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bath !"" 'Disgusting and abhorrent., admitted the allegation of the insaas these transactions of the sixteenth nity of the pannel to be fully esta. century must be to an upright and blished, and the jury accordingly intelligent mind, similar scenes of acquitted him. During the trial the folly and wickedness disgrace the prisoner is stated to have been quite age in which we live, notwithstand. indifferent as to the proceedings, ing we are supposed to be under the and was occupied in reading or lookinfluence of " education” and “ suo ing in a BIBLE, which he held in perior reason. Have we not had his hand during the whole time. to witness the frenetick reveries of Numerous other instances we may Joanna Southcot and her believers : find detailed in the public journals and do we not now behold the ridi. of the dismal and mischievous doings culous and eccentric ceremonies of of biblical enthusiasm ; and can we the methodists, jumpers, shakers, wonder then that the catholic cler. &c. ? Nay, the foreign papers of gy, or any man of unclouded underlast April announced the forming of standing, should endeavour to stop a new sect in Austria, from the read the progress of a system fraught ing of the bible, whose tenets em- with so much evil to mankind i braced the equalization of property, Mr. Foster may flatter himself with and the sacrificing of human beings the foolish idea that the efforts of for the purpose of purifying others the bible society will stand fortla from their sins. These mad fana- amidst " the glories of our country'l tics, like the protestant reformers, as “ the brightest ornament of our wanted to use violence and coercion times ;” but before he can get the to make proselyles of their more man of sound religion to join with reasonable neighbours, who would him, he must eradicate from the not listen to their extravagancies ; page of history the disgraceful and but happily the Austrian govern- horrible transactions committed by ment sent a military force among the disciples of bible self-expound. them, who arrested their founder, ers, and remove from bis observa one Petzel, and 86 of his followers, tion the rapid and lamentable and we have heard no more of their growth of impiety and licentiousness horrible atrocities; they having im- amongst the present generation of molated one virgin of 13 years of Euglishmen. age, and seven men! To this we nay'add a circumstance recorded in Rev. MR. GANDOLPHY's Works. The Courier London evening paper Conjoined with the intolerance of the 9th instant. It is there of the forged bulls stands the ap: stated, that at the circuit court of probation given by the theologians Justiciary at Inverness, in the pre- f of Rome to the controversial ser. ceeding week, a man of the name mons of Mr. Gandolphy. On this of Adam Mackay was brought to subject the learned senator expresses the bar, accused of the murder of a himself thus :poor old woman on the 1st of Au. An elaborate work, in four vogust last. The prisoner pleaded lumes, bas lately issued from the not guilty; and his counsel stated, press of this country, to which I that he should rest his defence on a “ shall now beg leave to direct your total denial, but should that fail, he attention, SA Defence of the should set up he plea of religious " Anclent Faith,' by Dr. Gandolinfatuation, which subjected the phy. In general, I feel as strong. accused to occasional fils of insanity. " ly as any one the injustice of enThe public prosecutor, after the exa- “ deavouring to affix upon a large mination of witnesses, is said to have party the sentiments of an india


« vidual; but this Defence of the “ established church, and such " Ancient Faith' comes attended by “hopes and predictions of its down

some circumstances, which enti- “ fall, such views of the British con. “ tle it to particular credit. The "stitution, as might well induce a "publication appears to have been protestant to pause before he could "disapproved of, and its circula. " admit that principles like these "tion prohibited, by Dr. Poynter, “can safely be admitted into the " the ecclesiastical superior of the “guidance of our councils, and the "author. Dr. Gandolphy tells us, " enactment of our laws." " that 'to this he submitted, Here we have another instance of "pecting justice at Rome,' To the fatality of the " compounding " Rome he accordingly, went, system which the leaders of the “where his charactèr carried him self-named board have been endea. " through every difficulty, and he vouring to establish, for the purpose " returned with the approbation of of inducing our adversaries to take “his works by the proper autho- them under their protection, and

rity, that authority, without permit them to taste of the flesh-pots "whose approbation the pope bim- of Egypt. In touching on one part "self cannot publish!

This au

of this passage, I know I tread on thority, it appears, was the mas.

very tender ground ; but as I am the " ter of sacred theology, and the only catholic bookseller in this me" professor of the sacred scriptures, tropolis who publicly sell the works

at Rome. The former states, of Mr. Gandolphy, and as I know " that the author has undertaken inany individuals, whom I respect,

to explain and illustrate every wonder at my conduct, justice to “point of doctrine wbich has given myself impels me to say a few words

rise to controversy between catho- on this subject, which otherwise I "lics and protestants; and, as far should have passed over without no

as it is possible to succeed, has tice. In doing this, I shall proba " rendered the articles of catholic bly incur the displeasure of some of "' faith clearer than the light. He my friends, and, I have no doubting

adds, that, after rigidly examia the increased wrath of my persecu,

ning the whole composition, he is turs; however, I have only to beg, “ far from discovering any thing in that the former will give me credit of it contrary to the pure faith and for the purity of my motives, and “ doctrine of the catholic church.? that the latter will wreak all their

“ The approbation of he other vengeance, on me alone, as I only

censor is still more decisive. Helam responsible for whatever may "states, that the author has cara fall from my own pen. It is unnetried the war of controversy into. cessary here to remind the catholic “the fortresses of the enemy; andi public how much they are indebted "in that lạnd, once the fruitful pa. to the indefatigable labvurs, and

rent of saints, has triumphanily powerful writings of the venerable “raised the catholic standard of and eminently gifted vicar-apostolic

victory over his discomfitted and of the Midland district, in defence "confuted opponents; and declares, of their faith and principles. The " that multiplied editions of this forcible arguments of this learned " work, so worthy to be cased in ce writer, the stubborn facts he ad. "dar and gold, will be highly adduced to support them, and the va"vantageous to the catholic church. ceasing activity of his capacious

". This work so sanctioned, exhi. mind, gave our opponents no chance ! bits such sentiments towards of vilifying us without detection! Rome, such feelings towards our Blending the abilities of a statesman

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with the qualities of a divine, he, vility and dishonourable cringing to stood forth the champion of our ci- “ protestant ascendeney." "About vil privileges as well as of our relia a month aftrihe latter date I comgious doctrines; but exercising his menced dus journal, and but a short great powers with a vigour and in-time elapsed before I had demons tegrity which put the wily machi- strative proof that some of the leadpations of our pretended friends of ing clergy had jent their influence both factions to the blush, our board to assist the lay-board in artempting men were threatened with the loss to suppress every wock which might of their advocacy in parliament, un- be deemed offensive to our protesta loss some means were arlopted to ant task-másters; and thus, by si. prevent that rising spirit in the ca- lencing the catholic press ofihe metholic press which Dr. Milner had tropolis, keep the whole of our body gakindled and so long maintainesi, in a state of ignoravce as to the inby his unanswerable and unequalled trigues of the latter, except what theological and political writings might be judged by themselves reAlarmed at this disposition of their quisite to be known to promote their senatorial dictators, the board-men selfish views. Threats and intimientered into a resolution on the 29th da'ions were employed to reduce me of May, 1810, which they renewed into a state of subjection, but with on the same day of the month in out effect : they made no impres. 3813, to the following purport, and sion og me, as the dictum uf author caused the same to be inserted in rity,'unaccompanied with the voice the public papers at each period :- of reason, is not calculated 10 000 46 That we do not consider ourselves vince me of error ia matter of opi. as implicated in, or any ways re

nion. Foiled in their expectations, sponsible for, the palitical opinions, the wealthy layman was employed conduct, or writings, of the right to inumidate such of the clergy as reverend Dr. Milner, vicar aposto- were favourably inclined towards lic of the Midland district." The me, by threatening to withhold reason given by these gentlemen for their pecuniary assistance; and renewing this specimen of their those of the clergy who were .opfolly is, that it had been pnblicly posed to me recommended their pestated that they were, and had been, nitents not to read my writings.under the political influence of the Thus stood matters with regard to patriatic and disinterested prelate. my publication, when I found that By whom this idle report was private endeavours had been used to spread we are not informed, but this prevent the circulation of the work much is certain, the tenour of the complained of by Mr. Foster, and learned prelate's writings bore testi- that the clericall individuals who mony of its fallacy, and all who were engaged in this task did not loved the purity and integrity of proceed by the rules of canonical their religion not only lamented the authority, but by brow-beating or circumstance, but were desircus otcajoling those who were ready to having them under his influence; submit to their injustice. Under

and much more would it have been these circumstances, it was impossi10 their honour and credit, had they ble for me not to look upon this at: suffered themselves to be directed tempt to prohibit the sale of the by his superior knowledge and judy-worksin question as arising from the ment. In this case they would not . smothering' system adopted by now be placed in that contemptible the board, and seconded by their clesituation they have unfortunately rical auxiliaries, rather than from & brouglit them elves to, by their ser. sipcere desire of guarding the purity of faith. The “ Exposition of Li, prerogatives of the church from turgy" had been in circulation long her pastors. As catholic before my coming up to town, as bookseller, I would not connive were also the first five of the series or assist in the sale of any work of Sermons, I saw the former work which has been officially and çago through a first edition without nonically condemned by the church, any publie censure from authority, as containing doctrines contrary to and the first two volumes of the lat-lhe catholic faith. But then, as a ter were in circulation some consi- catholic, I know my faith is ONE derable time before any disapproban and the same throughout the world, tion was heard of them. From that it is, or should be, the same in whence then could arise this opposit London as in Ireland, in America, tion ou the appearance of a second or in Rome. As a bookseller in the edition of the Liturgy, and the con- metropolis of the British empire, I cluding volumes of the Sermons ?- know my trade is free with all parts Oh! Mr. Foster says, the work of the universe, if I could extend it exhibits such sentiments towards

so far, and ļherefore I consider myRome, such feelings towards our self at liberty to vend books for the established church, and such hopes other districts of England and Scotand predictions of its downfall, land, as well as that in which I resuch views of the i ritish constitu- side, without the interference of a tion, as might well induce a protest. yicar-general. In the first instance, ant to pause befure he could admit when I know these works have been that principles like these can safely

submitted to the judgment of two be admitted into the guidance of our eminent theologians at Rome, who

have given an unqualified appro councils, and the enactment of our

bation in favour of their orthodoxy; laws :'! aye, there's the rub! It

when I know that an attempt was was found that the arguments and

made to remove these approbations reasoning of the learned authoi were galling to the 6 protestant ascen

by anonymous objections to the dency" meir, and therefore to show works, which were submitted to the how iar our would-be-leaders were obtained a confirmation of their for

approvers; who refuted them, and willing to carry the compounding mer approbalion, attested by three and tolerating system, it was deter- other witnesses, namely, an archbimined to sacrifice these works as a shop, a master of theology, and a peace-offering at the altar of concilio doctor of divinity. When I know ation, in the same manner as the late the late archbishop of Baltimore, Trish board renounced the catholic in America, Dr. Carroll, of revered principles contained in the speech of memory, requested in his dying illthe patriotic and inftexible Drom- ness that his thanks might be cons goole, to appease the clamours of veyed to the anthor, for the pleasure orangemen. The latter, however, be had derived in reading the first have seen the folly of their conduct, three volumes of the sermons. When but not till after having experienced | I have in my possession a letter ad. the bad effects of it; the former, I dressed to me by one of the most hope, will follow their example, eminent and learned prelates of the and not put it off until it is too late. Irish church, in which he says that As a catholic writer, my oject is to Mr. Gandolphy's sermons support the independence and pu- invaluable treasure, and expressed rity of ecclesiastical authority; and a wish that every priest of his dioI would not willingly lend my pen cese might supply himself with a to wrest que igla of the just copy of them. When I know that

are all

the latter work was revised, previous astonished that this has not yet beer to its being sent to the press, by done, I must consider the charge one of the now oficial advisers in nullity, and shall continue to sell the the ecclesiastical atfairs of this dis work, which I really wish was in trict; and when I know that not one the reach of every family in the single error in faith has been regu. united kingdom and America. In larly and authentically detected and this determination I am not actuated denounced, how can I conclude, in by faetious but conscientious mom the full use of my reason, but ihat tives, as I should consider myself the works are orthodox, although guilty of a derelietion of duty tothey may contain scholastic propo- wards God and my neighbours, were sitions, in which divines may differ, I to withhold my assistanee in probut wliich the church does not con- moting the circulation of a work demn. To act otherwise would be officially declared likely to be to grant an infallibility to this dis highly advantageous to the catho. trict, which we are not called upon lic chureh," which “has rendered by the church to allow even in the the articles of catholic faith clearer pope; and would confirm one of the than the light," and which I can numerous calumnies brought against aver has actually been instrumental dis, namely, that catholics are priest-in bringing whole families to the ridưen, and not permitted to exer- true faith, who were before labour. cise their reasoning faculties. In ing under the darkness of error, lest, the second place, were I to allow a forsooth, by irritating the feelings of vicar general to walk into '

my shop our separated brethren, I might reand tell me that I must not setl these tard a few titled and wealthy indi: works, under a penalty of his high viduals from obtaining a seat in the displeasure, and the witirdrawing of senate, and other temporal benefits, his patronage, because they were Before I conclude this subject, I not orthodox, although I have so must give the actors in this plan of many testimonies 'before me of the

prohibiting' works all due credit soundness of them from the most for their ingenuity. As London is eminent divines; as well might I the mart from which every part of admit his right to interdict me in the kingdom is supplied with books, selling Dr. Milner's Letters to a Pre-through the regular monthly parcels bendary, or any other works that made up by almost every

bookseller might be obnoxions to our tolerating to his country agent, it was thoughts and compounding would-be-leaders, no doubt, it' they could prevail on and thus bend to an authority not those who vended catholic works, te known in the catholic church, and agree not to sell such publications as contrary to the privileges of a Brio might come under the ban of the tish citizen. To such an usurpation self-named board, it would amount I shall not submit. No, no; if the 10 an almost total prohibition; and in works do contain various doctrines façt, bad they succeeded in this contrary to the faith of the catholic scheme, the catholics in the other church, for the sake of truth, and districts must have been at the mer. agreeably to the decree of the coun- cy of some half-dozen individuals cil of Trent, let them be pointed for whatever political information out, and if they are not instantly or religious knowledge was dealt cancelled, which the author has re- out to them; because a work printpeatedly declared his readiness to ed in an obscure corner of the king, do, I will not suffer a copy to remain dom could never get into general in my repertory ; but until these circulation, unless published and errors are clearly specified, and I am sold in the metropolis, Against


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