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506 POPE (Alexander). Works. With his last Corrections, Additions, and Improvements. Together with all his Notes. 8 vols., 18mo., contemporary red morocco extra






Printed for S. Crowder, C. Ware, and T. Payne, 1770
Concordance to the Works of Alexander Pope. By Edwin
Abbott. 8vo., cloth

508 [PRIOR (Matthew)]. Poems on Several Occasions. London: Printed
for Jacob Tonson, within Grays-Inn Gate next Grays-Inn Lane, 1709.
8vo., with frontispiece; calf




of our British, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English Kings
Supreme ECCLESIASTICAL JURISDICTION, in, over all Spiritual, or Religious
Affairs, Causes, Persons, as well as Temporal within their Realms of
England, Scotland, Ireland, and other Dominions. 3 vols., folio, a very
fine copy in old russia, with the Arms of the Duke of Buckingham in gold
on the sides
1666-65-70 30

The excessive rarity of Prynne's Records, owing to the destruction of the entire impression of the first volume (with the exception of about twenty-five copies) in the great Fire of London, is too well known to collectors to require comment. The Duke of Sussex's copy sold for £155; Willett's for £152. 5s; and the Duke of Buckingham's (above) in the Stowe sale for £149; it afterwards fetched £164, which sum I paid. 510 RAMBLER, first edition. (General title :) THE RAMBLER. Nullius addictus jurare in verba magistri, Quo me cunque rapit tempestas deferor hospes. HOR. (Here a device) LONDON: Printed for J. PAYNE, and J. BOUQUET, in Pater-noster-row. M. DCC. LI

COMPLETE in 2 vols., sm. folio, mottled calf, gilt tops, UNCUT 1749-52 31 1 Very rare in this uncut state. It comprises the complete set of 208 numbers, the first of which was published on Tuesday, March 20, 1749-50, and the last on Saturday the 17th March, 1752, issued every Tuesday and Saturday, without the loss of a single publication-day. Dr. Johnson wrote the whole of the 208 papers with the exception of nos. 10, 30, 97 (by Samuel Richardson), and 100. At first the sale was slow, but they soon became very popular and before his death the author had the satisfaction of seeing ten editions issued in London, besides Scotch and Irish reprints.

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511 RAYNALDE (Thomas). (Title within woodcut border
The byrth of Mankynde, newly translated out of
Laten into | Englysshe. | In the which is entreated of all |
suche thynges the which chaunce to women in theyr labor,
and all suche infyrmitees whiche happen | vnto the Infantes
after they bedelyuered. And also at the latter | ende or
in the thyrde or last boke | is entreated of the Conception |
of mankynde .. (6 more lines follow) (Colophon :)
◄ Imprynted at London | by. T. R. | Anno Domini.

Sm. 4to., black letter; with 4 copperplates (on 2 leaves);
a large copy in calf, with the bookplate of James Bindley;



The work is a translation by Robert Jonas, who dedicated it to Queen Catherine Parr, from the Latin of Eucharius Roesslin's "De partu hominis et que circa ipsum accidunt", which appeared at Frankfort in 1532. It is noticeable as being probably the first English work containing copperplates, and either the first or second treating of midwifery. With this first edition Thomas Raynalde the physician had apparently no connection. He afterwards




claimed the work, and republished it as his own, with the addition of
another book. It has been suggested that Thomas Raynalde the
printer and the physician of the same name were one person; but
this is improbable, the name Raynalde (Reynolds) being of common


Another Edition. (Title, within a woodcut border, lines 1-6) The Birth of mankynde, other | wyse named the wo= | mans booke. | Hewly set foorth, corrected, and augmented... | (Title, lines 13-14 :) | By Thomas Raynalde | Phisition. | (Fol. cxxxi a, lines 10-15:) | And thus here I make an ende of booke. FINIS. 1565. |

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this fourth and | last

Sm. 4to., with 2 leaves of woodcuts "The Birth Fygures"; fine copy in limp vellum, with the bookplate of Richard Towneley; RARE


8. d.

1565 10 10 0

Without printer's name. The collation is A, 4 11.; B-T in eights, except which has 6 leaves; and between L, and L, are two leaves of woodcuts. One of these leaves is wanting in the British Museum copy.

REYNOLDS (John. "Merchant of Exeter "). The Judgment of Human Actions. A Most Learned Treatise of Morrall Philosophie, which fights agaynst Vanyte, & Conduceth to the fyndinge out of true and perfect Felicyte. Written in French by Monsieur Leonard Marrande, and Englished by John Reynolds. 12mo., fine engraved title, a fine copy in the original limp vellum; scarce London, 1629 14 RISHANGER. Chronicle of William de Rishanger, of the Barons' Wars. The Miracles of Simon de Montfort. Edited by J. Orchard Halliwell. Sm. 4to., cloth; SCARCE Camden Soc. 1840 RET (Peter Mark). Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases. New edition, enlarged and improved, partly from the author's notes, and with a full index by J. L. Roget. 8vo., xliv and 667 pp. cloth (pub. 10s 6d)

Roxburghe Club:


POWIS. Speech of the Earl of Powis, in the House of Lords, on May 23, 1843, on Moving the Second Reading of a Bill for preventing the Union of the Sees of St. Asaph and Bangor. 4to., half

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WOTTON. Letters and Dispatches from Sir Henry Wotton to James 1
and his Ministers, 1617-20. Printed from the originals in the Library
of Eton College. 4to., half bound
FIVE OLD PLAYS, illustrating the early progress of the English
Drama. Edited, from copies, either unique, or of great rarity, by
J. PAYNE COLLIER. 4to., half morocco
THE AYENBITE OF INWYT, written in the Dialect of the County
of Kent, by Dan. Michel of Northgate, 1340. Edited by the Rev.
Joseph STEVENSON. 4to., half morocco
FLORIANT AND FLORETE. A Metrical Romance of the 14th cen-
tury. Edited from a unique MS. at Newbattle Abbey, by FRANCISQUE-
MICHEL. 4to., with coloured frontispiece; half morocco, SCARCE

Presented by the Marquis of Lothian, 1873 HISTORY OF GRISILD THE SECOND. A Narrative, in verse, of the Divorce of Queen Katharine of Arragon. Written by WILLIAM FORREST, and now edited, for the first time, from the author's MS. in the Bodleian Library, by W. D. MACRAY. 4to., half morocco

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3 10 0

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Roxburghe Club, continued :—

522 MANDEVILLE. The BUKE OF JOHN MAUNDEUILL, being the Travels of Sir John Mandeville, 1322-1356; a hitherto unpublished English version from the unique copy (Egerton MS. 1982) in the British Museum. Edited, together with the French text, notes, and introduction, by George F. Warner. Folio, with 28 miniatures reproduced in facsimile; half morocco


1889 20

523 RUSKIN (John). Letter to Young Girls. Third edition. Sm. 4to., 8 pp. sd.


Reprinted, with slight addition, from Fors Clavigera. 524 SCARRON (Paul). Comical Romances, and other Tales, done into English by Tom Brown, John Savage, and others, with an Introduction by J. J. Jusserand. 2 vols. 8vo. with numerous illustrations by Oudry; cloth (pub. at £1. 1s net) 1892 525 SCOTT. Title: The discouerie of witchcraft, Wherein the lewde dealing of witches and witchmongers is notablie detected. . . latelie written by Reginald Scott Esquire... 158. Colophon: Imprinted at London by William Brome. Sm. 4to., black letter, FIRST and RAREST EDITION, with the two rare unnumbered leaves; a short but sound copy having some of the headlines shaved; calf




1584 14

the same.
Sm. 4to., much larger and in better condition than the
above copy, the only blemish being a very small hole in the title-page;
blue morocco, gilt edges

1584 18

VERY RARE, as many copies were destroyed by order of James I, who wrote on
the other side of the question.

COLLATION: A-U and Aa-Ss, all in eights except B which has six leaves.
There are, besides, in this copy, the two rare unnumbered leaves (between Dd 8 and
Ee 1), with woodcuts explanatory of several juggling tricks.

527 SCOTT (SIR WALTER). Waverley Novels. 48 vols. 12mo.

Poetical Works. 12 vols. 12mo.

together 60 vols. 12mo., with frontispiece and engraved title in each volume, uniformly bound in half green calf

528 SCOTT's Waverley Novels. 48 vols. 12mo.


Edinburgh, 1829-33


Edinburgh, 1829-43

The Poetical Works. 12 vols. 12mo. together 60 vols. 12mo., with an engraved title and frontispiece in each volume, uniformly bound in half calf gilt 529 Selden Society. SELECT PLEAS, STARRS, AND OTHER RECORDS from the ROLLS OF THE EXCHEQUER OF THE JEWS, A.D. 12201284. Edited by J. M. RIGG. 4to., buckram


The archives of the Exchequer of the Jews at the Record Office comprise three collections: (1) Rolls of the Exchequer of Receipt, Joh.-Ed. I; (2) a heterogeneous assortment of documents, indexed as Accounts, etc. (Exchequer, Q. R.), Bundles 249-50, including memoranda relating to the Domus Conversorum; (3) Plea Rolls. The two former sources have furnished matter for the Introduction; the selections which follow are taken exclusively from Plea Rolls.

530 SHAFTESBURY (Anthony, Earl of).

CHARACTERISTICKS of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times .. The Fourth Edition, M.DCC.XXVII. 3 vols., 8vo., THICK PAPER, with fine impressions of the portrait and vignettes by Gribelin; a fine copy in green morocco, gilt edges, by J. Clark, with the crest of Sir Theodore Williams in gold on the sides 531 SHAKESPEARE. The Works of; Eversley Edition edited with Introductions and Notes by C. H. Herford, LITT.D. 10 vols. 12mo., embossed plain stamp on titles, cloth





TITUS ANDRONICUS, or the Rape of Lavinia. Acted at the Theatre
Royall, a Tragedy, Alter'd from MR SHAKESPEARS Works, By Mr.
Edw. Ravenscroft. Sm. 4to., calf; SCARCE

Printed by J. B. for J. Hindmarsh, at the Golden-Ball in Cornhill, 1687
A Midsummer Night's Dream. Edited (with copious Notes) by
Horace Howard Furness. Roy. Svo., cloth Philadelphia, 1895

This forms volume X of the New Variorum Shakespeare, of which eleven volumes
have been published.

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Shakespeare, continued:

534 ABBOTT (E. A.). Shakesperian Grammar. An attempt to illustrate some of the differences between Elizabethan and Modern English. New edition. Cr. 8vo., cloth


535 DOUCE (Francis). Illustrations of Shakespeare, and of Ancient Manners. 8vo., with plates and woodcuts; half red calf gilt 1839 536 DRAKE (N.). Memorials of Shakespeare; or, Sketches of his Character and Genius, by various writers, now first collected. 1828FARMER (R.). An Essay on the Learning of Shakespeare. With portrait, 1821-in 1 vol., 8vo., half calf gilt

£ 8. d.

0 3 0

0 10 0

1821-28 090

537 GRINDON (Leo. H.). The Shakespeare Flora. A Guide to all the
principal passages in which mention is made of Trees, Plants, Flowers,
and Vegetable Productions. Square 8vo., with illustrations, half
Manchester, 1883 0 4 0

HUNTER (Joseph). New Illustrations of the Life, Studies, and
Writings of Shakespeare. Supplementary to all the Editions. 2 vols.,
Svo., calf gilt

A work of great research, giving allusions to Shakesperian passages and plots
made by contemporary and later writers.
539 KNIGHT (C.). Studies of Shakspere: forming a Companion Volume to
every Edition of the Text. Svo., with frontispiece containing 5 portraits
of the poet; calf gilt


540 NARES (Robert). Glossary of Words, Phrases, Names, . . etc. which have been thought to require illustration, in the Works of English Authors, Particularly Shakespeare and his Contemporaries. NEW EDITION edited by J. O. Halliwell and Thomas Wright. 2 vols. 8vo., half calf

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41 WISE (J. R.). Shakspere: his Birthplace and its Neighbourhood.
Cr. 8vo., with woodcut illustrations by W. J. Linton; cloth gilt
[SHELLEY (PERCY BYSSHE)]. History of a Six Weeks' Tour, through
a part of France, Switzerland, Germany, and Holland: with Letters
descriptive of a sail round the Lake of Geneva, and of the Giaciers of
Chamouni. FIRST EDITION, 12mo., original cloth; SCARCE

1817 2 2 0

SHIRLEY (James). | CHANGES: | OR, | Love in a Maze. | A COMEDIE, | As it was presented at the Private | House in Salisbury Court, by the Company of His Majesties Revels. | Written by IAMES SHIRLEY, Gent. | . . . | . | LONDON | Printed by G. P. for William Cooke, and are to be sold at his shop neere Furnivals Inne gate in Holborne, 1632.1

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Sm. 4to., FIRST EDITION; mottled calf, gilt edges


ACTED By her Majesties Servants. | LONDON: | Printed for William
Cooke, and are to be sold at his Shop at Furnivals Inne-gate | in
Holborne. 1635. |

Sm. 4to., FIRST EDITION; one or two signatures cut into; half morocco
neat; RARE

4 4 0

1635 6 6 0

One of the best of Shirley's plays. Pepys, who saw it no less than four times on its revival at the Restoration, praises it highly.

- HIDE PARKE | A | COMEDIE, | As it was presented by her Ma- | jesties Servants, at the private house in Drury Lane. Written by James Shirly. | (Here a device) | LONDON. | Printed by Tho. Cotes, for Andrew Crooke, and William Cooke. | 1637. |

Sm. 4to., FIRST EDITION, fore-margin of title restored; with the blank last leaf; blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by Rivière; RARE


THE GAMESTER. | As | IT VVAS PRESEN- ted by her Majesties
Servants At the private House in | Drury-Lane. | Written By JAMES
SHIRLY. (Here a device) | LONDON. | Printed by IOHN NORTON, for

Sm. 4to., FIRST EDITION; calf extra, gilt edges; RARE

4 4 0

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by her Majesties Servants, at the private | House in Drury Lane.
Written by James Shirly. | (Here a device) | LONDON, | Printed by
Tho. Cotes, for Andrew Crooke, and William Cooke. | 1637. |
Sm. 4to., slightly cut into; half morocco neat







Majesties Servants at the Private house in Drury Lane.Hoc
placuit semel. | By 1. s. | (Here a device) | LONDON, | Printed by 1. H.
for Francis Constable, and | are to be sold at his shop under Saint |
Martins Church neere Ludgate. | 1637 (cut away in this copy) |
Sm. 4to., the date cut away; half morocco


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| THE | MARTYR'D | Souldier: | As it was sundry times Acted
at the Private | house in Drury lane. ..... | By the Queenes
Majesties servants. | The Author H. SHIRLEY Gent. | LONDON: | Printed
by I. Okes, and are to be sold by | Francis Eglesfield at his house in
Pauls | Church-yard at the signe of the | Mary-gold. 1638. |

Sm. 4to., short and used copy; bds.


THE MAIDES | REVENGE. A TRAGEDY. | As it hath beene Acted
with good Applause at the private house in Drury Lane by her
Majesties Servants. | Written by IAMES SHIRLEY Gent. | LONDON. |
Printed by T. C. for William Cooke, and are to be sold at his shop at
Furnivalls Inne Gate in | Holbourne. 1639 |

Sm. 4to., FIRST EDITION; red morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière; RARE


| POEMS &c. | By | JAMES SHIRLEY. | Sine aliquâ dementiâ nullus Phoebus. (Here a device) | LONDON, | Printed for Humphrey Moseley, and are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the Princes | Armes in St. Pauls Church-yard. | 1646. |

12mo., with a fine portrait by W. Marshall; red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Rivière


COLLATION: Portrait, 1 leaf; A, 7 leaves; B-F in eights; A-C in eights; D,
7 leaves; A 8 leaves, B. 7 leaves. By pagination : 8 preliminary leaves (including
portrait); pp. 1.80; title of NARCISSVS, OR THE SELF-LOVER, 1 leaf; pp. 1-46, 147–
159; Title of THE TRIVMPH OF BEAVTIE, 1 leaf; pp. 1-23, 26, 27, 26, 27, 30=-
altogether 94 leaves.
12mo., larger than the above, but wanting the

Another copy,

portrait; russia




1 1



1646 18

553 SINBAD the Sailor, and ALI BABA and the Forty Thieves. Illustrated by William Strang and J. B. Clark. 8vo., cloth 1896 554 [SMITH (Horace and James)]. Horace in London: consisting of Imitations of the first two Books of the Odes of Horace. By the authors of Rejected Addresses. Fourth edition. 12mo., bds. uncut 1815

555 SMOLLETT (Tobias). | THE ADVENTURES OF | Peregrine Pickle. | In which are included, | MEMOIRS OF A LADY OF QUALITY. In FOUR VOLUMES... Respicere exemplar vitæ morumque jubebo | Doctum imitatorem, & veras hinc ducere voces. | HOR. | LONDON | Printed for the AUTHOR: And sold by D. WILSON, at Plato's Head, near | RoundCourt, in the Strand. MDCCLI. |

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4 vols. 12mo., FIRST EDITION; fine copy in the original calf (neatly repaired) 1751

THE ADVENTURES | OF Ferdinand Count Fathom. | By the Author of RODERICK RANDOM. (Here a quotation, occupying four lines) | IN TWO VOLUMES. │. . | LONDON: | Printed for W. JOHNSTON, at the Golden Ball | in St. Paul's Church-yard. | MDCCLIII. |

2 vols. 12mo., FIRST EDITION; fine copy in the original calf 1753 557 SMYTH (William). Lectures on Modern History from the Irruption of the Northern Nations to the close of the American Revolution. 2 vols. -Lectures on the French Revolution. 3 vols.-together, 5 vols. 8vo., half calf





1842-43 0

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