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designated by bigotry, did not com- doctrine, without such a clamour prehend the whole race of protest, being raised among the bible-sainis lants in their marks of a heretic, not- as now din our ears. Heresy, aco withstanding all are unhappily enve- cording to Dr. Jobuson and Mr. loped in the darkness of heresy, many Walker, is "an opinion of private having received it from their deceiv. men different from that of the caed forefathers; the reviewer there. tholic and orthodox church ;” and, fore should have been candid enough consequently, those who consider their to have stated this proposition, when faith in be catholic and orthodux, he brought the charge against us. must deem that which is opposed to But this would not have suited bis it, agreeable to these lexicographers, intolerant design, as the public to be beretical. would then have had sufficient evi- Holding this opinion, were any to dence to form a correct opinion on

forsake the orthodox faith and emthis part of the accusation. The brace an erroneous or heretical one term heretic in these commentaries for worldly interest, would he not is understood to apply principally to forsake the way of truth, and thus Luther, Calvin, and the other re- deny his God? Now, whoever is guilty formers, who fell from the catholic of this baseness and perfidy must exchurch and sowed the seeds of here. pect to merit the denunciation of our sy, by preaching a doctrine contrary Saviour, as recorded in the scripture to that which the apostles admonished

“ He that deniethr me before men, the lady and her sons, and in their him will I deny before my Father.” persons all true believers, not lo To those therefore who are guilty of lose; and when the word protestant this conduct, it will not only be unis used, it is to remind those who profitable but damnable, and to cauprofess themselves to be such of the tion catholics and others from falling danger they are in, by attaching them into so perilous a state is the object selves to such pernicious doctrines, of the annotators. But why are ca which are here condemned by the tholics to be specially pointed out, as words of scripture itself, and not teaching the protestants' doctrine to to esteen them as heretics in a mass, be heresy? Do not the anabaptists which the reviewer most basely insi- condemn the baptists. The calvin nuates.

ists the lutherans ? The trinitarians With respect to the daring arro- the unitarians; and vice versa, the gance of the annotators in presuming unitarians the trinitarians? Do not to think the protestants' doctrine the quakers refuse to contribute toheresy'-" the church service of wards repairing the churches, or, as England to be in heresy and schism, they term them, steeple-houses ? and therefore not only unprotita- | And have not many dissenters emble but damyable"--and ibat our di- ployed their literary talents to cry vine Redeeiner could nor abide to see down the payment of tythes? But his holy altars profaned by the bere nothing of this latter kind is to be tical service and blasphemings of the found in the annotations affixed to Calvinists,-it must be acknowledged the text of scripture by catholic di that they have been guilty of making vines. Obedience to temporal gothese assertions, and of adding their vernors, whether protestant or cathoreasons for so doing. And why | lic, is therein inculcated as a divine should not catholics be allowed to precept; but in matters of CoNdiffer on a point of scripture from the SCIENCE, relating to God and our protestants doctrine, as well as the own souls, we are exhorted to please protestants to differ from the papists' | Him before wen. - And, surely in prayer of

this country, which boasts of being 7-"-" If you abide in me, and my the seat of civil and religious liberty, words abide in you, you shall ask catholics ought to be allowed to what thing soever you will, and it follow the dictates of their con- shall be done to you." Such are the science, and promulgate their princi- words of the annotators, and such the ples, with the same freedom as their words of our Saviour, on which they dissenting brethren, so long as they build their opinion; but does it neconform to the laws of the land? cessarily follow, that “ the Çau any thing betray a greater want a protestant cannot be heard by of tolerance in the bible-saints, than

Heaven?” Schism is a separation the outcry which they have set up from the church, according to Johnagainst the republication of these son and Walker, and a departure annotations, and the demand which from the church is a forsaking of they have made for the suppression God, if I may be allowed to interof them by the whole catholic hier- pret scripture, our Saviour having achy of Ireland ? Nothing short of declared, that he who will not hear

the church shall be as a healhen or this will satisfy these disinterested lovers of freedom of conscience. They

publican. Well, then, is it reasonare yot ashamed to traduce, to vi

able to suppose that the man who lify, and to malign their catholic fel: obstinately refuses to be the servant low-subjects, but if the latter return

of God, is likely to partake of his di

vine blessings, whilst he persist in the compliment by exposing the deformity of their religious opinions, setting the precepts of his Master immediately the public are stunned them? The prayer of the pharisee

at defiance, pray he ever so hard for with vociferous exclamations against

was refused for his arrogance and the persecuting principles of popery, and a justification is set up for with presumption, and so is doubtless the holding from its believers the civil prayer of the wilful and obstinate

schismatic; but do the annotators privileges of the state.

Oh! the here say, that all protestants pray in candour of bigotry!

schism, which is the requisite annexed But, adds the reviewer, it is by them to a rejection of the schisstated by these annotators, that matic's petition by Heaven? No, ng; “.the prayer of a protestant cannot catholics are not so selfish or vain, as be heard by Heaven,” and we are

to imagine that none but themselves referred to the 15th chapter of the

are to be heard at the throne of mer. gospel of St. John, verse 7, for the

cy; on the contrary, protestants are proof. On turning to the said chap. recommended to pray heartily and ter, I do not find a note on the verse fervently, and, if they were to sup; specified ; however, I observe the plicate for a little more eharity and Rheimish divines on the 4th verse, benevolence towards their catholic " As the branch cannot bear fruit of itsself, unless it abide in the vine; of consistency among themselves,

countrymen, as well as a small share so neither unless you abide in me,'

there are very few of us but would make this remark : that

“ whoso.

rejoice to hear that their request had ever by heresy or schism, or for any been granted. . other cause, is cut off, or separated We have now travelled through fron the church, he can dono merito- the venial part of the transgressions riqus work to salvation, neither can

of our Rheimish divines, the horror be heard, pray he never so much of which the reviewer no doubt exa in schism, because he is not in the pected would set the knees of the body of Christ, which is a condition emancipationists knocking against necessarily required in prayer, ver. I each other, at the first onset of their

"That a

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trembling-fit; and therefore he kept | "" wolves.'-Mark iii. 12. In the in reserve the more hideous part preface we are told, of their crime, in order to frighten vé christian is bound to BURN AND them into convulsion fits, and cause "'DeFace all heretical books,' viz. their bair to bristle with affright.

'protestant bibles and prayer66 The advocates of the measure, “ books. And again, that the ha(emancipation) however, (he says) “ tred attached to the books themmay, perhaps, consider such expres- selves is to be transferred to the sions as these to be the language only persons of their publishers; for we of polemical theology ; be this as it read,-'That the translators of the may, the eve of universal harmony - English protestant bible ought to and conciliation is rather a strange

«« abhorred to the depths of hell.' time for such polemics." No doubt “ Heb. v. 7. But not only are the the blow which bibliasm has receiv. memories of the dead to be held in ed was rather unexpected, and much 6. detestation, but the same abhordisappointment has been experien-"rence is to be extended to the perced by the universal barmonists in sons of the living. The catholics their plan to sow universal religious “ are enjoined, -" To ABHOR those discord. The republication of the new Manichees of our times, both work was principally occasioned by 6. Lutherans and Calvinists.'-Acts the attempt to diffuse the scripture ii, 23." without note or comment among the

he must be more than illiterate peasants of Ireland, and man, who can restrain his indignathat nothing was better calculated tion at the atrocious and diabolical to frustrate this impious and mis- attempt of this heartless libeller, to chievous scheme is evident by the affix these abominable doctrines on boisterous denunciations vented a class of such meritorious but preagainst the parties concerned in it. scribed individuals as the catholic For my part, I rejoice that it has clergy. Well and truly has the celebeen done, and I shall he very glad brated protestant orator, CHARLES to get some of the copies over from Phillips, said, “ No philosophy can. Ireland for sale bere.

convincem-no humanity can melt But, (exclaims the reviewer) we no miracle can convert--no religion "have, as yet, selected only the can reclaim the bigot. In his bands "milder specimens of catholic the gospel is a murderer, and God a

affection to their protestant bre- dæmon: he has no pity, for he can“thren, The population of Ireland not feel; he has no piety, for be can5. are informed,' • That the speeches, not forgive : his prayers are curses

preachings, and writings of pro- bis communion death-his- ven"testants, are pestiferous, contagi- geance is eternity !" Will it be beand creeping like a cancer,

lieved, that the detestatioa express"' and therefore never to be beard ed by the annotators against the or read by christian men.' i Tim. translators of the English bible was

That as the devil, ac- in consequence of their being guilty knowledging the son of God,was of BLASPHEMY! Now surely it is not

bid to hold his peace; so nei. a crime, in these days of biblical Gerther heretics' sermons must be lore, for a catholic to abhor, " . heard, no, not though they preach to the depth of hell," so heinous ""the truth; so it is of their prayers an offence as this has hitherto been " and service, whichbeing never so considered in the eyes of both jews "' good in itself,is not acceptable to and christians ? In the note refer“God out of their mouths, yea, it is red to, Heb. v. 7. the Rheimish di

9 better than the howling of vines notice a false translation of the


“ jii. 12.



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text, in order to maintain Calvin's tred towards the publishers of such horrible blasphemy, that our Savi- works. It is thought a meritorious our suffered the pains of hell. - act to Abhor the crime of murder or Speaking of this impious act, the an- treason ; why then should catholics notaturs say,

“ We see plainly that be blamed, if they include in their they have no conscience, indiffer- abhorrence, that of impiety and ence, nor other purpose, but to make blasphemy, of which the new Ma. the

poor readers believe that their nichees of our times, both Lutheropinions be God's own word, and to ans and Calvins are guilty, who draw the scripture to sound after make God the cause of Judas's the fantasy of their heresies. But betraying Christ, and therefore if the good reader knew for what the author of sin. --Acts, ii, 23.point of doctrine they have thus But catholics are told, that “ chrisframed their translation, they would tian is bound to BURN AND DEFACE abhor them to the depth of hell; all heretical books; i. e. protestant forsooth it is thus: they would have bibles and prayer-books;” and that the scripture mean, that Christ

, was the speeches, preachings, and writin horrible fear of damnation, and ings of heretics (not protestants, as that he was not only in pains corpo- the reviewer maliciously insinuates) ral upon the cross, (which they hold are pestiferous, and creeping like a not to have been sufficient for man's canker, and therefore never to be redemption) but that he was in the heard or read by christian men."sorrows and distress of the damned, In this last injunction the annotators without any difference, but that it merely copy the advice of St. Paul was not everlasting, as theirs is.- to Timothy: (2 Epis. ii. 16, 18.) “But For this horrible blasphemy, (which profane and vain speeches avoid; is their interpretation of Christ's de- for they do much grow to impiety : scending into hell) God's holy word and their speech spreadeth as a canMUST BE CORRUPTED, and the sacri- ker; of whom is Hymenæus and fice of Christ's death (whereof they Philêtus: who have erred from the talk so presumptuously) must not be truth, saying that the resurrection enough for our redemption, except is done already, and have subverted he be damned for us also to the pains the faith of some.It is therefore of heh. Wo (exclaims the annota- to be hoped, that as the holy apostors) be to our poor country, that the thought it incumbent on him to must have such books, and read such caution the exalted individual, w.hom translations. See Calvin and Beza he had appointed a bishop, to beware in their commentaries and annota- of false teachers, the following his tions upon this place, and you shall example by the catholic clergy, for see that for the defence of the said which they have the authority of blasphemies they have thus trans. scripture, the only guide of protestlated the text.” Wo, indeed; wo ants, is not a breach of charity suftito that country which can silently cient to doom their flocks to perpepermit such impious and iniquitous tual civil bondage in a land of freedoctrines to be disseminated. And dom! And as to defacing and burn. wo to that country which can pro- ing protestant bibles and prayere duce such malignant and viperous books, the charge comes ratherawkscribblers, who delight in deceiving wardly from the quarter whence it the ignorant and unweary, and per- originates. Have the biblical accusets vert the honest expression of an in. of the catholic clergy forgot that dignant mind at the villainous con- the protestant legislators of this counduct of blasphemous men, into an in-try, in the year 1606, (3 Jas. I.) junction to maintain a personal ha- passed an act which authorized the



BURNING of all popish missals, psal plan, of employing the poor to dig ters, legends, &c. or other supersti- holes one day and fill them up the tious books, and empowered any two next. In the present dearth of emjustices, and all magistrates of corn ployment, the printing branch has porations, from time to time, to enter suffered in proportion with other The houses und lodgings of popish trades, and therefore the republicarecusants, for the purpose of seiz- tion of the annotations should be coniog, burning, and defacing, any cru- sidered rather as a subject of concitix, beads, popish relics, or books gratulation ihan of censure. Let wbich they might find therein.- the Hibernian society continue to Pretty fair and tolerant work this, 1 distribute, and the Irish papist to and highly praise-worthy in " burn bibles, the greater will be the lightened” protestants, who grant consumption of paper, and the dethemselves indulgence to perseeute mand for printing will increase; thus and oppress their catholic neigh- a number of hands will be employed, bours for the love of law and just whose families would otherwise be tice; to calumniate their principles, starving, and some benefit would acand pervert their writings, for the crue from the subscriptions raised to sake of truth and probity; and to further the purpose of mistaken zeal. ascribe motives for their rule of ac- Here I take leave of the foolish aption which themselves are guilty of, prehensions of the bigot for the fate and pertinaciously encourage. If of his bibles and prayer-books, to catholics told to burn and deface notice a more odious distortion of the heretical books, it is only when they sentiments of the Rheimish doctors. become the legal possessors of them; “ We shall pass over (says the reand the British and Foreign Bible viewer) the various charges in Society may be assured, that should " which protestants are consigned the question of emancipation ever be to eternal damnation, from which granted, their warehouse in Earl. " it is asserted, even martyrdom in street will not be ransacked by ca

“ heathen countries will not pretholics for materials to form a bon- serve them; and shall direct the fire on the occasion. But, if bible- “attention of our readers to injunc. men are simple enough to put a false tions of a more practical tendentranslation of the scripture into the "cy. The Irish catholics are inhands of a catholic for his own spe- “ formed, “That when Rome puts cial use, and assure him it is the "" heretics, (i. e. protestants) to word of God, from which he is to “' DEATH, and ALLOWS THEIR PUdraw his religious creed, they ought NISHMENT IN OTHER COUNTRIES, not to be angry if he takes it into his brotheir blood is not called the head, or is recommended by his


6 • blood of saints, no more than the tor, either to burn or destroy it.- sur blood of thieves, man-killers, and When it becomes his property,

he “other malefactors, for the shed. has a right to do with it as he pleases. ding of which, by order of jus. Whether the Hibernian Society, solice, no commonwealth shall aqwhich is engaged in circulating the or swer.'.-Rev. xvii. 6. scripture throughout Ireland, has Before I proceed farther in bis discovered a propensity in the Irish quotations, I will here give the real peasants to light their fires and their words of the annutators. Speaking pipes with the productions of its of the text, “ And I saw the woman evangelical labours, I have noi heard; drunken of the blood of the saints, but should such, be the case, I can and of the blood of the martyrs of only consider it as an improvement Jesus," they say, “ It is plain that of my lord Castlereagh's sagacious "this woman signifieth the whole

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