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'There are Grammars in Italian and Romaic, French and Romaic, and 'Greek and Romaic, and several good Lexicons.

'The following is a list, as far as 1 could collect, of the books translated 'into Romaic:

c Locke on the Human Understanding, translated by a Zantiot priest, and 'printed in Vienna.

'Goldsmith's History of Greece, with a continuation.

'Rollin's Ancient History.

'Millot's History of Greece.


'Parts of Rousseau.

'The Arabian Nights Entertainments.

'Fontenelle's Plurality of Worlds.

'Travels of Cyrus.

'Travels of Anacharsis.


'Some of the Comedies of Goldoni.

• A Selection of the Operas of Metastasio, amongst which are the Therois'tocles in Persia, and the Achilles in Sciros.

'Grammar of the Sciences, by Benjamin Martin. 'The Life of Peter the Great.

• The Life of Suvaroff, by Marmarotyri of Athens. 'Pausanias.

• Virgil, translated into Greek Hexameters, by Eugenius Vulgari.

'Thucydides, printed at Vienna, with the ancient Greek on one page, and 'the modern on the other.

'The Characters of Theophrastus.
'Tasso's Gierusalemme Liberata.
'The Table of Human Life, by Cebes.
'Cornelius Nepos.

'Ovid's Metamorphoses, into Romaic prose.

'The theorems of Archimedes; Euclid; Algebra; Trigonometry; and 'Conic Sections, forming 3 vols. 8vo. 'Lavoisier's Chemistry.' Journal.

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The reader will, I imagine, be abundantly satisfied with this specimen of the loves of Cleanthes and Havrokome.

1. 728. I listen to the spirit-stirring ode.'] The famous ode to the modern Spartans, by Riga, beginning

Af'ui: iroiiis; Twv 'EAXijvtov.

For the original, and a translation of it, see Lord Byron's Childe Harolde, p. 207, and 183.

1. 736. A barbarous jar.] Alluding to the rhymed couplets of the modern Greek poetry.


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