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The Tadpole......
The Green Hydra
The Long-armed Hydra .......
Larva of the Dragon Fly
The Egg Raft of the Gnat ....
Larya of the Gnat




Death of Queen Elizabeth ... 321 Moreton Hall, Cheshire ...... 378 Sir Thomas Gresham's Exchange 401 Sir Thomas More and his family... 449.


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Two Engravings of the Paper Nautilus
City of Peking......
The Ash
The Daguerreotype-Diagram
Preparing for the Feast of Taberna-



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Ancient two-horse chariot. Designed from various sculptures and paintings.


tained. It appears, however, that the The warriors of primitive times were aboriginal inhabitants of Canaan were 'carried to the field in chariots, generally trained to that mode of warfare, long bedrawn by two horses. The engraving fore their land was invaded by Joshua. represents an Egyptian prince in such a Thus we read:-"The children of Joseph vehicle, taken from numerous delineations said, The hill is not enough for us : and among the ancient sculptures. It was all the Canaanites that dwell in the land made offrame-work, covered with leather, of the valley have chariots of iron, both but so light as to be easily borne by a they who are of Beth-shean and her towns,

and they who are of the valley of Jezreel," The period in which the chariot was Joshua xvii. 16. But here it should be first used in battle, cannot now be ascer- l observed, that the chariots were only






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that a month's exchange of occupa- | sire. Before she died, all her children tion and diet with one of his plough- and grandchildren were gathered around men would cure all his ailments. A her, like those of the patriarch Israel, to similar prescription, rather more tersely receive her parting blessing and admoniexpressed, has been frequently given by tions. The funeral sermon was preached a celebrated physician to his patients, but from the closing verses of the ninety-first I have not heard of many cures effected psalm, a portion of Scripture which was by it. That class of valetudinarians can eminently verified in her character and seldom be sufficiently convinced of its experience. Blessed be God for pious efficacy to induce them to give it a fair ancestors, and may piety like her's descend trial. However, boys, it may be worth and multiply through all the generations your remembering; and if, in future life, of her descendants ! your maladies should not yield to ordi- “My cousin Edward, and a young nary remedies, at least give it a trial: it is, friend, Lawrence were drowned by • Live upon sixpence a day, and earn it.' the upsetting of a pleasure boat. What an

sixteen years of age, affecting lesson on the frailty and uncerthe intimate friend my sister, after- tainty of human life! In the midst of wards Mrs. Tatnall. I récollect her a life we are in death. What a signal infine, lively, rosy girl, as much so stance of preserving goodness have I to my own sister ; but she became pallid, acknowledge, in that while others were feeble, and sickly, and died, univer- taken, I was spared. I was to have been sally lamented by her family and friends. of the party, but was prevented by a My sister visited her frequently dur- slight indisposition. Will the life thus ing her illness, and was much affected distinguished yield any revenue of praise by her death, which the medical gentle- to its Preserver and Benefactor ? and am man, on a subsequent examination, al- I prepared to resign it, if some other leged to have been brought on by tight accident or disease should attack me, lacing. Whether or not this was correct, from which I am not to escape ? Let it had a very happy effect on both my me remember that a respite is not a resisters, who, notwithstanding the tyrạn- prieve, and that nical laws of fashion at that day, ever

Safety consists not in escape after yielded the formation of their per- From dangers of a frightful shape, sons to the graceful simplicity of nature. An earthquake may be bid to spare

My grandmother a choice old The man that's strangled by a hair. lady, of the race that is now nearly extinct. God has smitten others, and he thereby I can fancy I see her now, seated in her warns me. Prepare to meet thy God. richly-carved, high-backed chair, with "Old Richard

, my late grandher large silver buckles, a stiff full dress mother's coachman. He had lived in the of rich silk; apron, cuffs and handker- family nearly threescore years, and had chief of the finest French cambric; a seen three generations. His worth and fimassy gold watch hooked on her apron delity rendered him truly honourable, and string; several mourning rings on her gained for him deserved honour. Richard fingers, her silvery hair smoothed back; was born at the time of the great fire of then a delicately white little cap, and over London, and at three days old, had been it a black lace hood, which I believe thrice removed with his mother from the was the symbol of widowhood, (the por- spreading devastation. He often spoke trait of Mrs. Katherine Henry, the wife of the goodness of God in preserving, of Philip, and the mother of Matthew both lives under circumstances so pecuHenry, has always put me in mind of liar. In his childhood and youth, it was uncle Barnaby's description of his grand- Richard's privilege to associate with mother,) her gold-mounted spectacles some of the confessors of Charles the in a tortoise-shell case, and a large Bible, second's reign. His parents attended the with crimson velvet covers and gold clasps ministry of the excellent Richard Baxter: lying open before her. These were indeed, he received his name as an extrifles in themselves, but they fixed pression of the respect of his parents for themselves in my memory; happily not that holy man; and many prayers were alone, but in connexion with many holy offered that he might resemble him in sentiments, many portions of Scripture spirit, and these prayers were not offered read and affectionately pressed home in vain, accompanied as they were by paupon me by my venerable ancestor, or rental instruction and example. Richard committed to memory by me at her de- | embraced and exemplified the same

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