On the sentient faculty, and principles of human magnetism, tr. [from Des modes accidentels de nos perceptions] with notes, by F. Corbaux

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Page 194 - Full, nay, laborious breathing, instantly commenced. The chest heaved, and fell ; the belly was protruded, and again collapsed, with the relaxing and retiring diaphragm.
Page 6 - ... no doubt,, ensure it a ready introduction, and a favourable reception, in every intelligent family. In addition to the great heads of domestic economy, agriculture, and chemistry, this work points out the best modes of curing diseases, and obviating the effects of sudden accidents ; and presents also an outline of the mind and passions, wilh a view to the improvement of moraU and education.
Page 6 - To such persons as reside at a distance from great towns and from medical aid, or who are inhabitants of the British Colonies, (particularly to all Settlers in new Countries,) the FAMILY CYCLOPEDIA is really invaluable ; as it forms a portable Library of Useful Knowledge, of easy reference, and contains a great variety of information not to be found in other works of similar pretensions, and of greater magnitude.
Page 221 - Public is usually solicited towards such enterprises. Every man who takes the slightest interest in public affairs, every one who feels a natural anxiety to know what Europe is, at the present moment, after the terrible convulsions it has undergone, and who wishes to understand the political connexion of the different States ; is conscious that his means of doing so are extremely imperfect. Our task will be, to remove that imperfection ; and, by an accurate development of the final arrangements made...
Page 194 - ... retiring diaphragm ; and it is thought, that but from the complete evacuation of the blood, pulsation might have occurred ! In the third experiment, the supra-orbital nerve was touched, when every muscle in the murderer's face "was thrown into fearful action.
Page 194 - The scene was hideous — several of the spectators left the room, and one gentleman actually fainted, from terror or sickness ! ! In the fourth experiment the transmitting of the...
Page 193 - On moving the second rod from the hip to the heel, the knee being previously bent, the leg was thrown out with such violence as nearly to overturn one of the assistants, who in vain attempted to prevent its extension.
Page 6 - Cyclopaedia is written, and from the uniformity of character apparent throughout, it will be obvious to every one, that this is an entirely original work, and completely exempt from the censure justly bestowed on most introductions to Domestic Economy : — the science, taste, and good sense of the author are visible in every page of this laborious production ; and his benevolent attempts to ameliorate the condition of his fellow creatures, by improvement in morals and education, demand our warmest...
Page 222 - This is our primary purpose; but this is not all. With the- restoration of the liberties of Europe, arose also the recovered freedom of scientific research and literary inquiry. During the last four or five years, large accessions have been made to our general stock of geographical Knowledge. Enterprising travellers have spread themselves in every direction, and communicated to the World the result of their observations. Many doubtful points of science have thus been established; many unexpected...
Page 5 - ANATOMY at large; bnt has, in a compendium under that article, and under the articles Abdomen, Blood, Heart, &c. given a succinct account of every principal part of the human body; without some knowledge of which, no one can be competent to judge of Disease, or of the exhibition of Medicines for its cure. In doing this, he has avoided, as...

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