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The Beginning of the Kingdom :-iii.-iv. 11.
(1) The forerunner of the Kingdom.....
.iii. 1-12.
(2) The baptism of Jesus
.iii. 13-17.
.iv. I-II.

(3) The Temptation


This part corresponds to the opening verses of St Mark's Gospel; it contains the announcement and victory of the King, and His entrance upon His reign; the true kingdom of God is opposed to the false conception of the Kingdom.


The Works and Signs of the Kingdom of God:-iv. 12-xvi. 12.
Section (i). At Capernaum...
.iv.-viii. 17.
......iv. 17.

(a) Preaching of repentance (Metanoia)
(3) Call of four disciples

(7) Various diseases are cured
(8) The sermon on the mount
(e) Cleansing of a leper

(5) Cure of the centurion's servant
(n) Cure of Peter's wife's mother

The preparation for the Kingdom is amendment of life, a changed heart. It is a Kingdom of love shewn by deeds of mercy. The Law of the Kingdom is the highest fulfilment of the old Law.

Section (ii). Jesus crosses the Lake
Fitness for discipleship

(B) The winds and the sea obey Him
(7) The Gergesene demoniacs

Jesus shews that self-denial is essential to exhibits His power over nature, and over the

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.iv. 18-22. ..iv. 23-25. .v., vi., vii. .viii. 1-4. .viii. 5-13. .viii. 14-17.

.viii. 18-34.
viii. 18-22.

(3) Two blind men cured.
(7) The dumb demoniac........

.viii. 23-27.
.viii. 28-34.

His subjects; He
spiritual world.

..ix.-xiii. 52.
..ix. i-8.
...ix. 9.

(7) Feast in Levi's house. Jesus the friend

of sinners

..ix. 10-13. ...ix. 14-17.

(8) Fasting

(e) The daughter of Jairus.-The woman with
an issue

.ix. 18-26.

.ix. 27-31. ..ix. 32-34.

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Section (iv). At Nazareth.

..xi. 1-19.

(v) The observance of the Sabbath
() Plot of the Pharisees-Retirement of

..xi. 20―30. ....xii. 1-13.

His own receive Him not

(0) Cure of the blind and dumb man-
Blasphemy of the Pharisees .......
(T) Rebuke to those who ask for a sign
(p) The kinsfolk of Jesus
(a) Teaching by parables

....xii. 14—21.

.xii. 22-37. ...xii. 38-45. .xii. 46-50.

.xiii. 1-52.

In these Chapters the teaching of the Kingdom is further developed in its relation (1) to John, as the greatest of the Prophets before the Kingdom; (2) to the religious system of the Pharisees. The Church of Christ is founded by the call of His disciples. Its future is foreshewn in the charge to the Twelve, and in the Parables of ch. xiii.

...xiii. 53-58.

Section (v). In different parts of Galilee .........xiv.-xvi. 12.
(a) Herod, who has slain John, asks concern-
ing Christ
(B) Jesus retires

..xiv. 1—12.
..xiv. 13, 14.

(7) The feeding of Five Thousand............xiv. 15—21.
(0) The passage to Gennesaret-Jesus walks

on the sea

..xiv. 22-36.

...XV. I-20. .............................XV. 21—28.

(e) The tradition of the elders-Hypocrisy...
(3) The Canaanite woman..
(n) Cure of many sick

The feeding of Four Thousand
A sign refused

(K) The leaven of the Pharisees

........XV. 29-31.
....XV. 32-38.
..xvi. 4.

..xvi. 5-12.

Here the Kingdom of God is brought into contrast with (1) the kingdom of Herod—a ́point of special interest to Matthew; and (2) with legal righteousness. Jesus indicates the extension of His Church to the Gentiles. He manifests His creative power.


The Predictions of the Passion:-xvi. 13-XX. 34.

Section (i). Near Cæsarea Philippi

........xvi. 13—28.

(a) Peter's acknowledgment of the Son of
God-The first prediction ..... .......xvi. 13—20.
(8) Peter rebuked-The true subjects of the

......xvi. 21-28.

King The Confession of St Peter is the central point of interest in the education of the disciples. The importance of the crisis is shewn by the expression 'from that time' (xvi. 21). Possessing this truth the disciples may learn the other truth-the sufferings of the Son of Man. Each prediction presents the same contrast a lesson of glory, and a lesson of humiliation.

Section (ii). The second prediction of the


(a) The Transfiguration...
(B) Cure of the lunatic boy
(7) The prediction

(8) The Temple Tax

Contention for greatness (5) Offences and forgiveness

..xvii. 1-xviii. 35. ..xvii. 1-13. ..xvii. 14-21.

.xvii. 22, 23. ..xvii. 24-27. ..xviii. 1-6. ..xviii. 7-35.

A glimpse of the glorified Kingdom of God contrasted with the misery of earth. All that follows the prediction shews the inability of the disciples to understand as yet the truth about the Kingdom.

Section (iii). The third prediction of the Passion...xix.—xx. 34.

(a) Journey through Perea

..xix. I, 2.
.xix. 3-12.

(B) Question of divorce

(7) Children brought to Christ..

.xix. 13-15. ..xix. 16-22.

The rich young ruler....

Riches-Rewards of Christ's followers ...xix. 23-30. Parable of the labourers in the vineyard...xx. 1-16. The prediction.. .xx. 17-19. The petition of Salome for her sons ......xx. 20—28. · Two blind men are cured .xx. 29-34. Compare the exactness of detail in this third Prediction with the less definite first and second Predictions.

The social life of the subjects of the King-marriage and the use of riches-must be moulded to the laws of the Kingdom. There are great rewards in store for Christ's faithful followers.


The Triumph of the King :-xxi.-xxv.
Sunday and Monday Nisan 9 and 10.

(a) The King enters the Holy City in

(B) The cleansing of the Temple
(7) The children's praise
(8) Bethany-The cursing of the fig-tree..
The victories of the King...

(1) Over the Sanhedrin―The parables
of the Two Sons, the Vineyard,
and the Marriage Feast
(2) Over the Pharisees-The tribute

(3) Over the Sadducees—The Resurrec-

(4) Over a certain lawyer-The greatest

.xxi. 23—xxii. 14.

...xxii. 15-22.

.xxii. 23-33.

.xxii. 34-40.

(5) By a counter-question-David's Son xxii. 41-46.
(6) Rebuke of the Pharisees ..... .....xxiii.

(s) Discourse concerning the fall of Jerusalem
and the end of the world-Type and

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The Passion.

..xxi. I-II.
.xxi. 12-14.
.xxi. 15, 16.
.xxi. 17-22.
.xxi. 23-xxiii.

Here Jesus is set forth (1) as the King who triumphs; (2) as victorious over all adversaries; (3) as the Prophet who must perish in Jerusalem.

Wednesday, Nisan 12-Friday, Nisan 14, xxvi. xxvii.

(a) A fourth prediction of the Passion.........xxvi. 1, 2.
(B) A meeting of the Sanhedrin
.xxvi. 3-5.

(7) The feast in Simon's house-Judas agrees
to betray Jesus

(8) The Last Supper

(e) All shall be offended


...xxvi. 6—16.
..xxvi. 17-30.
.xxvi. 31-35.

(3) The agony in the garden of Gethsemane...xxvi. 36-46.

(n) The arrest of Jesus

.xxvi. 47-56.

(0) The trial before Caiaphas
(1) The denial of Peter.

.xxvi. 57-68.
..xxvi. 69-72.
...xxvii. I.

(*) The formal trial before the Sanhedrin



(A) The remorse of Judas-The

(u) The mockery by Roman soldiers..
(v) The crucifixion and death of Jesus..
() The entombment



................xxvii. 2—26. ....xxvii. 27-30. ...xxvii. 31-56. .......xxvii. 57–66.

The Triumph of the King is followed by the Humiliation, true to the Predictions of Jesus. "He humbled Himself even unto the death upon the Cross."


The Resurrection :-xxviii.


(7) The soldiers bribed to silence
(8) Jesus in Galilee

(e) The last commission....

(a) The empty sepulchre
(8) The appearance of the Lord to the

...xxviii. 1-8.

...xxviii. 9, 10.
...xxviii. 11-15.
...xxviii. 16, 17.
...xxviii. 18-20.

The Gospel of the Kingdom ends fittingly with the victory over death; with the declaration by the Lord Jesus of His universal power, and His commission to the disciples to teach all nations.



I. Summary.

B.C. 3. (see note ch. ii. 1) Octavianus Augustus had been sole ruler of the Roman Empire from B. C. 30.

Twice during that period the temple of Janus had been closed in sign of peace.

B. C. I. Death of Herod. Rising of the Jews against the Procurator Sabinus. Repression of the revolt by Varus: 2000 Jews crucified.

A. D. 6. Resistance to the Census of Quirinus by Judas the Gaulonite and his Galilæan followers.

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