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643: an Early Chapter in the History of Cornwall, Sir

Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S., 644
Architecture. Vaval, the Stability of Submarines, Sir

11. H. White, K.C.B., F.R.S., 128, 270; J. H. Jeans,

Iretica: New Arctic Expeditions, 163; the Wellman

Balloon Expedition, W. de Fonvielle, 181; No Man's
Land, a History of Spitsbergen from its Discovery in
1590 to the beginning of the Scientific Exploration of
the Country, Sir Martin Conway, 381; the Norwegian
Polar Expedition, 471; the Norwegian North Polar Ex-
pedition, i893-6, vol. V., on Dead Water, V. Walfrid

Ekman, Sir W. H. White, K.C.B., F.R.S., 485
Trendt (G.), G. Lejeune Dirichlet's Vorlesungen über die

Lehre von den einfachen und mehrfachen bestimmten

Integralen, 265
Argyll (George Douglas, Eighth Duke of, K.G.), 1823-

1000, 437
8 Arietis, the Radial Motion of, H. Ludendorff, 135
Irithmetic: Easy Mathematics of all Kinds, chiefly Arith-

metic, Sir Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., Supp. to May 3, viii
Irithmetic for Schools and Colleges, John Alison and John

B. Clark, Supp. to May 3, viii
Irloing (S.), Experimental Produetion of Tubercle Bacillus

and of Anti-tuberculous Vaccine, 240
Armstrong (Prof.), on the Examination and Inspection of

Schools 503 ; on the factors which determine Minimal

Diet Values, 526
Irmstrong (Prof. Henry E., F.R.S.), Osmotic Pressure,
9; Thermodynamic Reasoning, 443 ; Experiments on the
Veasurement of Osmotic Pressure, 453; Studies
Enzyme Action, Lipase, 627
Armstrong College, Newcastle-on-Tyne, the New Buildings
Irmy Efficiency, Medical Science and, Licut.-Colonel

R. H. Firth, 612
Irnold (Prof. J. O.), Influence of Vearly Pure Metallic

Manganese alloved with varying Proportions of Nearly
Pure Metallic jron, 68; Some Scientific Centres, IX.,
ihr Metallurgical Department of the Sheffield University,

Irrivant (M.), Alloys of Manganese and Molybdenum, 408
Artisaut (G.), Constituents of the Alloys of Manganese and

Volybdenum, 628
lahby (Dr. T., jun.), on the Excavations at Carrwent,

*; Recent Discoveries in the Roman Forum,

Ishcroft (Edgar A.), the World's Desires, or the Results

of Monism, 217
Ishcroft (Prof.), on the Central Technical College Lecture

Table Testing Machine, 501
1-hford (C. E.), on the Teaching of Mechanics, 301 ; on

the Teaching of Mechanics by Experiment, 503
shiord (W. H. R.), Our Waterways, a History of Inland
Navigation considered

Branch of Water Con-
<rvancy, 169
1-hworth Dr. J. H.), Zoology at the British Association,

Isiatic Society of Bengal, 96, 143, 264, 344, 508
Asteroids, New Method for the Discovery of, J. II. Met-

ali, 185
brographic Object Glasses, New Forms of, Emil Schaer,

of, 232

of Double and Multiple Stars, Prof. Doolittle, 88; New
Double Stars, Rev. T. E. Espin, 211: Double Star
Measures, Dr. G. van Biesbroeck, 371; Colours and
Magnitudes of Double Stars, Mr. Lewis, 549; the Ex-
pected Return of Holmes's Comet, Dr. H. J. Zwiers,
+1; Return of Holmes's Comet (1906f), Dr. Max Wolf,
474 ; Holmes's Comet (19061), Prof. Wolf, 499, 525; the
Luminosity of the Brighter Stars, George C. Comstock,
41; the Variable Radial Velocity of e Auriga, Dr. H.
Ludendorff, 41; Early Observations of Eros, 42; Observ-
ations of Satellites in 1904 and 1905. Prof. R. G. Aitken,
42 ; New Variable Stars in Orion, Prof. Max Wolf, 42 ;
Method of Study of the Solar Corona at Other Times
than during Eclipses, G. Millochau and M. Stefanik,
47: Photographing the Corona without a Total Eclipse,
MM. Millochau and Stefanik, 112, 158; History of the
Planetary System from Thales to Kepler, Dr. J. L. E.
Dreyer, 49; the Astronomical and Astrophysical Society
of America, 64; Solar Prominences during 1905, Prof.
Mascari, 65; the Period of B Lyra, Prof. Schaeberle,
65; the Motion of a Swarm of Particles the Centre of
Gravity of which describes an Elliptic Orbit of small
Eccentricity Round the Sun, Dr. E. J. Routh, 71; Spec-
trum of Nova Aquilæ No. 2, 87; Magnitude Observations
of. Dr. Guthnick, 253 ; Stereo-comparator Discoveries of
Proper Motions, Prof. Max Wolf, 87; Observations of
Comet 19030, 88; a Lunar Tide on Lake Huron, Prof.
W. J. Loudon, 88; New Reduction of Groombridge's
Circumpolar Catalogue for the Epoch 1810-0, F. W.
Dyson, F.R.S., and W. G. Thackeray, 90; Telegraphic
Determinations of Longitude made in the Years 1888-
1902, 90; Terrestrial Temperatures and the Solar Radi-
ation, C. G. Abbot, 112 ; the Distribution of the Stars,
Prof. Kapteyn, 112; Observations of Comets, Prof. H.
Howe, 112 ; the Figure and Stability of a Liquid Satel-
lite, Sir G. H. Darwin, K.C.B., F.R.S., 115; Royal
Astronomical Society, 119, 191; Notes on some Cornish
Circles, Sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S., 126; Sun-
spot and Chromospheric Spectra, Prof. A. Fowler, 135;
Proposed Daily Photographs of Chromospheric Radi-
ations, M. Deslandres, 135; Stars with Variable Radial
Velocities, J. H. Moore, 135; Prof. Frost, 135; Observ-
ations of Nova Persei No. 2, Messrs. Townley and
Maddrill, 135: Observations of Shadow Bands, Dr. M.
Roso de Luna, 135; the Radial Motion of B Arietis,
H. Ludendorff, 135; Publications of the Nicolas Observ-
atory, St. Petersburg, 135; the Royal Observatory,
Greenwich, 135; Solar and Lunar Halos, Rowland A.
Earp, 150 ; Solar and Lunar Cycles implied in the
Prophetic Numbers in the Book of Daniel, Dr. W. Bell
Dawson, 154 ; Observations of Nova Geminorum, Prof.
Barnard, 158 ; Personal Equation in Photometric Observ-
ations, Prof. Ceraski, 158; Observations of Variable
Stars, Miss Leavitt, 158; S. D. Townley, 159 ; Dis-
cussion of Faculæ Observations, Prof. Mascari, 185;
New Method for the Discovery of Asteroids, J. H. Met-
calf, 185; Radial Velocity of a Draconis, H. Ludendorff,
185; l’seful Tables and Formulæ for Astronomical Com-
putations, Dr. \'. de Sitter, 185; the Leeds Astronomical
Society, 186; the Figure of the Sun, Dr. Poor, 210; Dr.
Ambronn, 210; Discovery of Algol Variables, Mrs.
Fleming. 210 ; an Interesting Minor Planet, Dr. Ber-
berich, 210 ; Observations of Jupiter in 1903 and 1905-6,
Mr. Denning, 210; Observations of Jupiter, Mr. Denning,
525; Rotation Period of Jupiter's Equatorial Region,
Mr. Denning, 549 ; Jupiter's Sixth Satellite, 524, 575:
Prof. Campbell, 524; Elements and Ephemeris of
Jupiter's Seventh Satellite, Dr. F. E. Ross, 306 ; Jupiter's
Seventh Sate!lite, Prof. Perrine, 619; Photometric
Observations of Saturn's Satellites, Dr. P. Guthnick,
210; Observations of Phoebe in May and June, 1906,
548 ; Stars with Peculiar Spectra, Sir Norman Lockyer,
K.C.B., F.R.S., and F. E. Baxandall, 214; Death of
Prof. G. I. P. Ravet, 228, 367: Obituary Notice of,
382 ; Radiative Power of the Sun's Disc, Prof. Julius,
231; New Forms of Astrographic Object Glasses, Emil
Schaer, 231; Search-ephemeris for Finlay's Comet, L.
Schulhof, 231; Finlay's Comet, L. Schulhof, 253 ; Re-
discovery of Finlay's Comet (1906d), Herr Kopf, 282 ;
L. Schulhof, 282; Finlay's Comet (1906d), L. Schulhof,
339, 371, 386, 417, 453, 499, 575; M. Fayet, 339; M. J.





ponomy : Ancient Eclipses, P. H. Cowell, ; the Total
Solar Eclipse of January, 1908, Dr. Downing; 18: Total
Solar Eclipse of August 30, 1905. A. L. Cortie. 142 ;
Italian Observations of the Total Solar Eclipse
11005). Prof. Ricco, 418; the Total Solar Eclipse of
january, 1907

W. T. Lynn, 548 ; Solar Vari-
ability: Dr. S. P. Langley, 16; Our Astronomical
Column. 18, 41, 64, 87, 112, 135. 158, 185, 210,

253, 282, 306, 339, 371, 386, 417, 452, 474,
449, 524, 548, 575, 393, 619, 644 : Astronomical Occur-
i-pres in Mar, 18; in June, 112; in July, 210; in
\ugust, 339 ; in September, 452 ; in October, 548; Comets
10000 and 1906c, Prof. Abetti. 18: E. Strömgren, 18;
rodet 1906c, Miss Lamson, 64; Comet 1906h (Kopff),

C. Ebell. 64, 138; Prof. Wolf, 138; Radiant Point of a
Bright Metror, Dr. Jiri Kaván, 18: Luminous Particles
7 hr Chromosphere, Dr. Deslandres, 18; New Cata-
nour of Double Stars, Prof. R. G. Aitken, 18: Measures

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Guillaume, 417; M. Quénisset, 575; Stereoscopic Prof. A. A. Nijland, 595; the Mount Wilson Spectro-
Measurement of Proper Motions, Prof. Max_Wolf, 231; scopic Laboratory, 595; the Utility of Short-focus Re-
Early Meteors of the Perseid Shower, W. F. Denning, flectors, Dr. A. Berberich, 595 ; Prof. Barnard's “ Un-
246 ; the Radiants of the Perseid Shower, M. Wwedenski, explained Observation," Charles L. Brook, 595; Observ-
253 ; Objective-prism Comparison Spectrograph, ations of Variable Stars, E. S. Haynes, 619; a New
de Lisle Stewart, 253 ; Russian Astronomical Observ- Form of Photometer, MM. Deslandres and Bernard, 644 :
ations, 253; a New Observatory for Hamburg, 253 ; a Novel Planisphere, G. P. Serviss and L. Barritt,
Preliminary Experiments on the Photographic Transit, 645; the Oxford University Observatory, Prof. Turner,
S. Hirayama, 254 ; the Orbit of Castor, Dr. H. D. 645
Curtis, 282 ; Planets and Planetary Observations, W. F. Atkinson (G. F.), First Studies of Plant Lise, Supp. to
Denning, 282; Reflecting Telescopes of Short Focus,

October 11, v
Prof. Vogel, 306; the Astronomical Society of Canada, Atlas colorié des Plantes et des Animaux des Cotes de
306; Magnitudes and Places of 251 Pleiades Stars, K. France, P. Kuckuck, Dr. M. Langeron, 102
Schiller, 306 ; Observations of Minor Planets and Comets, Atmosphere, the Meteorology of the Free, L. Teisserenc
Prof. E. Weiss, 306; a Study of the Sky, Prof. Herbert de Bort at Royal Society of Edinburgh, 255
A. Howe, 315; an Unexplained Observation, Prof. Atmosphere, the Nucieation of the Uncontaminated, Prof.
Barnard, 339; the Rio de Janeiro Observatory, 340 ; Carl Barus, C. T. R. Wilson, F.R.S., 619
Catalogue of 1772 Stars chiefly comprised within the Atmospheric Electricity in Algeria, Ch. Nordmann, Dr. C.
Zone 85°-90° N.P.D. for the Epoch 1000, deduced from Chree, F.R.S., 505
Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, Atmospheric Pressure Changes of Long Duration, Dr.
during the Years 1894-1903, under the Direction of William J. S. Lockyer, 352
Prof. Arthur A. Rambaut, F.R.S., 341; Publications of Atoms, Models of, Prof. Alfred W: Porter, 563
the Astronomical Laboratory at Groningen, Components Auden (Dr. G. A.), a Collection of Crania, 458
of the Proper Motions and other Quantities for the Auger (V.), New Method of preparing some Organic Com-
Stars of Bradley, Prof. J. C. Kapteyn, Tables for pounds of Arsenic, 143; Decomposition of Copper
Photographic Parallax-observations, Dr. W. de Sitter, Sulphate by Methyl Alcohol, 192
some Useful Trigonometrical Formulæ and a Table of August Rainfall, Alex. B. MacDowall, 8
Goniometrical Functions for the Four Quadrants, Prof. € Aurigæ, the Variable Radial Velocity of. Dr. H. Luden-
J. C. Kapteyn and Prof. W. Kapteyn, 341; Cours

d'Astronomie, Louis Maillard, 341 ; New Theories in Austin (Ernest Edward), Illustrations of British Blood-
Astronomy, William Stirling, 341; Study of an Apparatus sucking Flies, 441
designed by M. Lippmann for the Photographic Measure- Australia : Australian Ethnology, 100; Destruction of
ment of Right Ascensions, W'. Ebert and C. Le Morvan, Animals in Australia, T. Steel at Linnean Society, New
343-4; die Bahnbestimmung der Himmelskörper, Julius South Wales, 188; the Dead Heart of Australia, a
Bauschinger, 345; die Gauss-Gibbssche Methode der Journey round Lake Eyre in the Summer of 1901-2.
Bahnbestimmung eines Himmelskörpers aus drei Beo- with some Account of the Lake Eyre Basin and the
bachtungen, Prof. Johannes Frischauf, 345; a Large Flowing Wells of Central Australia, Prof. J. W. Gregory,
Meteor, W. F. Denning, 351; Observation of a Bright 296
Meteor, Ph. Fauth, 371; the Aims of an Astronomer, Auvergne, l'Age des derniers Volcans de la France, Mar-
Prof. E. C. Pickering, 368 ; a Compendium of Spherical cellin Boule, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 607
Astronomy, with its Applications to the Determination | Avalanche destroys Kwareli, 496
and Reduction of Positions of the Fixed Stars, Prof. Avogadro and Dalton, the Standing in Chemistry of their
Simon Newcomb, 379; Planets and Planetary Observ- Hypotheses, Dr. Andrew N. Meldrum, 537
ations, Mr. Denning, 336; a New Form of Spectrohelio-
graph, G. Millochau and M. Stefánik, 386; Astronomy
in the Old Testament, Prof. G. Schiaparelli, 410; Re-
searches into the Origin of the Primitive Constellations | Bacteriology : New Micro-organism producing Acetone. L.
of the Greeks, Phænicians, and Babylonians, Robert Bréaudat, 192 ; Experimental Production of Tubercle
Brown, jun., 410; a Memorial to the late Prof. Tacchini, Bacillus and of Anti-tuberculous Vaccine, S. Arloing,
417; Report of the Paris Observatory for 1905. M. 240; Channels of Entrance of the Tubercle Bacillus into
Lawy, 417; the Spectra of Sun-spots and Red Stars, the Organism, Dr. A. Calmette, 593 ; Longevity of
Prof. Hale and Prof. Adams, 418; Sir

Norman Bacillus typhosus in Natural Waters and in Sewage,
Lockyer, 418; Discovery of New Comet (1906e), H. L. Russell and C. A. Fuller, 280 ; Bacteria in Rela-
Herr Kopff, 452 ;
Herr Graff, 453 ;

Comet 1906e tion to Plant Diseases, Erwin F. Smith, Prof. R. T.
(Kopff), M. Ebell, 474, 499, 575; Prof. E. C. Pickering, Hewlett, 294 ; Opening of a New Laboratory at the
499 ; Dr. Graff, 499; M. F. Sy, 508; Prof. Millosevich, Rothamsted Experimental Station, 307; Bacillus of
575; Messrs. Crawford and Champreux, 619: Greenwich Leprosy found in Mosquito and Bed-bug, Dr. W. J.
Sun-spot Vumbers, 453; the Origin of the Zodiacal Goodhue, 367
Light, Maxwell Hall, 453 ; a Modified Form of Solar Baeyer's (Adolf von) Gesammelte Werke, Prof. W. H.
Eve-piece, Prof. Ceraski,

453 ; Newly-discovered Perkin, jun., F.R.S., 73
Planetary Nebula, Prof. Barnard, 474; Plea for an Bahnbestimmung der Himmelskörper, die, Julius Bausch-
International Southern Telescope, Prof. E. C. Picker- ,

inger, 345
ing, 474 ; Spectroscopic Observations of the Rotation of Bahnbestimmung eines Himmelskörpers aus drei Ben-
the Sun, Dr. J. Halm, 484 ; the Planet Mercury, Mr. bachtungen, die Gauss-Gibbssche Methode der, Prof.
Denning, 499; Observations of Satellites, Prof. Barnard, Johannes Frischaul, 345
499 ; the Kodaikanal Observatory, Monteith Macphail, Bailey (L. H.), the Outlook to Nature, 315
525; Observations of Solar Phenomena, 1906, Prof. Baird (Dr. J. W.), the Contraction of the Colour Zones in
Mascari, 525; Introduction to Astronomy, Prof. Forest Hysteria and in Neurasthenia, 574
Ray Moulton, 538; the Colours of Sun-spots, Th. · Baker (R. T.), Two Undescribed Species of Eucalyptus
Hansen, 548; the Relation between the Spectra of Sun- from Eastern Australia, 484
spots and Stars, W. S. Adams, 595; Sun-spot_Spectra 'Baker (T. Thorne), Colour-correct Photography, Supp. to
Observations, W. M. Mitchell, 619; a New Form of October 11, vi
l'edge Photometer, H. Rosenberg, 575; Occultation of Bakerian Lecture at Roval Society, Rerent Advances ir:
a Star by Venus, Dr. Downing. 575; Results of the Seismology, Prof. John Milne. F.R.S., 42
International Latitude Service, 1902-1906, Prof. M. Baldwin-Wiseman Mili R.), Effect of Fire on Building
Albrecht, 575; the Amana Meteorite, Dr. G. D. Hinrichs, Stones, Points of Importance for Fire Resistance. 15+;
575; Colour and Spectra of Solar Prominences, M. Ricco, Influence of Pressure and Porosity on the Motion of
580; Observations of the Planet Mars during the Opposi- Subsursace Water, 374
tions of 1894, 1896, 1808, 1901, and 1903, made at Ball (Dr. L. dei, Refraktionstalein, 465
Flagstaff, Arizona, Percival Lowell, Dr. William J. S. Ballistics : Death of Sir Alexander Moncriefi, K.C.B.,



Derewer 13,

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Brook, 595.

Balloons and Kites in the Service of Meteorology, W. H. Beilstein (Prof. T. T.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 641
Dines, F.R.S., 35 ; see Aëronautics

Béis (Constantin), Action of Mixed Organomagnesium Com-
Balls (W. L.), Sore-shin " Fungus, 650

pounds upon Amides, 550
Baithazard (1.), Toxic Action and Localisation of the Belgica Expedition, some Results of the, 298
Radium Emanation, 375

Beliel, the Reconstruction of, W. H. Mallock, 217
Baly (E, C. C.), Relation between Absorption Spectra and Bell (James Mackintosh), the Tarawera Volcanic Rift,
Chemical Constitution, the Isonitroso-compounds, 93 : New Zealand, 88
Relation betwecn Absorption Spectra and Chemical Con- Bell (Prof. Robert, F.R.S.), Geological Survey of Canada,
stitution, the Phenylhydrazones of Simple Aldehydes and 245
Ketones, 141; Vew Element Present as an Impurity in Bell (Dr. Robert), Ten Years' Record of the Treatment of
Krypton and Xenon, 499

Cancer without Operation, 269
Bantu Folklore (Medical and General), Dr. Matthew L. Bell (T. R.), Characteristics of Certain Indian Butterflies,
Hewat, Sir H. H. Johnstone, K.C.M.G., 28

Barber (C. A.), Early Stages in the Development of the Benham (Prof. W. B.), the Olfactory Sense in Apteryx,

Haustoria of Santalum album, 643
Barcroft (Joseph), Physiology at the British Association, Berberich (Dr.), an Interesting Minor Planet, 210; the

Utility of Short-focus Reflectors, 595
Bargellini (G.), a New Hypothesis connecting the Fluor- Berget (A.), Magnetic Collimator which Transforms a

escence of Organic Su tances with their Chemical Con- Binocular into an Instrument for taking Bearings, 143
stitution, 618

Berkeley (Earl of), Osmotic Pressure, 7, 54, 245 : Osmotic
Barger (G.), Saponarin, a New Glucoside, 310

Pressures of some Concentrated Aqueous Solutions, 261 ;
Barnard (Prof.), Observations of Nova Geminorum, 158; Experiments on the Measurements of Osmotic Pressure,
an Unexplained Observation, 339; a Newly-discovered 453

Planetary Nebula, 474 ; Observations of Satellites, 499 Bernard (M.), a New Form of Photometer, 644
Barnard's (Prof.) Unexplained Observation," Charles L. Bernstein (Dr.), Parasites of Malaria and the Phagocytic

Action of the Polymorphonuclear Leucocytes, 141
Barometric Variations of Long Duration over Large Areas, Berthelot (M.), Direct Synthesis of Nitric Acid and Nitrate
Dr. William J. S. Lockyer, 352

from their Elements, 239; Synthesis of Amethyst Quartz,
Barraclough (S. H.), Hollow Lightning Conductor Crushed 651
by the Discharge, 230

Berwerth (F.), the Meteorite of Kodaikanal, 644 ; Artificial
Barrett (Dr. W. F., F.R.S.), Entoptic Vision, Haidinger's Metabolites, 644
Brushes and other Entoptic Phenomena, 142

Bibbins (Arthur), Status of the Mesozoic Floras of the
Karritt (L.), a Novel Planisphere, 645

l'nited States, 81
Barrows (W. M.), the Effects of Inbreeding, Cross-breed- Bidwell (Shelford, F.R.S.), Stress in Magnetised Iron, 317
ing, and Selection upon Drosophila, 337

Biesbroeck (Dr. G. van), Double Star Measures, 371
Barus (Prof. Carl), the Nucleation of the Uncontaminated Biese (Alfred), the Development of the Feeling for Nature
Atmosphere, 619

in the Middle Ages and Modern Times, 293
Bashford (E. F.), Experimental Analysis of the Growth of Biffen (R. H.), Mendel's Laws of Inheritance, 474
Cancer, 483 ; Cancer, 529

Binning (S.), Electrolysis of Solutions of Thiocyanates in
Basset (A.' B., F.R.S.), the Mixed Transformation of Pyridine and in Acetone, 239
Lagrange's Equations, 317, 489, 540

Biochemistry, Recent Advances in Physiology and, Supp.
Bassler (R. S.), Smithsonian Institution, Bulletin of the to May 3, X
United States Museum, Fossil Invertebrates, 163

Biogen, Radiobes and, I
Bastin (S. L.), Effects of Civilisation upon Climate, 547 Biology : the Origin of Life, its Physical Basis and De-
Bateman (H.), the Theory of Integral Equations, 71

finition, John Butler Burke, 1; Algemeine Biologie, Oscar
Bateson (W., F.R.S.), Vorlesungen über Deszendenztheorie Hertwig, Prof. J. B. Farmer, F.R.S., 25; Physical

mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Botanischen Seite Chemistry, and its Applications in Medical and Biological
der Frage gehalten an der Reichsuniversität zu Leiden, Science, Dr. Alex. Findlay, 53 ; Life and Matter, Sir
Dr. J. P. Lotsy, 146; Mendel's Laws of Inheritance, Oliver Lodge, 78; Periodicity, Dr. Francis Darwin, 161;

Variation in Animals and Plants, Dr. D. S. Jordan, 183 ;
Baubigny (H.), Estimation of Cadmium in a Volatile or Cours de Chimie physique suivi d'Applications à la
Organic Salt, 48

Chimie et à la Biologie, Victor Henri, Prof. Benjamin
Baudran (G.), a Curative Product derived from Tubercu- Moore, 241; Gedanken über Vererbung, Dr. Alexander
linine, 408

Petrunkewitsch, 244 ; les Problèmes de la Vie, Prof.
Bauer (Dr. L. A.), Report of Department of Research in Ermanno Giglio-Tos, 292; Biologische und Morpho-
Terrestrial Magnetism, 284

logische Untersuchungen über Wasser- und Sumpf-
Baumert (Dr. Georg), Lehrbuch der gerichtlichen Chemie, gewächse. Prof. Hugo Glück, 411; the various Struc-

tural Modifications for Flight occurring in Vertebrates,
Bauschinger (Julius), die Bahnbestiminung der Himmels- Prof. R. S. Lull, 415; Manner in which the Anemone
körper, 345

Jetridium marginatum Multiplies by Fission, M. L.
Baxandall (F. E.), Stars with Peculiar Spectra, 214

llammatt, 410; Death and Obituary Notice of Fritz
Raynes (Robert E.), Origin of the Term “Metabatic," 56 Schaudinn, 490-7; the Biology of the Frog, Samuel J.
Beacom (Major). on the Irrigation Projects Inaugurated Holmes, 560 ; Morphologie und Biologie der Algen, Dr.
by the Cnited States Government, 479

Friedrich Oltmanns, George Murray, F.R.S., 501 ; Bio-
Rean (Dr. R. B.), the Negro Brain, 524

metry and Biology, a Reply to Prof. Pearson, J. J.
Beare (Prof. Hudson), on the New Engineering Labor- Lister, 584 ; a Rejoinder, Prof. Karl Pearson, F.R.S.,
atories of the University of Edinburgh, 500

608 : Biometry and Biology, Prof. Karl Pearson, F.R.S.,
Beaufort Scale, the, Report of the Directors of the Meteor- 636; Phases of the Gastrulation of the Horned Toad,

ological Office upon an Inquiry into the Relation between C. L. Edwards and C. W. Hahn, 592 ; Handbook of
the Estimates of Wind-force according to Admiral Beau- Flower Pollination based upon Hermann Müller's Work
fort's Scale and the Velocities Recorded by Anemometers 'The Fertilisation of Flowers by Insects," Dr. Paul
belonging to the Office, G. C. Simpson, Sir G. H. Knuth, 605; Gregor Mendel's Briefe an Carl Nägeli,
Darwin, W. H. Dines, and Commander Hepworth, 1866-73, 640: Marine Biology : Report for 1905 on the

Lancashire Sea Fisheries Laboratory at the l'niversity of
Peauverie (J.), Atlas colorié de la Flore Alpine, 561

Liverpool and the Sea Fish Hatchery at Piel, Prof. W. A.
Beck (Messrs. R. and J.), Ultimate Microscope Resolving Herdman, F.R.S., Andrew Scott, and James Johnstone,
Power with Light of Different Wave-lengths, 60

Frank Balfour Browne, 19; Report to the Government
Frecquerel (Paul). Longevity of Seeds, 264

of Ceylon on the Pearl-ovster Fisheries of the Gulf of
Bees How do Inquiline, find the Nest of their Host? Manaar, Prof. W. A. Herdman, F.R.S.,
Oswald H. Latter, 200

nucleus in the Oocyte of Antedon, Dr. G. C. Chubb, 61;
Fretle, Sirength of a, Charles R. Keyser, 318

Vedusa Collected in H.V.S. Research by Dr. Fowler in

57; Yolk-

December 13, 1906

the Bay of Biscay, E. T. Browne, 70; Biscayan Plankton i Bonney (Prof. T. G., F.R.S.), on the Origin of the Trias,
Collected during a Cruise of H.M.S. Research in 1900, 549; l'Age des derniers Volcans de la France, Marcellini
Dr. G. H. Fowler, (1) the Cephalopoda, W. E. Hoyle, Boule, 607
(2) the Medusa, E. T. Browne, 191; Atlas colorié des Booth (W. H.), Water Softening and Treatment, 464
Plantes et des Animaux des Côtes de France, P. Bordas (F.), Rapidity of Absorption of Odours by Milk,
Kuckuck, Dr. M. Langeron, 102; Bucket for obtaining 167; Estimation of Albuminoid and Gelatin Materials by
Samples of Water from Considerable Depths, Dr. C. Means of Acetones, 216
Kofoid, 130; Muggiaea atlantica in the English Channel Bort (L. Teisserenc de), the Meteorology of the Free Atmo-
and Irish Sea during 1904, Dr. L. Gough, 130; Mode in sphere, Address at Royal Society of Edinburgh, 255;
which American Crayfish of the Genus Cambarus Lay Expedition to the Equatorial Regions of the Atlantic, 04
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duction of an Active Mixture of Gases which may be
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its Relation to Productiveness, Dr. E. J. Russell and
Hiru dir. Industry, the, Walter Heape, F.R.S., Dr. Francis Dr. F. V. Darbishire, 526; on a Vew Method of Deter-


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