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Joenber 13. 1906



Akte (E.), Gesammelte Abhandlungen, 582

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Plants and their Ways in South Africa, Bertha StoneAbe! (0.), a Cetacean, Palaeophocaena andrussovi, from man, 221; the South African Medal of the British

the Middle Miocene of the Taman Peninsula, 530 ; Flying Association, Sir G. H. Darwin, K.C.B., F.R.S., 225; Fish in the Triassic, 530

Round Perforated Stones (Tiko) alleged to have been Aberdeen University Quatercentenary Celebrations, 188, made by Bushmen for the Purpose of giving Weight to 305


or Digging Stick, L. Peringuey, 288; the Abesti (Prof.), Comets 1906а and 1906c, 18

Magnesite Mines of South Africa, 573 ; Geological Studies Ibnormality, Inheritance of an, Prof. Herbert McLeod, in South Africa, Prof. Grenville A. J. Cole, 646 ; Country F.R.S., 150

between Pretoria and Pietersburg, Mr. Kynaston, 646 ; Alvoriginal Tribes of New South Wales and l'ictoria, Notes the Gneisses of the Limpopo Flats, Dr. F. W. Voit, on the, R. H. Mathews, 100

647 Alwrigines of Unexplored New Guinea, Dr. C. G. Selig- Agriculture : Agriculture générale, le Sol et les Labours, mann, 58

Paul Diftloth, 4; Process for the Direct Utilisation of braham (Henri), a Galvanometer with a Movable Needle the Nitrogen of the Atmosphere for the Production of for Alternating Currents, 72

Artificial Manure and other Chemical Products, Dr. Abruzzi (Duke of the), the Iscent of Ruwenzori, 528

Adolf Frank, 65; Experiments on Well Irrigation at Abyssinia, the Source of the Blue Nile, a Record of a Metrosapuram in 1902-5, Prof. A. Chatterton, 86; Ques

Journey through the Sudan to Tsana in Western tion of Rabbit Destruction, T. Steel, 95; the Book of Abyssinia, and of the Return to Egypt by the Valley of the Rothamsted Experiments, A. D. Hall, Prof. T. H. the Atbara, with a Note on the Religion, Customs, &c., Middleton, 121; Opening of a New Laboratory at the of, Arthur J. Hayes, Entomological Appendix by Prof. I Rothamsted Experimental Station, 397;

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United States “ Dry-farming,” J. L. Cowan, 304; the Fassilised Wood, E, M. Buchanan, 84; Acoustical Proper- Rose-breasted Grosbeak and the Potato-beetle, 304; Comtiros of Buildings. Wallace C. Sabine, 368 ; M. Marage, position of Indian Rain and Dew, Dr. J. W. Leather, 108 : Amplification of Sounds, M. Dussaud, 580

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the Mexican Cotton-boll Weevil, Dr. W. E. Hinds, 642 ; the Free Atmosphere, L. Teisserenc de Bort at Royal

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Records, 30

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Observations of Satellites in 1904 and 1905, 42

at Linnean Society, New South Wales, 188; Darwinism
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Service, 1902–6, 575

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Alcock (N. H.), Action .of Ana thetics on Living Tissues,

the Histories of a Cat a Dog, a Pigeon, a Lynx, two
the Frog's Skin, 459

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Alexander (Captain Boyd), the Haunts of the Okapi, 88 Animal Metabolism, J. B. Leathes, 349; Flashlight Photo-
Alexander (J. H.), Elementary Electrical Engineering in graphs of Wild Animals, 489
Theory and Practice, 488

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Algen, Morphologie und Biologie der, Dr. Friedrich Olt- water Fauna of India, 472
manns, George Murray, F.R.S., 561

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C. Chree, F.R.S., 505

ment de A. de Gerlache de Gomery, Travaux hydro.
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to May 3, viii

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Flavoured Rums, 184

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gations, 551

187; the International Congress of Anthropology and
Allen (H. S.), Chemical and Electrical Changes induced Prehistoric Archæology, 211; Craniology of Satives of
by Light, 564

the Madras Presidency, Thugs, Veddahs, Tibetans, and
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Alliston (Norman), Reconnoitres in Reason and the Table- cephalic Girls from Mexico, 249; Death and Obituary
book, 533

Notice of Edouard Piette, 278 ; Round Perforated Stones
Alpine, Atlas Colorié de la Flore, J. Beauverie and L. (Tike) alleged to have been made by Bushmen for the
Faucheron, 561

Purpose of giving Weight to the Kibi " or Digging
Alward (G. L.), Fishery Problems and Marine Investi- Stick, L. Peringuey, 288; the Dead Heart of Australia,
gations, 551

a Journey Round Lake Eyre in the Summer of 1901-2,
Amana Meteorite, the, Dr. G. D. Hinrichs, 575

with some Account of the Lake Eyre Basin and the
Ambronn (Dr.), the Figure of the Sun, 210

Flowing Wells of Central Australia, Prof. J. W. Gregori,
America : Recent Publications of the Bureau of American F.R.S., 296; the Origin and Development of the Moria/

Ethnology, Dr. A. C. Haddon, F.R.S., 30; the Bicen- Ideas, Dr. Edward Westermarck, 377; the Negro Brain,
tenary Celebration of the Birth of Benjamin Franklin, Dr. R. B. Bean, 524 ; the Congress of Americanists at
Sir G. H. Darwin, K.C.B., F.R.S., 36; the Astro- Quebec, Dr. A. C. Haddon, F.R.S., 595; the Maraf
nomical and Astrophysical Society of America, 64; Status Yucatan, Dr. Tozzer, 596; the Ponca Sun Dance, .
of the Mesozoic Floras of the United States, Lester F. Dorsey, 645; a People at School, H. Fielding Hall,
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Archæology, Free Museum of Science and Art, H. R. W. B. C. Forster, Prof. R. T. Hewlett, 91
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514; Garbage Crematories in America, W. M. Venable, 533

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Amabæ and their Allies, 52

ations of, Dr. Guthnick, 253
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F. K. Studnička, Part vi., Atmungsapparat, Dr. Albert Story-Maskelyne, 80; Votes on some Cornish Circles,
Oppel, 145; Preservation of Brains for Anatomical and Sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S., 120; Irish (ave
Anthropological Investigations, Ales Hrdlicka, 209; the Exploration, Dr. R. F. Scharfl, 138; Illustrated Notes
Lumbo-sacral-coccygeal Cord of the Macaque Monkey, on Manks Antiquities, P. M. C. Kermode and W. H.
Mabel Purefoy FitzGerald, 260 ; Studies in Anatomy Herdman, 152 ; Death of Edouard Piette, 182 ; Pre-
from the Anatomical Department of the University of historic Remains found during Recent Years near Hasle-
Manchester, 464; Observations on the Labyrinth of mere, Dr. Jonathan Hutchinson, F.R.S., and E. W.
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Localisation in the Bandicoot, H. G. Chapman, 652

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of Eoliths," 211; Evolution of Art during the Rein-
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Andrews (Dr. C. W., F.R.S.), a Descriptive Catalogue of G. Schiaparelli, 410; Researches into the Origin of the

the Tertiary Vertebrata of the Favum, Egypt, based on Primitive Constellations of the Greeks, Phænicians, and
the Collection of the Egyptian Government in the Geo- Babylonians, Robert Brown, jun., 410; Old Sinhalese
logical Museum, Cairo, and on the Collection in the Embroidery, Ethel M. Coomaraswany, 450 ; Sinhalese
British Museum (Natural History), London, 175; Milk Earthenware, A. K. Coomaraswamy, 498; Transactions
Dentition of the Primitive Elephant, 553

of the Department of Archæology, Free Museum of
Andrews (Dr. E. A.), Mode in which American Crayfish Science and Art, H. R. Hall, 468: American Ex-
of the Genus Cambarus lay their Eggs, 133

plorations in Crete, H. A. Boyd, Edith Hall. R. B.
Andrews (E. V.), on the Webster Ruin, Rhodesia, 457 Seager, 469; the Archæological Congress at Vannes, 577:


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