, in most clear and command given by Christ to his solemn terms,“ Thou art Peter, apostles to write the gospel, much I and upon this rock I will build my ORTAOD. JOUR. VOL. .

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church, and the gates of hell shall that they deliver the word of God never prevail against it. He that with such impressive energy, and at will not hear the church let him be the same time such persuasive sim. to thee as the heathen and the publi- plicity, that it is impossible not to can."

acknowledge the truth of that docCould he, who is truth itself, give trine which they preach with equal us this positive command, to hear clearness and perspicuity. Oh! how and obey his church, uvder pain of wonderful is God in his saints ! damnation,' had, he foreseen she Messieurs de Janson, Lafaillette would ever teach either errors in Druon, Monteau Milisdans, and St. faith or corruption in morals ? Ive, were particularly remarkable.

T. B. Those who could resist the forcible

and moving intreaties with which To the Editor of the Orthodox they assail the human heart, must Journal.

be more hardened than rocks.

With what zeal, and at the same Sir, -In forwarding to you the in- time with what charity, have they closed account of the success of the gained the confidence of those permission at Tours, contained in a let- sons who were the fartbest removed ter from a lady in that city to ber from truth, and the most obstinate friend, I am confident, by insert- in error; who for ten, twenty, and ing it in you excellent miscellany, thirty years, and even longer, would you will both amuse and edify the not hear of the sacraments. At the generality of your readers, who commencement of their mission, will not fail, in common with others, indeed on the very first day, an officer to feel the highest pleasure at the of the highest rank, (of the muskeprogress which the catholic religion teers) speaking of M. de Janson, said is again making in a country late the aloud, • What a man he is, I could seat of atheism and infidelity. listen to him if his sermons lasted I am, &c. A. Z. six bours.” Another person on the

same occasion said, “What do I feel Tours, 5th March, 1817. here,” laying his hand on his heart; MY WORTHY FRIEND, —With sen- « I feel that the time of my consertiments of heartfelt gratitude, Ision is at last arrived, and that this hasten to transmit to you an account missionary will complete it." Count of the great mercy our good Master d’Antichant,the commanding officer has bestowed on us during the hap- of a legion stationed in this citý, afpy period of our holy mission, which ter being present at one of the pious lasted forty days. It began on Sun- M. de Janson's instructions, was so day evening the 19th of January, affected and struck by it, that he and ended last Monday the 3d in- said to his soldiers, “My comrades, stant. The apostolic missionaries, you have hitherto beheld me bravetruly mighty in words and works, Ty facing every assault ; on those have wrought the greatest amend- occasions I have always set you ao 'ment in this city; they, have alarm- example, but this tiine Liam vaned and converted sinners, the most quished by this missionary, and I averse to salvation, in several of inform you that without further de'whom our kind and worthy pas- lay I am determined to go to contor'assured me, there seemed to him fession. I conjure you with all my no hopes of a change. may

heart to do the same." His two truly say of these holy men, that aides-de-camp and several others they have extraordinary talents, and followed his advice. The valiant


on Sun

captain of the holy war overcame which was set apart to hear conand conquered many as brave . men fessions, two instructions of an hour in the military line as M. d'Anti- and three quarters, and sometimes an chant. This nobleman and his two hour and a quarter tong; these were aides-de-camp. received the most always preceeded byan'explanation, blessed Sacrament on the general for about a quarter of an hour, of communion day for the men,

some part of the creed or the comday the 2nd of this month ; it is mandments of God and the church. computed there were above 3000 The priest who delivered this pre communicants, and on the preceding lude was never the same who gava Thursday above 7000 women. La- the instruction or preached the ser. dies the most passionately fond of mon, We reckon 'eighty which we worldly vanities, public places, &c. have had the happiness to assist at, all eagerly pressed to assist at the and of which we have taken notes. instructions and improve by the

The first exercise at five, or a qaurgrace of the mission. A rich pro- ter before, begins with morning testant lady pronounced her abju- prayers, hearing mass, &c.; canticles ration in presence of the grand being sung before and during the vicar and M. Janson. The as- holy sacrifice, until the sanctus. It semblies and ball-rooms were de- was in our gallery the choristers serted. The two churches, the 'ca- were placed. The exercise lasted thedral and Our Lady the rich, were till about seven, then followed a sefilled with a concourse of people; as cond missionary mass for those who early as three o'clock in the morn- could not be present at the first, ing crowds were waiting at the doors The second exercise commences at singing canticles, &c. and at two five o'clock in the evening and is or three in the afternoon the seats preceded by canticles, which begin were all taken, and very often at at four; after this follow two tens one o'clock. One thing very re- of the rosary: the benediction of markable ought to be noticed. Beathe blessed sacrament is always fore the mission, nothing was heard given at both exercises. The conbut complaints of the dearness of course of people was at all times bread, and at present there is no great. We had peculiar solemnities talk of want; every one was taken at different periods; the first was an up with going to church a great part act of reparation to the most holy of the day.

It seems as if these sacrament of the altar and of atone. good missionaries had brought plen- ment for all the crimes committed ty in their train; there was no diffi- during the revolution: this was perculty in finding money to purchase formed on Friday in Septuagesima crosses, medals, and holy pictures ; week. M. Janson, head of the misthe change was wonderful, and all sion, assisted at the metropolitan seemed as if only desirous of the church of St. Gratian, and M. Druon word of God and the important did the same at the church of Our affair of salvation ; the rest was of Lady the rich. The former putting no consequence. This is the true off his surplice, in order to give way character of the conduct of the to the effusions of his heart, said faithful, during the whole mission.“ My beloved brethren, that you It is necessary in order to give you may perceive that I have been a a detail of the regulations of our'ex sinner like yourselves, I shall divest ercises, to follow our mission step myself of this robe, the emblem of by step. Our nine apostles' deli- innocence." This expression, and yered every day, except Saturday, the manner in which he performed


the action, drew abundance of tears (ment. After this profession of faith from the audience, and inspired we renewed our renunciation of sentiments of the most bitter com- Satan, his pomps, and his works. punction. Our good M. Druon The missioners proposed to us Jeproduced the same effect at the sus Christ, our divine Master, and church of Our Lady, every one be- his opponent Satan, leaving us to ing sensibly affected.

our choice. Without hesitation The second solemo rite, no less every one gave the preference to moving, was performed on Shrove our Saviour, and being asked for how Tuesday, for the renewal of the bap- long a time we were determined to tismal vows.

On this occasion the follow him, every one answered for blessed sacrament was exposed on So great was the general the high altar, and a large one was emotion created by the soleninity of erected in the middle of the church, the scene, that the sighs and tears of between the choir and the body. the multitude frequently impeded Upon this altar, richly decorated their utterance and interrupted the and lighted, was placed, in a vase exhortations. It is not possible to condestined for that purpose, the holy duct a more noble or more moving baptismal waters; above was a dove ceremony with greater piety and breathing life and spirit into the dignity. This exercise began at waters ;

the vase was ornamented four in the afternoon, and ended at with lilies, &c.; on each side the half past eight.

I believe many holy oils, and in the midst the white people would willingly have rerobe. After several hymns suitable mained still Jonger, for no one could to the ceremony had been sung, and be tired with hearing these pious an exhortation delivered, our wor- missionaries. Our two churches thy missionaries, accompanied by though crowded to excess, were all the clergy and people surrounded without the least disorder. On this the altar, and having sung several day several adults were baptized. appropriate anthems, together with The third solemnity occurred on the epistle and gospel of the eight the feast of the five wounds of our beatitudes (that of All Saints), the blessed Saviour. This day had been superior of the mission at the cathe chosen as the most proper for erectdral, and M. Druon at Our Lady's, ing a cross, to perpetuate the memoascended the pulpit, and the deacon ry of this mission, which measured went up to the altar, attended by 40 feet in length and weighed 2500 the acolytes; the latter after shew. pounds. Two hundred men of difing the holy gospel to the congrega. ferent ranks in life, at the head of tion, said, in an audible voice, whom appeared the count and seChristians, behold the book of the veral military gentlemen of distinclaw of God and the holy gospel.” | tion, carried it alternately, with the The whole auditory repeated after most edifying respect and venerathe clergy, “I believe in them.” tion. Many of them were fasting, The creed was then sung, and the inimitation of our good missionaries. deacon pronounced in the same tone, Though the way was long and painthe first commandment; on which ful, ihe procession went nearly the clergy and all the people after round the whole city, followed by a them repeated the same, and thus surprising number of young ladies all the comidandments of God and dressed in white, carrying a cross the church were successively recited, and a wax taper in each hand, and the congregation raising their hands singing canticles all the way. All as they repeated each command- the magistrates and the different

corps were present, and the soldiers a rising ground, preaching Jesus exhibited a devotion truly gratify-Christ to the Japonese. He is so ing: I heard them eagerly cry out, transported with zeal in his exhor“ Live Jesus and his holy cross!" tations and discourses, that no one « The Bourbons and our faith for can avoid acknowledging the power ever in France.” You may easily of God in his servant; as to 'his conceive the delight of every heart person, he looks like a man worn out in beholding the triumph of our with fatigue-pale, lean and spiritSaviour and the adorable sign of our less; his food is scanty, and he alredemption. This triumph is truly lows himself but two hours and a miraculous, and one of the most half each day to take the necessary striking proofs of our holy religion, refreshment of sleep; his bed is to behold nine apostles, in so short only a pailliasse, as is that of his cola time, succeed, in making a whole leagues. A few minutes of prayer city resume its wonted veneration is their preparation for the pulpit, for the august and sacred sign of our as they are not allowed to make redemption. The whole assembly notes. M. Gressin, our worthy pasknelt down before it, and gloried in tor, 'who through piety has beard bearing it on their shoulders; it more confessions than many others was the symbol which distinguished by day and night, with his accusthe men who had profited by the tomed indefatigable zeal, is astograce of the mission. On the day nished at the ease with which they of the communion every one wore announce the word of God for an this sacred emblem of christianity hour and a quarter at a time, and fixed to their button, and were proud sometimes even longer, yet still seem of this truly honourable badge; but not to have exhausted their subject. I cannot describe to you our joy, What makes this the more surpris. and the extasy we felt, when the ing is, that many among them are cross of our Saviour arrived at the very young, having but lately been destined spot, having been borne in ordained priests, Mons. Druon and the most perfect order; it was then Milisdans in particular, the former we beheld the zeal of those men who only since last Christmas. Almighty Jaboured to place it in the spot where God visibly blesses their labours ; it was to be fixed ; at the elevation they speak to the heart, and effica of this holy and venerated ensign, ciously rouse sinners to repentance, it seemed as if every heart was Their outward deportment inspires raised above the earth, every eye

piety and veneration, the most prowas moistened with tears, and shouts found silence reigns' during their of “ Live Jesus and his holy cross,” sermons; they seem like angelic resounded from every lip. To these beings; in a word they have ob. fervent and pious acclamations suc. tained universal confidence, and all ceeded a most respectful silence; I am able to say of them is far less M. Janson then delivered a very than they merit.' Three of them pathetic and energetic discourse up- Mons. Druon, St. Ive, and Millise on the cross, and the blessing of the dans, who conducted the mission in Lord who restored to us this sign of our parish, lodged with our good pasour salvation, which infidelity had tor who was greatly edified by their attempted to annihilate; he appear, conduct, and all of them are worthy ed more like an inspired person in of our profoundest' veneration and an extasy of spirit, than an ordinary esteem. preacher. I could not help fancy- But I perceive I am deviating ing I beheld St. Francis Xavier, on from the account of the mission, by

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