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Active Mixture of Gases which may be Used for Bleach-
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Craniology: Craniology of Natives of the Madras Presi.
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the Terrestrial Isopod Crustacea occurring in the British
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Constellations, Researches into the Origin of the Primitive, Cyanide Industry, the, Theoretically and Practically Con-

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Balancing of Engines, 501; on Suction-gas Plants, 501
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Costipressed Air in Subaqueous Works. 348

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KCB.. F.R.S., 126

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xatie (A. L.). Total Solar Eclipse of August 30, 1905, Darbishire (A. D.), a New Conception of Segregation, 553
*12: Radium not detected in Extra-terrestrial Bodies, Darbishire (Dr. F. V.), on Oxidation in Soils and its Rela-





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Vessels, 60; New Charcoal Calorimeter and Thermo-
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Report of the Directors of the Meteorological Office 271
upon an Inquiry into the Relation between the Estimates Dickinson and Shields's (Messrs.) Soap Bubble Fountain,
of Wind-force According to Admiral Beaufort's Scale and
the Velocities Recorded by Anemometers belonging to Dictionaries, the Deinhardt-Schlomann Series of Technical,
the Office, 106; the Figure and Stability of a Liquid in Six Languages, English German, French, Italian,
Satellite, 115; the South African Medal of the British Spanish, Russian, Kurt Deinhardt and Alfred Schlo-
Association, 225; on Radio-activity and the Internal mann, 6
Structure of the Earth, 454

Dieseldorff (E. P.), Mexican and Central American
Darwinism and the Problems of Life, a Study of Familiar Antiquities, Calendar Systems, and History, 30
Animal Life, Prof. Conrad Guenther, 268

Diet : Study of the Dietaries of Students' Residences in
Date, the Day of Week for any, W. E. Johnson, 271

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Date of Easter, the, Alexander D. Ross, 175; Chas. Leigh, Dietetics, Prof. A. Gautier, 380

175; Dr. J. L. E. Dreyer, 199; Rev. C. S. Taylor, 200 Dimoth (Paul)Agriculture Générale, le Sol
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Labours, 4
David (Prof. Edgeworth), on the Problems connected with Diffusion, Thermodynamics of. Prof. G. H. Bryan, F.R.S..

the Palæozoic Glaciation of Australia, India, and South 246
Africa, 549

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of Meteorology, 35; Report of the Directors of the
Davies (S. H.), on the Removal of Dust and Smoke from Meteorological Office upon an Inquiry into the Relation

Chimney Gases, 500; on the Chemistry of Gums, 526 between the Estimates of Wind-force according
Davis (Harvey N.), the Longitudinal Vibrations of a Admiral Beaufort's Scale and the Velocities recorded by
Rubbed String, 473

Anemometers belonging to the Office, 106; Typical Squall
Davis (W. A.), the Basic Carbonates of Magnesium, 574 at Oxshott, May 25, 1906, 215
Davison (Dr. Charles), the Earthquake in South Wales, Diptera, Durham, a Preliminary List of, with Analytical

Tables, Rev. W. J. Wingate, 512
Dawson (Dr. W. Bell), Solar and Lunar Cycles implied Dirichlet's (G. Lejeune), Vorlesungen über die Lehre von

in the Prophetic Numbers in the Book of Daniel, 154 den einfachen und mehrfachen bestimmten Integralen,
Day (Arthur L.), Small Plates of Quartz Glass Suitable G. Arendt, 265

for Optical Apparatus, 87; Lime-silica Series of Minerals, Discovery of Logarithms, the, Cecil Seymour-Browne, 174:

the Reviewer, 175
Day of Week for any Date, the, W. E. Johnson, 271 Discovery of Magnetic Declination, the, Prof. G. Hellmann,
Dead, Letters from the Dead to the, Oliver Lector, 102

Dead Heart of Australia, the, a Journey Round Lake Eyre Disease : Preventable Disease and Military Strength, 154 ;

in the Summer of 1901-2, with some Account of the Family Diseases and Temperaments, Prof. Karl Pearson,
Lake Eyre Basin and the Flowing Wells of Central F.R.S., 245: Bacteria in Relation to Plant Diseases,
Australia, Prof. J. W. Gregory, F.R.S., 296

Erwin F. Smith, Prof. R. T. llewlett, 294 :

Dead-water, on, the Norwegian North Polar Expedition, Management of a Nerve Patient, Dr. A. T. Schofield,

1893–6, vol. V., V. Walfrid Ekman, Sir W. H. White, 440 ; Diseases of Sheep, Prof. R. T. Hewlett, 623
K.C.B., F.R.S., 485

Disinfectant, Sulphur Dioxide as a, Dr. John Wade, 209
Deafness in Man, Hereditary, E. Schuster, 63, 108

Distant (W'. L.), a Synonymic Catalogue of Homoptera,
Defects in Ostrich Feathers in South Africa, Prof. J. E. part i., Cicadidæ, 197; the Fauna of British India, in-
Duerden, 55

cluding Ceylon and Burma, Rhynchota, vol. iii., Hetero-
Deinhardt (Kurt), the Deinhardt-Schlomann Series of ptera-Homoptera, 220

Technical Dictionaries in Six Languages, English, Distillation : Hindu Method of manufacturing Spirit from
German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, 6

Rice, J. C. Ray, 96
Déléarde (A.), Intestinal Origin of Tuberculous Tracheo- Distribution of the Stars, Prof. Kapteyn, 112
bronchial Adenopathy, 143

Disturbance of Greenwich Observations, 200
Demoussy (E.), Acid Properties of Starch, 24

Diurnal Variation of lonisation in Closed Vessels, George
Dendy (Prof.), Spicule Formation in Sponges, 551; Pineal C. Simpson, 8; Dr. O. W. Richardson, 55
Eve of Geotria and Sphenodon, 553

Dixey (Dr. F. A.), Papers on Lepidoptera, 552
Denmark, the Development of Agriculture in, R. J. Dixon (Prof. A. C.), on Expansions in Products of Oscil-
Thompson, 193

latory Functions, 456
Denning (W. F.), Observations of Jupiter in 1903 and Dodgson (Aquila), Discovery of Seven Thousand Roman
1905-6, 210 ; Early Meteors of the Perseid Shower, 246 ;

Coins, 20
Planets and Planetary Observations, 282, 386; a Large Doelter (Dr. C.), Petrogenesis, 242
Meteor, 351; the Planet Mercury, 499 ; Observations of Doflein (Dr. F.), Termite Truffles, 157: Ostasienfahrt,
Jupiter, 525; Rotation Period of Jupiter's Equatorial Erlebnisse und Beobachtungen eines Naturforschers in
Region, 549

China, Japan, und Ceylon, 510
Dennstedt (Dr. M.), Lehrbuch der gerichtlichen Chemie, Dog-feeding, the Secrets of, 149

Dollo (L.), Zoologie-Poissons, 298
Dentistry: Lecture Notes Chemistry for Dental

Doncaster (L.), the Nature of Fertilisation, 551; Papers
Students, Dr. H. Carlton Smith, 315

on "Lepidoptera, 553
Deslandres (Dr.), Luminous Particles in the Chromo- Doolittle (Prof.), Measures of Double and Multiple Stars,

sphere, 18; Proposed Daily Photographs of Chromo- 88
spheric Radiations, 135; a New Form of Photometer, Dorsey (G. A.), the Ponca Sun Dance, 645

Double Stars : New Catalogue of Double Stars, Prof. R. G.
Destruction of Animals in Australia, T. Steel at Linnean Aitken, 18; New Double Stars, Rev. T. E. Espin, 211;
Society, New South Wales, 188

Measures of Double and Multiple Stars, Prof. Doolittle,
Destructors : the Disposal of Municipal Refuse, H. de B. 88; Double-star Measures, Dr. G. van Biesbroeck. 371 ;

Parsons, 630; Garbage Crematories in America, W. M. Colours and Magnitudes of Double Stars, Mr. Lewis,
Venable, 630

Deszendenztheorie, Vorlesungen uber, mit besonderer Dow (J. S.), Colour Phenomena in Photometry, 166

Berücksichtigung der Botanischen Seite der Frage Downing (Dr.), the Total Solar Eclipse of January, 1908,
gehalten an der Reichsuniversität zu Leiden, Dr. J. P. 18; Occultation of a Star by Venus, 575
Lotsy, W. Bateson, F.R.S., 146

a Draconis, Radial Velocity of, H. Ludendorff, 185
Determinants, the Theory of, in the Historical Order of Dreaper (W' P.). Absorption of Gallic Acid by Organic
Development, Dr. T. Muir, F.R.S., 462

Colloids, 04


Toad, 592

Dreyer (Dr. J. L. E.), History of the Planetary System Ebrill (E.), Action of Emulsine on B-Glycosides, 374

from Thales to Kepler, 49; the Date of Easter, 199 Eccles (Dr. W. H.), Effect of Oscillations on Iron in a
Druce (G, Claridge). Suspended Germination of Seeds, 586 Magnetic Field, 262
Drude (Prof.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 277

Eclipses : Ancient Eclipses, P. H. Cowell, u; the Total
Drugman (1.), Oxidation of Hydrocarbons by Ozone at Solar Eclipse of January, 1908, Dr. Downing, 18; the
Low Temperatures, 190

Total Solar Eclipse of January, 1907, W. T. Lynn, 548 ;
du Jassoneix (Binet), Magnetic Properties of the Com- Italian Observations of the Total Solar Eclipse, 1905,
pounds of Boron and Manganese, 216; the Reduction of Prof. Ricco, 418; Photographing the Corona without a
Molybdenum Dioxide by Boron and the Combination of Total Eclipse, MM. Millochau and Stefanik, 112, 158
Boron with Molybdenum, 344

| Economic Zoology, Fred. V. Theobald, 293
Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 166, 374

Economics, Agricultural, an Introduction to the Study of,
Dublin Royal Society, 142, 160, 311

Henry C. Taylor, 193
Duboin (A), the lodomercurates of Sodium and Barium, Edinburgh : Edinburgh Royal Society, 94, 191, 215, 263,

375, 483 ; the Tarpan and its Relationship with Wild
Duckworth (Dr. W. L. H.), on a Rare Inomaly in Human and Domestic Horses, Prof. J. C. Ewart, F.R.S., at, 113 ;
(rania fron Kwaiawata Island, 458

the Meteorology of the Free Atmosphere, L. Teisserenc
Duddell (W.), Mechanical and Electrical Phenomena occur- de Bort at, 255; the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the
ning in the Telephonic Transmission of Speech, 60

National Galleries of Scotland Bill, 137; the Royal
Durrden (J. E.), Defects in Ostrich Feathers in South Society of Edinburgh and the Government, 150; Modern
\rica, 55

Needs in Universities, Dr. Andrew Carnegie at the Uni-
Duthield (W. G.). on Photographs of the Irc Spectrum of versity of Edinburgh, 648
Prin under High Pressures, 455

Edington (Dr. Alex.), Recent Epidemic of Trypanosomiasis
Durell (G. R), Speed and Stability in Railway Travelling, in Mauritius, 375

Edmunds (Arthur), Regeneration of Nerves, 579
Dunn (S. 1.), Alien Flora of Britain, 170

Education : the Education and Training of the Engineer,
Dunstan (Prof. Wyndham, F.R.S.), Cyanogenetic Plants, 33 : Visit of Representatives of University Education in

; a l'ariety of Thorianite from Galle, Ceylon, 190; France, 83, 159 ; the Launching of a l'niversity, and
Opening Address in Section B at the Meeting of the other Papers, Dr. J. D. C. Gilman, 123; the New Build-
British Association at York, some Imperial Aspects of 1 ings of Armstrong College, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 232 ;
Applied Chemistry; 361 ; on the Production of Hydrogen School Gardening for Little Children, Lucy Á. Latter,
Cranide in Plants, 525

411; Death and Obituary Notice of Monsignor Molloy,
Durham Diptera, a Preliminary List of, with Analytical 571; the Place of the Modern University in the State,
Tables, Rev. W. J. Wingate, 512

589 ; Proposed Changes in the Mathematical Tripos at
Dussaud (M.), Amplifcation of Sounds. 580

Cambridge, 041; Modern Needs in Universities, Dr.
Dutren (Major C. E.), Possible Relationship between Andrew Carnegie at the University of Edinburgh, 648 ;
Polcanic Action and Radio-activity, 184

see also British Association
Dikht (Prof. W. B.), Death of, 470

Edwards (C. L.), Phases of the Gastrulation of the Horned
Dyke (John (. l'an), the Opal Sea, 269
Dinamics: the Mixed Transformation of Lagrange's Edwards (Major 1. E.), on Modern Armour and its
Fuations, Prof. T. Levi-Civita, 488: A. B. Basset,

Attack, 500
FRS.. 480. 540 ; Dr. E. J. Routh, F.R.S., 516 ; the Eggar (W. D.), a Manual of Geometry, 124

Dinamics of Living Matter, Prof. Jacques Loeb, 631 Eggs, White- and Brown-shelled, 489
Dinamitr Explosions at Vinterarken, near Stockholm, 62 Egypt: a Descriptive Catalogue of the Tertiary Vertebrata
Dwin (F. W., F.R.S.). New Reduction of Groombridge's of the Fayûm, Egypt, based on the Collection of the
Cirrumpolar (atalogue for the Epoch 1810-0, 90

Egyptian Government the Geological Museum, Cairo,
and on the Collection in the British Museum (Natural

History), London, Dr. C. W. Andrews, F.R.S., 175;
Eurp (Rowland A), Solar and Lunar Halos, 150

the Source of the Blue Nile, a Record of a Journey
Earth the face of the, (Das Antlitz der Erde), Prof. I through the Sudan to Tsana in Western Abyssinia, and

Eduard Suess, 629
Ezrh History, Geology. Thomas C. Chamberlin and Rollin

of the Return to Egypt by the Valley of the Atbara,

with a Note on the Religion, Customs, &c., of Abyssinia,
D. Salisbury, 557

Arthur J. Haves, Entomological Appendix by Prof. E. B.
Earthing and the Earth-eating Habit in India. D. Poulton, F.R.S., Sir H. H. Johnston, K.C.M.G., 247;
Hrpes and H. H. Mann, 543

the Physiography of the River Nile and its Basin,
Earth's Interior, the, Sir Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., 412

Captain H. G. Lyons, 461; Agriculture in Egypt,
Larihquakes: Earthquake Shocks in California, 14; the 1649

San Francisco Earthquake of April 18, Dr. T. J. J. See, Egyptology : the Egyptian Heaven and Hell, E. d. Wallis
3): the Californian Earthquake of April 18, 178 : Re: Budge, 10
Diott upan, 285 : Possible Connection between the Recent Ehlers (Herrn Geheimen Regierungsrat Prof. Ernst), Fest-
Disturbances at Vesuvius and San Francisco, Rev. H. V.! schrift Feier seines siebzigsten Geburtstages am
Gill. 166): Earthquakes in Chile, 37, 522 ; in Calabria, u Nov. 1905. Dr. F. W. Gamble, 50
155; the Earthquake in South Wales, 206 ; Dr. Charles Eichorn (Dr. Gustav), Wireless Telegraphy, 290
Darison, 225Earthquake in Perthshire, 251;

in Eigenmann (Prof. Carl), Zoological Distribution of Fresh-
Semirechensk Central Asia, 382 ; in India. 382 ; the water Fishes of South and Central America, 183
Earthquake in South America, 412, 471; Earthquakes | Ekman (V. Walfrid), the Norwegian North Polar Expedi-
aft Valparaiso and Santiago, 449 ; in New South Wales, tion, 1893–6, vol. v., on Dead-water, 485
26): at Matlock, 449 : in Norway, 471; Earthquakes at i Elasticitya Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of,
Skily. 522. 544 ; at Transcaucasia. 522 ; in Peru, 544 : A, E. H. Love, 74
Farthquakes at Puertorico, 571; at St. Thomas. 571; Electricity: Osmotic Pressure. Earl of Berkeler; 7. 54.
Horizontal Pendulums and Earthquake Echers. Dr. C. 245; E. J. Hartley, 54, 245: W. C. D. Whetham. E.R.S.,
Toleridge Farr, 515: Prof. John Milne. F.R.S., 515

102, 295; Prof. Henry E. Armstrong, F.R.S., 79;
TR.. the Vanishing. Irchibald R. Colquhoun, Supp. to Norman B. Campbell, 79; Prof. L. Kahlenberg, 222 :
1. i. vii

Electrical Measuring Machine, Dr. P. E. Shaw, 22 ;
olm, the Date of, Alexander D. Ross, 175; Chas. Leigh, Cleaning of Work by Means of the Electric ('urrent,
**s; Dr. J. L. E. Dreyer, 199 ; Rev. C. S. Taylor, 200 H. S. Coleman, 23 : Method of Exploding Mines by

(M.). Comet 1906c, 64; Comet 1906b, 64, 158 ; Means of Acoustic Waves, 40 ; Standard Test for Trans-
*O*** sgobe (Kopf), 474, 499, 575

formers and Transformer Iron, Dr. D. K. Morris and
Fi (It.), Vagnetische Kraftfelder, 583

G. A. Lister, 64; a Galvanometer with a Movable Veedle
-1 W.), Study of an Apparatus designed by M. Lipp- for Alternating Currents, Henri Abraham, 72; Dead

ann for the Photographic Measurement of Right Points of a Galvanometer Veedle for Transient Currents,
1-sions, 343-4

A. Russell, 93 : Jeasurement of the Earth Air Current

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and the Origin of Atmospheric Electricity, C. T. R. Ellis (Dr.), Experiments to show that Cilation cannot be
Wilson, 94 ; les Procédés de Commande à Distance au used as a Taxonomic Character among Bacteria, 577
Moyen de l’Electricité, Captain Régis Frilley, 125; Be- Elms (E. F. M.), a Pocket-book of British Birds. 511
haviour of Platinised Electrodes, H. D. Law, 141; the Elster (M.), Isolation and Identification of Radio-thorium
Electrochemical Problem of the Fixation of Nitrogen, from the Sediments of Bad Kreuznach, 473
Prof. Philippe A. Guye, 142; the Theory of Moving Coil Elston (T. S.), the Fluorescence of Anthracene l'apour,
and other Kinds of Ballistic Galvanometers, Prof. H. A. 385
Wilson, 166; Bifilar Galvanometer Free from Zero Creep, Embleton (Alice L.), Origin of the Sertoli or Foot-cells of
A. Campbell, 166; Applications of Bessel's Functions to the Testis, 260
Physics, Prof. F. Purser, 166; Resistance of Electrolytes Embryology : the Breeding Industry, Walter Heape, F.R.S.,
for High-frequency Currents, André Broca and S. Dr. Francis H. Marshall, 101
Turchini, 166; Automatic Arc-lamp, H. Tomlinson and Engels (P.), Derivatives of Brazilein, 93
G. T. Johnston, 166; Long-fiame Arc Lamps, L. ' Engineering : the Deinhardt-Schlomann Series of Technical
Andrews, 573 ; the Magnetic Inertia of a Charged Sphere Dictionaries in Six Languages, English, German, French,
in a Field of Electric Force, G. F. C. Searle, F.R.S., Italian, Spanish, Russian, Kurt Deinhardt and Alired
198 ; Visibly Luminous Electrical Discharges in vacuo Schlomann, 6; the Education and Training of the
obtained with Comparatively Low Electrical Pressures, Engineer, 33; Death of Sir David Dale, Bart., 38;
A. A. C. Swinton, 204 ; Method of obtaining Continuous Modern Milling Machines, Joseph G. Horner, 149;
Currents from a Magnetic Detector of the Self-restoring Specific Heat of, Heat Flow from, and other Pheno-
Type, L. H. Walter, 214 ; Electricity Meters, a Treatise mena of the Working Fluid in the Cylinder of the
on the General Principles, Construction, and Testing of Internal Combustion Engine, Dugald Clerk, 164; the
Continuous Current and Alternating Current Meters for Principles and Practice of Iron and Steel Manufacture,
the Use of Electrical Engineers and Students, Henry G. Walter Macfarlane, 197; a Practical Manual of Tides
Solomon, 219; Theory of Directive Antennæ or Unsym- and Waves, W. H. Wheeler, 218; Electricity Meters, a
metrical Hertzian Oscillators, Prof. J. A. Fleming, Treatise on the General Principles, Construction, and
F.R.S., 238 ; Effects of Self-induction in an Iron Cylinder, Testing of Continuous Current and Alternating Current
Prof. Ernest Wilson, 239; Simple Form of Rotating Meters for the Use of Electrical Engineers and Students,
Kathode for Electrochemical Analysis, Dr. F. Mollwo Henry G. Solomon, 219; Theory of Structures and
Perkin, 239; Electrolysis of Solutions of Thiocyanates Strength of Materials, Prof. Henry T. Bovey, 243 :
in Pyridine and in Acetone, S. Binning and Dr. F. Great Tunnels, Lewis M. Haupt, 280 ; Tunnel Shields,
Mollwo Perkin, 239; Effect of Radium in facilitating the and the Use of Compressed Air in Subaqueous Works,
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