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to make sense, and therefore his blunders are all of a mechanical nature. If we set aside these idiosyncrasies, the question arises, with which of the other mss is this most closely connected. I think the instances given below, which might be multiplied to any extent, show conclusively that it is very nearly allied to the oldest known codex, Orelli's V, written in the 10th century, and to the Harleian Codex 5114 M, written in the latter half of the 15th century. To the same group belong the Roman and Venetian editions of 1471. The relation in which it stands to Orelli's V is curious. Where there is a second reading in V, this is usually followed in the Merton Codex (Oxf.), but not by any means universally, not in general where it is specified that the correction or marginal reading in V is written secunda manu, as in 11 69, where V has the correct deflagravisse, while Oxf. agrees with y in the reading deam migravisse. Sometimes an older reading is preserved in Oxf., which has been corrected in V, thus in 11 18 Oxf. has appareat and ne cogitari, where V has by correction apparet and nec cogitari ; in 11 56 V has ementita by correction, while Oxf. with MCR retains, what was probably the original reading of V, ea mentita. Sometimes both readings are combined, as in 11 27 where V has eis fervescunt, Veffervescunt, Oxf. eis effervescunt ; 11 127 where V' has cursu, Vo morsu, Oxf. incursu morsu. Sometimes we observe a general resemblance combined with slight and probably accidental variation, as in 11 123 where AB'V' have data elephantos (doubtless representing an original elephantost), corrected to d. elephanto in B', to d. elephantis in PV'HMR, and to d. elephanti in Oxf. ; in 11 146, where ABEP read et parte tangendi, V by corr. et arte tangendi, and Oxf. arte et tangendi ; in 11 42, where BC rightly give id et, and A'PV id est, Vo has id est que, E idem, and Oxf. MRCV idemque. The conclusion to which these things point, seems to be that Oxf, was copied from V at a time when some, but not all the corrections, which are now found there, had been made. One would like to know whether Orelli's 'secunda manus' always denotes the same handwriting and, if so, what is its date*. At the same time there are occasional difficulties in the way of this hypothesis : for twenty cases, say, in which Oxf. agrees with V against the rest of Orelli's mss, we find one, it may be, in which Oxf. approaches more nearly to some of them than to V. Thus in 11 86, where Baiter reads ecferant, AC have et ferant, B haec ferant,

* On this point see Detlefsen in the Vienna Sitz. Ber. for 1856, p. 117.

E hec ferant, V eo ferant, while Oxf. and M have nec ferant. Perhaps here the true reading of V may have been ec, misread eo by the collator, and then ec may have been changed to the more familiar nec by Oxf. In 11 73 V has locus, the other mss locus est, Oxf. locutus est; in 11 64 BCV have caelestem, Oxf. BM caelestium, AECR caelestum ; in 11 50 V with HMR has tum australis, while Oxf. has aut aust. with ABCEPB.

As V wants the whole of Book 1, my examples are necessarily confined to the 2nd and 3rd books.

11 27 subditis V? Oxf. M Asc., subitis ABCEPV'B. 29 in quoque genere A'B Asc., in quoquo g. CB, in quo g. A'PV


31 cum homines A'B'V Oxf. Asc. HLMO, quin h. CEPB. 33 prima ABEV Oxf. BMV Asc., primo CPHLO. 34 in ulla VOxf. LM, in nulla mss generally, in illa V Asc. 38 id quod ACEGBH, quod BPV Oxf. M.

in equo quam in eculeo V2 (sec. m.) and uss generally, nequaquam in eculeo V', nequaquam (contracted) in eque Oxf.

id in perfecto CPBM Oxf. (id corr. fr. is) AV, is in p. BE. 41 omnium V° (sec. m.) and mss generally, om. Oxf. V'.

45 restat mss generally, sane (repeated from sanae above) restat V Oxf. MCV.

47 extremum quantum Vo Oxf. Red. Asc., extremum mss generally.

48 potest indoctius ACEPV'BH, potest esse indoctius BV Oxf. Asc. LMO.

49 quot CEPV’GH Oxf., quod AB'V'BO, quid B'M.

conficiat B by corr., confeciat A by corr., confectat CEPBL, confecta V Oxf. MRV.

51 Saturni by corr. BV also Oxf. HM, Saturnis A, Saturnia CEB

56 versantur CBH, versatur ABEPV Oxf. MC. 59 modum AEV Oxf., mundum B'CB.

venis et Oxf. B'V'MO, venisset B'B, venis sed ACE, venis nec V.

61 ea ipsa B, ea ipsa vis ACEV? Oxf. Mus.*, ea ipsa vi V!.

vides-vides V? Oxf. MO, vides-vide AV'B, videvide СЕВ.

* Mus.' denotes the consensus of the mss in the British Museum.

62 Semela v Oxf., semele ARBCE, semel A'. mysteriis ABCEBO, ministeriis V Oxf., LMR.

65 planius quam BO, planius quem AV Oxf., planiusque EVPBLMRV, pleniusque C.

66 alteri A', alterum A'BCEV'B, altero PV? Oxf. HM +.

69 deflagravisse CEPV (sec. m.) BH, deagravisse A, demigravisse B by corr., deam migravisse v Oxf.

abfuisset A'V?, adfuisset Oxf., afuisse A'BC'V', affuisse E.

70 ut cum gigantibus ABEV Oxf. M, id est gigantibus V? (sec. m.).

71 quos deos ABCEV', hos deos V? Oxf.

76 sit necesse est melius ABCV Oxf., sit necesse est esse melius V.

80 nihil autem ABCEV', nihil autem est V2M +, nihil autem esse Oxf. CR.

83 quacumque movemur BV Oxf. M, qua movemur ACE +.

100 saxa nativis CEV Oxf. M, saxasanativis AB', saxosanativis B.

101 spiritu BV? Oxf. M, spiritus ACEV'.

111 Andromeda aufugiens V Oxf. by corr, in A and B, Andromeda haud fugiens CP, Andromeda haut fugiens E.

114 infernis e BCP, inferni se V'M, inferni de V° Oxf., infernis de E.

122 ea est BCE, eas et APV Oxf. M.
humilitas BCEV' Oxf., humilatas AP, humiliatas V.

123 alii generis bestiis P, aliis generis escis ABC', aliis gen. estis V', alius generis escis V? Oxf.

126 purgantes O, purgante ABCV', purgatione P, purgare V Oxf. M, purgantur E.

127 morsu PV’M, cursu ABCEV'+, incursu morsu Oxf. 129 aiunt Oxf. V by corr., alunt ABCEPV. excuderunt ABCPV, excuderint EV, excluserint V marg. Oxf.

131 varia et tam v Oxf. Asc., variae tam AV', varie tam B, varia tam CEP.

134 constrictis V Oxf. MCR, constructis ABCEP. 136 ducant ABC, adducant PV Oxf. M, abducant E. 138 contagione ABCEP +, coagitatione V Oxf. M.

143 coniventibus PV Oxf. M, conluentibus ABCEBH, confluentibus LNO.

150 ad tibiarum ABCEV', ac tibiarum PV Oxf. M.

admotione BoCPV Oxf., ad motionem AEV', admonitione B'. 151 consectione V’ Oxf. M, confectione B, confectionem ACEPV'.

153 accipit ad cognitionem A'BCEPV', acc. ab iis cogn. V', acc. ab his cogn. Oxf. MRV.

162 providentia (by corr. fr. prudentia) V Oxf. M, prudentia ABCEP +.

167 prosperae semper ACP+, prospere semper BEV', prospere eveniunt semper

V? Oxf. RV. 168 vobis ABCEPV, quovis v Oxf. III 8 posses Oxf. V°, possis ABCEPV',

9 coniveres edd., contuereris EV Oxf. HMRV, contueres ABCPV

11 praesentis ABCE, praesertis v Oxf., praesentes V marg.

credis esse V Oxf., credidisese A, credidisses B, credidisse CP, credisse E.

13 rationes ACEV'B, rationes requiro BV Oxf. 14 commemorabas BPV? Oxf., commorabas ACEV'B. 20 velles BPV Oxf., velis ACEV'BH. 21 quid dicis melius ABCEPV (sec. m.), om. Oxf. V'MNCRV.

23 erit mundus V marg. ead. m.) Oxf. MNCRV, om. ABCEPV.

24 habent ABCEP, om. V', habent vel servant V marg. (sec. m.) Oxf. MCV.

28 quasi consensus Oxf, and mss generally (quidam superscr. sec. m. V), quasi quidam cons. H.

29 ferundam edd., fruendam A'BCEPV'BL, ferendam A'Vo Oxf. MCRV.

35 diceret intellegi Oxf. V, diceret quod intellegi ABCEPV'B.

omnem vim ABCEPV marg., omnium V by corr. Oxf., omnia unum MCR.

38 nos ABCEP, non V Oxf. HMNR.

nihil est nec esse ABCEP, nihil esse nec esse V, nihil esse necesse Oxf.

41 sermonis ABCEP, sermones V', sermone VOxf. MCV.
reddes ABCEPV'BHL, redde v Oxf. M+.
44 aiebat (2nd) ABCEPV', agebat V Oxf. BM.

morbus edd., modus ABCEPV'BHL, motus V° Oxf. M, metus NCR.

45 Rhesus BEP, Hesus ACV'B, Theseus V Oxf. MNCRV. 48 duces A', dices B, ducis CEV'B, dicis A'PV* Oxf. M +.

49 Erechtheus CP, erectheus AB, eritheus E, eratheus V Oxf. M*, aratheus M'.

60 aliaque edd., atque V Oxf. MRCV, et B', om. AB'CEP.

79 conficit cur ABEP, conficit ut CB, conficitur V', conficit utrum VOxf.


[The readings of the Merton ms are in italics. Where it seemed desirable I have added the received text in brackets.]

1 multae res in philosophia om. sint. agnitionem.

quod tam variae sint. hominum sententiae tamque discrepantes. ut id om. debeat-sententias & 2, om. 2 (quod) quid. nihil agant om.


(iis) his.

primisque. dijudi. catur.

3 (ab iis) ab his. (a dis) ab eis. (juvare) adjuvare. (ab iis) ab his. possit om. (item) ita. 4 (ratione) oratione. (maturata) natura. (que quae) que.

(ita) in. 6 (autem) quoque. effunderet. relicto. (studio) studii. 7 (ea) eam. (otio) oratione. 8 (minus) minimus, 9 pertractandam by corr. fr. perpetrandam. aliae ex aliis nexae. 10 auctores. (soleo id quod) sollempnia. 11 disciplinam om. ercesila.

si om.

(iis) his. 12 me non profiteor secutum esse in marg. judicandi om. existit. (iis) is!, his?

13 videntur by corr, fr. dicuntur. ut in sinefebis. omnium once.

15 c. cottam. (est) sit. epicuri. peroportune. (mihi magna de re) de re magna.

16 atqui. oportune. M enim (contracted) Piso. (peripateticis) hypatheticis twice.

ille om. 17 vero inquit om. 18 solent om. intermundi is. 19 (a deo atque aedificari) adeo aedificarique. efficiendum.

20 palmaris. (physiologiam) philosophiam philiologiam. (aliquod) aliquid. pronoe vero si vestra est Lucili eadem requiro.

21 (autem) enim. (conversione) convenientia. metiebantur. non potest.

22 (at iste) ad ista. (potest esse oblect.) potest obl. esse.

23 (mereretur) meretur. venientia corr. fr. leni. naturam intelle. gentes.

24 nec cogitari. (si minima) summa. est pars pars est etiam corr. fr. est pars etiam etiam. (pars obr.) parsque obr.

25 (vero sint) vero? est ut, si sine sensu di possunt esse. (eosque) eos.

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