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this measure I have constantly set will muse upon them to the advanmy face, as contrary to the princi- tage of their souls, and cease to add ples of British freedom and the li- farther mischief to the cause of truth, berty of the press, and disgraceful | I shall leave them to return to the to our characters as catholics; but speech of Mr. Foster. I have had to encounter much perse- - This work so sanctioned,” says cution for thus defending the just the printed speech, “exhibits such right of my distant brethren, which

6. sentiments towards Rome, such has occasioned me to labour under

feelings towards our established many difficulties that have been

"church, and such hopes and preconsiderably heightened by the

dictions of its downfall, such vieres terrible pressure of the times.

“ of the British constitution, -as Nevertheless, I am still resolved, as

“ might well induce a protestant to far as I am able, to secure the free circulation of every work that may

pause before he could admit that

principles like these can safely be be published for the use of the ca

" admitted into the guidance of our tholic, public, not contrary to the

councils, and the enactment of our doctrines of our church, or the laws

church, or the laws laws. In order fully to appreciof the country, and I rely on the cate these principles, it would be support and encouragement of my friends, to enable me to make head

"necessary to read the whole work;

" but the following few extracts against the conspiracy which I have uaravelled, to cramp the liberty of

" may, at present, serve as specimens

os to its spirit.the catholic press, and fetter public opinion. If our adversaries feel sore

Before Center into the " spirit of at the bold and cutting truths which disingenuity which Mr. Foster has are told by the zealous and active manifested ir: the extracts he has defenders of our principles, let them quoted, and the inferences he has reply to the facts, and confute them given to them, to shew the “

spirit" if they can; but let us not attempt to of Mr. Gandolphy's work, which I bind our champions in manacles, and agree with the speaker cannot be try to rob them unjustly not only fully appreciated without perusing of their fair fame, but of their pecu- the whole, I could wish to know if niary reward. To those who are Mr. Foster is atiached by principle guilty of such deeds I would recom- to che doetrives of the established mend them to look over the table of church, and whether he bows with Bins, and see if they do not commit implicit confidence to all she has a breach of the eighth commandment. taught and now teaches ?. I question I would also advise these friends of if he does; at teust this is n'torious, « late-born toleration” to reflect on that there are many menibers of the the great scandal they give, and the senate as much opposed to the docinjury they create to religion, by en- trines of the established church as deavouring to invalidate the catho- any catholic can be; and if the opposlicity of works stamped with the ap- ing her tenets is to form an objec* probation of such high theological trou to granting the emancipation authority. Are they aware of the of five millions of British subjects cavillings they will occasion on the from political restraints for the sake unity of our doctrine by this con- of conscience; if this to disable duct, and the numbers they may oc- them from being eligible to assist in casion to swerve from the faith, who the guidance of our councils and the are not yet firmly fixed in it? Real- enactment of our laws, why, in the ly these things are worthy their se- pame of consistency should not all rious attention, and, hoping they who condeinn her dogmas and renounce her authority, thongh array- be of faith, than he would in assented with the common appellation of “ing to the oral testiinony of God ai

prote- tant,” be equally as ineligi- “ himself.” But what this reliance ble as the catholic? Why should not on the incorruptibility and unity of the dissenting citizens of the state, the cliurch in point of faith has to who look with equal confidence and do with Rome I am at a loss to imamore avidity for the downfall of the gine. I have given Mr. Foster credit established church than the catho- for his acknowledgntent, that fully to lies, be kinder the same restraint as appreciate the principles which he the latter? The fact is, the opposi-considers so dangerous, it would be tion of the bible-mongers to the necessary to read the whole work, claims of their catholic fellow-smb. and I now must give him equal crejècts is not grounded on an attach- dit for having afforded us an illustrament to the establishment, for they tion in his own person of the truth of are its greatest enemies, nor ou their this admission. The serinons front far-famed profession of civil and re- whence the quotation is taken is on ligious liberty; but on a malignaut The Catholic Church, and the feeland deep-rooted hatred to the princi- ings of the reverend author, and of all ples of the catholic religion. Their the catholics in the united kingdom pretended apprehensions of danger towards Rome, will be much better to the church is a niere cloak to hide obtained on reading the following their sinister designs, and lull the extract from the same, p. 401, whicli unguarded churchman into a false the candid senator probably did not security. If hatred to the catholic see. “ Contending for rights which faitli is not the fuvdaniental cause of in their own nature are purely spitheir opposition to the removal of ritual, as a British catholic," says political restraint, why do they dwell Mr. G,“I abjure and protest against so much upon its supposed intuler- every attempt, direct or indirect, in ance, and endeavour by forgery, by a pope, 10 establish a power over the calumny, by misrepresentation, and temporal rights and properties of every disgraceful artifice, to inspire others. However, at the same time, prejudice and horror in the vulgar that as a catholie, acquainted with and credulous against i!? But the bis faith, I would oppose every ex biblical enmity of Mr. Foster soars travagant pretension of a pope to to higher regions, and he boldly dis- raise a temporal dominion on the plays his abilities in the science of basis of his spiritual authority, I do garbling and falsification before the not hesitate to acknowledge in lim a wisest part of this enlightened pro- pastoral jurisdiction, co-extensive testant nation, feeling himself per- with the whole church of Christ."fectly safe from contradiction, as few, As Mr Foster complained that the if any, of the members are conver. work exhibited such seutinents to Sant with the true doctrines of the wards Rome, as miglit induce a procaiholic church. So order to per- restant to pause before he cousented glade those who sat in judgment on to grant our claims, would it not bave our petition for equal civil rights been more candid and liberal in him that we entertained dangerous feel to have produced the latter extract, ings towards Rome, he favoured his rather than that which lie has chosen, honourable hearers with the follow- as a specimen of the spirit of the ing quotation from vol.i. p. 429.- work on this bead. The allegiance " A catholic finds not more difficul- of a catholic to buis temporal prince 6ty in assenting to any truth the is as undivided as ihat of any protest “church proposes to him as an article, ant, and his attachment to the laws

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and rights of liis country as fervent f written declarations of tke reformers and as faithful. The supremacy al- to establish his statement, and jus. lowed to the pope is theoretical, not tice might have induced Mr. Foster practical, and therefore perfectly in to follow his example. The chief noxious in those who hold it. What apostle of the reformation, Luther, danger then can arise to the state by says of himself, "I am burnt with the admission of catholics to their the flame of my untamed Lust, and

civic privileges, when the bugbear of the desire of women. I, who onght föreign influence is thus solemnly ah- to be fervent in spirit, am fervent in jured in the work, and sanctioned by impurity, in sloth, &c.

Relving on the approbation of Rome itself. the strong foundation of my learning, a Bot, continues the speech, S « The I yield not in PRIDE either to empereformation was the sinful deed of ror, king, or devil; no, not to the Iust, avarice, and pride." Vol. ii. universe itself.” (See the characters p. 130. An impious withdrawal of the reformers, as detailed by from their mother church.”...Vol.iv. Mr. G. in a note, vol. ji. p. 132p. 19. Its sole object was to ren- 139.) The first royal head of the

der religion less adverse to the cor. church of England was driven by Tupt inclinations of men.”_Vol. iv. the same motives to undertake the p. 23. With the exception of management of ecclesiastical affairs, what the laws of decency and society and pave the way for reformation require, the reformer religion has here. Echard says of him, “ He done away every species of restraint, has been justly charged with crueland the summan soul is left by her ty, rapaciousness, and lust.That more completely at large in the mo- the reformed religion removed every ral than in the physical world. She species of restraint from the human is not more controlled by precept soul, stands confessed by the buildthan the actions of the savage, her ers of the work, as Mr. Foster own will becomes the only binding might have seen, had he read the law." - Vol. ii. p. 220. So because whole sermon from which he quota catholics believe the reformation, so ed. "The world," says Luther, called, was a change for the worse grows every day worse and worse; and not for the better, they are not it is plain that men are much more to be considered good citizens in a unruly, shameful, and full of vice, country where every one is daily than they were in the time of poboasting of liberty of conscienee! I pery.' The famous Bucer, an imBut then, is it not very intolerant to mediate disciple of Luther, writes deny that the first reformers were thus : -" The greater part of the men of the most pious demeanour, people seem only to have embraced although themselves acknowledged the gospel, in order to shake off the their conduer to be the opposite of yoke of discipline, and the obligavirtuons? Surely you might be si- tion of fasting, penance, &c. which lent on the deeds of our patriarchs. lay upon them in time of popery ; Here we have another testimony of and to live at their pleasure, enjoythe necessity of examining the whole ing their lust and lawless appetites work, to obtain a true specimen of without control. They therefore its spirit, and he want of candour in lend a willing ear to the doctrine Mr. Foster. af Mr. G. stated that that we are justified by faith alone, the reformation was 65 the sintul and not by good works, having no deed of lust, avarico, and pride;? be relish for them. Calvin too comdid not confine himself to mere as plained of the early degeneracy of sertion, but he brought forward the the disciples of the reformation in ORTHOD. JOUR. VOL. y.

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these words:~" Of so many thou- To show the feelings of the work sands seemingly eager in embrace towards the establishment, the ing the gospel, how few have since speech says, “The errors of the amended their lives!" Nay, to what church of England are elsewhere reelse does the greater part pretend, presented as the severest curse with

except by shaking off the heavy which the Almighty visits the sins of yoke of superstition, to launch out the people. More mercifully does more freely into every kind of las. be pursue them with pestilence, fire, civiousness.” Sufficient proof has and the sword; and yet on how many 'been advanced that the character millions of our fellow-subjects does given of the reformation by the re the divine Justice, thus secretly reverend author" is consistent with venge itself.'-Vol. i. p. 221. la truth, even in its infancy; nor has the same place the protestant bishop

it improved in this land of biblesin of London is not very indirectly reits more maturer age. Let Mr. Foso presented as 'an emissary of the "ter and his biblical compeers read spirit of darknessama disciple of the the reports of the committee ap- father of lies." "-Ibid. p. 222. Of

pointed by the commons to examine nothing have the catbolics more to jato the state of the metropolis, and complain than of the misrepresenta· if they peruse them with more can- tion and false inferences wbich their

dour than he appears to have done adversaries put upon their words, when * Mr. Gandolphy's sermons, they they find themselves unable to con

must blush for the depraved state of trovert or invalidate them. A grostheir country; for, surely such ser instance of this unworthy ma

scenes of early vice and impiety, neupre I have not met with in my of hardened 'villainy and infamy, controversial readings than the above • were never before disclosed in any exhibits. On referring to the paschristian 'state. “ Previous to the sage quoted, I find it is taken from

Teformation,” says Mr. G. in this a discourse on the word of God, and discourse, men were al;

throughout the whole dissertation the most " wholly governed by the mild observations of the preacher are deadmonitions of religion; they have livered in a general sense, and not been since only controlled by the coutined to one particular sect. Let power of the bayonet." And does

us take the whole of the passage, and not the present situation of our then the reader will be able to judge country testify the veracity of the of Mr, Foster's, veracity." How into the statute book, and he will important, however, does this subthere see, that as soon as Harry cot ject become," namely, a right comrupted and degraded the clergy, God really implies, " when we re

prehension of what the WORD OF the penal laws began to accumulate, Pect that the greatest curse which the and have continued to multiply in a tenfold degree, yet are still found Almighty can inflict on any people

is-lo withdraw the lights of instrucinadequate to their purpose. More Lion, to abandon them to the desires laws of restraint have been imposed of their own hearts, mud leave them By the present parliament, I verily believe, than by all the parliaments a prey to falsehood and deception. which 'sa't from their origin to the

With this species of vengeance God time of Harry VIII. Can a stronger

often chastised the unfaithful Jews. 'case be adduced in favour of the lo punishment of their impieties, he moral principles of the catholic reo imposed silence on his prophets, and ligion

in their place permitted innumerabir

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seducers to rise up to delude andmends' them to examine welt, and mislead the multitude; 80 that, as find out the 'REAL' word of God, at we learn from the 3d book of Kings, the same time coinciding with them no fess than four hundred false pro- in opinion, that to be in igóórance of ptiets were assembled, at one time, the true light is the severesti curse ai in the single kingdom of Israel. christian can be visited with: True; Yes, I repeat, this is the severest'but he had the daring effronterýi to curse with which the Almighty visits hint that the bishop of London was a the crimes of any people ; more mer- disciple of the father of lies, Wbati cifully does' he parsue thein with a presumptuous mao! following pestilence, fire and sword and up the comparison above quoted, the yet on how many millions of our fel- reverend author says, “« In factI low-subjects does the divide justice think it impossible to condemn too thus secretly revenge itself? They strongly the inconsiderate folly of think that they have the light of the our countrymen, who are in the bau gospel within them, but, as our '8a- bit of attending different descriptions' viour expresses it, the light within of preachers, believing that all ans them is darkness, (Luke xi. 35); and nounce the word of God. How for an eternity will they be the wilt many christians, for instance, after ing but unhappy victims of their des expressing ihemselves pleased and Jusión e according to their oron de- edified withi what they have one Sunsires, writes the apostle, they heap day beard from the protestant ibito themselves teachers. (2 Tim.'iv. shop of London, wit listen, withi 3.)” This comparison of the situa equab satisfaction the following week, tion of the unfaithful Jews to the tour de catholic preacher. But does present state of our unhappy land, cow not common sense - suggest to them, vered with a multifarious swarm of that one of the two must necessarity sects, 'is certainly very strong, yer be an emissary of the spirit of darkpot the less accurate ; but how it can nessi a disciple of the father of ties, be construed as aiming expressly at an advocate of error ? Have they the church of Engiand, except for the forgotten the warning of Jesus purpose of exciting groundless pret Christ, beware of false prophets; judice, I leave tlie intelligent "rea whol come to you in the clothing of der to determine.' Thar it must be sheep; but inwardly they are rarea grievous and heavy curse to bre nous wolves." (Matt. vii - 15.) swallowed up in the darkness of er: Prály there is someihing dangerous, for is a truth which the bible-gen something serious, 'in this pertinent tlemen will not deny, as they are in query, wlich ought' to make a prot the daily habit of calling upon ser testant, in this age of education and vants and children to contribute the superior reason," pause before be little money they have to spend in aid conseipts to admit' such privciples as of a fund for the purpose of rescuing these’into the guidatice of our coun the souls of the poor Irish papists cils, and the framing of our laws. from the curse of popish superstition To be soiré, ini these days of scriptuand Egyptian darkness," For this pi-ral knowledge it is arrogance in the ous end they have also their Hiber extreme in a cathohe clergyman to nian, Evangelical, and Missionary condemn the incunsiderate sily of societies; and why should they be those who thỉok'black and white are angry, while they are engaged i4 tlie the same, or, tin 'other words; triat laudable pursuit of converting the the doctrides of the church of Rome blind to the ligiit of the gospel, Dell and those bf the church of England, cause a catholic clergymay recom- , though opposed to each other, are

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