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speaking of the missionaries, and | farewell of the missionaries : how therefore I must return to my sub- many tears did we shed, After a ject, and give you an account of the prelude on the effects of cbarity fourth ceremony, which we celebra- towards our neighbour, M, Janson ted as an oblation to our good mo,

and M. Druon at Our Lady's gave ther the Blessed Virgin. It took an instruction on perseverance, and place on Sunday the 2d inst. and as drew up a plan of life in which they usual, was observed in each church, pointed out every means of ascerAn altar was placed, richly orga- taining and acquiring that virtue mented, between the choir and in the service of God. After this the body of the church, where, on they bade us farewell, leaving us a pillar, was placed the image be- under the protection of the blessed Jonging to our chapel, which the Virgin, but at the same time giving good missionaries chose as the best us the cross as a safeguard and sign, representation of the Mother of Mer- to put us in mind of the mercies of cy, and the Advocate of Sinners.- our cord and Saviour Jesus Christ, The countenance is remarkably so strikingly evinced by the spe, beautiful, as well as the attitude; she cial favours of this mission, and the holds in one þand our Saviour, and love of a God who died to save our in the other a sceptre; under her souls and obtain for us, by biş mefeet is a horrible dragon, and near rits, the blessings of so good a masher a young child as if seeking a ter, In conclusion they described refuge and claiming her protection, the consoling sentiments which the The design concided with the cere conversion of so many sinners, and mony, and furnished a variety of the zeal of the faithful in profiting reflections. The young ladies of by this mission, had imparted, and our congregation were placed in a with the greatest humility attriconspicuous part of the gallery, fa- buted the whole of their success to cing the altar of the blessed virgin, the prayers of the faithful, at the all of them dressed in white, with same time acknowledging themveils and a wax taper in their hands. selves to be the cause that others still Some very fine canticles were sung, remained hardened in their crimes, after which an exhortation or in, and after pronouncing the highest struction on the happiness of belong, encomiums on the pastors of the ing to the Mother of God and the two churches, they took an affectadvantages of this devotion. M. ing leave of them from the pulpit. Janson at $t. Gratian's, and M. Dru-1 am not able to describe to you the on at Our Lady's, pronounced a form fervent and earnest prayers which of oblation nearly the same as that, they offered up to God for the barpronounced by those who enter our dened sinners, nor can I paint the congregation. Every one exhibited moving scene which took place on signs of joy, and the whole auditory tbis farewell ceremony; a general repeated Amen, with the most af food of tears suffused the congrefecting sensibility and fervour. The gation, and subs and sighs were the men at the cathedral on Sunday only answer they could give, Afevening, the day of their general ter the benediction of the blessed communion, pronounced theirs with sạcrament, the students at the semigreat piety and edification, and ex- nary, the soldiers, and the clergy, hibited by tears their extreme sen- sung a short verse filled with pathos, sibility.

which terminated the solemn rites The fifth ceremony, performed at church; but the holy missionlikewise in the twochurches, was the aries were followed by the people

in order to receive, for the last time, general communions; and two acts the blessing of M. de Janson. He of contrition and thanksgiving after would not permit the crowd to en- wards. They spared no pairs to reter the archbishop's palace, but led new in every heart the spirit of christhem to the mission cross, where he tianity, and they have succeeded almade a most pathetic discourse, and most universally. God grapt us exhorted every one to fix their grace to confirm this great benefit heart to this cross, which they all in every heart. They have also es promised to do. Several people had tablished congregations for the difalready caused hearts to be affixed ferent classes of society; the object to it, in divers forms, and since the of these confraternities is to consodeparture of our good angels, the lidate good works, and to dispense cross is covered with hearts, taste alms. Mons. Lafaillette förined fully arranged, and fixed in such these associations; the countess a manner as not to be torn off, which D’Antichant, a lady of remarkable has a beautiful appearance.

piety, was named president of the So great was the enthusiam of the women; the count d’Antichant for people towards these holy apostles, the men. This, madam, is a succinct and especially M. Janson, that they account of our mission, such as the could not appear in the streets with time I could snatch from my emout being incommoded to excess, by ployments, and my slender capacity the pressing, crowds which gather- can afiord in the least faulty manuer, ed round them, and impeded their I shall be amply rewarded for may passage.' This happening to M. trifling labour, if I have the gratifiJanson iņ particular, on his depar- cation of procuring you a momenture, a lady invited him to get into her carriage, in which he set off tary satisfaction, and I have no doubt directly for Bourdeaux, leaving you will experience much when you

reflect on the mercies of God's holy every one in the greatest grief. Some

name, established in so many hearts. even cut off pieces from his band and cassock, and begged him to blessed for it. Amen.

May be be eternally glorified and touch crosses and rosaries, in order blessed for it.-Amen. to preserve them with veneration.

The mission at Caen, an aceouut of which The cross is "the consolation of the should have appeared in our last number, whole city; people frequent it for but for other more important local intelwhole hours, singing canticles, and ligence, was conducted with similar reli

gious solemnities, and attended with the spractising other devotional exercises

same happy success. It began on the 10th at the fort of it, without any regard of November last, and ended on Christmas to the inclemency of the weather. day. Notwithstand the severity of the I forgot to tell you, that besides the season, the churches were daily crowded

to excess by the people, who were filled fourscore instructions delivered at with the liveliest sentiments of compuncSl. Gratian's and Our Lady's, these tion and devotion, and many who went good missionaries likewise gave others through curiosity were converted. in the different parishes and con- discourses of these missionaries, and so

full of unction,” says the writer, “ are the vents of the city: One instruction subline and affecting are their ceremonies, was given 1'every day at the barracks, that those must have hearts of idamant not at about eleven o'clock in the morn

to be softened by them. · For most part, ing, for the soldiers. We had also

these holy inen are of affluent connexions ;

one of them in particular, is an only son, two distinct retreats, one for the men, with a rental of 30,000 livres, and about the other for the women; familiar thirty years of age. He is much followed instructions and conferences upon

on account of his discourses. '. For a time, all the sacraments on the eves' of the father, for taking holy orders, but, hearing

he drew upon himself, the anger of his

* So

eyes ?

him preach one day, the parent was melted | Each thought obedient, and each wisb rewith the pious eloquence of his son, and

sign'd, became reconciled to him. This young No tie too dear enchains the heav'n-born divine regards as nothing the riches of this

mind. world. Preaching one day on the false To penitence tho' tears and sighs are giv'n, pleasures which the riches of this world “ Tears that delight, and sighs that waft promise us, he exclaimed," Thou know. to Heav'n," est, O Lord, that I have long since made The calın of virtue fears no ruffling blast, an offering to thee of all my wealth.”- Her ceaseless day ofjoy vo clouds o'ercast. The rich are much humbled by the eloquence

and disinterestedness of this voung What tho'po flatt'ring crowds delight missioner, who is familiar in their society,

impart and acquainted with their voluptuous Love in each look, but envy in each heart? habits. He preaches frequently against What tho' for them do palaces arise, Dovel reading, and against balls and come- Nor breathing brass arrest the wond'ring dies, forcibly observing, that inasmuch as people would not choose to die at such No soften'd calours mingle into life, entertainments, they ought not to frequeut | Nor landscapes rise in soft harmonious them. It is trały delightful and inspiring strife ? to behold and hear these holy servants of | No Persian worms their silken treasures God.”—ED.


Nor blazing gems their darksome caverns To the Editor of the Orthodox

leave? Journal.

No rified sweets in rich perfume com•


Nor swells the blushing grape with floods SIR, I hope that before the Lon

of wine ? don catholic board succeed in es.

Yet joy is 'theirs; content and calm de

Jight, tablishing corresponding societies, and each pure pleasure, spotless virtue's they will be compelled to do three right, things, as essential conditions :- A conscience blest with ignorance and First, to account for the money they And peace secure, that needs no mortal's

guile, have already received ;---secondly, smile; to recal their late adhesion to the Sweet are their slumbers, tranquil all their principles of the 5th resolution ;

hours, and thirdly, to rescind the scandal. On their repose no storm terrific lours.

Free from those cares that rend the moous resolution by which they expel- narch's breast, ed Dr. Milner from the private And rob the merchant of his nightly rest, board. Without this, or something In one smooth stream their tranquil noJike this, I believe the majority of

Religion forms a paradise below. the English catholics will continue to look on them in the same light Jesus they know, who reigns supreme they have hitherto done. I am, sir

, For men forsook the skies, and died for

above, your humble servant, A CATHOLIC.

love. August 20, 1817.

Yes, He whose hand the pond'rous earth


And rolls the planets from th' eikerial POETRY.

plains: He, who first form'd creation by his word,

Nature's first Source, Sustainer, Kiog and ON THE CONSOLATIONS OF A

Wbose pow'r preserves the worlds his RELIGIOUS LIFE.

will creates,

Whose breath gave being, and still ani. Brest is the life that sacred virgins lead,

niates : Bliss flows on bliss, and joys to joys suc- He, who above invisible in light, ceed.

Enrich'd with glory, and array'd in might; Within their breast intrudes no earth-born He, whose dread puissance seraphs trem

bliog owo, For Hear'o defends its habitation there.

Thunder his herald-and the storm bis




the same,

1 King.

He quits his boundless might, his bliss for- , His gifts abus’d inspire with blacker fear, sakes

His blood despis'd claims vengeance more Assumes our weakness, and our sorrow

severe. takes ;

Deep plung'd in guilt she liv'd,--she dies In pain completes the task his love began, And GOD, stand Heav'ns astonish’d! dies And meets a fate which pity fears to name. for man.

But, ab! how blest the happy virgin's Hence grateful pray'r and praise their end, lives employ :

Whom virtue loves, whom seraphim beHence spriogs their love, and hopes of fu

friend; ture joy :

Tho' wao consumption waste her languid Hope that foretastes the bliss that Heav'n frame, prepares,

Or burning fevers all her bones inflame; With seraphs mingles, and their rapture Her pains still find her patient and resign'd, shares :

Nor move her sweet serenity of mind;. Love, that refines, expands, and cheers the Fixt on a rock of hope, sbe dares engage, breast,

And brave tbe torrent of their useless rage. Love, the fond pledge of everlasting rest. In Jesus is her strength, to him her praise, Calm flow their days, and when pale While vig'rous flow'd, nor ends with ev’ning throws

health's short days; Her shades around, and Nature claims re- Willing to live, yet not afraid to die, pose,

His will ber law, pain scarce constrains a No guilt-rais'd host of fears their rest in

sigb; vades

Welcome e'en death, that hastes her soul The joy that blooms on Innocence ne'er to bring fades :

To him her Friend and Father, Spouse and Io Heav'n diffus'd repose they die away, And melt in visions of eterual day.

As the sad exile, whom his king's comKnows bliss ' like this the fashionable

mands fair?

Have long estrang'd in distant alien lands A night of woe succeeds a day of care. In climes rude, black, iphospitable, wild, When on a weary sleepless couch reclin'd, Whence Ceres flies, where Flora never The day's sad rétrospect assails her mind,

smil'd; Stern eagle-ey'd remorse shall fiercely Where howling blasts, and snow-capt bilfrown,

lows rise, And change to rocks of steel her bed of And rugged nature each delight denies ; dowp.

As blest with sweet command to grieve ao E’en while young health the loveliest more, blooms impart,

He hasts to quit th' inhospitable shore. Does conscience rude arraign the trem. Dispellid bis sorrow, vanquish'd all bis bling beart.

woes, But when pale languid pain o'er health Joy fires his soul, his breast with rapture prevails,

glows; And the cold iron head of death Assa ils ; He sheds a parting tear to former paios, When first forewarns the sad physician's And seeks those climes where bliss for ever gloom,

reigos The menac'd horrors of the op'ning tomb; Then shall wild dread her aching breast Thus, when kind death arrives with control,

sweet release, And agonizing horror rack her soul. The virgin joyful seeks the realms of peace; Past crimes dispel each hope, and raise There thron'd in endless glory shall she each fear,

reign, And mild religion's self forget to cheer. And Heavn's eternal bliss repay earth's In vain she bids ber in her God confide,–

transient pain." Tells how a God-man bled, a Saviour

C. J. died: Tells how repenting sioners glad the skies, Aod her Lord's promis'd gifts to aid them

rise. : ORTHOD. JOUR. Vol. V.

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SINCE our last publication, the dominions, but is not called so.

following truly momentous in the same post, his lordship dispatched a formation was communicated to the

rescript to propaganda-or, in other public by The Dablin Evening Post, that he would be pleased to take a very

words, sent a request to his holiness, as extracted from a letter written by

celebrated man, doctor Sebastiani, unthe Rev. Mr. Hayes, at Florence : der his protection, Now, this Sebastiani

" What all the intrigues and influ, is a man of very considerable talents, of ence of the English government and great zeal, it is said, and an ardent adtheir agents, who are well informied, ac- vocate for the spread and diffusion of tive and opulent--whạt the exertions of bible societies. He had been the means the vetoists here and at home---what of propagating the system in the east ; cardinal Gopsalvi and his faction could but it is now acknowledged, that this not accomplish, has been effected by system of proselytism has not answer. what pa sed in the board on the occa. ed its professed object ; and many of sion-alluded to, viz. my arrest and ex- the most sober and sensible of the pulsiog--the loss of domestic nomina- church of England divines acknowledge tion, at the moment of its urranimous at length, and experience has demon. approbation by the general congrega- strated the justice of the confession, tion of propaganda, and the formalire that as much mischief, at least, as beference of it, irregularly made by cardi- nefit may be done by this inconsidepal Litta, on the part of the propagan- rate and thoughtless diffusion of the da, to cardinal Gonsalvi and the con- bible. If mischief may be wrought at gregation under his control. And what home among christians-how much was worse than all, as soon as the order more mischief, even to the cause they for my banishment, and its supposed | espouse, may be effected by this meatis įmmediate execution was made kuown among 'infidels and barbarians? So in London, lord Castlereagh postulates every man who has given the subject for the crection of three new disceses in serious aţtention must conclude, and so Upper Canada, Nova Scotia, Prince concluded the sacred congregation. They Edward's Island, or New Brunswick, knew he was an instrument in the hands and the prince regent appoints the three of the fanatics, and they recalled him to bishops, viz. the Rev.Messrs.Macdonnell, Rome. He came through England, as Burke, and Macrane. Cardinal Gon far as Milan; and to the kindest and salvi seat his lords hip's letter to cardi- most pressing invitations of the holy nal Liita, who, without ever submitting congregation, he continued to answer it to the cardinals of propaganda, desir- niosi impertinently, that he would not ed the minister to answer that the Rev. proceed anless one of the first prefacies Mr. Burke had been appointed to

in the Roman court were secured to Nova Scotia, which was true; that it him. Failing in this, he, in defiance of had also been intended to nominate the orders, returns to England, and, through Rev. Mr. Macdonnell to Upper Canada the influence of his bible brethren, is (which was not so true); and that pro- now becommended by lord Castiereagh paganda would examine into the cha- to the dignity he demanded, and obtains racter of the Res, Mr. Macrane, in or it

. I do not know the identical prélacy der to his appointment. Thus, by allotted to him, but it is one of those callquibbles of words, Rome endeavors eď cardinalatian, from which the incumto avoid admitting the right of direct bent is regularly promoted to the red nomination in the crown of England; hat! This is pretty well. which right, however, in point of fact, beginning again to make cardinalsshe carries into immediate execution, but you must not be surprised. With with as much facility as it appoints to a certain faction, the English governo Durham or protestant Dublin. The ment is now paramount. It erects nezo difference is only this, that the king is dioceses-appoints bishops dispenses made head of the catholic church in his clesiastical dignities in her own domi

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