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(DON JUAN, Canto iv. Stanzas 3, 4.)

As boy, I thought myself a clever fellow,

And wish'd that others held the same opinion ; They took it up when my days grew more mellow,

And other minds acknowledged my dominion : Now my sere fancy “falls into the yellow

Leaf," and Imagination droops her pinion, And the sad truth which hovers o'er my desk Turns what was once romantic to burlesque.

And if I laugh at any mortal thing,

'Tis that I may not weep ; and if I weep, 'Tis that our nature cannot always bring

Itself to apathy, for we must steep
Our hearts first in the depths of Lethe's spring,

Ere what we least wish to behold will sleep;
Thetis baptized her mortal son in Styx ;
A mortal mother would on Lethe fix.



Printed by R. & R. CLARK, Edinburgh,

25. 6d.

By MATTHEW ARNOLD, D.C.L. The Complete Poetical Works. New Edition, with Additional Poems.

2 vols. Crown 8vo. 7s, 6d, each.

Vol. I.—Early Poems, Narrative Poems, and Sonnets. Vol. II.-Lyric, Dramatic,

and Elegiac Poems. A French Eton; or, Middle-Class Education and the State.

Fcap. 8vo. Essays in Criticism. Third Edition, revised and

enlarged. Crown 8vo. 95. Isaiah XL.-LXVI. With the Shorter Prophecies

allied to it. Arranged and Edited with Notes.

Crown 8vo. 55. A Bible-Reading for Schools. The Great Pro

phecy of Israel's Restoration (Isaiah, Chapters xl.-Ixvi.) Arranged and Edited for Young

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MATTHEW ARNOLD. With Portrait. Golden
Treasury Series. 18mo. 45. 6d. Large Paper

Edition. Crown 8vo. 9s.
Edmund Burke's Letters and Papers on Irish

Affairs. Edited, with a Preface, by MATTHEW
ARNOLD. Crown 8vo.

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Lives, with Macaulay's "Life of Johnson." Edited, with a Preface, by MATTHEW ARNOLD. Crown 8vo. 6s.



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Introductions by Various Writers, and a General
Introduction by MATTHEW ARNOLD. Edited by
T. H. WARD, M.A, In 4 Vols., crown 8vo.

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HUGHES. Third Edition, fcap. 8vo. 55. Fo'o's’le Yarns. Including “Betsy Lee," and

other Poems. Crown 8vo.

45. 6d.

75. 6d.


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