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Titanus; cured by electricity, WATSON, Dt. His account of a

214: Castor-oil bred for this curious vegetable fly, 210. His
disorder, 356.

obfèrvations os a remarkable
THAME's, river, poetical eńcómi.

cure by electricity, 214-
am on, 118.

WEATHER, remarkably mila in
Times, the present, fatirically cha. the west of England, when the
racterised, 2011

rest of the inand underwent a
TOADS, foffie particulars it riatú- very severe ftoft, in 1762, sec
ral history of that animal, 530.

TOLÉRATION, reflections on, 488. WEtds, moft effettual method of
Touch, that sensation philolop Hi- deftroying them in fatmer's
cally inveftigated; i.

grounds, 94. Remarks on,
TRANSLATION, remarks on, 26.

WELSH poetry; fpecimeo of, 23.

Wesseling, His account of his

edition of Herodotus, 463.
TAN Goens, bis extraordinaty West, the late Mr. mittaken in

learning, at fourteen years his cenfure of Mercator's chart,
of age, 552.

VENUS, tranfit of, expected in WAISTON, MF. turnéd bút of his
1769, account of, 418.

profefforship for herefy, and an
VIKTUE, defined negatively and infidel appointed to succeed
positively, 514.

him, 489.
VOLTAIRE; his character beft Wife, fee Hulbånd.

judged of from his private Wilcox,"Mr. Þis account of fub-
letters, 526. His suspicious terraneous inscriptions, 269.
manner of denying imputed du- Williams, George, a livery-fer-
thorship, $29.

vant, fome account of, 149, the
Hote. His notable queries con-

cerning the Trinity, 150.

Willow, bark of, cures the agde,
"AR, god of, poetically de-

fcribed, 299. His attend. Wright's Chart defended against

the late Mr. Welt of Exeter,
WARRANTS, general, from a sem 419, 421.

cretary of state, for seizing per-
fons and papers, arguments it-

lating to, 143, &c.megality

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ants, ib.

wates Curious account of, 203. Y

'ETSER, frange story of,



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