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My soul shall pray for Sion still,

While life or breath remains :
There my best friends, my kindred dwell,

There God my Saviour reigns.



PSALM 125.
The security of God's people.
THOSE who with holy confidence,
Trust in the Lord for their defence,
Secur’d by his protecting hand,
Shall steadfast as Mount Sion stand.
Behold fair Salem's hallow'd ground,
By shadowing hills encompass'd round!
Thy presence thus, great God, we trace,
Encircling Jacob's chosen race.
Deal gently, Lord, with souls sincere,
And guide them in thy faith and fear;
Till they shall see thy promis'd rest,
And be with all thine Israel blest.




PSALM 130.

Supplication for mercy.
OUT of the depths of long distress,

The borders of despair;
I sent my cries to seek thy grace,

My groans to move thine ear.
Great God! should thy severer eye,

And thine impartial hand,
Mark and avenge iniquity,

No mortal flesh could stand.
But there are pardons with my

For crimes of high degree;
Thy Son has bought them with his blood,

To draw us near to thee.



I wait for thy salvation, Lord,

With strong desires I wait;
My soul, invited by thy word,

Stands watching at thy gate.
There's full redemption at thy throne

For sinners long enslav’d;
The great Redeemer is thy Son,

And Israel shall be sav’d.


PSALM 132. Version 1.

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For God's blessing in the sanctuary. 1 ARISE,

ARISE, O King of grace, arise,

And enter to thy rest;
Lo! thy church waits with longing eyes,

Thus to be own'd and blest.
2 Enter with all thy glorious train,

Thy Spirit and thy word;
All that the ark did once contain
Could no


3 Here, mighty Lord, accept our vows;

Here let thy praise be spread:
Bless the provisions of thy house,

And fill thy poor with bread. 4 Here let the Son of David reign;

Let God's anointed shine;
Justice and truth his court maintain,

With love and power divine.
Here let him hold a lasting throne;

And as his kingdom grows,
Fresh honours shall adorn his crown,

And shame confound his foes.



PSALM 132.

For God's blessing in the sanctuary.
GOD in his temple let us meet,
Low on our knees before him bend;
Here he hath fix'd his mercy seat,
Here on his Sabbath we attend.
Arise into thy resting place,
Thou, and thine ark of strength, O Lord;
Shine through the veil, we seek thy face;
Speak, for we hearken to thy word.
With righteousness thy priests array;
Joyful thy chosen people be;
Let those who teach, and those who pray,
Let all-be holiness to thee.





The beauty of christian loce.
How beautiful the sight

Of brethren who agree
In friendship to unite,

And bonds of charity;
"Tis like the precious ointment, shed
O’er all his robes, from Aaron's head.
'Tis like the dews that fill

The cups of Hermon's flowers;
Or Sion's fruitful hill,

Bright with the drops of showers;
When mingling odours breathe around,
And glory rests on all the ground.
For there the Lord commands

Blessings, a boundless store,
From his unsparing hands,

Yea, life for evermore:
Thrice happy they who meet above,
To spend eternity in love!




VERSION 2. The blessedness of christian unity. BLEST are the sons of peace,

Whose hearts and hopes are one;
Whose kind designs to serve and please

Through all their actions run,
Blest is the pious house,

Where zeal and friendship meet;
Their songs of praise, their mingled vows,

Make their communion sweet.
Thus on the heavenly hills

The saints are blest above;
Where jov like morning dew distils,

And all the air is love.

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PSALM 136.

Version 1.
The goodness of God celebrated.
TO God, the mighty Lord,

Your joyful thanks repeat:
To him due praise afford,

As good as he is great:
For God does prove our constant friend;
His boundless love shall never end.
He, in our depth of woes,

On us with favour thought;
And from our deadly foes

In peace and safety brought:
For God does prove our constant friend;
Ilis boundless love shall never end.
Ile does the food supply,

On which all creatures live;
To God who reigns on high,

Eternal praises give:
For God does prove our constant friend;
His boundless love shall never end.


PSALM 136. Version 2. The wonders of creation, providence, and grace. 1 GIVE to our God immortal praise;

Mercy and truth are all his ways :
Wonders of grace to God belong,

Repeat his mercies in your song.
2 Give to the Lord of lords renown,

The King of kings with glory crown:
His mercies ever shall endure,

When lords and kings are known no more. 3 He built the earth, he spread the sky,

And fix'd the starry lights on high :
Wonders of grace to God belong,

Repeat his mercies in your song.
4 He fills the sun with morning light,

He bids the moon direct the night;
His mercies ever shall endure,

When sun and moon shall shine no more. 5 He sent his Son with power to save

From guilt, and darkness, and the grave;
Wonders of grace to God belong,

Repeat his mercies in your song. 6 Through this vain world he guides our feet,

And leads us to his heavenly seat;
His mercies ever shall endure,
When this vain world shall be no more.

PSALM 138.
Praise to God for preserving mercy.
1 WITH all my powers of heart and tongue

I'll praise my Maker in my song;
Angels shall hear the notes I raise,
Approve the song, and join the praise.

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