The European Journals of William Maclure

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American Philosophical Society, 1988 - Philosophy - 815 pages

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Page 220 - On what terms,' said the magnanimous patriot, * would you go to my country and introduce there your method of education? I have seen Pestalozzi; I know his system; my country wants it and will receive it with enthusiasm. I engage to pay your passage, to secure your livelihood. Go and be your master's apostle in the new world.
Page 782 - An Experiment in Education, made at the Male Asylum of Madras ; suggesting a System by which a School or Family may teach itself under the Superintendence of the Master or Parent.
Page xxi - During an excursion last summer, an opportunity was afforded of ascertaining and extending the limits of the transition in the states of Pennsylvania and New York, as well as the boundaries of the great primitive formation, north of the Mohawk ; and fixing the limits of the transition on Lake Champlain and in the state of Vermont with more precision.
Page 235 - You need not speak so low," said Mr. Jefferson smiling, "you see we are alone, and our walls have no ears." "I have so long been living in Paris, where the walls have ears," replied Mr. McClure, "that I have contracted this habit of speaking in an undertone.
Page 224 - Essai sur la geographic mineralogique des environs de Paris, avec une carte geognostique, et des coupes de terrain.
Page xix - ... cannot be understood by microscopic investigations or the minute analysis of insulated rocks and detached masses; it would be like the portrait painter dwelling on the accidental pimple of a fine face ; the geologist must endeavour to note the great and permanent outlines of nature, and get acquainted with her general laws, rather than study her accidental deviations, or magnify the number and extent of the supposed exceptions which must frequently cease to be such when accurately examined.
Page 419 - A gambling game at cards, in which the players bet on the order in which certain cards will appear when taken singly from the top of the pack
Page xxxii - The brilliant man whom I first saw twenty years before, had now hoary locks ; he stooped as he walked, and an ulcer on his leg made him lame. His friend, Dr. Thomas Cooper, was with him, and these two celebrated men did me the honor to attend one of my lectures in the chemical course, and to call at my house. The principal topic was the moral relations of science and the expositions it gives of the mind...
Page xlvii - Julius W. Pratt, A History of United States Foreign Policy.
Page 725 - The diorama, in its finished form, has been described as "a mode of scenic representation in which a picture, some portions of which are translucent, is viewed through an aperture, the sides of which are continued toward the picture . . ."; light, thrown upon it from above, may be diminished or increased, etc.