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authors we have chosen. We must set before them only the masterpieces of literature, and their studies must be directed, not only to the greatest minds, but to their choicest productions. These are to be read again and again, separately and in combination. Their purport, form, language, bearing on the times, must be minutely studied, till the student begins to recognise the full value of each work both in itself and in its relations to those that go before and those that follow it.

It is especially hoped that this Series may prove useful to Ladies' Schools and Middle Class Schools ; in which English Literature must always be a leading subject of instruction.

A General Introduction to the Series. By Professor

Brewer, M.A. 1. Chaucer. The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales; The

Knightes Tale; The Nonne Prest his Tale. Edited by R. Morris, Editor for the Early English Text Society, &c., &c. Second Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s, 6d.

2. Spenser's Faery Queene. Books I and II. Designed

chiefly for the use of Schools. With Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. By G. W. Kitchin, M.A., formerly Censor of Christ Church. Extra fcap. 8vo. cloth, 25. 6d. each.

3. Hooker. Ecclesiastical Polity, Book I. Edited by R. W.

Church, M.A., Rector of Whatley; formerly Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.

Extra fcap. 8vo. cloth, 25. 4. Shakespeare. Select Plays. Edited by W. G. Clark,

M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; and W. Aldis Wright, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge.

I. The Merchant of Venice. Extra fcap. 8vo. stiff covers, Is. II. Richard the Second. Extra fcap. 8vo. stiff covers, Is. 6d. III. Macbeth. Extra fcap. 8vo. stiff covers, Is. 6d.

IV. Hamlet. Extra fcap. 8vo, stiff covers, 25. Just published. 5. Bacon. Advancement of Learning. Edited by W. Aldis

Wright, M.A. Extra fcap. 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. 6. Milton. Poems. Edited by R. C. Browne, M.A., and Associate of King's College, London. 2 vols. Ext. fcap. 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d.

Sold separately, Vol. I. Second Edition, 45., Vol. II. 35.

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7. Dryden. Stanzas on the Death of Oliver Cromwell ;

Astraea Redux; Annus Mirabilis; Absalom and Achitophel; Religio Laici; The Hind and the Panther. Edited by W. D. Christie, M.A., Trinity College,

Cambridge. Extra fcap. 8vo. cloth, 35. 6d. 8. Bunyan. Grace Abounding; The Pilgrim's Progress.

Edited by E. Venables, M. A., Canon of Lincoln. 9. Pope. With Introduction and Notes. By Mark Pattison,

B.D., Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford.

1. Essay on Man. Extra fcap. 8vo. stiff covers, Is. 6d.

II. Satires and Epistles. Extra fcap. 8vo. stiff covers, 28. 10. Johnson. Rasselas; Lives of Pope and Dryden. Edited

by C. H. O. Daniel, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Worcester College, Oxford. 11. Burke. Thoughts on the Present Discontents; the Two

Speeches on America ; Reflections on the French Revolution. By Mark Patti

son, B.D., Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford. 12. Cowper. The Task, and some of his minor Poems.

Edited by J. C. Shairp, M.A., Principal of the United College, St. Andrews.

Published for the University by

The DELEGATES OF THE PRESS invite suggestions and advice from all persons interested in education; and will be thankful for bints, &c., addressed to either the Rev. G. W. KITCHIN, St. Giles's Road East, Oxford, or the SECRETARY TO THE DELEGATES, Clarendon Press, Oxford.

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