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Pedigrees from latter part of 17th century of families
interested in the great Hornby Castle law suit namely, Sandford,
Tatham, Marsden, Cookson, Dawson, Pudsey and Littledale.
A very
long Roll on parchment

329 SATER.

Appendix to the cases of the Respondents, in the matter of George Sayer, appellant and Stephen Bradley and others Respondents, with folding pedigree. 4to. sd. (1854) 330 SCLATER. Act for vesting Part of the Estates of Richard Sclater, in Trustees to be sold. Fcp. folio, sd. 1825 331 SIMPSON. Act for vesting Estates of William Simpson, in York, Lincoln, and Nottingham, in Trustees to be sold. Fcp. folio, sd. 1787 2SMETHURST. Genealogy, extracted from the Records of the College of Arms, with Arms, a full pedigree Privately printed, 1870 333 SMITH. Act to enable Trustees of Henry Smith to apply certain Sums of Money to the relief of his poor kindred. Fcp. folio, sd. 1772


33 SMYTH. Act for vesting certain Estates of Sir Thomas Smyth Bart. in Trustees for purposes therein stated. Fcp. folio, sd. 1824 335 STANDISH (Baronets) Descent Lineal and Collateral seven descents, a large sheet manuscript pedigree beautifully executed on vellum with the arms in colours 1812

36 STAPLETON. In the House of Lords; Case of Miles Thomas Stapleton
claiming to be senior coheir to the Barony of Beaumont, with large
folding pedigree. Folio
n. d. (1840)
37 STAPLETON. Evidence before the Committee of Privileges to whom the
Petition of Thomas Stapleton claiming the Barony of Beaumont was
referred, with pedigrees, 2 parts in 1. Fep. folio, stitched
STAPILTON. Act for vesting part of the Estates of Henry Stapilton in the
said Henry Stapilton in Fee Simple, etc. Fcp. folio, sd.


Act for vesting certain Estates of Thomas Staunton in Trustees to be sold, and for applying the money. Fcp. folio, sd. 1791 STONOR. Additional Case on behalf of Thomas Stonor, claiming to be senior coheir to the Barony of Camoys. Fcp. folio, sd. (1830) SYMONS. Act for vesting third Part of Settled Estates of Thomas Symons, and Mary his Wife in the county of Sussex, in Trustees. Fep. folio, 1814 TEMPLER. Act for vesting Parts of the Estates of James Templer in Trustees, and for the purchases of other Lands. Fep. folio, sd. 1783


B TEMPLER. Act to charge a part of the Estates of James Templer with
a sum to be disposed of for purposes therein mentioned. Fcp. folio,
TIPPING. An Act for vesting certain Mannors in Dame Annie Tipping
and her heirs, and certain Mannors in Dame Mary Tipping and her
heirs. Fcp. folio, sd.
45 TOLLEMACHE. Act to enable Wilbraham Tollemache and others to grant
leases of lands in the county of Chester. Fcp. folio, sd.

45 TRENQUALEON (Max de). West Grinstead et les Caryll. et religieuse sur le Comté de Sussex en Angleterre. portraits and plates; cloth

Etude historique
2 vols. 8vo. with,

47 TYNTE. Minutes of Evidence before the Committee of Privileges on the Petition of Charles Keneys Kerneys Tynte, claiming the Barony of Wharton; 6 parts, 500 pp. fcp. folio, sd. 1844

UDNY. In the House of Lords; Udny v. Allat, Supplemental Joint Appendix. Roy. 4to. with folding pedigree and portrait, sd. 1866 39 UDNY V. UDNY. Respondents Case in the House of Lords, from the Court, of Session in Scotland. 4to. sd.


£ 8. d.

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350 VERNON and others v. Wright and others; Appeal from the High Court
of Chancery; 3 papers, 4to. sd.
351 WALKER. Act for Partition of divers Manors, etc., devised by the Will of
Thomas Walker. Fcp. folio, sd.
352 WALKER. Act to enable Anne Walker alias Baughs, to sell unto the
Rt. Hon. William Conolly Esq.-her share of certain Manors etc., in
the Kingdom of Ireland etc. Fep. folio, sd.
353 WARTON. An Act for rendering effectual a division of Divers Lands etc.,
late the Estates of Sir Michael Warton. Fcp. folio, sd.
354 WASHINGTON. NEWSOME (W.) Yorkshire as the Home of the Washingtons,
with 36 genealogical tables. Royal Svo. sd. Privately printed, 1879
the same, with the English Home of the Washingtons, from
Harper's New Monthly Magazine, and a quantity of Manuscript Notes
and pedigrees, a parcel
356 WEBB. Act for the Sale of the Mannor of Great-Bealings in co. Suffolk,
late the Estate of Henry Webb, for paying his Debts and for the
support of his Infant Son. Fcp. folio, sd.

Act for effectuating the sale of the Freehold Estate of Nathaniel Webb and his wife at Boreham in Essex. Fcp. folio, sd. 1789 358 WHARTON. Act for vesting Estates devised by the Will of Anthony Wharton in Trustees to be sold. Fcp. folio, sd.

1785 359 WHITFELD. Act to enable John Whitfeld to charge his Estates in co. Northampton in manner mentioned. Fcp. folio, sd. 1776 360 WILLIAM IV. Settlement on the marriage of F. E. March with Miss Dorothea Maria Jordan, a long Deed on 4 skins, one of the parties thereto is William Henry D. of Clarence (William IV) whose signature is very fine 1809

361 WILLIAMS. Act for vesting the Manor of Cadhay in the county of Devon, part of the estate of Sir Booth Williams, in Trustees to be sold, and for laying out the Money to arise by such Sale. Fcp. folio, sd. 1771 362 WILSON. Act for Sale of the Estates of Richard Wilson in the County of York and for settling others in lieu thereof. Fcp. folio, sd. (1781) 363 WOLFF. Act for vesting certain Lands the settled Estate of Sir Jacob Wolff, Bart., in Trustees, and for laying out the money arising therefrom. Fep. folio, sd. 1775

Act for rendering the Power of Sale contained in the Marriage Settlement of Sir Jacob Wolff, Bart., so far as extends to the Manor of Chumleigh in the county of Devon. Fcp. folio, sd. 1791 365 WRIGHT. Act for vesting certain Estates of Nathaniel Wright, deceased,

in Trustees to be sold. Fep. folio, sd.






· ..

366 ACADEMY (A New) OF COMPLIMENTS: or, Compleat English SECREContaining the TRUE ART of Indicting Letters With Dialogues very Witty and Pleasant. . . To which is added, 1. The Art of Good Breeding... 2. The English Fortune-teller... 12mo., with woodcut frontispiece; calf neat 1761

367 ALBEMARLE (George Monk, Duke of).

OBSERVATIONS UPON MILITARY and POLITICAL AFFAIRS. Sm. folio, with a fine portrait; old calf 1671 368 ANCREN RIWLE (The); a Treatise on the Rules and Duties of Monastic Life. Edited and translated from a semi-Saxon MS. of the 13th century, by James MORTON. Sm. 4to., cloth; SCARCE

Dedicated by John Heath to Charles II.

Camden Soc., 1853

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369 ARABIAN NIGHTS' ENTERTAINMENTS, carefully revised, and occasionally corrected from the Arabic, to which is added a Selection of New Tales .. by Jonathan Scott. 6 vols. post 8vo., frontispieces after Smirke, calf gilt


370 BACON (LORD FRANCIS). Of the Advancement and Proficience of Learning, or the Partitions of Sciences. IX Bookes. Written in Latin by the most Eminent, Illustrious, & Famous LORD FRANCIS BACON, Baron of Verulum . . . interpreted by Gilbert Wats. Sm. folio, FIRST EDITION, brilliant impression of the portrait and engraved title by Wm. Marshall, in the original old gilt calf binding

of all and singuler passions of Loue and iealosie, incident | to an enamored yong Gentlewoman, with a notable caueat for all women to eschewe deceitfull and wicked | Loue, by an apparant example of a Neapolitan Lady, | her approued & long miseries, and wyth many | sounde dehortations from the same. | First wrytten in Italian by Master Iohn Boccace. ... | And now done into English by B. Giouano | del M. Temp...│. . . ] . . . | . . . | At London, Printed by I. C. for Thomas Gubbin, and Thomas Newman. [1587]


Sm. 4to., black letter, some headlines cut into and date erased from
title-page; purple morocco, gilt edges

EXCESSIVELY RARE, only one or two copies being known. It was translated by
B. Young of the Middle Temple, who dedicated it to Sir William Hatton.
This copy
was formerly in the Roxburghe collection.

Collation:-*, A-Hh, all in fours; Ii and Kk in threes.

Oxford, L. Lichfield for R. Young and E. Forrest, 1610 11 11 0 VERY FINE COPY from the library of Sir Henry Mainwaring, Bart., with his armorial bookplate.

371 BOCCACCIO. | Amorous Fiammeta. | Wherein is sette downe a catologue


*The Parent's Assistant. 6 vols. Vol. 1 First Edition, vols. 2-6 Third Edition




First Edition

*Leonora. 2 vols.
Castle Rackrent. 1 vol. Fifth Edition
*Popular Tales. 3 vols. Fourth Edition
*Belinda. 3 vols. Third Edition

1587 45 0 0

Books with Autograph Inscriptions:

372 CRUIKSHANK. THOMSON (James) Poetical Works. 12mo. GEORGE CRUIKSHANK'S copy, with his autograph, “Geo. Cruikshank 1876,” and bookplate, calf gilt 1794

373 D'ISRAELI (Isaac). Curiosities of Literature. Both Series. 6 vols. 1824-33-The Literary Character illustrated by the History of Men of Genius-together 7 vols. 8vo., half calf gilt, gilt top, uncut. PRESENTATION COPY, with inscription "To T. Crofton Croker with the Authors kindest regards" 1818-24 674 EDGEWORTH. A Collection of Works by Maria Edgeworth. 35 vols. (as detailed below), post 8vo., bound in contemporary calf gilt. 25 of these volumes bear the inscription "To Miss Lawrence from the Author" in the autograph of Maria Edgeworth 1800-1817 15 15 0

£ s. d.



*Tales of Fashionable Life. 6 vols, Vols. 1-3 Fourth Edition, vols. 4-6 Third



3 3 0

Sixth Edition



*Moral Tales. 3 vols.
*The Modern Griselda. 1 vol. Third Edition
Patronage. 4 vols. Second Edition
Harrington and Ormond. 3 vols. First Edition
Comic Dramas. 1 vol.



First Edition


Third Edition

Essay on Irish Bulls, by Richard Lovell Edgeworth and Maria Edgeworth. 1 vol. 1808 *Poetry explained for the use of Young People, by Richard Lovell Edgeworth 1802 All the volumes of the works marked with an asterisk are inscribed as mentioned above. The last volume being bound uniformly, and bearing the inscription in Miss Edgeworth's handwriting, is included.

375 HUNT (Leigh). Hero and Leander, and Bacchus and Ariadne. 12mo.,

FIRST EDITION. Presentation copy, with inscription "D. Watson, from
the Author," in the original paper wrapper (with label), ENTIRELY



0 15 0


55 0

Books with Autograph Inscriptions, continued :—


376 LANDOR (Walter Savage), The Hellenics of. 12mo. PRESENTATION
COPY, with inscription" From the Author to the widow of his dearest
friend," above which has been added the autograph of "Caroline Anne
Southey," calf gilt
Moxon, 1847
377 MARTIN (Sir Theodore). Helena Faucit (Lady Martin). 8vo., 4 portraits,
cloth. PRESENTATION COPY, with inscription To Samuel Pope Esq.
from his friend Theodore Martin 22nd March 1901”
378 STOKES (Margaret). Art Readings for 1880. 5 pts., crown 8vo., sd.;
scarce; the Authoress's inscribed Presentation Copy to Sir Frederick
Dublin, 1880
Comprising: 1, The Transfiguration of Our Lord in Art; 2, The Radiated Crown
of the Roman Emperors; 3, On the Painted Tombs on the Via Latina and in the Cata-
combs; near Rome; 4, San Clemente: from Notes made in Rome; 5, A Key to the
Sistine Ceiling painted by Michael Angelo.



Readings on Archaeology and Art. Hades in Art. Cr. 8vo., with plates, some additional ones inserted; morocco; scarce; the Authoress's inscribed Presentation Copy to Sir Frederick Burton

Dublin, 1883 380 TENNYSON (Alfred). Poems. 12mo. PRESENTATION COPY with autograph inscription "Henry Inglis from A. Tennyson, Aug. 29. 1853," with 6 portraits of Tennyson inserted. 12mo., original cloth 1853 381 [BOYER (A.)]. The History of the Reign of Queen Anne, digested into Annals. Year the Fourth. Containing the most Memorable Transac tions at Home and Abroad . . . 8vo., with 2 folding plans; in a contemporary binding of red morocco extra, gilt edges 1706 382 BROOKE (Stopford A.). Tennyson: his Art and Relation to Modern Life. Svo., cloth (published 7s 6d) 1894 383 BROWNE (Sir Thomas). (Engraved title by Will. Marshall:) Religio Medici. Printed for Andrew Crooke. 1642.

18mo., FIRST EDITION; a fine copy in brown morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford; VERY RARE

1642 20

First of the two unauthorized editions issued in 1642 prior to the Author's edition of 1643 (see below). COLLATION: Engraved title and signatures A-M in eights, the last leaf a blank.


A true and full copy of that which was most imperfectly and
Surreptitiously printed before under the name of Religio Medici.
Printed for Andrew Crooke 1643-OBSERVATIONS VPON Religio Medici.
Occasionally Written By Sir Kenelme Digby, Knight The second
Edition corrected and amended. LONDON, Printed by F. L. for Lawrence
Chapman and Daniel Frere, 1644.-Medicus Medicatus: OR THE PHYSI-
ANIMADVERSIONS upon Sir Kenelme Digbie's OBSERVATIONS on Religio
Medici. By ALEXANDER Ross. LONDON, Printed by James Young. .
Anno Dom. 1645.

3 works in 1 vol., 12mo., an old portrait of Sir Kenelm Digby inserted; calf 1643-45


The above edition of the Religio Medici was the first issued with the author's sanction. In the preface he complains bilterly of the circumstances which compelled him to issue this “full and intended copy of that Peece which was most imperfectly and surreptitiously published before."





385 BROWNE (Sir Thomas). | HYDRIOTAPHIA, | URNE-BY RIALL, | OR, | A Discourse of the Sepulchrali | Urnes lately found in | NORFOLK. | Together with The Garden of crRUS, OR THE Quincunciall, Lozenge, or Net-work Plantations of the An- | cients, Artificially, Naturally, I Mystically Considered. | With Sundry Observations. By Thomas Browne D. of Physick. | LONDON, | Printed for Hen. Brome at the Signe of the Gun in Ivy-lane. 1658. [

12mo., with 2 plates; red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Riviere 1658 12 1 the same. 12mo., a very fine and EXTRAORDINARILY LARGE COPY (611x43 inches), in the original vellum COLLATION: A-O in eights (including the two plates). Both the above copies

1658 15

have the three last leaves, which are often missing: "The Stationer to the Reader," Books printed for Hen. Brome," and a leaf on which is printed sideways in large letters, along its whole length, "Dr. Brown's Garden of Cyrus."

7 BURKE (The Right Hon Edmund). Works. 8 vols. 8vo. half morocco, contents lettered

1803 BURTON (ROBERT).] THE ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY. What it is with all the Kinds, Causes, Symptomes, Prognostickes, & Severall Cures of it... by DEMOCRITUS JUNIOR THIRD EDITION, Corrected and Augmented by the Author. Folio, with engraved title (neatly mounted), old calf, with fine bookplate of George H. Wailes Oxford, Henry Cripps, 1628 BURTON (Robert). (Engraved title :) | THE ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY. What it is, With all the kinds, causes, symptomes, prognostickes, & seuerall cures of it, | In three Partitions, with their severall | Sections, members & subsections, | Philosophically, Medicinally, Historically, opened & cut vp. | By | Democritus Junior. With a Satyricall Preface, conducing | to the following Discourse, | The Seventh Edition, corrected and augmented by the Author. | Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit vtile dulci | LONDON | Printed for H: Cripps and are to be sold at his Shop in Popes-head Allie | and by E: Wallis at the Hors Shoo in the Old Baley. | 1660. |

Sm. folio, the fine engraved copper-plate title by C. Le Blon in twelve compartments, one being a portrait of the author; a very fine copy in russia (neatly repaired), gilt edges 1660

the same. 2 vols. 8vo., engraved title with portrait, boards,

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1826 BUTLER (Charles). The Feminin' Monarchi', or the Histori of Bee's Written out of Experienc' By Charles Butler ... Oxford, Printed by William Turner, for de Author. M.DC.XXXIV.

Sm. 4to., with woodcuts; old calf


the same. Sm. 4to., a fine copy in olive morocco extra, gilt edges; from the Gaisford library 1634

This entertaining work is one of the earliest examples of phonetic spelling in the English language. At pp. 78-79, is a curious part-song for four voices. BUTLER (Samuel)] HUDIBRAS. Written in the time of the Late Wars. Corrected and Amended, with several Additions and Annotations. (3 parts in 1 vol.), post 8vo., old red morocco extra; FINE COPY 1694 BYRON]. Lara, a Tale. Jacqueline, a Tale. 12mo., original boards with paper label, uncut


First Edition. It was issued with Samuel Rogers's 'Jaqueline.'
BYRON. | LETTER | TO | **** ****** | ON THE REV. W. L. BOWLES'


LORD BYRON. (Here follow two quotations, occupying six lines) LONDON: |

Svo., FIRST EDITION; in the ORIGINAL WRAPPER, UNCUT; rare 1821 COLLATION: B-E4 in eights; Addenda, 4 leaves, the last blank. It was addressed to John Murray.


MIRABILIS. "Impar Congressus Achilli." | LONDON, 1823: PRINTED FOR

8vo., FIRST EDITION, 36 pp.; fine copy, in the ORIGINAL WRAPPER, ISCUT; rare 1823

CALVIN. A Faythful and moost Godlye treatyse concer-nynge the most sacret Sacrament of the bles-sed body and bloude of oure sauioure Christe, copiled by Iohn Calvyne translated into Englyshe by a faythfull brother. . Wherunto the order that the Churche and congregation of Christ in Denmark: doth vse at the receiuinge of Baptisme.. is added. Myles Couerdale. . Colophon at end: Imprinted at London by Iohn Day and Wyllyam Seres, dwellynge in

£ 8. d.

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