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2 In every clime, by every tongue,

Be God's amazing glory sung;
And let the listening earth be taught

The acts our great Redeemer wrought. 3 Unfailing Comfort ! heavenly Guide!

Still o'er thy favour'd church preside;
Still may mankind thy blessings prove,
Spirit of mercy, truth, and love!


HYMN 40.

God incomprehensible.
1 ETERNAL Power! whose high abode

Becomes the grandeur of a God,
Infinite lengths beyond the bounds,

Where stars revolve their little rounds : 2 Not heaven thy presence can contain,

Nor heaven of heavens thy power restrain:
Thee, while the first archangel sings,

He veils his face beneath his wings.
3 Lord, what shall earth and ashes do?

We would adore our Maker too:
From sin and dust to thee we cry,

The Great, the Holy, and the High.
4 Earth from afar hath heard thy fame,

And babes have learn’d to lisp thy name,
But O! the glories of thy mind
Leave all our soaring thoughts behind.

HYMN 41.

The holy Trinity. 1 O THOU, whom neither time nor space

Can comprehend, unseen, unknown;
Nor Faith in boldest flight can trace,
Save through thy Spirit and thy Son !

2 And thou, that from thy bright abode,

To us in mortal weakness shown,
Didst graft the manhood into God,

Eternal, co-eternal Son!
3 And thou, whose unction from on high,

By comfort, light, and love is known;
Who, with the Parent Deity,

Dread Spirit! art for ever one. 4 Great First and Last! thy blessing give;

And grant us faith, thy gift alone:
To love and praise thee while we live,
Aud do whate'er thou wouldst have done.

HYMN 42,

The Creatr, Redeemer, and Sanctifier.

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FATHER, in whom we live,

In whom we are and move,
The glory, power, and praise receive

Of thy creating love.
Incarnate Deity,

Let all the ransom'd race
Render their lives in thanks to thee,

For thy redeeming grace.
Spirit of holiness,

Let all thy saints adore
Thy sacred energy, and bless

T'hy heart-renewing power.
Eternal Triune Lord !

Let all the hosts above,
Let all the sons of men record,

And dwell upon thy love.



HYMN 43.



Invocation to the Trinity.
COME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One God in persons three,
Bring back the heavenly blessing, lost

By all mankind and me.
Thy favour, and thy nature too,

To me, to all restore;
Forgive, and after God renew,

And keep us evermore.
Eternal Sun of Righteousness,

Display thy beams divine;
And cause the glories of thy face

Upon my heart to shine.
Light in thy light O may I see!

Thy grace and mercy prove;
Reviv'd, and cheer'd, and bless'd by thee,

The God of pardoning love.



HYMN 44. Blessing and Praise ascribed to the Trinity. 1 BLESS'D be the Father and his love,

To whose celestial source we owe
Rivers of endless joys above,

And rills of comfort here below. 2 Glory to thee, great Son of God,

From whose dear wounded body rolls
A precious stream of vital blood,

Pardon and life for dying souls. 3 We give the sacred Spirit praise,

Who in our hearts of sin and woe
Makes living springs of grace arise,
And into boundless glory flow.


Thus God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, we adore;
That sea of life and love unknown,
Unfathom'd, and without a shore.

HYMN 45.

Praise to the Triune God.


WE give immortal praise

To God the Father's love,
For all our comforts here,

And better hopes above :
He sent his own eternal Son
To die for sins that man had done.
To God the Son belongs

Immortal glory too,
Who sav'd us by his blood

From everlasting woe;
And now he lives, and now he reigns,
And sees the fruit of all his pains.
To God the Spirit praise

And endless worship give,
Whose new creating power

Makes the dead sinner live:
His work completes the great design,
And fills the soul with joy divine.
Almighty God! to thee

Be endless honours done,
The undivided Three,

And the mysterious One:
Where reason fails with all her

powers, There faith prevails and love adores.




HYMN 46. For the morning of the Sabbath. 1 AGAIN the day returns of holy rest,

Which, when he made the world, Jehovah blest; When, like his own, he bade our labours cease,

And all be piety, and all be peace. 2 Let us devote this consecrated day,

To learn his will, and all we learn obey;
In pure religion's hallow'd duties share,
And join in penitence, and join in prayer.

HYMN 47.
The Sabbath hailed with joy.



WELCOME sweet day of rest,

That saw the Lord arise ;
Welcome to this reviving breast,

And these rejoicing eyes !
The King himself comes near,

And feasts his saints to-day;
Here we may meet, and see him here,

And love, and praise, and pray.
One day within the place

Where thou, my God, hast been,
Is better than ten thousand days,

Of pleasurable sin.
My willing soul would stay,

In such a frame as this,
And gladly sing herself away

To everlasting bliss.



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