Ideas and Society in India from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries

Oxford University Press, 1996 - 223 páginas
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Ideas and Society in India discusses society and culture in India from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century as seen by medieval and early modern thinkers. These issues range from the nature of the state, relations between religious communities, doctrinal and ethical attitudes of reformists like the Bhakti and Sufi saints, and the Sikhs, to the Eighteenth Century crisis of the Mughal Empire, the formulations presented by Sufi saints to improve the conditions, and the advent of the 'firangis'. More specifically the book deals with the reaction of Indian thought to the culture and presence of the West. This book will be of interest to medievalists and those interested in studying Indian history in relation to European history.

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The State The Ruler and the Ruled
Meeting of the Oceans
The Age of Kali and the Kingdom of Rama
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